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呼和浩特第二医院韩式三点多少钱呼市第一人民医院瘦腿针多少钱The Lycaenids are a group of butterflies known commonly as blues, coppers and hairstreaks. 灰蝴蝶是一群被认为有着蓝色,紫铜色,并且翅膀上有细纹的蝴蝶,Most species of Lycaenidbutterflies have evolved close, mutually- beneficial relationshipswith different species of ants.其大部分品种的进化与许多蚂蚁有着亲密无间并且互惠互利的关系。The caterpillars of these butterflies develop special glands that secrete a nectar-like substance toattract ants. 蝴蝶幼虫拥有一种特殊的腺体,The ants swarm all over the caterpillars, drinking the secretion. 它能够分泌如花蜜的甘甜物质来吸引蚂蚁。The ants “milk”secretions from the caterpillars by tickling special glands on the caterpillars with their antennas.蚂蚁将幼虫包围,吮吸这甜美的“蜜”,同时也用自己的触须挠蝴蝶幼虫的腺体。In some Australian species, the attending ants even build thatched or earthen corrals to containthe caterpillars. 澳大利亚有些种类的蚂蚁甚至修建起“茅草屋”或者是“土畜栏”将幼虫圈起来。By day the caterpillars are protected from predators by the corral and the ants.白天的时候,蚂蚁和畜栏保护幼虫不受食肉动物的侵犯,At night the ants herd the caterpillars up a nearby tree to feed on leaves.夜晚时,蚂蚁将幼虫搬离到离树近的地方,幼虫便能用树叶充饥。The ants are like a private army of bodyguards. 蚂蚁就像是私人贴身保镖,Colonies of ants are quite fierce—swarming, bitingor even consuming potentialpredators.并且是十分凶猛的保镖,他们成群结队撕咬甚至是消灭掉潜在的捕食者。In fact, the caterpillars’ sweet secretions are not only nutritious, but also contain chemicals thatsubdue the ants. 事实上,幼虫的分泌物不仅仅是营养丰富,同时也含有一种能够制蚂蚁的化学物质,Otherwise the ants might kill the caterpillars themselves! 不然的话,蚂蚁也会让幼虫致命。Some caterpillars alsomake drumming sounds to keep their attendant ants alert.有些幼虫甚至发出鼓声用以警示蚂蚁。Unprotected caterpillars would make a tasty treat for insect-eaters like birds, frogs or larger insects.未受保护的蝴蝶幼虫对于如鸟类,蛙或者是大一点的昆虫这些食用昆虫的物种来说是一顿美餐。But ants taste bitter or even toxic when eaten. 但如果是吃蚂蚁的话,不仅味道苦涩,甚至还是有毒的。To most predators, a caterpillar covered in ants isabout as appetizing as a candy bar covered in thumbtacks.在食肉动物看来,被蚂蚁包裹着的蝴蝶幼虫就像是包满图钉的糖果。So, the ants benefit from the energy-rich secretions produced by the caterpillars, and thecaterpillars benefit from the antsprotection.就这样,蚂蚁从幼虫的分泌物中摄取营养,而幼虫也正是有了蚂蚁的保护而健康成长。201410/335439呼市第一医院疤痕多少钱 Minority languages小众语言Cookies, caches and cows终端数据,缓存,奶牛Translating technological terms throws up some peculiar challenges科学术语翻译中的难题Speaking the customers language让手机语言本土化OUSMANE sweats under a tin roof as he thumbs through a Chinese smartphone that he is selling at the technology market in Bamako, Mali. Words in French, Malis official language, scroll down the screen. “A ka nyi?” (Is it good?) a customer asks him in Bambara, Malis most widely used tongue.巴马科马里的科技市场里,炽热的锡皮屋檐下的奥斯曼手中拿着销售的中国制造的智能手机。马里的官方语言是法语,手机屏幕上也是满满的法文。一个顾客用马里大部分人使用的曼丁哥语问“手机怎么样?”Mozilla, the foundation behind Firefox, an open-source web browser, wants Ousmanes customers to have the option of a device that speaks their language. Smartphones with its operating system (OS) are aly on sale in 24 countries, including Bangladesh, India and Mexico, for as little as 33. Other countries will be added as it makes more deals with handset manufacturers. And Bambara is one of dozens of languages into which volunteer “localisers” are translating the OS.火狐(开源网络浏览器)制造商谋智公司致力于让奥斯曼的顾客中的手机显示本土语言。现在已经有24个国家在销售该公司开发的操作系统,包括孟加拉国,印度,墨西哥。与更多手机制造商达成协议后,更多国家会销售其操作系统。致力于“本土化”的志愿者正在把该系统翻译成各种语言,曼丁哥语也在其中。