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BT: How do you suggest they track their progress toward their future goals? Are milestones like 21 and 30 important?BT:您是如何建议他们朝着未来目标不断进步的?21和30岁这样的里程碑时刻是不是特别重要?MJ: Absolutely. Milestones-21, 25, 30, New Year#39;s, birthdays, reunions-are important because they trigger self-reflection. Am I where I wanted to be by this age? Did I do what I said I would do this year? If not, why not. And if not now, when? A savvy 20something who interviewed me recently told me about a question she was advised to ask herself as she moved through adulthood: ;If you keep living your life exactly as it is, where will you be in 3 years?; If you don#39;t like the answer, now is the time to change course.MJ:没错。21岁、25岁、30岁、新年、生日、团聚日——这些都是里程碑时刻,因为它们能促人反思。到了这个年纪,我有没有处在自己想处的位置?我年初的计划完成了没?如果没完成,原因又是什么?如果现在不完成,那么什么时候可以完成?最近有个很有悟性的、20出头的女孩采访我,她告诉我,有人建议她在这几年中反复扪心自问:“如果你保持着今天的生活状态,3年后的你会是什么样子?” 如果得到的并不是你所喜欢的,那么现在就是洗心革面的时候。One way to keep yourself honest about the future is by making a timeline. At what age would I like to be out of this dead-end job? By when do I hope to be married? How old do I want to be when I try for my first child? It may not be cool to have a timeline, or to admit to having a timeline, but you don#39;t have to etch it in stone. It#39;s just a way of thinking about how your life might, or might not, be adding up.让自己诚实面对未来的方法之一是制定一个时间表。什么时候我才能跳出这份没前途的工作?我打算什么时候结婚?我打算几岁时要第一个孩子?虽然定计划这事儿听上去不是很酷,但是,你又没必要把它刻在石头上啊。这不过是种帮助你计划未来人生的方式。BT: About 25% of recent grads are unemployed, and 25% are underemployed. What is your advice for those who simply can#39;t find a job?BT:应届毕业生有25%找不到工作,还有25%的人做着大材小用的工作。你对于那些找不到工作的人有什么建议?MJ: Yes, half of 20somethings are un- or underemployed. But half aren#39;t, so my first piece of advice is to figure out how to get yourself into that group. Most often, the way to do this is through what is called ;the strength of weak ties.; The strength of weak ties is from sociologist Mark Granovetter#39;s work on social networks. What he found was that new information and opportunities usually come from outside of our inner circle. That foot-in-the-door at the company where you want to work isn#39;t going to come from your best friends-your strong ties-or you would aly be working there. That job lead is going to come from weak ties, or from people you hardly know. Email your aunt#39;s neighbor or that old professor or your roommate#39;s friend from college.MJ:没错,大约一半的20出头年轻人不是找不到工作,就是找不到称心如意的。但也有一半的人找到了。所以,我第一个建议是:想想自己怎么能从这一半跳到那一半的梯队中。通常来讲,要实现这一点,“弱关系的力量”很重要。所谓的“弱关系”是社会学家Mark Granovetter在研究社交网络时提出来的。他发现最新的信息和机会往往来自那些你最亲密人以外的圈子里。假如你想去某家公司工作,这个职业机会绝对不会来自你的挚友(即强关系),否则你早就进去工作了不是么。这个工作机会很可能来自弱关系,或者来自那些你几乎不认识的人。所以,给你大姨的邻居、学校里的老教授、或是大学室友的朋友发个邮件吧,说不定你就得到这份工作了。That#39;s how people are getting jobs-especially good jobs-even in a tough economy. Most 20somethings hate the idea of asking outsiders for favors, but those who won#39;t do this fall behind those who will. 20somethings who sit on the sidelines because of a bad economy will never catch up with those who figured out how to get in the game.工作就要这样去找,尤其是好工作。即使在经济不景气的情况下,也能找得到。很多20出头的年轻人不喜欢向不熟的人求助,于是他们便被那些愿意求助的同龄人甩在了后面,因为坐以待毙是永远也追不上积极进取的脚步的。For those 20somethings who aly have jobs but who are underemployed, it is crucial to remember that not all underemployment is the same. Be sure you have a job that is allowing you to earn some form of identity capital. Maybe you have a low-rung job at a hot company that adds value to your resume. Whatever you#39;re doing should make the next thing you#39;d like to try seem more possible.