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Apple Inc said on Thursday it had agreed to work with partner Foxconn to tackle wage and working condition violations at the factories that produce its popular products, Reuters reported.路透社报道,苹果公司周四宣布已和合作公司富士康达成协议,一起解决生产苹果热销产品工厂的工资以及工作条件违规问题。Foxconn — which produces Apple devices ranging from the iPhone to the iPad — said it would reduce working hours to 49 hours per week, including overtime, while keeping its workers total compensation at its current level. To compensate for the reduction in hours, Foxconn will hire tens of thousands of additional workers.富士康为苹果生产从iPhone手机到iPad平板电脑等产品,它表示将把包括加班在内的工时降至每周49小时,同时工人工资保持现有水平。为了填补缩减的工时,富士康将再雇佣数万名员工。It also said it would build more housing and canteens to accommodate that influx.该公司还说,将再建宿舍、食堂来容纳更多的员工。The agreement is a sign of the increasing power of Chinese workers to command higher wages.该协议显示出中国工人在要求涨薪方面权利越来越大。The measures come in response to one of the largest investigations ever conducted of a U.S. company#39;s operations abroad.这些举措是对一项调查做出的回应,该调查也是美国公司海外工厂受到的最大调查之一。Apple had agreed to the probe by the independent Fair Labor Association. The association, in disclosing its findings from a survey of three Foxconn plants and over 35,000 workers, said it had unearthed multiple violations of labor law, including extreme hours and unpaid overtime.苹果公司同意独立机构——公平劳动协会对其进行调查。该协会公布了对富士康三家工厂和35000余名工人的调查结果,表示发现了诸多违反劳动法的行为,包括超长劳动时间,加班没有加班费。The FLA audit had found that during peak production times, workers in the three factories put in more than 60 hours per week on average.公平劳动协会的调查还发现,在生产高峰期,三个工厂的工人平均每周工作超过60个小时。 /201204/176468

  A rare and unusually public legal battle between two of China#39;s most prominent property developers is raising eyebrows in the industry, as well as questions about the solidity of legal agreements there. 两家中国知名房地产开发商之间展开了一场罕见而极其公开的法律战,此事不仅令业内人士吃惊不已,也令外界对房地产业法律协议的可靠性产生了质疑。 It also illustrates the desire of big property developers to pick up choice properties from smaller rivals weakened by Beijing#39;s more than two-year campaign to tame real-estate prices.此事还表明,大型房地产开发商迫切希望从较小的竞争对手手中攫取优质房地产。中国政府推出已逾两年的抑制房价措施削弱了较小开发商的实力。 A Shanghai court is expected to begin hearing arguments this week in a suit filed in May by Shanghai-based Fosun International Ltd. against Beijing rival Soho China Ltd. Fosun is seeking to claim back its right to acquire a piece of land near Shanghai#39;s prestigious Bund area.预计上海一家法院本周将开庭审理这起复星国际有限公司(Fosun International Ltd.)今年5月对SOHO中国有限公司(Soho China Ltd.)提起的诉讼案。复星国际力争夺回收购上海外滩附近一个地块的权利。 Fosun owns half the commercial land, but the other half was sold last year to Soho by units of Fosun#39;s former partners there. Fosun claims the other half should have been offered to it first. Soho says the suit is meritless.复星国际持有这块商业用地的一半,另一半则被复星国际在上海的前合作伙伴的旗下公司于去年卖给了SOHO中国。复星国际声称,另一半本应优先卖给自己。而SOHO中国则说这一诉讼案毫无法律依据。 Other property players in the city are paying attention. #39;It#39;s unfortunate that they#39;ve gone to court,#39; said Vincent Lo, chairman of Shanghai-based developer Shui On Land. #39;But if you look at this from a positive angle, it shows that Chinese companies are trying to settle their disagreements through proper legal procedures.