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上饶治疗黄褐斑要多少钱上饶隆胸手术多钱上饶去除法令纹 Most in the adoring crowds who attended the national Nazi Party rally in Nuremberg were unaware that, soon, Hitler wanted to try and create a vast new German empire.在纽伦堡参加纳粹党集会的大部分崇拜者当中,无人知晓不久的将来,希特勒想建立一个庞大的新德意志帝国。Even though in a few of his speeches in the 1930s,即使在20世纪30年代一些演讲中Hitler dropped hints that Germanys problem was that it just wasnt big enough.亦有迹象表明希特勒认为德国的国土不够大Heil, Hitler! Heil, Hitler!拥护希特勒!In the autumn of 1938,Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister,flew to Germany to meet Hitler.1938年秋天,英国首相莱威尔·张伯伦飞往德国会见希特勒。When I come back,I hope I may be able to say as Hotspur says in Henry IV,;Out of this little danger,we plucked this flower, safety.我下次回来,我希望能像郝司波在亨利四世那时候讲的脱离这丁点儿的危险,我们可安全地采花。Chamberlain made three separate trips to Germany in order to discuss Hitlers claims on Czechoslovakia.张伯伦曾经分三次飞往德国 跟希特勒商讨捷克斯洛伐克的问题。 译文属201603/431556上饶铅山县做眼角除皱手术多少钱

上饶韩美整形美容医院开韩式双眼皮怎么样Now,you are quite young,you said you had been working in this business for,since you were a kid.你很年轻 你说你是从孩子开始 你就在这行工作了Did you ever have any nonacting job for you had success?你有没有过成功的非演戏工作I did.I have had many nonacting jobs.and one of my favorites was delivering bananas for a fair trade company in New Zealand.有过 我有过很多非演戏工作 我最喜欢的是为新西兰的一家贸易公司送香蕉And I told them that I wanted this job.I had everything it took.我跟他们说我想要这份工作 我有需要的一切条件And they told me I needed a vehicle.and I said got that,sort of.I didnt.I had a scooter.他们说我需要一辆车 我说我有 搞定了 我没有 我只有托车And so I rode around Wellington,which is notoriously one of the windiest cities in the country.我在惠灵顿市里骑着车 这是新西兰上最多风的城市之一On a scooter with crates of bananas on the back.And I got blown off twice,unfortunately.骑着托车 后座有很多箱香蕉 不幸的是我被吹下来两次And so I had to go back to the boss and say look,Im sorry,I kind of lied and I dont really have an appropriate vehicle.我得去找老板说 抱歉 我撒了谎 我没有合适的车So they said no problem.we also run an environmentally friendly undertaking business.And we have retired hearses available.他们说 没问题 我们也运营环保的殡仪业务 我们有退役的灵车So I ended up delivering bananas all around Wellington in a retired hearse.所以我最后 开着退役的灵车满惠灵顿跑送香蕉That is,who wants to have a banana you just pulled out of a hearse?谁想要你 刚从灵车里拿出来的香蕉啊Turns out it wasnt part of my opening big when I spoke to the supermarket people.我跟超市的人说话时 并没有开张大吉You know what I love when youre on the scooter and theyre flying off,you picked the most easily bruised fruit that there is.我喜欢的是 你骑着托车 香蕉飞了 你选择了最容易碰伤的水果You cant sell a bruised banana.and it takes a year for a banana to grow.你卖不掉碰伤的香蕉 香蕉要一年才能成熟Did you know that?No,I never knew that.你知道吗 我不知道A year? see,thats the only piece of information thats valuable thats come out of this show in over five years.一年吗 这是五年来这个节目里唯一有用的信息Thank you,thank you.thank you.谢谢你 谢谢你 谢谢你201608/457795江西上饶市韩美医院做祛疤手术多少钱 Divorce离婚Work to rule依法力争England becomes a slightly worse place for idle ex-wives英格兰不再是那些懒散前妻们的理想之地ENGLAND has long been the jurisdiction of choice for wives who have the luxury of being able to choose where they divorce. English law (Scotland is different) tries to balance lifelong need and fairness. The poorer partner—typically a wife bringing up children—can expect housing and many years of income, especially if she has sacrificed her career for the marriage.