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洪泽县妇科专家挂号淮安中山医院有做男性结扎Losing your first tooth is a momentous moment for any child.对每个孩子来说,第一颗牙的掉落都是一个特别重大的时刻。And one little girl isn#39;t going to forget the occasion in a hurry - she had it pulled out by drone.今天就有这样一个小女孩,她恐怕不会轻易忘记这个时刻了——她的牙是用无人机拔掉的。Ariana Schreiner, 5, allowed her dad Carl to tie her wobbly incisor to his flying gadget for a very special extraction.阿里安娜·瑞纳今年五岁,她的爸爸卡尔把她摇摇晃晃的门牙绑在无人机上,用一种特别的方式,把这颗牙拔掉了。The YouTube clip starts with Ariana, from Oregon, showing off her loose bottom tooth to the camera.阿里安娜家住俄勒冈。在这段YouTube视频的开始,阿里安娜先是向镜头展示了她松动的下门牙。She is then seen with a thin length of th coming out of her mouth while her dad gets y to fly the drone.我们可以看见有一条又长又细的线绑在牙齿上,这时她的爸爸开始遥控无人机。As it rises in the air, the tooth comes out instantly.随着无人机的升起,牙齿立即掉了出来。All that#39;s left is a gap where her tooth used to be, plus some pretty impressive aerial footage of the extraction.留下的只有她嘴里空出来的缺口,还有这令人相当难忘的拔牙录像。Ariana is not the first person to have her tooth extracted by drone.阿里安娜不是第一个用无人机拔牙的孩子。This little girl was obsessed with finding a unique way to have her first tooth pulled out and was hooked on her dad#39;s suggestion they use the high-tech gadget for a pot of dentistry.因为她一直想要找个独特的方式把自己的第一颗落齿拔掉,所以对爸爸建议的无人机“高科技”拔牙非常感兴趣。 /201512/416682金湖县妇幼保健所前列腺炎多少钱 淮安市治疗宫颈肥大哪家医院最好的

淮安人民医院治疗淋病好吗It was with a mixture of scepticism and excitement that I headed for my British citizenship ceremony.当我前去参加自己的英国入籍仪式时,心中掺杂着怀疑和兴奋的感觉。Rituals have never been my thing. I haven’t been to any of my own graduations, despite having had three such opportunities. Dress up in an overpriced robe, listen to lofty lectures then clap for hours while queueing to receive a decorative piece of paper from a total stranger. How about no? Some weddings I find equally ridiculous. Why invite your favourite people from all geographies to one place just to not hang out with them? Instead of catching up, the couple reaches the pinnacle of a once-in-a-lifetime feat of logistics, recites a legally binding incantation and disappears on holiday.仪式从来都不是我喜欢的场面。我没参加过自己任何一次毕业典礼,尽管有过三次这样的机会。穿着昂贵的礼盛装出席,听着长达数小时豪情壮志的演讲而后鼓掌,同时排着长队等待从一个完全陌生的人手中接到装点门面的一纸文书。没有又能怎么样?我发现有些婚礼也是一样的荒谬。为什么要把你喜欢的人从各地请到一个地方,只为了不和他们共聚?新婚夫妇不和朋友们叙旧,而只是专注于完成自己的终身大事,背诵一句具有法律约束力的咒语,然后就消失度蜜月去了。By contrast, the ritual by which one completes the final step to becoming British proved surprisingly enjoyable. The ceremony I enrolled in took place two weeks ago in a south London registry office. The weather was on form — a mixture of grey skies, indecisive rain and occasionally worrying thunder. There was tea, biscuits and a longer wait than I was expecting before we even began. All in, it was the perfect setting in which to cement one’s place in the UK — in my case, after having studied here for seven years and worked for six, with stints in a couple of other countries in between.相比之下,成为英国人的最后一步的仪式却愉悦得令人意外。我参加的那场仪式是最近在伦敦南部的登记办公室进行的。天气中规中矩——灰蒙蒙的天空、连绵不断的细雨、偶尔响起的令人担忧的雷声。官方准备了茶和饼干,仪式开始前等待的时间比我预期的长些。所有这一切构成了夯实外国人在英国地位的完美情境——就我而言,这种身份是在英国学习了7年、工作了6年(其间曾在另外两个国家短期居住)之后才获得的。But something important was missing from the proceedings. Namely natives. Each soon-to-be Brit could bring up to two guests, and most appeared to be relatives or close friends. There wouldn’t have been space for more.