#39;上海其他房地产开发商都在密切关注此案。上海开发商瑞安房地产有限公司(Shui On Land)主席罗康瑞说,很遗憾他们选择了对簿公堂,但如果从积极的角度看,此案显示出中国公司开始努力通过正当法律程序解决分歧。 Indeed, legal experts say the suit could forge new ground in an industry where legal agreements often are short and lack specifics. Local Chinese parties generally prefer less detail in their contractual arrangements, said David Blumenfeld, a Shanghai-based partner at law firm Paul Hastings. The goal is to provide guidelines through which the parties can work out later disputes quietly over the negotiating table, avoiding China#39;s often slow and cumbersome courts.实际上,法律专家说,此案可能为房地产业奠定新的基础。在中国的房地产业,法律协议常常篇幅很短,并且不够详细明确。普衡律师事务所(Paul Hastings)驻上海合伙人布卢门菲尔德(David Blumenfeld)说,中国当事方常常不愿在合约性协议中做出详细规定。这样做的目的在于提供一些指导原则,让当事方在今后发生纠纷时能够通过谈判私下里进行解决,避免在中国走常常缓慢、繁琐的法庭程序。 #39;The question on people#39;s minds was, how could this happen?#39; said one real-estate consultant in Shanghai. #39;They have to make sure their contracts are airtight.#39;上海的一位房地产顾问说,人们心中的疑问是:怎么会发生这样的事?他们必须得确保合同滴水不漏。 The site in dispute, which covers 45,472 square meters (about 489,000 square feet), is located south of the Bund area along the Huangpu River, which cuts through the heart of mainland China#39;s financial capital.争议地块面积45,472平方米,位于外滩南部黄浦江沿岸地区。黄浦江是一条横贯中国内地金融中心上海的河流。 The winner could have an impact on the Bund#39;s skyline. The planned building for the site will contain offices and some retail. Fosun, which calls the project the Bund International Financial Center, said it would be a landmark in Shanghai. Currently, work on the foundation of the north portion of the project is continuing, with the expected date of completion at end June 2014, according to signs at the construction site.胜诉的一方可能对外滩的天际线产生重要影响。该地块上计划修建的建筑物将包括写字楼和一些零售店。复星国际将该项目称为“外滩国际金融中心”。该公司说,它将成为上海的一个地标。目前,该项目北部分的地基施工仍在继续。据工地上的牌子显示,项目预计于2014年6月底完工。 Fosun and Soho declined to provide details on their plans for the building, given the lawsuit.鉴于双方处于诉讼期间,复星国际和SOHO中国拒绝就计划如何打造这一建筑群的问题提供有关细节。 Developer Shanghai Zendai Property Ltd. originally paid 9.22 billion yuan (.44 billion) to purchase the site in February 2010, as the property market still was climbing. The company sought an exit as credit dried up and the housing market soured. In November 2011, it sold half the property to Fosun and another 10% stake to developer Greentown China Holdings Ltd. 这幅地块最初是由开发商上海大房地产有限公司(Shanghai Zendai Property Ltd., 简称:上海大)于2010年2月斥资人民币92.2亿元(约合14.4亿美元)买下的,当时楼市还处于上升期。随着信贷紧缩和住房市场行情恶化,上海大希望将这幅地块转手。2011年11月,上海大将其中一半地块出售给复星国际,并将另外10%的权益出售给开发商绿城中国控股有限公司(Greentown China Holdings Ltd., 简称:绿城中国)。 In December, Greentown and Zendai agreed to sell their combined 50% stake in the land to Soho for 4 billion yuan. Fosun fired back the following day, saying it was surprised by the deal, and that it had the right to buy the remaining stake.去年12月,绿城中国和上海大同意将双方共同拥有的这幅地块50%的权益作价人民币40亿元出售给SOHO中国。复星国际在第二天就做出回应,称这宗交易令其感到意外,还说它有权优先购买剩下这一半的权益。 Fosun#39;s suit also names Greentown and Zendai. The two companies declined to comment.复星国际提起的诉讼还提到了绿城中国和上海大的名字。这两家公司均不予置评。 The disputed transaction is one of a number by stronger players looking for opportunities in the downturn in China#39;s property market. A number of Chinese developers took on too many projects during the market#39;s boom years.