英格兰一直以来都是妻子们垂青的辖区,因为她们有可选择在何处离婚的特权。英国法律(和苏格兰法律不同)试图平衡终身需求与公平。夫妻中较为贫穷的一方(尤其是带着孩子的母亲)有希望得到住宿问题的解决和多年的收入,特别是那些为了婚姻牺牲事业的女性。A court ruling on February 23rd has nonetheless continued a recent trend of tilting the balance a little towards husbands. Tracey Wright objected to her ex-husbands bid to cut her 75,000 (6,000) annual maintenance, awarded after an 11-year marriage failed in 2008. She argued that she was too busy with the two children (one at boarding school, the other, aged ten, at home) even to look for work. She lost, on appeal. Lord Justice Pitchford said Mr Wrights payments should taper off as he neared retirement and that his ex-wife should get a job.但是2月23日法院判决近期这种平衡要略微要丈夫一方倾斜。特雷西·怀特反对她前夫请求减少每年给她的75000英镑(约合116000美元),这是自她于2008年结束了11年的婚姻之后的赡养费。她声称因为太忙于照顾两个孩子(一个在寄宿学校,另一个年仅十岁,留在家中)甚至无暇顾及工作。她为此上诉却败诉了。上诉法院法官皮特福德称怀特先生因为快要退休,所以赡养费应该减少,而他的前妻则应该自己找一份工作。The ruling is a legal landmark chiefly because it sets out a mothers duty at least to have to seek a job as her children grow older. As David Hodson, a specialist lawyer, notes, that principle has long applied to poor women when it comes to claiming welfare benefits. But an ex-wife will still be able to argue that no suitable work is available for her and that she needs her ex-husbands help in order to keep up her own and her childrens living standards. Such arguments would cut little ice in most other countries.这项规定是法律上的里程碑,主要是因为它制定了母亲的责任,至少是她们在孩子长大一些后自己找到一份工作。一位专业律师戴维·霍德森提到,规则一直以来都是在贫穷妇女声讨生活福利之时体现其效力。但是某位前妻仍能打着没有合适工作的旗号,借此向前夫她索要赡养费以保她和孩子们的生活水平。这种理由在大多数其他国家都不起什么作用。The ruling will not dent Londons attraction as a global centre for divorce. English divorce law, with its bespoke solutions reached after costly legal wrangling, is also likely to remain a luxury service, out of reach to all but the very rich.这一规定仍不会削弱伦敦作为全球离婚中心的吸引力。伴着高昂的法律纠纷费用之后的定制解决方案,英国的离婚法律同样很可能成为一项奢侈务,非富贵之人不可承受。译者:邵夏沁 校对:张娣 译文属译生译世 /201503/363338江西上饶市激光点痣多少钱

上饶上饶县激光祛疤多少钱 Treating mental illness心理疾病治疗Body and soul身体与灵魂A professional schism hinders Britains mental-health system一个专业性的分裂阻碍英国心理健康系统THE day after Mandy Peck tried to electrocute herself in the bath her family took her to a mental-health centre in Chelmsford and asked for help. They were told that there were no beds available and sent home. Two days later Ms Peck jumped to her death from a multi-storey car park. She left a daughter behind.在曼迪·派克试图在浴室用电击自杀的第二天,她的家人将她送至且切姆斯福德的一家心理健康中心寻求帮助。他们被告知中心没有空余床位,随即回家。两天之后,派克于一个多层停车场跳楼自杀。她死后还留下了一个女儿。Ms Peck would not have been turned away had she arrived at hospital with a broken leg. Yet the National Health Service (NHS) often fails those suffering from a broken spirit. The numbers are fuzzy, but about one Briton in four suffers a mental-health problem at some time in their life, ranging from mild anxiety to severe schizophrenia. Less than a third of those receive treatment. That is in part because many sufferers are ashamed to seek help, but it is also due to funding gaps and disorganisation within the NHS. The result is a system in crisis, says Sue Bailey, a former president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.如果派克到达医院时是腿部骨折的话,她就不会被医院拒收了。然而英国的国民医疗保健制度(NHS)总是放弃了那些饱受残缺心灵折磨的人们。尽管没有确切数据,但平均每四个英国人中就有一个人在他们生命中的某个时期受到心理健康问题的困扰,这些问题小到轻微的焦虑症,大到严重的精神分裂。可是不到三分之一的人选择接受心理治疗。因为从某种程度来讲很多病人都羞于寻求这方面的帮助,但这也归咎于NHS内部的资金缺口和杂乱无章。