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杭州哪家口腔医院种植牙齿价位最低杭州装假牙价格Taking her first step towards running for the White House next year, Hilary Clinton was confident to victory. "I am in to win." she wrote on her website. The former First Lady and New York senator today set up an exploratory committee, allowing her to raise money and hire staff for a full presidential bid. But while she is the front runner for the democratic nomination, she faces strong competition, as Keme Nzerem reports from Washington."I announce today that I am forming a presidential exploratory committee. I'm not just starting a campaign though. I'm beginning a conversation with you, with America." And with that, the Clinton Dynasty moves a step closer. But Hilary's conversation with America has never been much of a cozy chitchat. Standing by her husband through the dark days of his impeachment, "This is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since..." Such honesty costing her dear, not trusted by mid-America, eventually led into glad hand voters with the best of them, but failing to shed her image as aloof and calculating. Still shrewd enough to get herself on the senate Arms services committee, no better place for a female commander-in-chief to establish her credentials. "You are presiding over a failed policy. Given your track record, secretary Rumsfeld, why should we believe your assurances now?"Political heft that took her to Iraq last week, seeking a solution to what will be the signature issue of this campaign, how to bring America's troops home without it looking like defeat."So let's talk; let's chat. Let's start a dialogue about your ideas and mine. Because the conversation in Washington has been just a little one-sided lately, don't you think? And we can all see how well that works." Hilary's campaign kick-started after Barack Obama confirmed his own presidential ambitions earlier this week. The new darling of the left, appealing, too, to America's center ground, a fresh start and consensus politics. Senator Obama today says he welcomes Hilary's decision not as a competitor but as an ally in the work of getting America back on track. Interesting is this aly talk of friction between Hilary and another democrat contender, former senator John Edwards. "If she is gonna make it to the White House in 2008, her conversations have a long way yet to run." Keme Nzerem, channel 4 news, Washington.And in the last hour, the republican Kansas Senator Sam Brownback has announced that he too will stand for the presidency. A fierce opponent of abortion and gay marriage; he joins a race that's likely to include the former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the Arizona Senator John McCain.200805/39573杭州附近口腔医院 Inquiry of entry入境咨询A:Hello, Immigration Department. What can I do for you?A:您好,这里是入境处。请问有什么可以帮您的吗?B:Hello. I am calling today to inquire the formalities of entry.B:好的。请问您的国籍是什么?A:OK. What nationalities are you, please?A:好的,请问您的国籍是什么?B:I am a Chinese.B:我是中国人。A:If this is the case. I am very glad to tell you that you do not need a passport nor a visa, since we have an agreement with your country, and in accordance with the treaty, people from both your and my countries are allowed to enter the other country without passports of visas.A:如果是这样的话,我很高兴地告诉你您入境不需要护照和签,因为贵国我国签订了一项协议,协议中规定贵国和我国公民进入对方国家无需护照及签。B:Fantastic. That will save me a lot of time. Do you mean we can go to your country at any time without any formalities?B:这太好了。这能节省很多时间。你的意思是说我们可以随时进入贵国而不需要办理任何手续吗?A:Not exactly. Generally speaking, such kind of people are not allowed entry into my country as psychopaths, infectious people, criminals and people who are in illegitimate occupation. As a result, we need you to provide us with your ID card, health certificate and employees card two weeks before your entry.A:不完全是这样的。通常来说我国一般不允许以下人员入境:精神病患者、传染病患者、刑事罪犯、从事不正当职业者。因此,您必须在入境前两个星期内向我国出具身份件、健康明及工作明等材料。B:Sure, I will. Anything else?B:没问题,我会照办。还有其他的要求吗?A:Of course you will have to go through the entry formality, too.A:当然你还需要办理入境手续。B:How exactly should I go through the entry formality?B:究竟该如何办理入境手续呢?A:You will have to provide the detail information about yourself, such as name, age, marital status, how long you are going to stay in my country and so on and so forth.A:办理入境手续你必须向我国提供您的详细个人信息,比如姓名、年龄、婚姻状况以及将在我国停留多久等等。B:Thank you so much. This is really helpful.B:非常感谢。这对我确实帮助不小。A:You are welcome. Is there anything else you would like to know?A:不必客气,还有其他的事情吗?B:I guess not. Thank you. Bye.B:没有了,谢谢。再见。 /201603/430554杭州成人矫正