在中国房地产市场,因为实力更强的开发商在市中心寻找商机而引发的争议很多,上述存在争议的交易只是其中一宗。在楼市繁荣时期,一批中国开发商拿了太多项目。 Shanghai recorded more than 11.7 billion yuan worth of what are known as en-bloc commercial real-estate transactions in the second quarter, up from 4.3 billion yuan in the first quarter and 8.7 billion yuan in the same period a year earlier, according to property consulting firm Jones Lang LaSalle, despite sluggish activity in other parts of the Shanghai real-estate market. Such transaction involving existing buildings but excluding land and residential transactions primarily include properties that developers and investors sell to one another.房地产咨询公司仲量联行(Jones Lang LaSalle)的数据显示,今年二季度,尽管上海房地产市场其它类型交易低迷,但上海商业房地产整体交易规模超过人民币117亿元,高于今年一季度43亿元的规模,也高于去年同期87亿元的水平。此类交易(涉及现有楼宇但不包括土地和住宅交易)主要包括开发商和投资者之间出售的房产。 #39;Owner-occupiers were especially active pursuing upcoming office projects in Pudong,#39; said Alan Li, head of investment for Jones Lang LaSalle Shanghai, referring to Shanghai#39;s bustling Pudong district. Mr. Li said he expects that volumes will accelerate should debt financing become more widely available or less costly.仲量联行上海投资部总监李凌说,浦东即将推出的写字楼项目尤其受到自住业主的追捧,这里他指的是上海繁华的浦东新区。李凌说,如果债务融资变得更加普及或成本变得低,预计交易量将加速上升。 As for the Bund International Financial Center, Fosun said that there is a possibility the company would move its headquarters to the new building from its current one less than one kilometer away. Owners of such buildings usually want to attract Fortune-500-type tenants.至于外滩国际金融中心,复星国际说公司可能会将总部迁到新的建筑中来。复星国际当前的总部与这幅地块相距不足一公里。此类项目的所有者一般都希望吸引到《财富》(Fortune)500强企业的租客。 By contrast, Soho#39;s main customers are small and medium-size Chinese businesses, including coal-mine owners. Soho#39;s usual business model is to sell its office units on a piecemeal basis to small and midsize businesses, which would run counter to Fosun#39;s plans for a swanky new building, said people familiar with Fosun.相比之下,SOHO中国的主要客户群体是中小型中资企业,比如矿业企业。SOHO中国通常的业务模式是以零敲碎打的方式把办公面积出售给中小型企业。据接近复星国际的人士称,复星国际要建的是时髦奢华的大楼,跟SOHO中国的定位相悖。 /201208/193274

  The Diet of Worms1521–The Diet of Worms begins, lasting until May 25.历史上的今天-沃尔姆斯宗教会议1521年的今天,沃尔姆斯宗教会议开始举行,一直持续到5月25日。Edward VI becomes King1547–Henry VIII dies. His nine year old son, Edward VI becomes King, and the first Protestant ruler of England.历史上的今天-爱德华四世成为国王1547年的今天,亨利八世逝世,他九岁的儿子爱德华四世成为国王,他是英格兰首位新教统治者。January 28 Incident1932–Japanese forces attack Shanghai.The January 28 Incident (January 28 – March 3, 1932)was a short war between the armies of the Republic of China and the Empire of Japan, before official hostilities of the Second Sino-Japanese War commenced in 1937.历史上的今天-一#8226;二八事变1932年的今天,日本入侵上海。一#8226;二八事变指1932年1月28日至3月3日中日两军短暂的战争,发生在1937年开始的中日战争之前。STS-51-L mission1986–Space Shuttle program: STS-51-L mission – Space Shuttle Challenger breaks apart after liftoff killing all seven astronauts on board.历史上的今天-挑战者号航天飞机灾难1986年的今天,航天飞机计划:挑战者号航天飞机灾难-航天飞机升空后破裂,机上7名宇航员全部罹难。 /201101/124653。