Mozilla has 230 localisation teams, says Jeff Beatty, who co-ordinates some from his office in Utah. Their work takes both time and ingenuity. Firefox for a computer uses about 40,000 words; for the phone OS, 16,000. Translators must express technological terms in languages shaped by livestock, farming and fishing, and choose alternatives for culture-specific words such as “cookie”, “file” and “mouse”.Jeff Beatty说谋智公司在各地有230个队伍。他们与犹他州的办公室的一些人员进行协作。这项工作既消耗时间又耗脑力。电脑版的火狐浏览器包含四万用词;手机客户端包含一万六千词。翻译人员需要表达农林业,畜牧业,业产出的技术词汇。并且在遇到具体文化相关用词如“密码缓存”,“文件”和“鼠标”选择同义词。Ibrahima Sarr, a Senegalese coder, led the translation of Firefox into Fulah, which is spoken by 20m people from Senegal to Nigeria. “Crash” became hookii (a cow falling over but not dying); “timeout” became a honaama (your fish has got away). “Aspect ratio” became jeendondiral, a rebuke from elders when a fishing net is wrongly woven. In Malawis Chichewa language, which has 10m speakers, “cached pages” became mfutso wa tsamba, or bits of leftover food. The windowless houses of the 440,000 speakers of Zapotec, a family of indigenous languages in Mexico, meant that computer “windows” became “eyes”.Ibrahima Sarr,塞内加尔程序员,领导火狐富拉语翻译项目。从塞内加尔到尼日利亚,有2千万人使用富拉语。翻译中,“碰撞”变成了“绊倒的牛,但是没有死”。“超时”变成“你的鱼逃走了”。“长宽比”是指因为织错了网而受到的老人的责备。马维拉共和国的齐切瓦语,有1000万人使用。其中“缓存页面”翻译成了“剩余的少量食物”。墨西哥本土语种巴萨特克语有44万人使用,由于他们的房屋没有窗户,因此电脑“界面”译成了“眼睛”。The world speaks nearly 7,000 languages. Mali, with a population of 15m, has 13 national languages and 40-60 smaller ones, depending on where the border between language and dialect is drawn. Firefox is available in 90 languages, which serve almost all of the 40% of the global population aly online. Apples most recent computer OS offers 33 languages out of the box, and the new iPhone, 35. Google offers 150, including dialects (and some spurious ones such as “Pirate”). But some languages spoken by millions are excluded, including Tibetan (3m-4m speakers) and Bambara (10m, including those for whom it is a second tongue). Bringing the rest of the world online is not just a technical challenge, but a linguistic one.全球总共有近7种语言。马里是一个人口1500万的国家,却有13种民族语言,40-60种小语言,此语言的数量取决于语言和方言的界限是如何划分的。火狐浏览器有90个语言版本,供近全球40%网民使用。苹果最新的电脑系统开发了33种新语言。新的苹果手机是35种语言。谷歌提供了包括方言在内的150种语言(还有一些虚构的语言比如海盗语言)。然而像藏语(300万到400万人使用),曼丁哥语(1千万人使用)被百万人口使用的一些语言却不在其中。让世界的每一个人都使用网络技术并不是唯一的难题,语言也是一个挑战。As a non-profit, Mozilla can put effort into languages that offer no prospect of a quick return. Songhai and Fulah, recently made available in Firefox, are spoken mainly by poor, illiterate herders and farmers in the Sahel, who do not have smartphones. But when such people eventually get online, they will benefit more if they can do so in their own tongues.谋智公司在语言上的努力是公益的,眼下并不能马上获得收益。火狐上增添了撒哈拉语和富拉赫语。这两种语言的使用者大部分是赛赫勒地区没有受过教育的农夫和牧民,他们没有智能手机。但是,当这些人有一天能上网时,发现可以使用本土语言,必然会从中受益匪浅。As more languages are added, the Firefox OS will create a sort of global Rosetta stone. It uses all parts of speech, and older, colourful words are pressed into service. Mozilla has created a statistical tool for linguistic analyses. And though 40,000 words is not a whole vocabulary, it is a significant part. As well as bringing the linguistically excluded online, localisation may keep small languages alive.随着语言的增加,火狐系统会成为一种“如师通”语言软件。它把各种词语,悠久的,丰富多的语言应用于一种务中。谋智公司开发了数据工具来分析语言。虽然4万词只是语言中的一角,但是是极其重要的。这不仅为网络增加了新的语言版本,本土化也使一些小语种存活下来。翻译:刘苗苗 译文属译生译世 /201411/339738呼市国际蒙医院激光去胎记多少钱