杭州龅牙治疗哪里好We are kicking off a new series called Milestones, says, gonna focus on the major life events that we are all facing, like getting married, buying a home and retirement. Today's milestone is all about the high price of bringing up a baby. Lots of due parents rush out to get the crib, and those cute little clothes and too often they are not y for the long-term financial responsibilities. Sam Grobart, senior editor of Money Magazine and expectant father is here with some tips on creating a baby budget. Good morning, Sam. Good morning, Rene, how are you. Well, first of all congratulations to you. (Thank you very much) It's a very exciting time for you (It is) but and/end it, as it is , for a lot of expectant parents, but there are lot of things to consider. You have cribs, and strollers, and diapers, and college for crying out loud, how can one little bundle of toy costs so much money? Well, when you factor in health care, education, food, clothing, shelter, the average amount that the parent is going to spend to raise their child from birth to 18 is about 200, 000 dollars. (wow) And it can be a lot more. Yeah, you, you've got these tips that you've come and you are using them yourself, right? (I am). You are used to doing, you , you are anyway, you are not sucking the joy out of this pregnancy for her, are you? Ah, I hope not. OK, right! The first tip you say is to buy in bulk. Yes, my wife and I, um, have never been to a Cosco before. What? Come on! We just have another way that came up, we're just two adults. (It's great, isn't it? Yeah! ) It's amazing. (Yeah) And now, all of a sudden, we started to kind of check it out cause we know that we are probably gonna be spending a lot of time there. (Yeah! ) The prices are a lot better for things like diapers and formulae and other things, such are just amazingly much more cheaper. You, you also say and I can remember this with the first baby, you want to have the best thing, you want to have the, the newest in all the labels and I remember telling my husband we've got to have this type of stroller. (Right). We really should be buying for the baby, not for us, isn't it? Cause at, at some points it's all about status. (Exactly) Right, I mean you know, there is a certain point when you're buying a good product, and it costs a certain amount and then after that, it's all about what you want and what, you know, you think is important. The baby is a baby, baby is probably not gonna really know the difference. So long as something is safe, you know a good stroller can cost about , maybe 200 dollars at the top end. (All right. ) But there are strollers that go to a thousand dollars and, really, that's just like buying a little BMW for your kid or something. (haa, yeah) Um, you say the other thing is you really need to figure out what your, say a monthly expenses will be an end. To that, you and your wife are sort of budgeting for a baby. You are taking this month (Yup) and tracking everything down to a pack of gum (inaudible)... Absolutely. We walk around with a little piece of paper, during the day, and this is a good idea for anybody to do if they want to get a sense of where the money is going. And when you have a kid, all of that sort of good personal finance ideas really come into play, so I get the soda, I write it down, I take a cab somewhere, I write it down. (Even little things like that? ) Absolutely. Because that's what you are gonna start to see where some of your money is going. And you can say I have no idea I was taking that money taxies or something (inaudible). (Wow) Maybe I shouldn't be , you know, getting a soda every two hours and I should just get a bottle of water and refill