但是,过程中少了某些很重要的事——本土英国人。每个准英国人都可以带来两位客人,其中多数客人似乎都是亲戚或密友。现场也没有场地让更多人参加。The danger of holding these ceremonies in small rooms off to the side is that few British people bear witness to the successes of settled migrants. Instead there are just headline statistics that group everyone together: those coming here to study, as I did back in 1997; or to work; or, in the case of refugees, to reach safety. Big faceless numbers can stoke fears about how many incomers the country can support, even though not all become permanent residents.在一个不起眼的地点的某个小房间内举行这类仪式的危险在于,鲜有英国人能亲眼见新移民的成功。相反,人们看到的是把同一类人捆绑在一起的整体数据:那些像我这样1997年就来英国学习的人;或者来英工作的人;再或者那些为了获得安全的难民。不分个体的大数字激起人们对这个国家能够承受多少移民的恐惧,即使并非所有来英国的人都会成为永久居民。What is clear, however, is that, for those who make it all the way to citizenship, it’s something to be celebrated by all. Ideally in a more public and personalised manner.然而,显而易见的是,对于那些终于成功入籍的人来说,这是值得所有人庆祝的事。在理想情况下,最好是以更加公开而个性化的方式来庆祝。It wouldn’t be practical for every citizenship ceremony to be open to a broader audience, of course. But, when naturalisation is approved, there could be an invitation to apply for a more elaborate public ceremony. From the applicants, a diverse group of people could be selected — from different parts of the world and professions. Much like how the recent “I am an immigrant” poster campaign in the UK did, when its organisers endeavoured to highlight the positive side of migration. A Polish firefighter was featured on one poster; a Syrian occupational therapist on another; and, full disclosure, this FT columnist made an appearance.当然,让每一场入籍仪式都向更多观众开放也不实际。但是,当入籍获得批准后,不妨邀请人们申请参加一个比较隆重的公众仪式。有关方面可以遴选来自世界不同地区、不同职业、形形色色的申请者来参加。就像英国最近“我是移民”的海报活动(其组织者努力彰显移民的积极面)。一名波兰消防员上了海报;还有一名叙利亚的职业理疗师也出现在海报上;基于全面披露原则,身为英国《金融时报》专栏作家的笔者也出现了。Given a larger venue, we could add local dignitaries, perhaps an MP, plus a touch of pomp and circumstance. This might entice British-born residents to accept invitations, without regarding the event as a duty akin to jury service. More tickets for applicants to give to friends and neighbours would further increase turnout.有了更大的场地,我们还可以邀请当地政要,或许请一位议员到场,再把排场搞得稍微隆重些。这或许会促使本土出生的居民也能欣然接受邀请,而不是把这当做类似于陪审团工作的义务。申请者可以向朋友和邻居分发的入场票更多,出席仪式的人数也会进一步增加。To make it more personal, would-be Brits could write their own vows in addition to the usual affirmation of allegiance. And participants could also do something natives struggle with but enjoy hearing others do: say how wonderful the UK is. Coming from the US, I’d have liked the chance to say how grateful I am for the National Health Service. I love it when, at the end of a doctor’s appointment, you just walk out. Straight past reception. There’s no “Show me your insurance, this is the co-payment you have to make, please can I have your credit card”. Having a health service looking after you, rather than a medical industry profiting from you, is just wonderful.为了使入籍更加个性化,准英国人不妨在标准版本的效忠誓词以外加入自己所写的誓词。同时,参与者还可以做一些本土居民自己很纠结、但又喜欢听到别人做的事:诉说英国有多么美好。来自美国的我,很愿意能有个机会表达一下自己对英国国民保健体系(NHS)的感激之情。医生问诊结束后,你可以一走了之,我非常喜欢这一点。直接走过前台。没有什么“给我看看你的保险,这是你必须做出的共同付,请把你的信用卡给我”之类的流程。拥有一个照顾你的医疗体系、而不是一个从你身上获利的医疗行业,那感觉太美妙了。