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Smart Travels 香港行 Smart Travels是一档旅游栏目,主持人Rudy Maxa凭借他多年主持旅游节目的经验,为人们提供了许多有益的旅游经验,帮助旅游爱好者制定最佳旅游计划,使每次旅游都成为毕生难忘的经历Rudy的目标是帮助忙碌的都市人打造既省钱又省时的旅游体验,使旅游悠然又难忘 Hi, I’m Rudy Maxa, venturing to the shores of Asia and one of the world’s most thrilling destinations. We’re about to discover why great travel experiences are made in Hong Kong. Next up, it’s Hong Kong, on Smart Travels.Smart Travels is a grand tour of the world’s great destinations, the people, places, and unique local flavors. Now, tips, trips, and secret places on Smart Travels Pacific Rim.When you catch your first glimpse of Hong Kong and the skyline unfolds above the harbor, your heart is sure to beat a little faster. No doubt about it, there’s something exciting here. From futuristic skyscrapers to incense-filled temples, from hoards of shoppers to bobbing wooden boats, the many faces of China are revealed in this dramatic Pacific Rim city.Hong Kong is a magnificent balancing act, eftlessly juggling east and west, past and present, commerce and mysticism. Although it was a prized colony in the British Empire until 1997, Hong Kong is firmly rooted in Chinese culture.This city anchors on the southwest corner of China. We’ll explore the downtown core that straddles Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. Then we’ll escape the crowds as we visit Sai Kung Park, Lantau Island, and some historic sites in the New Territories. Westerners find Hong Kong an easy introduction to Asia. Arriving at the city’s ultramodern airport, you’ll quickly discover that all signs here, as well as in the city, are in both English and Chinese. And most businesses cater to English speakers.To begin, we’ll hit Hong Kong’s number one tourist attraction – the tram that climbs Victoria Peak. This is the world’s steepest funicular railway and it feels like it. 91。

Learning a eign language opens us up to new experiences, work opporties, and allows us to meet people we may never have otherwise. More than that, research has shown learning a language can also physically change brain structure, adjust perception or even change moral decisions.Would you sacrifice one person to save five? Such moral choices could depend on whether you are using a eign language or your native tongue. 58。

Robles followed in 7.50 and Dexter Faulk of the ed States stood third in 7.5.。

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Stop Wasting Time别再浪费时间 Ive said it bee, and Ill say it again: time is the most valuable resource we have. 虽然之前说过了,但我还想再说一遍:时间是我们拥有的最宝贵的资源Dont waste your time on unproductive things. If you want to explore the world dark corners, that great. 不要把时间浪费在没有意义的事情上面,如果你想探索这个世界的黑暗角落,很好I still associate with people who have not-so-kosher careers, but I dont hang out with those people at the expense of my own short- and long-term goals我也认识一些没有固定工作的一些自由职业者,但我不会以牺牲自己的短期长期目标为代价和他们出去玩乐unproductive adj.不毛的; 没有产物的,没有收益的; 非生产性的; 徒然的,没有效果的例句:Ive had a very unproductive day.我这一天什么事都没干成hang out (呆在某处,或与某人呆在一起)闲逛例句:We can just hang out and have a good time.我们可以只是闲逛一下,开开心kosher adj.犹太教所规定允许的,合适的例句:I guessed something wasnt quite kosher.我觉得有点不对劲儿[本节目属]。

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Everyday Question 每日一问题How am I making a difference in this world?我能怎样让这个世界有所不同?We all want to make a difference in this world. Whether it be big or small. 我们都想影响这个世界,不论是大还是小Life is about helping others live a better life. 生命的意义在于帮助他人过更好的生活Take the time to figure what how you want to make a difference in this world. 花些时间,想想,你能怎样让这个世界有所不同It can be as small as not littering or as big as becoming the president of the ed States. You are in control. 小到不乱扔垃圾,大到成为美国总统你都可以掌控你自己You have the option of living a passionately happy life or remaining stuck with where you are. You decide.你可以选择是充满地快乐生活,还是继续被困在原地一切由你决定make a difference 有影响; 起(重要)作用例句:Dose his absence make a difference to your work?假如没有他,对你的工作会有影响吗?option n.选择(的自由); 选项; 选择权; 选择能力例句:Personally, I prefer the second option.就我个人而言,我倾向第二种选择[本节目属] 3353。

意大利面新菜式- 1:56: A:Good afternoon, Uncle Giovanni!午安,乔凡尼叔叔!B:Since when was I your uncle? What's that?我何时成了你叔叔?那是啥玩意?A:It's pounds of my homemade Fettucini.二十磅意大利宽条面,我自己做的B:You want me to buy it?你要我买下来不成?A:No. I want to make it you and your customers.不是我是要做给你和客人吃的B:Well, our customers never ask it.我们的顾客从不点这道菜A:They will. I'll put a plate of it on display!他们会的我要放一盘出来做展示!B:Uncle Giovanni! Nicole's Fettucini is out of this world! Taste it!乔凡尼叔叔!妮可做的宽条面好吃极了!尝尝看!A:OK, OK. [tastes it] Mmmm. Not bad...好啦……(尝过了面)嗯,还不坏……B:Not bad? Not bad! Look at how many customers are ordering!还不坏?岂止还不坏而已!你看有多少顾客在抢着点!A:That's because it's new. They're curious.那是因为这是新菜他们是因为好奇.B:No. They're ranting and raving about how great it is...so go be nice to her!不他们正在争相走告这有多好吃……你去跟她说些好话!A:Is it the Fettucini you're in love with or Nicole? You've been acting different since Paris...你是爱上了那道宽条面还是妮可?你从巴黎回来后人就换了个样……B:Well, she's perfect me. I...I mean she's perfect us!呃,她就是我要找的人……我是说她就是我们要找的人!A:Oh...I get it.喔……我懂了.。