latter, things like that. Think about where. Think before you spend another. . . (exactly, yeah) Um, one of the places that a lot of people miscalculate is, is right out of the gate. (Yup) You know, as soon as they leave the hospital, they're, you know , they perhaps don't have the right insurance (right) or what have you and they're paying more out of pocket than they ever thought they would. Absolutely, I mean, the average parent once they're paying about 775 dollars out of pocket when they are going for a birth and the number can be as high as 2000 dollars. So what you want to do is call your insurer before you go to the hospital and find out exactly what's going to be covered and exactly what you'll have to pay for. There is probably not much you you can do at this point to change that but you at least can be prepared. These are an awful lot of expenses. Er, they, when, when the baby comes and all of a sudden, things are, maybe then you were planning for (ur) prop-up, maybe an extra , a visitor tour to the doctor. (ummm) You know, one of the things you say also is that we should save, even if it's just a little bit, we need to save for, what, retirement? For, well, we should save for both college education for your child and retirement. Um, if you can spend, if you can save ten dollars a week, for your child's college education, (40 dollars a month. ) Yeah but 500 dollars a year, you put that into something like a 529 plan or tax shelter that will, you know, grow without affecting your income tax. You have 30, 000 dollars by the time your kids are 18. So you are saving for the college tuition but if you have to choose(oh yah) then the choice is retirement. If you are prioritizing, um, it sounds a little kind of intuitive, but save for retirement. It's not to be cruel, it's just that there is a lot of financial options to pay for college, they're scholarships and financial aids. There are none of those things if you're trying to retire. Ok, now here is the thing you and I were just talking at the green room, (Yeah) these kids outgrow these clothes. Like this. You, you've got an i(dea), yeah, right, you've got an idea that to, to help us there? Well, "go used" is one big idea. I mean talk to your friends who've had children, do a clothing swap, get a circle of people together and do that. Go on eBay, go to the discount stores, I mean, you don't have to spend a lot of money on really fancy newborn equipment, you can just get a T-shirt. Sam Grobart, good luck! (Thank you very much) You've been depending delivery. 200809/47406舟山洗牙洁牙什么价格 Matt Lauer: On close up this morning, new hope in the fight against AIDS as we reported, the new study has some scientists excited and others skeptical. Doctor David Ho was Time magazine's man of the year in 1996 for his work on the treatment that has slowed the disease in millions of patients. He's a scientific director for AIDS Treatment at Rockefeller University. Dr. Ho, good morning, nice to see you.Doctor David Ho: Good morning, man.Matt Lauer: You were not involved in this study, the lead researcher which had it at the University of North Carolina. 4 patients over 3 months were studied in layman's terms if you can. What did this study accomplish that other studies haven't accomplished?Doctor David Ho: Well, first, that's began about ten years ago when combination or cocktail therapy came along which allow us to control HIV quite well. The actively, the part of HIV that's active in the body could be controlled a thousand times. But there was always a little bit left hiding out in certain cells. And this group of researchers address that hidden pool, so called the reservior, and in this study they were able to lower that modestly in four individuals, so we have to be, it's a very interesting observation, but we have to be cautious in token(not sure) in those results.Matt Lauer: You said uh lower that modestly, I've in some places, I'd say it could be reduced by as much as 75 percent. And is that an overstatement?Doctor David Ho: Ah, any word from about 20 to close to 80 percent, so, but the measurement of this test is not so