对于那些虽然找到了工作,但并不满意的年轻人,你们需要记住一点,那就是并非所有的不充分就业都是一样的。要确保你自己在干的是一份能为你挣得身份资本的工作。比如,你在一家炙手可热的公司虽然做着打杂的活儿,但它能给你简历添金。所以,你现在做的任何一件事,都应该是在为你的梦想铺路。 /201210/202931Husband: Before I married you, I never thought of saving money.丈夫:在娶你进门之前,我从来没有想过要存钱。Wife: And now?妻子:那现在呢?Husband: Now I#39;m thinking About how much I could have saved if I hadn#39;t married you.丈夫:现在我在想,要是没有娶你的话,我可以存多少钱。After being with her all evening, the man couldn#39;t take another minute with his blind date.   和相亲对象呆了一晚上后,男人再也受不了了。   Earlier, he had secretly arranged to have a friend call him to the phone so he would have an excuse to leave.   他事先安排了个朋友给他打电话,这样他就能借故先离开了。   When he returned to the table, he lowered his eyes, put on a grim expression and said, ;I have some bad news. My grandfather just died.;   当他回到桌边,他垂下眼睛,装出一副阴沉的表情,说:“有个不幸的消息,我的祖父刚刚去世了。”   ;Thank heavens,; his date replied. ;If yours hadn#39;t, mine would have had to!;   “谢天谢地!”他的约会对象说,“如果你的祖父不死,我的祖父就得死了!”内容来自: /201303/231223Sending your child to piano or violin lessons in a bid to boost their academic achievement is a waste of money, according to scientists.科学家称,为了提高孩子的学习成绩而把孩子送去学弹钢琴或拉小提琴,纯属浪费钱。Although research has shown that youngsters who take music lessons are more likely to be top of their class, psychologist Glenn Schellenberg claims this link is misleading.尽管有研究显示,学音乐的小孩更可能在班上名列前茅,但心理学家格伦#8226;舍伦贝格指出,将这两者联系在一起有误导性。Instead, improved academic performance may be because brighter children from privileged backgrounds are more likely to learn an instrument, rather than music classes helping to boost their intelligence.事实上,更优秀的学习成绩可能是因为这些家庭背景更优越的小孩更聪明,更可能去学习乐器,而并非学音乐有助于提高他们的智力。‘Music may change you a bit, but it’s also the case that different children take music lessons,’ said Professor Schellenberg of the University of Toronto, who added that parents’ education was the most influential factor on musicality.多伦多大学的舍伦贝格教授说:“音乐也许能让你有些改变,但是实际情形是,学音乐的小孩本就不同。”他补充说,父母的教育是对音乐才能最重要的影响因素。‘Children who take music lessons come from families with higher incomes, they come from families with more educated parents, they also do more extra-curricular activities, they have higher IQs, and they do better at school.’“上音乐班的小孩来自收入更高的家庭,他们的父母受教育程度更高,他们参加的课外活动也更多,而且他们的智商也更高,在学校的成绩也更好。”In tests on 167 children who played piano or other instruments, they found their answer to personality tests could predict how likely it was for them to continue their music lessons.研究人员对167个弹钢琴或其他乐器的小孩进行了性格测试,发现从他们的回答可以预测出他们继续学音乐的可能性。Those who were more outgoing and conscientious were more likely to continue to play.那些性格更外向、更认真的小孩更可能继续弹奏乐器。‘We were motivated by the fact that kids who take music lessons are particularly good students, in school they actually do better than you would predict from their IQ, so obviously something else is going on,’ Professor Schellenberg told the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual conference in Boston.舍伦贝格教授在波斯顿举行的美国科学促进会年会上说:“我们因为上音乐班的小孩学习成绩特别好的事实而受到鼓舞,实际上这些小孩在学校的学习成绩超出了他们的智商让人产生的预期,所以显然还有其他一些因素在起作用。”‘So we thought that personality might be the thing.“因此我们认为这一影响因素可能是性格。Asked if so-called helicopter parents were wasting their money sending their children to music lessons in the belief they could boost their school results, he said ‘yes’.在被问及那些送孩子去上音乐班、以为这样能提高孩子学习成绩的“直升机父母”是否在浪费钱时,舍伦贝格教授回答说“是的”。‘Clearly studying music changes the brain, but so does any learning. In fact, that is what learning is,’ he said.他说:“无疑学音乐会改变大脑,但是学习其他任何东西也会这样。事实上,学习本就如此。” /201302/226135