Others less fortunate than me — trading one peaceful, developed country for another — would have even more solemn things to say.我是从一个和平的发达国家入籍到另一个和平的发达国家,没我那么幸运的人甚至会有更多事情需要郑重表达。As the UK prepares to welcome more migrants of all kinds, ceremonies should be open to the public to celebrate both those who make this country their permanent home and those born here who welcome them. Tea, biscuits, bad weather and all.在英国准备欢迎更多形形色色的移民之际,入籍仪式应该向公众开放,既让那些在英国安居乐业的人庆祝,也让出生在英国的本土人有机会欢迎他们加入。茶、饼干、坏天气以及所有的一切。 /201510/406663淮安中山切包皮用什么线 淮安市第一人民医院治疗尿道炎多少钱

淮安一院男科大夫A Japanese scientist has won the spoof Ig Nobel medicine prize for a study that revealed kissing could reduce allergic reactions in humans.一名日本科学家研究发现,接吻可以缓解人体的过敏反应,这项研究让他赢得了搞笑诺贝尔医学奖。“I wish that people will understand the new effect of kissing and I also hope that kissing will bring not only love but also attenuation of allergic reaction,” Hajime Kimata, who could not attend last week#39;s 25th annual event, said in a taped acceptance speech.“我希望人们能了解接吻的新作用,我也希望接吻不仅能带来爱情,也能够弱化过敏反应。”木全肇没能出席上周的25周年颁奖礼,他通过视频发表了获奖感言。“I am honoured to be awarded the Ig Nobel Prize and I appreciate it very much.”“我非常荣幸能获得搞笑诺贝尔奖,非常感谢。”Kimata received the prize jointly with three Slovakian scientists who also studied the “medical effects of kissing.” The Slovakian group looked at how long male DNA stays in a woman#39;s mouth after “intense kissing.”木全肇和三位斯洛伐克科学家共同赢得了这一奖项,他们也研究了“接吻的医学作用”。这三位科学家关注的是“激吻”之后,男性的DNA会在女性嘴里停留多久。After the medical award was announced, some couples in the audience, prompted by the master of ceremonies, responded by embracing and kissing each other.医学奖宣布之后,观众席上一些情侣受主持人的鼓动,相拥亲吻。The award ceremony - which the science humour magazine “Annals of Improbable Research” gives in 10 categories as a parody of the Nobel Prizes - was held at Harvard University#39;s Sanders Theatre. It was the ninth straight year for an Ig Nobel prize to go to Japanese recipients.颁奖仪式在哈佛大学桑德斯剧院举行,主办方科学幽默杂志《不可思议研究年报》颁发了10个滑稽的诺贝尔奖项,这是日本人连续第九年获得搞笑诺贝尔奖。Kimata, who runs an allergy clinic in Neyagawa, Osaka Prefecture, said: “Using the natural healing powers that humans have, I have been working towards alleviating allergic reactions in people.”木全肇在大阪的寝屋川市经营一家过敏诊所,他说:“我一直在研究人类拥有的天然康复能力,为缓解人体的过敏反应而努力。”Among other winners were scientists from the US and Australia for creating a way to “partially un-boil an egg” and a group of researchers at a Dutch linguistics institute for revealing the universality of the word “huh.”在其他获奖者中,来自美国和澳大利亚的科学家创造了一种方法将熟鸡蛋“部分”变成生鸡蛋。荷兰一所语言学研究院的研究团队发现,世界语言中普遍存在huh这个词。Last year, four Japanese researchers won the physics prize for their work measuring the friction that occurs when someone steps on a banana peel.去年,四名日本研究人员测量了人踩到香蕉皮后的擦力,获得了物理学奖。 /201509/400522 ;Your Honor, I want to bring to your attention how unfair it is for my client to be accused of theft.;法官先生,我的当事人被指控偷窃,这是多么不公正啊。He arrived in New York City a week ago and barely knew his way around. What#39;s more, he only speaks a few words of English.;他一周前才来到纽约,几乎不认路。而且,他只会说几个英语单词。;The judge looked at the defendant and asked, ;How much English can you speak?;法官看了看被告,问道:;你会说多少英文?;The defendant looked up and said, ;Give me your wallet!; 被告抬起头,说:;把你的钱包给我!; /201511/409323淮安念珠性龟头炎淮安开发区割痔疮需要多少钱



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