precise. So we have to consider that modestly.Matt Lauer: The way has been described to me again in layman's terms is that the, the sleeping cells are activated by this drug and then knocked down, is that true?Doctor David Ho: That's the theory, now it remains to be seen whether the decrease is in fact due to the active drug valproic acid.Matt Lauer: So, it, it, again, researchers and scientists in this field are loath to word, to use the word cure,(Sure)but does this present or represent a step in the direction of a possible cure?Doctor David Ho: Absolutely, I think, now, this study will trigger further investigation into whether valproic acid indeed would turn on the cells so that the drugs could get at the virus.Matt Lauer: If, if you can eliminate or lower the amount of cells by between 20 and 80 percent as you say, does that remaining 20 percent that remains in the body still represent the risk of the AIDS does not go away?Doctor David Ho: It still does, but this is step forward in the sense that we now have a strategy to lower this pool if indeed the study is proven correct later on.Matt Lauer: Can you just explain a little bit ,doctor, as why, why scientists are so cautious and so careful to raise any hopes when it comes to research like this?Doctor David Ho: Well, HIV-AIDS has been a devastating disease and the virus insinuates itself into the chromosome of the cells in the body of the infected person, so in theory it's extremely difficult to get rid of, and so scientists do not want to raise false hope, and the disease has been devastating, so, too, so many raising false hope will only add insult to entry.Matt Lauer: As I've mentioned four patients study there. How large the study do you need before we know more about this particular technique?Doctor David Ho: I think this study will trigger many studies and some of which will reach 50 or 100 patients to see if this observation could be confirmed.Matt Lauer: Keep our fingers crossed Dr. David Ho. Thanks for joining us this morning. 200707/15398杭州维信口腔医院看牙齿戴牙套多少钱

杭州纯钛金烤瓷牙价格Bush Aims to Strengthen Relations on European Trip布什总统将出访欧洲  Less than one month after his return from the Middle East, U.S. President George Bush is heading abroad again, this time to Europe. He will hold talks with European Union leaders and visit the capitals of key allies: Germany, France, Italy, and Great Britain. 美国总统布什结束中东之行回到美国还不到一个月,即将再次出访,这次的目的地是欧洲。布什将跟欧盟领导人举行会谈,访问重要盟友德国、法国、意大利和英国的首都。You might call this George W. Bush's farewell tour. As his presidency draws to a close, he is making the rounds of European capitals - stressing the importance of trans-Atlantic relations. 可以把布什的这次出访称为告别访问。布什在总统任期即将结束之际访问上述欧洲国家首都,目的是强调大西洋两岸关系的重要性。Those ties have been strained throughout much of his presidency, in large part due to the war in Iraq. 在布什担任总统的大部分时间里,美国跟这些国家的关系紧张,主要原因是伊拉克战争。Tensions rose during the run up to the war, and have only begun to ease a bit in the last few years. The White House has made a concerted effort to reach out to Europeans. 伊拉克战争即将打响时,美国跟欧洲盟友的紧张关系升级,最近几年才稍微有所缓解。白宫全力以赴,争取与欧洲和解。The president's message: there is more that unites us than divides us. 布什想让欧洲知道:让我们团结的因素大于我们的分歧。"The alliance of Europe and North America is the main pillar of our security," he said. "Our robust trade is one of the engines of the world economy. Our example of economic and political freedom gives hope to millions, who are weary of poverty and oppression." 布什说:“欧洲和北美联盟是我们实现安全的主要柱。我们之间繁荣的贸易是推动世界经济增长的动力之一。我们的经济和政治自由榜样让厌倦贫穷和压制的成百上千万人有了希望。”Mr. Bush visited Europe three times in the 12 months following his second inauguration. And, in February 2005, he became the first U.S. president to set foot in the Brussels headquarters of the European Union. 布什在第二届总统任期的头一年曾经先后三次访问欧洲。2005年2月,布什成为第一位访问欧盟布鲁塞尔总部的美国总统。"Our strong friendship is essential to peace and prosperity across the globe, and no temporary debate, no passing disagreement of governments, no power on earth will ever divide us," the president said. 布什说:“我们的牢固友谊是世界和平与繁荣不可或缺的,任何一时的争论、任何政府之间过去的分歧、任何力量都不会将我们分开。”The goal was to change the tone, to ease the bitterness of the war, according to John K. Glenn, who heads the foreign policy program at the German Marshall Fund of the ed States. 