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泸州医学院附属内江医院治疗矫正龅牙牙齿好吗绵阳市第二人民医院冷光美白治疗多少钱四川省中医药研究院中医医院看牙套整牙补牙洗牙价格 英国八旬老人九年练就芭蕾You are never too old to learn. This is never too right for a man who started his ballet dream at the age of 79.An 88-YEAR-OLD man starred in his first ballet production Sunday after learning to dance at the tender age of 79.Retired teacher John Lowe, of Witchford, Cambridgeshire, has been busy perfecting his pirouettes ahead of his role in Prokofiev's The Stone Flower.The pensioner, who has 11 grandchildren, said: "I practise each day and I've got a rope at home that I use to pull my leg up higher."I'm lucky that I don't have any problem with the routines but that's because I exercise."Mr Lowe started ballet nine years ago, having watched his daughter Alison become a professional dancer."I think it's a wonderful thing to do and I can't understand why more men don't do it," he said."There's nothing effeminate about it — you have to be incredibly fit to dance. I see some people crawling around, hunched over smoking a cigarette — they should be doing ballet."It's a wonderful feeling. I had always wanted to dance and it's never too late to learn."Mr Lowe, who is part of the Lantern Dance Theatre Company, acted a lumberman in the play. 活到老,学到老。这句话用在一位79岁开始“追逐”芭蕾之梦的老人身上最贴切不过了。上周日,一位88岁的老人上演了他的芭蕾“处女秀”,他在79岁那年才开始学芭蕾。这位老人就是来自(英国)剑桥郡威奇福德市的退休教师约翰#8226;劳伊。劳伊的“处女秀”是普罗柯菲耶夫的芭蕾舞剧《宝石花》,在演出开始之前,他一直在练习脚尖旋转动作。现享受退休金的劳伊共有11个孙子。他说:“我每天都练功,我家里有根绳子,专门用来吊腿。”“我很庆幸自己做这些动作没什么问题,不过这主要是因为我经常锻炼。”九年前,劳伊看到女儿艾莉森成为一名职业舞蹈演员,便开始学习芭蕾。他说:“我觉得跳芭蕾是件十分美妙的事,我不明白为什么大多数男性都不愿意做这件事。”“其实芭蕾并不‘女人气’,反而需要健康的体魄才能跳好。我看到一些人四处闲逛、弯腰驼背、叼着烟——他们应该考虑去学芭蕾。”“跳芭蕾的感觉很美妙。我一直都想学会跳舞,只要你想学,年龄永远不是问题。”劳伊目前是“灯之舞剧团”的一名演员,他在剧中饰演一名伐木工人。 /200803/29234成都牙科医院烤瓷牙牙套大概多少钱

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高新区冷光牙齿好吗Soon, your phone#39;s cracked screen may have its own healing factor.在不久的将来,摔碎的手机屏幕或将能够自我修复。Scientists from the Department of Chemistry at the University of California, Riverside have developed a self-healing material that has potential applications for phone screens, artificial muscles, and more.来自加利福尼亚大学河滨分校化学系的科学家们研发出一种具有自我修复功能的新型材料。该材料或许可以应用于手机屏幕、人造肌肉以及其他更多领域。The concept isn#39;t exactly new. In late 2013, the LG G Flex came out with a self-healing back that automatically repaired scratches and other wear and tear in a matter of minutes. The Flex#39;s material was non-conductive, so it couldn#39;t be used on screens.这并不是一种全新的概念。早在2013年年底,LG公司推出的G Flex手机便在其背壳中使用了一种自我修复材料,该材料可在几分钟之内自动修复划痕以及其他表面磨损。但因为不具备导电性,所以无法应用于手机屏幕。This new material is ;transparent, self-healing, highly stretchable material that can be electrically activated and could be used to improve batteries, electronic devices, and robots,; according to a blog post from UC Riverside.加利福尼亚大学河滨分校官网上的一篇文写道,这种新研发的材料“外观透明,具有自我修复性功能和高延展性”,“该材料具有电活性,可用于提升电池、电子设备和机器人的性能”。Chao Wang, one of the authors of the paper, ;developed an interest in self-healing materials because of his lifelong love of Wolverine, the comic book character who has the ability to self-heal.;研究论文作者之一王超表示,他研究自我修复材料的兴趣起源于一种自己长期以来都很喜爱的动物——狼獾,它们常常出现在连环画里,具有很强的自我修复能力。Christoph Keplinger, another author of the paper, has previously demonstrated that these stretchable, transparent materials can be used to create transparent loudspeakers. With the additional ability to self-heal, the new material is ideal for electronics. The material is both low-cost and strong and can fix itself by resting for 24 hours at room temperature.先前,该研究论文的另一位作者克里斯托弗·凯普林格曾明这些具有延展性的透明材料可用于生产透明扬声器。