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《权力的游戏龙母Emilia Clarke近期不再演裸戏 -- :5: 来源:   Emilia Clarke isn't keen to get naked work again any time soon, and that's one of the main reasons she turned down the part of Anastasia Steele in "Fifty Shades of Grey."  Emilia Clarke近期不想再演裸戏了,而这也是她拒绝出演《五十度灰的主要原因之一  Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the -year-old "Game of Thrones" actress says she doesn't want to be only known the fact she's willing to show skin.  在接受《好莱坞报道者采访中,这位岁《权力的游戏女演员透露,她不希望大家认识她仅仅是因为她愿意露  "I'd done nudity bee and was concerned with being labeled doing it again," she says of why she declined the part after taking two meetings with director Sam Taylor-Johnson. Dakota Johnson ultimately got the role instead.  “我之前演过裸戏,而现在已经成为我的标签了,”她聊到为什么不愿意演裸戏的时候说  She stripped down in the very first episode of "Game of Thrones," and famously walked out of a fire wearing nothing but her newborn dragons in the Season 1 finale.  她在《权力的游戏第一集就裸体出境,并以第一季大结局全裸走出火焰的镜头一战成名  Clarke also had a nude scene in her Broadway debut, "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Audience members infamously took photos of her during the show, causing the theater to beef up security.  Clarke在的百老汇剧《Tiffany的早餐中有过裸戏观众们在她演出期间拍了照片,导致剧院不得不升级了保安级别 龙母 权力。

  • 牛排要多嫩的 Have steak and a beer- :6:50 A:I'd like to have steak and a beer.我要牛排和一杯啤酒B:Would you like it rare,medium or well-done?牛排嫩点儿、适中、还是老一点儿?A:Well-done,please.老一点儿吧。
  • The remake of ;The Return of the Condor Heroes; produced by well-known scriptwriter and TV producer Yu Zheng is broadcasted several days ago and it is strongly savaged by critics and savvy viewers across the nation.。
  • 尽管手术迫使她取消了部分巡演,Lady Gaga去年依然赚取了估计8000万美金的收入,荣登福布斯30岁以下。
  • ,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活How to learn English well?如何学好英语 Practice tenses as much as possible. When you learna new verb, learn its various ms.A thousand words will not leave so an deep impression as one deed. 尽可能多的操练时态学习一个动词的时候,要学习它的各种形态千言万语不如一个行动I would also like to learn more about the culture behind the language. When you understand the cultural background, you canbetter use the language. 我想学习和了解更多关于语言背后的文化知识,当你理解了文化背景,你就能更好地运用语言Keep an English journal.Try to write a few sentences about your day and then blurt them out as many times as possible bee you goto sleep. This will teach you to “think” in English. This habit will also helpyou live a move organized and fruitful life. Besides, you will score higher onyour composition exams! 坚持写英语日记写几个句子描述一下你的一天,然后在睡觉前尽可能多地大声操练这个方法可以教会你用英语“思考”这个习惯还可以帮助你生活得更有条理、更有成效此外,考试时作文你也可以拿更高的分!更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 个人微信:DJ_Ukki[本节目属] 1870。
  • 安吉丽娜朱莉上海介绍《沉睡魔咒 -- 19::9 来源: 安吉丽娜朱莉谈《沉睡魔咒安吉丽娜朱莉抵达上海与媒体见面,介绍了她的电影《沉睡魔咒的细节,这是她首次造访中国安吉丽娜朱莉谈到了她的导演梦,并暗示《沉睡魔咒有可能有续集Angelina Jolie breezes into Shanghai and weaves her magic at a round-table session to which Shanghai Star\'s Matt Hodges is invited. He gives us the details.Angelina Jolie spoke of her directorial ambitions and hinted at the possibility of a sequel to Maleficent, Disney\'s dark-edged revisionist fairytale that has taken the US box office by storm. She was in Shanghai, on her first trip to China.Jolie, who celebrates her 39th birthday on June , was cast in the title role of the not-so-wicked witch in Disney\'s new take on its 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty. US actress Angelina Jolie promotes her latest film "Maleficent" in Shanghai on June 3, . "I never get cast as normal," Jolie says during a press conference at the Peninsula Shanghai near the Bund. "Maleficent may be the most emotional female villain ever on film."She describes it as her favorite role to date, beating Lara Croft and a host of hard-nosed female archetypes."It was pretty hard to top her. She was pretty fun. Maybe I\'ll get the chance to play her again," says the actress, who was wearing a black dress, matching fingernail polish and eye-catching gold stilettos that evoked hints of Oscar statuettes."But I feel like her journey was fairly complete. If so, I think it would be more of an Aurora story." Aurora is the name of the bewitched princess who can only be awoken by a truelove kiss.Her latest live-action role brings the "Mr and Mrs Smith" and "Salt" star back to the silver screen the first time in almost four years.Maleficent earned over US million in the US after its release on May , making it Jolie\'s highest-grossing opening weekend to date. The film opens here on June .Disneyland Shanghai is due to open in late , but the actress would not be drawn on whether it will feature a Maleficent-themed attraction to pair with the highly anticipated Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride."In the future I think I\'ll be doing less acting and more directing," she says. "I want to understand human nature" and explore themes like brotherhood, she adds.She was due to fly back to the US later that night to finish editing "Unbroken," a war drama about mer Olympic track athlete and WWII veteran Louis Zamperini. It is the second time she has stepped behind the camera. Jolie also directed "In the Land of Blood and Honey" in about the 199-95 Bosnian War.She was accompanied in Shanghai by partner Brad Pitt and three of their six children. "I think they\'re in dim sum classes right now," she says.Despite rumors last year that she was considering adopting a Chinese baby, Jolie ruled this out but not the possibility of extending her family in the future.She says she is interested in cultural cross-collaboration and working with Chinese stars or directors in the future."One of the things I\'ve been doing here is asking a lot about Chinese writers and directors and artists. I hope somebody in China will reach out to me, and give me a chance."Nowadays Jolie is more closely associated with her philanthropic work in Africa and the UN than her stormy past, which included a period of drug experimentation and marriages to Johnny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton.She feels much more settled as a mother fast-approaching 0."There\'s a fire inside all of us. We all have a fighter. And it\'s just about figuring out what to fight … and stop fighting against yourself."相关阅读:安吉丽娜朱莉《沉睡魔咒电影简介 沉睡魔咒。
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