美国德国马歇尔基金会对外政策项目负责人约翰.格伦认为,布什欧洲之行的目的是改变调子,缓和战争给美国和欧洲盟友之间造成的不愉快。"What we have seen over the past couple years is, you might think of it as a kind of a gentleman's agreement not to discuss Iraq," he said. "And, instead, trans-Atlantic relations have been fairly bolstered by a vision of a kind of global agenda - what are the challenges that face us all? And that list is fairly formidable." 格伦说:“过去两三年的情况看起来好像是一种君子协定,就是大家同意不讨论伊拉克问题。实际上,泛大西洋国家之间的关系出于对全球的看法而得到了加强。这种看法是,我们大家共同面临的挑战是哪些?这些挑战相当可怕。”The list includes Iran, the rise of China and Russia, and economics - especially trade. 这些挑战包括伊朗问题,中国和俄罗斯的崛起,以及经济,特别是贸易问题。On Iran in particular, President Bush embraced the European diplomatic initiative led by Germany, France and Britain. 尤其在伊朗问题上,布什接受了德国、法国和英国所倡导的欧洲外交动议。"The U.S. and Europe rarely have the kind of big, deep disagreements that they used to have over Iraq," said Glenn. "There certainly is [was] the complaint about a lack of consultation and coordination that we used to hear, in particular, over the issues of the Middle East. Instead, U.S.-European relations seem to be on a fairly functional, fairly working level and to be reasonably successful." 他说:“美国和欧洲很少存在像伊拉克问题上那么巨大而深刻的分歧。我们听到过双方抱怨彼此缺乏磋商和协调,特别是在中东问题上。不过,美国和欧洲的关系似乎处于比较顺畅、比较好的水平,也相当成功。”In the final years of his term, President Bush has seen a new group of European leaders come to the fore who have signaled more of a willingness to work with the ed States. Angela Merkel of Germany and Nicholas Sarkozy of France have brought about great change according to veteran journalist Reginald Dale, who is now an analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. 在布什总统任期的最后时间里,一批新的欧洲国家领导人崭露头角,他们表示更倾向于同美国合作。美国智库战略与国际问题研究中心的分析员雷金纳德.戴尔曾是一位资深记者。他认为,德国总理默克尔和法国总统萨尔科奇给欧洲带来了很大的改变。"Sarkozy even ran for office with the nickname of 'the American,' and made no secret of the fact that he wanted to patch up relations - not only patch up relations with the ed States, but that he admired the ed States," he said.  他说:“萨尔科奇甚至以‘美国人’为昵称来参加竞选,并且公开表示他不仅想修补和美国的关系,而且很欣赏美国。”Dale says that fondness for the U.S. may be bearing fruit. 戴尔说,对美国的喜爱也许正在产生良好的效果。"The whole climate in Europe has actually moved more favorably from President Bush's point of view," he said. "And even - we are beginning to see slightly less anti-Americanism in Europe at the popular level." 他说:“实际上,从布什总统的角度看,欧洲整体上变得更加友善了。我们甚至开始看到欧洲普通老百姓的反美情绪已经略微减弱。”The improvement in the image of the ed States, according to European public opinion surveys, is slight but real. In part, experts say, it may be because of the prospect of change in the White House as Americans prepare to elect a new president. 欧洲的民意调查结果显示,美国形像的改善虽然有限,但却是实实在在的。有关专家说,这种变化的部分原因可能是美国人准备选举新总统,白宫内将出现变化。But Dale says it may also be a function of a growing realization that the two sides need each other. 但是,戴尔说,还有一个原因可能是,双方越来越认识到彼此需要对方。"The relationship between Europe and the ed States will be absolutely key to solving the problems of the 21st century," he said. "Where else can the ed States ultimately look for allies but Europe? It has to be Europe." 他说:“美欧关系绝对是解决21世纪各种问题的关键。除了欧洲,美国最终还能去哪里寻找盟友呢?只能是欧洲。”Dale says, despite their fundamental problems, the Americans and the Europeans share basic values of the rule of law, democracy and freedom. He says their bond is unique, and unlike any other in the world.  戴尔说,虽然美欧关系存在一些根本性问题,但是双方都信奉法治、民主和自由的基本价值观。他说,双方的凝聚力是独特的,和其它任何国家都不同。200806/41479 Bush Offers More Help for Burma美国增加对缅甸救灾援助   The ed States is pledging more than million to help Burma recover from Saturday's cyclone that killed more than 22,000 people. U.S. President George Bush says more help could be provided if Burma's military rulers allow American relief officials into the country to assess the situation. International Red Cross says revised death toll of nearly 22,500 makes Cyclone Nargis deadliest storm since 1991. 美国为帮助缅甸从灾难中恢复承诺提供300多万美元。上星期六缅甸遭受热带风暴袭击,导致2万2千多人死亡。美国总统布什说,如果缅甸军政府允许美国救援官员进入灾区评估那里的局势,美国可能会向缅甸提供更多的帮助。The new assistance raises U.S. contributions to Burmese relief efforts to .25 million. President Bush says he wants to do even more. 