  If you're still looking for work these days, try moving into the New Year on a high note with these seven helpful (and hopefully lucky) job-related resolutions you must keep: 如果你目前还在找工作,那就试试以下7个和工作相关的、你必须记住的方法高调迎接新年吧:1. "I will broaden my job horizons."我将拓宽我的工作范围Stop limiting yourself to only specific types of jobs. Promise to look for jobs you may not think you have enough skills for and go for it. Look into jobs that you may not even know you are qualified for and maybe find a new career in the process!不要再将你的工作范围限定在某个特定的领域了。去找那些你认为自己还没有足够技能去做的工作,然后去应聘。在找那些你都不知道自己是否具有资格的工作过程中,你可能会发掘一个新的职业领域。 /201001/95578

  Sima Yi(179~251) was a general, military strategist, and politician of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period.司马懿(179-251),三国时期曹魏一名大将、军事战略家和政治家。He is perhaps best known for defending Cao Wei from Zhuge Liang#39;s Northern Expeditions.他最为人知的就是与诸葛亮的北征相对抗,保护曹魏。His success and subsequent rise in prominence paved the way for his grandson Sima Yan#39;s foundation of the Jin Dynasty, which would eventually bring an end to the Three Kingdoms period.司马懿的成功和后来地位的上升为他的孙子司马炎建晋朝铺平了道路。晋朝最后结束了三国鼎立的局面,统一了中国。After the founding of the Jin Dynasty, Sima Yi was posthumously honored as Emperor Xuan of Jin with the temple name of Gaozu.晋朝建立后,司马懿被追尊为晋宣帝,庙号高祖。Sima Yi began his career as Secretary of Literature under Lord Cao. Sima#39;s first military action was against Zhang Lu in Hanzhong.司马懿初为曹操的文学掾,在征伐张鲁时立大功。Sima Yi#39;s strategies were a success and Lord Cao was greatly impressed. Cao Pi had a great trust in Sima Yi and titled him Lord of Hejin Precinct. Later in his career, Sima Yi was appointed as Senior Assistant to the Prime Minister.曹丕信任和器重司马懿,封他为河津亭侯,后任丞相长史。When Cao Pi#39;s son Cao Rui succeeded the throne, Sima Yi was appointed as Great General of the Flying Cavalry, and was in charge of defending Xiliang district. By a plot of Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi was later dismissed from his office.曹丕之子,曹睿继位时,司马懿出任骠骑大将军,掌重兵镇守西凉,却被蜀国以离间计致使被罢官。Without Sima Yi however, Cao Rui and Cao Zhen suffered many losses against Zhuge Liang and his officers. Thus Cao Rui appointed Sima Yi as Great Commander-in-Chief Who Pacifies the West.后因魏国屡屡败于蜀国,曹睿只好再次起任司马懿为平西都督。Sima Yi#39;s talents as military strategist and his able leadership prevented Zhuge Liang from gaining the upper hand in the battles between Wei and Shu.司马懿深通兵法,指挥有度,与蜀国作战期间使诸葛亮难以取得决定性胜利。In the second year of Beginning Prospects(238), Sima Yi put down the rebellion of Gongsun Yuan and was promoted to Grand Commandant.景初二年(238),司马懿镇压公孙渊并升任太尉。In the first year of Joyous Stability(249), Sima Yi decided that the reign of the weak Wei Emperors needed to stop and pulled off a Coup d#39;etat. In the process, Cao Shuang and his sympathizers were put to death.嘉平元年(249 ),司马懿发动兵变消灭独揽大权的曹爽。In the third year of Joyous Stability(251),Sima Yi eradicated Wang Ling who usurped against his authority. In the same year, Sima Yi died of natural causes at the age of seventy-two. When his grandson Sima Yan united the land and established the Jin Dynasty, Sima Yi was posthumously titled King Wen.嘉平三年(251 ) ,司马懿镇压王凌叛乱,并于当年去世,终年72岁。晋国建立时,追尊司马懿为文王。 /201508/395229A Japanese diplomat posted in California has been charged with domestic violence against his wife and could face up to 20 years in jail, the local district attorney said Tuesday.美国地方检察官周二称,一位驻加利福尼亚州的日本外交官被控对妻子实施家庭暴力,可能会面临20年监禁。Yoshiaki Nagaya, vice-consul at Japan#39;s consulate in San Francisco, is accused of 17 felony offenses, 14 of domestic violence and three of assault, including stabbing her with a screwdriver and knocking a tooth out.