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A: So, how are you feeling today?B: I’m pretty tired. I haven’t been sleeping well.A: Do you have enough time to get the right amount of sleep?B: I have enough time. I just can’t seem to fall asleep and stay asleep.A: What time do you usually go to bed?B: I don’t have one time in particular. I just go to sleep whenever I feel tired.A: Have you been under a lot of stress lately?B: I just lost my job, and I am unsure about being able to find another one.A: Have you ever tried doing relaxation exercises bee you go to bed?B: I haven’t ever tried that, but it sounds like a good idea. 57At the Reception Desk(Ⅱ)在接待处(Ⅱ)Key Sentences(重点句子).Yes, we do have a reservation you.对了,我们这儿是有您预订的房间5.Would you please fill out this m while I prepare your key card you?请您把这份表填好,我同时就给您开出入,好吗?6.What should I fill in under ROOM NUMBER?“房间号码”这一栏我该怎么填呢?7.Ill put in the room number you later on.过会儿我来给您填上房间号码8.You got to put in the date of your departure.您忘了填写离店日期了9.And here is your key,Mr.Bradley.Your room number is .给您房间的钥匙,布拉德利先生您的房间号码是50.It is on the th floor and the daily rate is$90.房间在层,每天的房费是90美元51. Please make sure that you have it with you all the time.请务必随时带着它5. My business negotiation has progressed much more slowly than I had expected.我的业务谈判进行得比我原先预料的慢了许多53. I wonder if it is possible me to extend my stay at this hotel two days.我想知道是否可以让我在这儿多呆两天5.Ill take a look at the hotel booking situation.我来查看一下本店房间的预订情况55.Im glad that well be able to accept your extension re-quest.很高兴我们有办法接受您延长住宿的要求56. But Im afraid that it will be necessary us to ask you to change rooms the last two nights.不过,恐怕最后两天我们得请您搬到别的房间去57. We have aly let your room to another gentleman.我们已经把您住的房间租给了另外一位先生58. That no problem at all.没问题 193735星型典句:第一句:Could you please tell where I should get off?请告诉我该在哪儿下车好吗?A: Could you please tell me where I should get off?请告诉我该在哪儿下车好吗?B: You should get off at the last stop.您应该在最后一站下车A: What the next stop?下一站在哪儿?B: It City Square.城市广场第二句:What stop is this?这是哪一站?A: What stop is this?这是哪一站?B: East Ocean Park.东海公园A: Would you tell me where to get off?你能告诉我在哪儿下车吗?B: All right. Ill remind you!好的我会提醒你的其他表达法:不知道该在哪一站下车时,可请司机或其他乘客在到站时提醒一下自己也可以用 Could you please let me know when I get to...?也可以用remind me去代替let me know, 即 Please remind me when I get to...也可以说Will you tell me when to get off? 您能在我该下车的时候告诉我吗?Where do I have to get off? 我该在哪儿下车?How many shops are there? 有多少站?

A: This visit is over me. Here's your room key.B: Thank you that, and in return, here's your receipt.A: And thanks to you.B: I hope you'll visit us again, sir.A: I'd be willing to try this hotel again, if you can promise me no more cockroaches.B: I guarantee you that our little “friends” won't be back. I hope your trip home is pleasant. 5

A: I have a problem.我遇到问题了B: Whatrsquo;s the problem?什么问题?A: A pipe burst in my ceiling.天花板中的一个水管裂了B: Why do you think that?你为什么那么想?A: There is water dripping from my ceiling.有水从天花板滴落下来B: Is it causing a flood in your apartment?这导致你的公寓有很多积水?A: No, but my carpet is getting wet.没有,但是我的地毯正在变湿B: How long has this water been dripping?滴水多长时间了?A: It only started leaking today.今天才开始漏水B: Irsquo;ll have someone come down to fix it right away.我会派人马上去修理A: Thatrsquo;s great.那很好B: I apologize the inconvenience.抱歉给你带来不便 0187

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