英国皇家精神科医学院的前任院长苏·贝利称这样的结果使整个制度陷入危机。This failure is costly. Mental-health problems cause more suffering in Britain than physical illness, poverty or unemployment, according to Richard Layard, an economist and author of a book on happiness. People with severe mental illnesses have higher rates of physical illness than the general public. According to the Kings Fund, a think-tank, this costs the NHS between £8 billion ( billion) and £13 billion each year. Sufferers are also more likely to commit crime; mental illness has become the most common reason to claim disability benefits. Researchers at the OECD, a club of rich countries, reckon getting mentally-ill people back to work could increase employment in Britain by nearly 5%.这个失败的代价很高。据著有一本关于幸福的书的经济学家理查德·莱亚德称,心理健康问题在英国给人们带来的痛苦多过生理疾病、贫困或失业。有严重心理疾病的人们比一般人有更高的生理疾病得病率。据智囊团君主基金分析,这个每年耗费了NHS80亿英镑(约合130亿美元)到13亿英镑。同时患有心理疾病的患者犯罪几率更高;心理疾病已经成为索赔伤残补助的最常见的理由。经合组织(OECD,发达国家组成的俱乐部)的研究人员估算如果将那些有心理疾病的人送回去工作,那么英国的就业率可以提高将近5%。Part of the problem is money. The consequences of mental illness cost the British economy over £100 billion a year, according to the Centre for Mental Health, a think-tank, yet the NHS spends just £11.3 billion on the problem. Some, like Mr Layard, see misplaced priorities. Doctors spend about £3.5 billion a year treating the depression and anxiety disorders suffered by some 6m British adults—a vast amount less than is spent treating the physical ailments of roughly 500,000 patients in the last year of their lives.这问题有一部分原因是因为钱。根据智囊团心理健康中心调查,心理疾病致使英国经济一年花费至少1000亿英镑,但NHS为此只花费了113亿。一些像莱亚德一样的人了解其中的轻重缓急。一些医生一年花费35亿英镑治疗大约600万患有抑郁和情绪障碍的英国成年人,这巨额费用中大部分都用来治疗50万弥留病人的生理疾病。Recent cuts to health spending have fallen hardest on mental-health care, just as doctors say demand is rising. The number of NHS beds for patients with mental illness has declined by over 30% since 2003. Many facilities are now full. As a result patients are having to travel long distances or wait months for care. To free up room, a mental-health centre in London has discharged patients to bed-and-breakfasts. Others are not so lucky: sufferers picked up by police are often diagnosed in jail cells. This week Norman Lamb, the minister for care, said that services for young people are “stuck in the dark ages”.最近健康消费的削减使心理健康护理的境况跌入谷底,正如医生所说,人们对于心理健康的需求正在提升。NHS提供给心理疾病患者的床位自2003年起已经减少了至少30%。很多设备现在也没有空余的了。因此病人必须长途跋涉去别的地方或者排队等待数月来寻求治疗。为了腾出空间,伦敦一家心理健康中心向出院病人提供住宿和早餐。其他的病人就没那么幸运了。一些病人经常碰到警察,被带回监狱诊断。本周医疗部长诺曼·兰布称,对于年轻人来讲,心理健康务“仍就停留在黑暗时期”。A second challenge arises from the way the NHS is structured. Mental-health care is staffed and funded separately from physical care—treatment is focused on the mind or body, but rarely on both at once. Yet research shows depressed people are more likely than others to develop heart and lung disease, and to suffer from strokes. Mental illness also appears to make diseases more lethal. On average men with mental-health problems die 20 years earlier than those without them (most from causes other than suicide), says the British Medical Association.第二个挑战来自NHS的制度结构。心理健康保健的提供和资助都与生理健康保健是分开的。因为治疗通常针对精神或身体,但鲜少两者兼顾。但研究显示抑郁的人比其他人更易患心脏和肺部的疾病,且更易患中风。患上心理疾病似乎也更易患上绝症。通常患上心理疾病的人比那些没有患心理疾病的人少活20年(大多心理疾病会导致患者死于除自杀之外的原因)。英国医学会如是说。