呼和浩特鹰钩鼻手术哪家好呼和浩特京美医疗美容做去眼袋手术多少钱 New presidential poll reveals democrats have the edge among voters under 30.新总统选举民调显示 民主党在30岁以下选民中占据优势Good news for republicans is that theres only six people under 30 who actually vote,so probably wont make a difference.对共和党来说 好消息是30岁以下的人 只有6个人会去投票 所以也无所谓了Weird day for sports in Baltimore.This was weird.巴尔的今天的体育比赛很怪 很怪的一件事Today the Orioles and the White Sox played their game in front of a completely empty stadium.今天 金莺对和白袜队要在空旷的体育场内打比赛It was the first major sporting even to be played for an empty stadium,unless you count every professional soccer game in America.See the problem there.这是首个在空旷体育场内举行的重大体育赛事 除非你算上美国所有的足球比赛 似乎是有问题People mad about that one.I forgot its soccer night at the show.大家好不开心啊 我忘记今晚是足球之夜了We have a lot of fans.Youre not passing judgment.Youre just passing on information.Exactly,yeah.很多足球迷在场 你并没有指责什么 只是陈述事实而已 是啊Tomorrow,tomorrow is the start of the NFL draft.明天是美国橄榄球联盟选秀的开始This year it will be simulcast on ESPN and court TV.今年将同时在体育节目电视网和法庭频道播出I dont know if anyone here got the new apple watch.不知道在座是否有人有买新的苹果手表People are complaining the new apple watch doesnt work as well for anyone with a tattoo on their wrist.大家在抱怨新款苹果手表 对手腕上有纹身的人来说不太方便Yeah,so tattoo on your wrist or apple watch,you have to choose which way you want to be a douche bag.那么 要么是手腕上有纹身 要么戴苹果手表 你得选择要以什么样的方式做个二货Its your choice.Is what Im sawing.you decide.选择权在你 我就是这个意思 你来决定Hold on.Im getting a call.Hold on.Great if I said that and I was wearing one.等等 有人打电话来了 等等 如果我戴着这么说就好玩了All douche bags.So hold on a second.你们这群二货 等等201607/456394呼市253医院激光祛斑手术多少钱

呼和浩特托克托县去除眉间纹手术多少钱Germanys digital future德国的数字化未来Googlephobia谷歌恐惧症Germanys opposition to American technology firms is short-sighted and self-defeating德国对美国技术公司的排斥,显得它目光短线,最后弄巧成拙。VERBOTEN! This seems to be Germanys default reaction to digital disrupters. A court in Frankfurt has just imposed a temporary injunction on Uber, the popular ride-sharing service founded in Silicon Valley. The case was brought by the German taxi industry, which argues that the service poses safety risks and flouts the countrys passenger-transport laws.绝对禁止!这似乎是德国对数字化破坏的默认态度。法兰克福法院刚刚在有关UBER方面强加的临时禁令,这是一款由硅谷开发的受欢迎的打车软件。此案是由德国出租车行业挑起,认为该务带来的安全风险并蔑视国家的旅客运输法。By itself, the ban of Uber would be no big deal. The company is enraging incumbent taxi drivers in plenty of other countries. But it is another sign of Germanys growing hostility to American technology firms. Google (whose executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, is a member of the board of The Economists parent company) has been a particular focus for increasingly hysterical criticism. Mathias D?pfner, the head of Axel Springer, Germanys biggest newspaper publisher, has compared Google to the giant Fafner in Wagners “Ring of the Nibelungen”. Newspaper articles refer to it as an “octopus” that keeps adding tentacles. When it emerged late last year that Google was operating a fleet of barges mounted with containers, speculation abounded over whether it was building a floating empire beyond the control of national states.就其本身而言,Uber的禁令也没什么大不了的。该公司的行为引起了其他国家大量出租车司机的愤怒。但这也是德国日益增长的对美国技术公司敌意的另一个迹象。谷歌(其执行董事长,埃里克·施密特是经济学家母公司董事会的成员)特别关注越来越歇斯底里的批评。马蒂亚斯·劳瑞森,施普林格总裁,德国最大的报纸出版商,把谷歌比作在瓦格纳的“尼伯龙根的指环”中的巨人法夫纳。报纸上的文章称它为不断增加其触角的“章鱼”。去年年底,当它出现的时候,谷歌正在经营一个装载集装箱驳船的舰队。许多人猜测是否它正建设一个超越国家控制的悬浮帝国。German fears may have political consequences. Sigmar Gabriel, the economy minister, has suggested the company should be broken up. And Germany is putting pressure on Joaquín Almunia, Europes outgoing competition commissioner, to reopen an agreement his team negotiated with the online giant in February that is supposed to make Googles competitors more visible in its search service.德国的恐惧可能会带来政治方面的影响。经济部长西格玛尔·加布里尔,建议应该让这家公司解散。德国不停对欧洲即将离任的竞争委员会专员joaquín Almunia施加压力,要求二月份重拟与网络巨头谷歌的协议,这可能使其竞争对手在其搜索务中更可见。