长屋嘉明是日本驻旧金山领事馆的副领事,他被控犯下17项重罪:14项家庭暴力罪和3项侵犯人身权利罪。罪行包括用螺丝刀捅妻子,打落她的一颗牙齿。The 32-year-old pled not guilty in court on Monday, and was released on bail of 0,000, said San Mateo County District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe, adding that the alleged offenses occurred between January 2011 and March 2012.圣马特奥市的地方检察官史蒂芬#8226;瓦格斯达菲说,这名32岁的外交官周一在法庭上辩称无罪后,缴了35万美元保释金被释放。他还说,这名外交官被指控的罪行是在2011年1月到2012年3月期间发生的。;The violence ranged (from) pushing and shoving, and bruising upwards (to) the most serious, (when) he knocked a tooth out. On another occasion he jabbed her or stabbed her in the hand with a screwdriver.“他实施的暴力包括推搡、将妻子浑身上下打出多处瘀伤,最严重的一次还打掉了一颗牙齿。还有一回他用螺丝刀戳、刺入妻子的手。;On another occasion he knocked her down and stomped on her with his foot. The final occasion was when he shoved her out of a car in their parking garage, causing scrapes to her face and knees.;“还有一次他把妻子打倒在地,并用脚在她身上使劲踩踏。最后一次施暴是将妻子从自家停车库的车里推出去,致使她脸部和膝盖擦伤。”He added: ;That was when she decided that enough was enough, and she went to the police.;该检察官补充说:“这时候妻子觉得自己受够了,于是她就去报了警。”Nagaya does not have diplomatic immunity for the alleged offenses. ;There is immunity, but not when you#39;re doing things in your purely private life, for somebody at his level,; said Wagstaffe.长屋对被指控的罪名没有外交豁免权。瓦格斯达菲说:“外交官有豁免权,但像他这样级别的外交官,在纯私生活中并不享有行为责任豁免权。”Both Nagaya and his wife are due back in court on June 14 for a preliminary hearing. A restraining order was issued, barring the diplomat from having any contact with his wife in the meantime.长屋和他的妻子将于6月14日重返法庭参加初步听会。此前已发布了限制令,禁止这名外交官在此期间同妻子有任何联系。Michio Harada, the deputy consul general at Japan#39;s Consulate General in San Francisco, said Nagaya remained on the staff pending developments or a decision from Tokyo.日本驻旧金山总领事馆的副总领事原田道夫说,在日本政府有任何动向或决定之前,仍将保留长屋的职位。;If those charges are true it would be quite regrettable, certainly, but we would like to see how the court proceedings develop and then the final outcome,; he told the reporters.他告诉记者说:“如果这些控告属实,那么当然是非常令人遗憾,但是我们想先看看法庭诉讼的进展情况和最终审判结果。”The consulate general was not providing legal support. ;This is not related to our official work, it#39;s a private thing, so I understand he has his own lawyer for a criminal case.;总领事没有提供法律持。他说:“这和我们的官方工作无关,是私人的事情,所以我认为他会自己请个刑事律师。”Regarding Nagaya#39;s job, he added: ;The decision is mostly made by Tokyo but at this moment I don#39;t think we can do anything. He is with us now. He#39;s not in the office, but he works for us.;提到长屋的工作,他补充说:“这基本是由日本政府决定的,不过目前我认为我们不能有任何举动。他现在和我们在一起。他不在领事馆里,但在为我们工作。” /201205/182028

  When it announced new stock listing rules over the weekend, the Chinese securities regulator was trying to end a decade of underachievement.当中国的券监管机构在周末期间公布新股发行新规时,它试图终结中国股市过去十年中表现不佳的局面。The best economic growth story of the 21st century has been a poor investment play. While its gross domestic product has shot up, China#39;s equity market has languished.21世纪最强的经济增长神话没能造就一次绝佳的投资良机。尽管中国的国内生产总值(GDP)迅速增长,但中国股票市场的发展却步履维艰。Part of the blame has been an initial public offering system that consistently overprices shares, to the benefit of newly listed companies and their underwriters. Those buying into IPOs on their first day of trading have lost money, and the mass of ordinary investors in China has slowly lost confidence in stocks.