The government is alive to these problems. Britains spending on mental health may be inadequate, but it compares favourably with that of other rich countries. From April ministers have promised to limit the long waiting times that prevent many people using mental-health services. And in 2012 the government pledged to give mental health care equal priority to physical care, enshrining this principle as part of the Health and Social Care Act. But critics complain that the promise has yet to deliver much practical change.政府已经意识到这些问题。英国对于心理健康的出或许不够,但与其它富有国家相比算是不错的了、自4月部长们已经承诺会限制阻止很多人使用心理健康务的长时间等待。2012年政府保给予心理健康保健与生理保健平等优先权,并将这一原则作为健康与社会保健法案的一部分。但批评家们抱怨承诺并未带来很多实际变化。Reform advocates would like better integration between mental- and physical-health care. “Liaison psychiatry” involves placing mental-health specialists in hospitals to work alongside doctors. The Centre for Mental Health found that one such initiative in Birmingham reduced the length of hospital stays and the number of missions and improved the health and well-being of patients. The centre calculated that the programme saved four times its costs. Yet such services are often meagre.改革倡议者想要心理和生理保健更好的一体化。“联络精神病学”涉及到心理健康专家在医院和医生一起工作。心理健康中心发现,伯明翰的一项此类实验减少了病人住院时间长度和再次入院的次数,并且提高病人的健康和幸福感。中心计算得出这项计划花费只占成本四分之一,但这类务还不完善。It would be better and cheaper to keep sufferers out of hospital altogether, says Emma Stanton, who runs Beacon UK, a mental-health consultancy. Ms Stanton recommends treatment at home through teams of doctors, nurses and social workers. Instead of swallowing antidepressants, health bosses would like sufferers of mild conditions to receive help under a programme called Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT), which aims to expand the use of treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy. This helps individuals challenge the gloomy thinking that can lead to anxiety and depression. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which evaluates treatments, considers it good value. Yet David Clark, an adviser for IAPT, says it reaches only a fraction of those who need it. He would like its budget doubled.心理健康咨询公司英国灯塔的运营者艾玛·斯坦顿称,将患者在院外集中是个更好且更实惠的方法。斯坦顿推荐在家通过治疗团队的医生、护士以及社会工作者治疗的方法。与用抗抑郁药相比卫生官员们更希望中等程度的病患接受一个名为“使更多人获得心理治疗”(IAPT)的项目的帮助。这个项目旨在扩大认知行为疗法的使用。这能帮助个人挑战可能会导致焦虑和抑郁的悲观想法。国家健康和护理研究所(NICE)评估此项治疗并且认为物有所值、但IAPT的顾问大卫·克拉克称项目预算只够一小部分需要它的人接受治疗。他希望预算可以翻倍。Convincing politicians to cough up more funds will be tough. Some critics fear that beefing up treatment of the most common mental-health problems risks saddling the system with overwhelming costs. Fortunately there is a lot that can be achieved without more cash. Many mental-health services still do not meet the standards recommended by NICE, and communication between services is poor. Elaborate therapies are not always necessary—one effective treatment for those suffering mental illness is keeping them in a job. Other types of therapy, say advocates, should pay for themselves by saving health-care costs and increasing productivity. Improving Britons mental health is not only humane, but economical.说政客们挤出更多的资金是艰难的。一些批评家担心加强治疗最常见的心理健康问题会有成本过高使体系不堪重负的风险。幸运的是有很多事情无需更多金钱便可做到。很多心理健康务不符合NICE推荐的标准,并且务之间的交流也很贫乏。复杂的治疗并不总是必要的——对于病患来说,一个有效的治疗方法就是让他们保持工作。提倡者称,其他的治疗方式应该通过节约健康保健成本和提高生产力来为病患付。提高英国心理健康不仅是关乎人道,也关系到经济。 译者:邵夏沁 校对:张娣 译文属译生译世 /201507/385857上饶德兴市去除腋毛多少钱江西上饶去斑多少钱



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