It is perfectly reasonable to worry about the abuse of monopoly power by digital giants that rule their markets in the way Amazon, Facebook and Google do. Powerful network effects make it hard for competitors to keep up. If Google abuses that power, it should be punished. Mr Almunia has found it guilty of some specific abuses and reached a settlement. But there is no reason to believe that the more dramatic remedies that German politicians want—that Google should be treated as an “essential facility” like gas and electricity networks, or that it should be broken up—would benefit consumers.德国有足够的理由担心数字化巨头滥用垄断权以亚马逊,,facebook和谷歌的方式统占他们的市场。强大的网络效应使其竞争对手难以跟进。如果谷歌滥用权力,它应该被惩罚。阿尔穆尼亚发现其某些特有的滥用罪但达成和解。但没有理由认为,德国政治家希望把谷歌当做像天然气和电力网络一样的“基本设施”,或者说它应该被解散,这些更戏剧性的补救措施会让消费者受益。Silicon Valley to Silicon villain硅谷与电子恶棍的斗争Similarly it is legitimate to worry about privacy—this paper has criticised both Facebook and Google on that score. It is understandable that a society scarred by state surveillance under the Nazis and the Stasi should be particularly wary, but it should also accept that consumers hand over their data freely and get something back. And Germanys digital phobia is driven not just by cultural memory, but also by firms that want the state to protect their business models and keep competitors out. Springer has more political clout in Berlin than any American mogul enjoys in Washington, and it has lobbied for Mr Almunias settlement with Google to be renegotiated.类似的是,担心隐私是合法的,本文批评了facebook和谷歌在这一点上的行为。我们可以理解在由纳粹党和秘密警察组成的国家监管下的社会应该格外谨慎,但它也应该接受消费者有交出他们数据的自由并得到某种回报。德国的数字恐惧不仅仅是文化记忆导致的,也是因为企业希望国家保护他们的商业模式,并赶出竞争对手。斯普林格在柏林比任何美国大亨在华盛顿更具有政治影响力,并帮助游说阿尔穆尼亚与谷歌重新谈判达成协议。Instead of trying to put Google in a straitjacket, German politicians would do better to raze the barriers that make it so hard for startups on the old continent to grow as fast as they do in America. Rather than lobby the European Commission to clamp down on Google, they should push Jean-Claude Juncker, the new president of the commission, to make good on his promise to create, at last, a single market for digital services. Cutting regulations at home would be a better way of securing Germanys digital future than decrying innovators from abroad, just because they are big and American.不要试图给谷歌穿上紧身衣,在这块古老的土地上新创立的公司会很艰难运营,但是德国的政治家们将会做的越来越好,扫除障碍,让他们如在美国一样发展迅速。相较于游说欧盟委员会打击谷歌,他们应该不断推进该委员会的新主席让-克洛德·容克兑现自己的承诺——最后,创造数字务的单一市场。相比谴责大型的,美国的改革公司而言,削减国内法规将会是一个更好的保护德国数字化未来的方式。 /201409/332185 Oh yeah I didnt know that Yeah, no, weve never swim together No我确实有 我并不知道 是的 我们从没一起游过泳 -没有but you have but so but yeah I know when I was five,但你 我记得 我五岁的时候I was, we had a circular swimming pool that my dad built into the ground,我爸爸修了个圆形的地下游泳池so it was not the one to climb up into it.不是那种攀爬式的And I basically was riding my tricycle around the pool,我在泳池周围骑着脚踏车I just I dont know, I just took a wrong turn,and I went into the pool.不知道为什么 我转错了方向 掉进了泳池里And I was sort of panic and kind of just sunken and I didnt think let it go.我当时吓坏了 不断在下沉 我也没想到要松手So you are not a bright child. No, I was a very dumb child.所以你小时候不是很聪明 对 我小时候蠢哭了Its a shame.But my brother right and dove in and got me out of the pool.太丢脸了 好在我哥跳进泳池把我救了出来But I have this, its like a Pavlov in thing when I go under.我一下水似乎就会有阴影I just, so I had to do There is a scene where I I hold on to all of this weighs.有一次 一个场景是 我抓住一些重物And I decided Im gonna try to just off myself.决定这样自杀 /201512/417030呼和浩特市第一医院整形科内蒙古医学院附属医院治疗青春痘多少钱



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