之所以会有这样的反差,部分原因在于中国的首次公开发行(IPO)体制。在该体制下时常会出现新股定价过高的状况,从而有利于上市公司以及它们的承销商。而那些在交易首日买入新股的投资者则会出现亏损,如此一来,中国的广大普通投资者也就渐渐对股市失去了信心。More pre-listing disclosures and greater institutional participation in pricing – the reforms detailed on Sunday – should add some stability to China#39;s casino-like markets. Guo Shuqing, the reformist who was appointed securities regulator six months ago, has also tried to limit insider trading.4月28日公布的改革内容包括加大上市前的信息披露力度,并让机构更多地参与定价环节。这些举措应该能为一般的中国股市带来更大的稳定性。6个月前受命出任中国监会(CSRC)主席的改革派人士郭树清还试图抑制内幕交易。But he is fighting a paradox seen throughout emerging markets and typified by China: high gross domestic product growth often goes hand-in-hand with lousy stock returns.然而,他要与这样一个矛盾作斗争:在GDP高速增长的同时,与之相伴的往往却是股市回报率的低迷。这种现象是整个新兴市场的共性,尤以中国的情况最为典型。;Companies raising money, not investors, have done well off the stock market. The vast majority of investors have had no way to profit,; says Ye Tan, a financial commentator.财经员叶檀指出:“在市场上获利的主要是融资者,而不是投资者。绝大部分投资者都无法从市场上获利。”If China#39;s GDP were a security you could buy, it would have delivered strong returns. The value of China#39;s annual output nearly quintupled from 2000 to 2011, which would have made it one of the best investments in the world.如果中国的GDP是一款能够购买的券产品,它将带来丰厚的回报。2000年至2011年期间,中国的年度经济产值增长了近四倍,这会使它成为世界上最超值的投资产品之一。But GDP is not a security. The Shanghai Composite Index, something you can invest in, has a much weaker record. It rose about 46 per cent over the past decade, barely keeping pace with inflation. How can China#39;s growth have been so fast and its stocks so sluggish?但GDP不是一种券。上综指(Shanghai Composite Index),一种名副其实的投资品,它的表现就要逊色许多。该指数在过去十年间上涨约46%,勉强与通胀水平同步。中国的经济增长如此之快而股市表现却如此乏力,这种状况究竟是如何造成的?The first thing to note is that China is far from an aberration. GDP is crucial to understanding economic performance, but it has proven a bad predictor of equity returns. As Jay Ritter of the University of Florida and other economists have documented, there is no stable relationship between GDP and stock performance.首先要指出,中国并没有偏离正常的轨道。GDP对于理解经济表现有着至关重要的意义,但对股市回报率而言,GDP的预测作用就要大打折扣了。正如佛罗里达大学(University of Florida)的杰伊?里特(Jay Ritter)及其他经济学家所指出的,GDP与股市表现之间并不存在一种稳定的关系。China illustrates two key reasons why fast-growing countries often disappoint investors.至于快速增长的经济体为何屡屡让投资者失望,中国给出了两大重要原因。First, there is a simple question of maturity. China#39;s stock market was established only two decades ago, so it would have been extremely surprising if it had behaved like long-established bourses in developed economies. Many of the biggest components of the Shanghai Composite Index, including the top banks, listed after 2005.第一个原因很简单——股市不够成熟。中国股市创建至今仅有20年时间,假若中国股市的表现和发达经济体中那些历史悠久的股市表现一样,人们反倒会倍感意外。上综指成分股中,有许多权重股(包括几家大型)均是在2005年之后才上市。Moreover, there has been a steady dilution of existing investors as China has reformed state-owned companies by gradually ;unlocking; their shares for trading. The portion of tradable shares in China has risen from about 30 per cent of listed companies a decade ago to 70 per cent.另外,中国采取原始股逐步“解禁”的方式推进国企改革,导致现有投资者股权不断被稀释。中国流通股占股市总股本的比重已从10年前的约30%增至70%。