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面试中个讨人喜欢的方法(双语) --1 :7: 来源:    Ways to Be Liked in Your Job Interview  by Jonathan Littman and Marc Hershon  No matter your resume and talents, if you mess up a job interview you won’t get that position. In today’s tough economy you need every possible edge. As authors of the new book, "I Hate People! Kick Loose from the Overbearing and Underhanded Jerks at Work and Get What you Want Out of Your Job," we see it as a simple equation: You want to be liked -- not hated.  不管你有什么样的简历和才华,如果在面试上砸了,你就无法得到那个职位如今经济困难的情况下,你需要用到每一个优势,正如《我讨厌人们!摆脱工作中傲慢、不诚实的家伙,获得你在工作中想要的东西新书的作者们所认为的一样,我们认为这是简单的一个问题:你希望被喜爱--不是被讨厌  Here are simple things to do that will dramatically increase your chances: from wearing the right expression, to knowing what not to say, to never ever breaking a sweat.  下面个简单的事情,将极大提升你被录用的可能性:带着合适的表情、知道什么是不该说的,以及绝对不要流汗等等  1. Don’t be a "smiley face"   1. 不要“笑脸盈盈”  Excessive smiling in a job interview is seen what it is -- nervousness and a lack of confidence. A smiley-face person exudes phoniness, which will quickly be picked up by the interviewer. Instead be thoughtful and pleasant. Smile when there’s something to smile about. Do a practice run in front of a mirror or friend.  面试中过度微笑会被视作紧张和缺乏自信笑容可掬的一个人看上去是虚假的,而这些很快会被面试官发现相反,做一个有思想、令人愉快的人在有东西值得笑时才去笑先在镜子或朋友面前练习练习  . Don’t be a small-talker  . 不要扯闲话  Your job is to be knowledgeable about the company which you’re interviewing. Random facts about last night’s episode of "Dancing with the Stars" or your favorite blog will not get you the job. Never feel you have to fill an interview with small talk. Find ways to talk about serious subjects related to the industry or company. Pockets of silence are better than padding an interview with random babble.  你的任务是对参加面试的单位有充分了解昨晚电视节目《星随舞动的内容或你最喜爱的客等话题都不会让你得到这份工作绝对不要觉得自己非得在面试里不停地闲谈找到途径谈论和该行业或公司有关的话题片刻间歇的沉默比用胡言乱语填充面试要更好  3. Don’t sweat   3.不要流汗  You can lose a job by wearing an undershirt or simply a little too much clothing. Sweaty palms or beads on your ehead will not impress. You are not applying to be a personal trainer. Sweat will be seen as a sign of weakness and nervousness. Do a practice run with your job interview outfit in front of friends. The job interview is one place you definitely don’t want to be hot.  衣多穿了一点点或穿了件汗衫可能让你失去一份工作手掌有汗,或额头上的汗珠不会给人留下好印象 你不是在申请个人运动教练出汗将被看作是一个表示柔弱和紧张的迹象穿着你的面试装在朋友面前先实际演练一下面试绝对不是你希望感汗流浃背的场合  . Don’t be a road block  . 不要做拦路石  Interviewers are seeking candidates eager to take on challenging projects and jobs. Hesitance and a nay-saying mentality will be as visible as a red tie -- and seen as a negative. Practice saying "yes" to questions about your interest in tasks and work that might normally give you pause.  面试官在寻求的是那些渴望接受有挑战性的项目和工作的人员犹豫和拒绝的心态将会是赫然醒目的,消极的信号 对于一些你是否对某些任务或工作有兴趣等会让你迟疑的的问题,要练习说“是”  5. Don’t be petty  5. 不要琐碎  Asking the location of the lunchroom or meeting room will clue the interviewer into your lack of preparation and initiative. Prepare. Don’t ask questions about routine elements or functions of a company: where stuff is, the size of your cube, and company policy on coffee breaks.  询问午餐房间或会议室在哪里是在暗示你缺乏准备和主动性做好准备不要询问诸如:物品位置、你的办公隔间大小,公司对喝咖啡休息时间的政策等公司的常规事务或职能  6. Don’t be a liar  6.不要撒谎  Studies show that employees lie frequently in the workplace. Lying won’t get you a job. In a job interview even a slight exaggeration is lying. Don’t. Never stretch your resume or embellish accomplishments. There’s a difference between speaking with a measured confidence and engaging in BS. One lie can ruin your entire interview, and the skilled interviewer will spot the lie and show you the door.  研究表明,员工在职场上经常会撒谎撒谎无法给你带来一份工作在面试时,即便是一点的夸张都算撒谎别那么做不要夸大你的简历或美化你的成绩和一位适度自信的人,以及和一位吹牛的人谈话是不一样的 一个谎言会破坏全部面试,有经验的面试者一定会发现那个谎言,让你离开  7. Don’t be a bad comedian  7. 不要成为糟糕的滑稽演员  Humor tends to be very subjective, and while it may be tempting to lead your interview with a joke you’ve got to be careful about your material. You probably will know nothing about the sensibilities of your interviewer, let alone what makes them laugh. On the other hand, nothing disarms the tension of a job interview like a little laughter, so you can probably score at least a courtesy chuckle mentioning that it’s "perfect weather a job interview!"  幽默往往是十分主观的东西,虽然也许容易在你的面试时用一个幽默开始,但是,对你的笑料内容一定要小心你可能对面试官的敏感度一无所知,更加不知道什么能得他们大笑可另一方面,没有什么会比一点点笑声更能缓解一次面试时的紧张,所以,用"真是面试的好天气!"这样的话,你能至少赢得一点礼貌的笑声  8. Don’t be high-maintenance  8. 