如今再加上自我修复功能,这种新型材料是生产电子设备的绝佳材料。该材料不仅成本低,而且材质坚固,置于室温中24小时便可进行自我修复。While it may sound futuristic, Wang expects to see materials like the one developed by his lab in production in as little as three years.这些设想的实现听上去似乎遥不可及,但王超预计像他所在的实验室研发的这种新型材料再有三年就能投产。;Within three years, more self-healing products will go to market and change our everyday life. It will make our cellphones achieve much better performance than what they can achieve right now,; Wang told Business Insider.他向商业内幕网透露:“三年之内,会有更多具有自我修复能力的产品进入市场,并且改变我们的日常生活。未来的手机产品将会拥有比现在更好的性能。” /201704/505028 Sales of the Apple Watch more than halved in the second quarter, with new figures from researcher IDC suggesting chief executive Tim Cook’s first significant product is failing to live up to expectations.Apple Watch第二季度的销量下滑了一半以上。研究公司IDC的新数据表明,苹果公司(Apple)首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)上任以来推出的首款重要产品或有负众望。The sharp decline is highly unusual for a new Apple product so early in its life and will compound Wall Street concerns about the company’s overall growth prospects this year.对于一款刚推出不久的苹果新产品而言,销量急剧下滑的情况极为罕见。这将使华尔街对该公司今年整体增长前景的担忧进一步加深。The iPhone posted nine years of uninterrupted growth from its launch in 2007 until the first quarter of this year, when unit sales fell 16 per cent to 51m.自从2007年面世后,iPhone的销量连续9年保持增长,直到今年第一季度销量下滑16%至5100万部。IDC said yesterday that Apple sold 1.6m of its watches in the second quarter of 2016, down 55 per cent compared with 3.6m in the same period last year. The drop dragged down the entire smartwatch market despite rapid growth from Samsung, up 51 per cent to 0.6m watches, and Lenovo’s Motorola brand, up 75 per cent to 0.3m.IDC昨天表示,2016年第二季度苹果共售出160万块Apple Watch,与去年同期360万块相比下滑了55%。Apple Watch销量下滑拖累了整个智能手表市场,尽管三星(Samsung)以及联想(Lenovo)旗下托罗拉(Motorola)品牌的智能手表销量都大幅增长,前者增长了51%至60万块,后者增长了75%至30万块。“Despite a down quarter, Apple remains far and away the market leader in smartwatches,” said IDC analyst Ramon Llamas, with traditional watchmakers such as Casio, Fossil and Tag Heuer’s recent attempts to break into the wearable-tech market making only a limited impact.“尽管季度销量下滑,但是苹果在智能手表市场仍然遥遥领先,”IDC分析师雷蒙#8226;利亚马斯(Ramon Llamas)称。卡西欧(Casio)、Fossil以及豪雅(T Heuer)等传统手表制造商最近尝试打入可穿戴科技市场的举动只带来了有限的影响。“Every vendor faces similar challenges related to fashion and functionality, and though we expect improvements next year, growth in the remainder of 2016 will probably be muted,” Mr Llamas added.“每个厂商都面临着与时尚和功能性相关的类似挑战,尽管我们预计明年会有所改善,但是2016年接下来的增长可能会放缓,”利亚马斯补充称。Apple has not released any sales figures for the Apple Watch since it first went on sale in April 2015.自从Apple Watch于2015年4月上市以来,苹果从未公布过任何有关该产品的销售数据。Analysts have estimated that it sold 12m units in its first year, more than the iPhone during its initial 12 months on sale, but below many observers’ initial expectations for the first launch into a new hardware category since Mr Cook took over as Apple’s chief executive.分析师预计,Apple Watch在上市第一年的销量为1200万块,超过了iPhone在上市头12个月的销量,但是并未达到很多市场观察者对库克接任苹果CEO之后推出的首款新硬件产品的预期。Apple declined to comment on IDC’s figures, ahead of its earnings report next week.苹果拒绝就IDC的数据置评。该公司将于下周公布财报。The Apple Watch, a revamped Apple TV and new Apple Music service have so far failed to offset the declines in iPhone and iPad sales, which Tuesday’s figures are expected to show have continued in recent months.迄今为止,Apple Watch、新款Apple TV以及新推出的Apple Music务都未能弥补iPhone和iPad的销量下滑——下周二公布的数据预计将显示最近数月这两款产品销量继续下滑。 /201607/456275崇州种植牙要多少钱达州市妇幼保健院口腔科




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