;The objective in establishing the stock market was to give state-owned companies a way to escape their difficulties. It was only after the late 1990s that thought was given to protecting investors#39; interests, and this transformation is not yet complete,; says Zhao Xijun, a professor at People#39;s University.中国人民大学(People#39;s University)教授赵锡军表示:“(最早)建立股市是为了给国有企业脱困务。上世纪90年代后期才提出来要保护投资者的利益(等理念)。这些理念的改革现在还没有到位。”The second factor, as in other developing countries, is the market#39;s legal and political backdrop. This is much harder to change. The corrosive influence of insider trading was highlighted in a 2002 study of China#39;s stock market by Dow Jones Indexes. It showed that the vast bulk of the gains over the previous decade had occurred on 10 specific trading days when stocks jumped.第二个原因(如在其他发展中国家一样)是市场的法律和政治背景。改变这个因素的难度要大得多。从道琼斯指数(Dow Jones Indexes)2002年一项对中国股市的研究中可以明显看出,内幕交易会腐蚀市场。该研究显示,之前10年中大部分获利是在股价上涨的10个特定交易日内发生的。The inference was that only investors who possessed critical information – often linked to state policy announcements – were able to make money. Everyone else was just along for the ride. Although China has taken steps to clean up its markets since then, insider trading remains pervasive. Mr Guo has launched yet another crackdown.由此可以推出,只有获知关键信息(通常与政府即将宣布的某项政策有关)的投资者能够获利。其他所有人都只是在碰运气。尽管自那以后中国已采取措施清理市场,但内幕交易仍十分普遍。郭树清已发起一轮新的治市活动。Investors are by now familiar with the immaturity and the insider trading in the Chinese market. After the disappointing performance of the past decade, it is clear that negatives are more fully priced in. The ratio of Chinese share prices to last year#39;s earnings is near a historic low at 14.7, about the same as in the US.投资者如今已对中国股市的不成熟和内幕交易习以为常了。经过过去十年差强人意的表现,如今的股市显然已更多地体现了各种负面因素。中国股市市盈率(按去年利润计算)现为14.7,已接近历史最低点,约与美国的水平一致。As Mr Guo continues his reform drive – bringing more institutional money into the market, adjusting the IPO pricing system, implementing easier delisting rules and more – the maturation of the Chinese stock market could be argued to be accelerating.在郭树清继续推进股市改革之际,中国股市趋于成熟的速度可以说在加快。郭树清的改革措施包括:向股市引入更多机构资金,调整IPO的定价体制,改变规则、降低上市公司退市的难度,等等。Geoff Lewis, head of investment services with JPMorgan Asset Management in Hong Kong, says Chinese shares are approaching a point where they can be assessed like those in other markets.驻香港的根大通资产管理(JPMorgan Asset Management)投资务负责人杰夫?刘易斯(Geoff Lewis)表示,中国股市的可评估程度正在趋近于其他股市。;Your view on China should be whether you think it will be a soft landing or a hard landing. I don#39;t think it should be related to structural overhangs or market imperfections,; he says. If economic performance does start determining investment performance, it would indeed be a new departure for Chinese stocks.刘易斯表示:“你对中国的看法应该取决于你认为中国经济会软着陆还是会硬着陆。我认为结构性威胁或市场失灵的因素不应影响你对中国的看法。”如果经济的表现真的开始决定投资业绩,中国股市将真正展开一段新的旅程。Additional reporting by Emma Dong董慧(Emma Dong)补充报道 译者:何黎 /201205/180430