Scientists in Canada have found that picking your nose and eating it could be good for your health.加拿大科学家发现挖鼻孔并吃鼻屎有助于你的健康。But did you know all sorts of bad habits can improve your well being? Matthew Barbour investigates.但你知不知道,其实各种坏习惯都能改善健康状况呢?马修巴伯尔对此做了调研。Gossiping: Spending 20 minutes chatting about other people’s news (and misfortunes) helps 96 percent of people squash feelings of stress, tension and anxiety for up to four hours straight, say US researchers at Rhode Island’s Brown University.八卦:美国罗德岛州布朗大学的研究员称,花20分钟聊聊别人的动态(和不幸)可以让96%的人缓解压力、紧张和焦虑情绪,疗效长达4小时。Women who sp positive gossip found their depression alleviated by up to 72 percent within three months.研究人员发现,抱积极态度聊八卦的女性在三个月内,抑郁症状会减轻72%。That’s because speaking positively about others stimulates bonding instincts, which revs up the brain’s production of powerful, mood-elevating antidepressant hormones.这是因为起劲地聊他人的八卦刺激了结合本能,加速了大脑分泌强大又能调节情绪的抗抑郁激素。Picking your nose: Scott Napper, associate professor of biochemistry at the University of Saskatchewan, believes eating mucus in the nose may boost the immune system by introducing small and harmless amounts of germs back in to the body.挖鼻屎:加拿大萨省大学生物化学副教授斯科特-纳帕认为,食用鼻腔中的黏液可以让大量微小无害的细菌进入体内,帮助增强免疫系统功能。His theory follows others that suggest improved hygiene has led to an increase in allergies and auto-immune disorders.纳帕的理论建立在其他人的研究基础上,先前的研究认为目前改善的卫生条件导致过敏和免疫系统紊乱情况的增加。Biting your nails: Experts believe the same argument could hold true for nail biting.咬指甲:同样的道理,专家认为咬指甲也有好处。Dr Hilary Longhurst, consultant immunologist from Barts and the London NHS Trust, said: “Unless your hands are truly filthy, the bugs we encounter when biting our nails could boost our immune system.”巴茨及伦敦国家医疗务系统的顾问免疫学家希拉里-朗赫斯特士表示:“除非你的手实在太脏,否则咬指甲时遇到的各种微生物细菌对免疫系统有好处。”The immune system works by developing a “memory” and making a note of how to fight each bug it has ever encountered.免疫系统会产生“记忆”,制定计划对付它曾经遇见过的微生物细菌。When a bug is encountered a second time, the immune system reaches into its memory to release weapons – called memory lymphocytes – that know how to kill it.一旦这些微生物细菌再次出现,免疫系统就会凭记忆释放武器——这种被称为记忆淋巴球的武器知道如何杀死细菌。Burping: This natural gas release is a normal part of digestion and suppressing it can cause problems.打嗝:这种气体自然释放是消化的一部分,压抑打嗝会引发问题。If you don’t belch and the gas stays on the stomach, this can cause the valve that separates the gullet and the stomach to relax, allowing stomach acid to splash up into the gullet, triggering heartburn.假如你不打嗝,气体会停留在胃里,引起隔离食道和胃的气门松弛,使胃酸流进食道,引发胃灼热。Cracking your knuckles: A large study following people that did and didn#39;t crack their knuckles over a five-year period found that knuckle crackers’ joints were just as healthy as those who didn#39;t.按压指关节:一项大型研究花了5年时间,追踪调查了压指关节和不压指关节的人们,发现压指关节的人们关节更健康。People’s joints tend to feel more comfortable after cracking because they have stretched out the joint and have a greater degree of movement.人们的关节在被挤压后会更舒,因为关节得到了舒展,有了更好的灵活度。Chewing gum: Recent research shows that chomping on gum can improve both short and long-term memory (scientists are still figuring out exactly why).嚼口香糖:最新的研究发现,嚼口香糖能提高短期和长期的记忆(科学家们还没找到原因)。And chewing the stuff might also help you slim down, according to new research from the University of Rhode Island.根据美国罗德岛大学的一项最新的研究发现,嚼口香糖也能帮你瘦下来。Research suggests that frequent chewing can stimulate the brain’s satiety center, which is responsible for making us feel full.研究发现,频繁的咀嚼能刺激大脑的饱足中枢,使人们产生很饱的感觉。Protect your teeth and go with a stick of the sugar-free kind.不过为了你的牙齿着想,选择无糖的吧。 /201305/239555

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