不要太难伺候  If you start talking about the ideal office temperature, the perfect chair your tricky back, and how the water cooler needs to be filled with imported mineral water, chances are you’ll be shown a polite smile and the door, regardless of your qualifications. Nobody hiring today is going to be looking someone who’s going to be finicky about their workspace.  如果你开始谈论理想中的办公室温度、你疼痛的后背适合的椅子、饮水机需要装进口矿泉水等问题,那么不论你的资格如何,可能你将被示以一个礼貌的微笑,还有送客的大门如今任何招聘单位都不会寻找对他们办公地点过分讲究的人  9. Don’t be a time-waster   9.不要浪费时间  At every job interview, the prospective hire is given the chance to ask questions. Make yours intelligent, to the point, and watch the person across the desk visual cues whether you’ve asked enough. Ask too many questions about off-target matters and you’ll be thought of as someone destined to waste the company’s resources with insignificant and time-wasting matters.  每一次面试时,潜在雇员都会有提问的机会让你的问题显得聪明一些,直截了当,同时通过观察对面的面试官来决定提问是否恰当问太多不相干的问题,你会被认为是一个注定要用无足轻重和费时的事情来浪费公司资源的人  . Don’t be a switchblade  .不要出语伤人  Normally the switchblade is thought of a backstabber, often taking credit someone else’s work. In an interview setting, the switchblade can’t help but "trash talk" his mer employer. If you make it seem like your mer workplace was hell on Earth, the person interviewing you might be tempted to call them to find out who was the real devil.  一般来说,出语伤人者被看作一位背后捅刀子的人,通常会领别人工作的功劳在面试时,这种人禁不住要说前雇主的“坏话”如果你让你过去的工作地点看上去像是地球上的地狱,那么面试你的人也许会打电话给他们,看看谁才是真正的恶魔南陵县妇幼保健人民中医院割包皮多少钱皖南医学院弋矶山医院包皮手术多少钱译文备考:The real-life Da Vinci Code -- ::5 来源: 经典译文备考:The real-life Da Vinci Code,The real-life Da Vinci Code: Historians discover tiny numbers and letters in the eyes of the Mona Lisa.Intrigue is usually focused on her enigmatic smile.But the Mona Lisa was at the centre of a new mystery yesterday after art detectives took a fresh look at the masterpiece – and noticed something in her eyes.Hidden in the dark paint of her pupils are tiny letters and numbers, placed there by the artist Leonardo da Vinci and revealed only now thanks to high- magnification techniques.Under the microscope: Historians in Italy have discovered that by magnifying the eyes of the Mona Lisa painting tiny numbers and letters can be seenHidden symbols: This eye is thought to contain L and V, the artist's initialsExperts say the barely distinguishable letters and numbers represent something of a real-life Da Vinci code.The revelation could have come straight from the pages of Dan Brown’s best-seller The Da Vinci Code, in which the Mona Lisa is said to contain hidden clues about the Holy Grail.Silvano Vinceti, president of Italy’s National Committee Cultural Heritage, which spotted the symbols, said: ‘To the naked eye the symbols are not visible but with a magnifying glass they can clearly be seen.Genius: Historians believe that Da Vinci's love of riddles led him to paint himself as a woman - with some believing the Mona Lisa is a self-portrait‘In the right eye appear to be the letters LV which could well stand his name, Leonardo da Vinci, while in the left eye there are also symbols but they are not as defined.‘It is very difficult to make them out clearly but they appear to be the letters CE, or it could be the letter B.‘In the arch of the bridge in the background the number 7 can be seen or it could be an L and the number .‘You have to remember the picture is almost 500 years old so it is not as sharp and clear as when first painted.‘From the preliminary investigations we have carried out we are confident they are not a mistake and were put there by the artist.’Mystery: The codes and riddles that the artist hid in his work were illustrated in the Dan Brown book and film 'The Da Vinci Code'The search was initiated by another Dan Brown-style plot device after a fellow committee member discovered a musty book in an antique shop referring to symbols in the Mona Lisa’s eyes.Mr Vinceti added: ‘Da Vinci put a special emphasis on the Mona Lisa and we know that in the last years of his life he took the painting with him everywhere.'We also know that da Vinci was very esoteric and used symbols in his work to give out messages.‘Who knows, they may even possibly be a love message to the figure in the painting.’Mr Vinceti is a member of a group which is seeking permission to exhume da Vinci’s remains from his tomb at Amboise Castle in France’s Loire Valley.They want to see if the artist’s skull is there so that they can try and recreate his face and establish if the Mona Lisa – owned by the French government and on display in The Louvre – is in fact a twist on a self-portrait of the artist as some believe.离婚 Divorce芜湖县妇幼保健人民男科中医院泌尿外科


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