  Google has brought out the list of the most searched topics in its search engine this year.谷歌发布了今年用户搜索最多的热门榜单。According to the search engine, Euro 2012 beat Olympics tickets as the top internet search of the year in the UK, the Sun reported.据《太阳报》报道,根据这一搜索引擎,2012欧洲杯打败了奥运门票,成为今年英国最热门的网络搜索关键词。The company#39;s stats also show that pop diva Whitney Houston#39;s death in February attracted more interest than Kate.谷歌的数据还显示,著名流行歌坛天后惠特尼#8226;休斯顿今年二月份去世的消息吸引最多网民关注,风头盖过了凯特王妃。#39;Gangnam Style#39; beat #39;Call Me Maybe#39; as the most trending pop song and #39;Skyfall#39; topped #39;Prometheus#39; as the most enquired about film.《江南Style》击败《Call Me Maybe》成为最受热捧的流行歌曲,而《007:天降杀机》战胜了《普罗米修斯》成为最多人查询的电影。Rio - home to the 2016 Olympics and a host city for the 2014 football World Cup - beat Greece as the most searched-for destination.2016年奥运会和2014年足球世界杯主办城市里约打败了希腊,成为搜索次数最多的旅游目的地。Google#39;s UK results are split into trending searches and most searched.谷歌英国的搜索结果分为热门趋势搜索榜和搜索次数排行榜。Justin Bieber#39;s split from Selena Gomez was the most enquired-about relationship bust-up while Victoria Pendleton beat Georgia Salpa as the most searched-for participant in a reality television show.感情破裂搜索排行居首的是贾斯汀#8226;比伯和赛琳娜#8226;戈麦斯分手的消息,此外维多利亚#8226;彭德尔顿打败了乔治亚#8226;索帕,成为搜索次数最多的真人秀选手。Sport dominated the trending searches, with Euro 2012 and Olympic tickets showing the biggest rises in interest ahead of Houston and the Duchess of Cambridge.体育在热门趋势搜索排行中占据了优势地位,对2012欧洲杯和奥运门票感兴趣的人最多,排名超过了休斯顿和凯特王妃。But the duo topped the trending celebrities section followed by #39;X Factor#39; judges Gary Barlow and Tulisa.但是在名人搜索榜上,休斯顿和凯特王妃排在最前,紧随其后的是真人秀节目《X Factor》的评委盖瑞#8226;巴洛和杜莉莎。Andy Murray#39;s US Open victory and Olympic gold medal helped him to become the most searched-for British Olympian.安迪#8226;穆雷在美国男子网球公开赛中取得的胜利和奥运夺冠使他成为搜索次数最多的英国奥运会选手。Usain Bolt was the most searched-for non-UK Olympian.尤塞恩#8226;尔特是搜索次数最多的非英国籍奥运会选手。TV soaps regularly top the TV ratings but the highest trending show of 2012 was the B kids#39; show #39;Mike The Knight#39; that beat US terror drama #39;Homeland#39; and #39;Towie.#39;肥皂剧通常都在电视收视排行榜上位居前列,但2012最流行的电视节目是英国广播电台儿童节目《麦克小骑士》,它打败了美国惊悚电视剧《国土安全》和真人秀节目《Towie》。 /201212/214468。

  It really is possible to be bored to death, scientists have found, after research showed those who live tedious lives are twice as likely to die young.科学家发现,人真的可能会无聊至死。因为有研究显示,生活单调乏味的人英年早逝的可能性为正常人的两倍。People who complain of "high levels" of boredom in their lives are at double the risk of dying from from heart disease or a stroke than those who find life entertaining, researchers at University College London found.伦敦大学学院的研究人员发现,那些抱怨生活“极度”无聊的人死于心脏病或中风的风险是那些觉得生活愉快的人的两倍。Of more than 7,000 civil servants who were monitored over 25 years, those who said they were bored were nearly 40 per cent more likely to have died by the end of the study than those who did not.研究人员在25年间对七千多名公务员进行了跟踪调查。调查结果发现,那些称生活无聊的人在研究结束前死亡的可能性比生活愉快的人高近40%。People who are bored are more likely to turn to unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking, which can cut their life-expectancy, the scientists said.科学家说,觉得生活无聊的人更容易染上抽烟喝酒等不健康的生活习惯,而这些不良习惯会缩短他们的寿命。Specialists from the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College London, studied the responses of 7,524 civil servants aged between 35 and 55 who were interviewed about their levels of boredom in the mid eighties. They then found out whether they had died by April last year.来自伦敦大学学院流行病学与公共卫生系的专家们对7524名年龄在35岁到55岁之间的公务员的情况反馈进行了研究。研究人员于上世纪80年代中期就这些人的无聊程度对他们进行了访问。去年四月份,又对他们的死亡情况进行了跟踪调查。 /201002/96939



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