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Pampered, peeled and toned skin is the number one priority for image-conscious consumers around the world and they are going to adopt increasingly extreme measures to get it, a survey showed on Friday.A survey by research group AC Nielsen across 46 countries found that one in three people spend most of their beauty budget on skincare, with Asian and U.S. consumers leading the trend.Skin whitening is the most sought after treatment in Asia, the survey showed, with one in 10 Asian consumers buying bleachingproducts and 50 percent saying they would lighten their skin if money was no object.The survey also predicts a massive rise in the use of facial treatments such as masks,peels, serums and oils."Consumers tend to take a vested interest in their skincare regime in their 30s and 40s and at this life stage have more disposable income to invest in beauty extras," Patrick Dodd, president of AC Nielsen Europe said.L'Oreal, one of the world's largest cosmetics group, said its customers spent 3.85 million euros (.24 million) on skincare products in 2006, up nearly 12 percent on the previous year."The beauty industry shows no sign of slowing down as beauty and personal care products have become 'must have' items in every household," Dodd said.The survey found that 78 percent of people feel under increasing pressure to look good, and the desire to be beautiful is not just restricted to women.Nearly 80 percent of people welcome the arrival of the "metrosexual" male, a term used to describe men who use a myriad of beauty products to take care of their appearance, with American men the most enthusiastic about the trend.The ed States have just become the new home of British footballer David Beckham, the face of Procter amp; Gamble's Gillette skincare brand, who signed a 0 million soccer transfer deal earlier this year with U.S. team LA Galaxy.Beckham, famed for his fashionable hairstyles, diamond stud earrings and for wearing a sarong on the beach, is a metrosexual style icon par excellence.The survey also found that consumers were not just obsessed with flawless skin-- haircare products are among the most sought after treatments globally, especially in Latin America and Asia.L'Oreal customers spent 3.63 million euros on haircare products in 2006. 上周五的一项调查显示,保养、修护、滋润皮肤是全世界在意形象的消费者们的首要大事,而且他们将为此采取越来越“极端”的措施。AC尼尔森调查集团对46个国家开展的一项调查发现,三分之一的人在护肤上的花销占美容总花销的大头,这一潮流为亚洲和美国的消费者所引领。调查显示,皮肤美白在亚洲最为盛行,十分之一的亚洲消费者购买过皮肤漂白产品,50%的人称如果经济上不成问题,他们会去做美白护理。此外,调查预测,使用面膜、去角质用品、乳液和精油类等护肤品的人将大幅增加。AC尼尔森集团欧洲区总监帕特里克·多德说:“30岁至40岁之间的消费者对护肤很感兴趣,在这个年龄段,他们有更多的可配收入花在高级美容产品上。”据全球最大的化妆品集团之一欧莱雅公司介绍,他们的顾客2006年在护肤品上共花费了385万欧元,比上一年增长了近12%。多德说:“美容业的增长势头丝毫没有减缓,因为美容类和个人护理类产品已成为每家每户的‘必需品’。”调查发现,78%的受访者感到要变美的压力越来越大,而且这种想变得更美的愿望不仅限于女性。近80%的受访者欢迎“都市中性男”浪潮的到来,“都市中性男”指的是大量使用美容品护理皮肤的男性,美国男性对这一潮流的到来最为兴奋。不久前,美国迎来英国足球名将贝克汉姆,这位宝洁吉列特产品的代言人于今年初与美国洛杉矶队签了一份2.5亿美元的转会合同。以新潮发型、钻石耳钉和在海滩穿着布裙而著名的小贝就是“都市中性男”的典型代表。调查发现,消费者不仅向往拥有无暇的肌肤,护发产品也受到世界各地消费者的追捧,尤其在拉丁美洲和亚洲。欧莱雅2006年护发类产品的销售额达到363万欧元。 /200803/29465

KOLKATA: iPhone sales shot up in India in the three days immediately following demonetisation as consumers rushed to buy these devices with their phasedout high-denomination notes and stores booked sales through back-dated receipts. As per trade estimates, over 1 lakh iPhones were sold in these three days, which is around three-fourth of this handset’s average monthly sales.印度废钞后的3天,iphone销量飙升,顾客用即将废弃的高面值钞票购买iphone。根据估算,3天内卖出10多万台iphone,大约是平时每月销量的四分之三。The spurt in iPhone sales mirrored the demand for gold and high-value luxury items that shot up in the first few days following the scrapping of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes on the evening of November 8.iphone销量的井喷,反应了自从11月8日开始废除500卢比和1000卢比面值钞票后的几天里,人们对黄金和奢侈品需求的激增。“iPhones were sold out in most of the neighbourhood stores after demonetisation. In fact, on that night (of November 8) itself several stores sold iPhones till midnight. Some even sold them at a premium,” said the owner of a leading neighbourhood cellphone store in New Delhi.人们用即将废弃的纸币,购买昂贵的手机,使得苹果成为11月唯一满足销售目标的手机厂商。The rush to offload cancelled currency notes by buying these expensive handsets has resulted in Apple being the only phone maker to meet sales target in November. Its sales during the month are estimated to have grown by 20-30% while handset sales, as a whole, are down compared with the year-ago period, said four industry executives.据估算,苹果11月销量增加了20-30%,而其他手机厂商的销量比去年同期有所下降。 /201611/480825

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