美国对缅甸救灾工作提供的新援助已经增加到325万美元。布什总统说,他还想再增加援助。"We are prepared to move U.S. Navy assets to help find those who have lost their lives, to help find the missing, and to help stabilize the situation," he said. "But in order to do so, the military junta must allow our disaster assessment teams into the country. So our message is to the military rulers: Let the ed States come and help you help the people." 布什总统说:“我们准备动用美国海军装备来帮助找到那些不幸丧生的人,帮助找到失踪的人,帮助稳定那里的局势。但是为了能够这样做,缅甸军政府必须允许我们的灾难评估小组进入缅甸。因此我们要对缅甸军政府说,让美国来协助你们帮助你们的人民。”The U.S. State Department says it has been told that an American assessment team will not be allowed inside Burma. White House Spokeswoman Dana Perino says U.S. aid is not conditional on that assessment team and the ed States will continue to help through the ed Nations if the team is blocked. 美国国务院说,他们被告知,美国的评估小组将不准进入缅甸。白宫发言人佩里诺说,美国的援助并非要取决于评估小组的评估,如果评估小组受阻,美国将继续通过联合国提供帮助。Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell says there are several Navy ships in the area that could help, including the USS Essex which has landing craft, helicopters, and six operating rooms with medical facilities for 600 patients at a time. 五角大楼的新闻发言人莫雷尔说,这个地区的海域有几艘能提供帮助的美国军舰,包括具备起降飞机和直升机能力的埃塞克斯号航空母舰,舰上有六个医疗设备齐全的手术室,能同时接纳600个病人。"We're now working with the State Department and with U.S. Pacific Command to at least begin the planning for a possible humanitarian assistance [mission]," he said. "But that's all we can do at this point is to plan because we have not received a request from the Burmese government." 莫雷尔说:“我们现在正同美国国务院和美军太平洋司令部一起着手开始为可能的人道主义救援使命做准备。但我们目前所能做的就是计划,因为我们还没有接到缅甸政府的请求。”While welcoming outside assistance, Burma's military rulers have told aid agencies that relief workers will still need visas. 缅甸军人统治者虽然欢迎外界的援助,但是告诉救援机构,救援人员仍然需要签。The ed Nations is asking Burma to relax those requirements so assistance can quickly reach those needing shelter, food, and medical assistance. Officials say about 41,000 people are missing, and the toll is expected to rise as information comes in from hard-to-reach places. 联合国要求缅甸放松这些要求,以便援助能迅速送到需要住处、食品和治疗的人们那里。有关官员说,大约4万1千人失踪,而且随着消息从难以进入地区的不断传来,失踪的人数会上升。In addition to U.S. assistance offers, India has dispatched two naval ships with food, tents, blankets and medicine, and the European Union is pledging million in humanitarian aid. Chinese President Hu Jintao is promising million cash and relief supplies. 除了美国提供的援助以外,印度已经派出两艘装载食品、帐篷、毯子和药品海军舰艇,欧盟也承诺要提供300万美元的人道主义援助。中国国家主席胡锦涛承诺提供100万美元援助资金和救灾物品。Cyclone Nargis hit at a crucial time for Burma's military-led government, which was scheduled to hold a nationwide referendum on a new constitution this coming Saturday in hopes of dampening international criticism of its crackdown on anti-government protesters last year. 纳尔吉斯热带风暴重创缅甸的时候,军政府领导的缅甸正处在一个关键时刻。缅甸原定在这个星期六举行一次新宪法的全国公投。缅甸军政府希望这次全国公投将能缓解国际社会对缅甸军政府去年镇压反政府抗议者的批评。Burma's rulers say the referendum will lead to democratic elections in 2010. Political opponents say the new charter will reinforce military control. 缅甸执政者说,这次公投将会导致2010年进行民主选举。政治反对派说,新宪法将强化军队的掌控。President Bush spoke from the Oval Office Tuesday after signing legislation awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to Burmese democracy advocate Aung San Suu Kyi. 星期二,布什总统在椭圆形办公室签署议案,授予缅甸民主活动家昂山素季国会金质奖章之后说:"This is a fitting tribute to a courageous woman who speaks for freedom for all the people of Burma, and who speaks in such a way that she is a powerful voice in contrast to the junta that currently rules the country," he said. “一位勇敢的妇女为缅甸所有人的自由而呐喊,跟目前统治缅甸的军政府相比,她的呼声更为强大。她获此殊荣,名至如归。”Asked if the recognition for Burma's detained opposition leader might complicate efforts to work with the military in providing aid, spokeswoman Perino says U.S. support for Aung San Suu Kyi has been clear for many years, and that position will not change. She says that does not affect Washington's promise to help those affected by the cyclone.  有记者问,表彰缅甸被囚禁的反政府领袖是否会使美国在提供援助上的努力同缅甸军政府的关系变得复杂,白宫发言人佩里诺说,美国多年来都明确表示持昂山素季,这个立场并没有改变。她说,这并不会影响华盛顿有关帮助热带风暴灾民的承诺。 200805/37955杭州医院拔智齿多少钱浙江大学医学院附属口腔医院治疗瓷贴面美容冠种植牙价格




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