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What a relief for Anna.安娜真是松了口气。Lets listen again to some of the phrases Paul used to praise her.让我们再听听保罗用来表扬她的表达方式。Well done.干得好。You were in a difficult situation and you handled it well.你处于困境却处理得很好。So, great job. Im really impressed.干得好,给我留下了非常深刻的印象。He also explained why he thought Anna had done a good job.他还解释了为何她认为安娜做得好。You remained calm, friendly and professional.你仍然很沉着,友好,专业。Excellent work Anna.干得漂亮,安娜。But Toms mistakes have given everyone a lot of work to do tomorrow.但是汤姆的失误将会在明天给每个人带来很多工作。First thing tomorrow we need to sort this mess out.明天首先要做的是把这场乱子解决掉。Tom, I want you to phone every single client and check the orders.汤姆,我想让你给每个客户打电话,并且检查他们的订单。Anna, you can go to the warehouse and find out whats going on in there.安娜,你可以去仓库了解一下。 /201612/483615。

Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 3 In the east, another ancient range, the Urals, separates Europe from Asia. Both these ranges are evidence of Europe's earliest formation, the results of processes that began half a billion years ago. Back then, Europe was still in pieces. Scandinavia was in the southern oceans, England and the Low Countries were near the Antarctic Circle, and most of the rest sat near the South Pole. All of these isolated fragments of crust were on the move. Continental plates are dragged along by powerful flows of molten rock deep in the earth's mantle, some 80 kilometers underground. They only move a few centimeters every year, but over millions of years these centimeters add up. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle, Europe was gradually assembled piece by piece. Each impact created enormous crumple zones. Rock was bent and buckled as if caught between the jaws of a vice, and forced up into great mountain chains along the join. They created Europe's backbone, which in scale once rivalled the Himalayas. The formation of these ancient mountains was the first act of European union. Since then, Europe has traveled halfway across the globe. 300 million years ago, it was straddling the equator. In this warm, wet climate, the foothills of Europe's oldest mountain ranges now became the cradle of the world's first forests. Paris would have been smothered in lush tropical rainforest which stretched east across the entire continent.words and expressionsthe Urals :乌拉尔山脉be on the move:to be travelling在活动中buckle:to bend or become bent, often as a result of force, heat or weakness扣住, 变弯曲vice:a tool with two parts which can be moved together by tightening a screw so that an object can be held firmly between them while it is being worked on老虎钳straddle:to sit or stand with your legs on either side of something偏落于…旁200809/47304。

North Korea Pledges to Restart Nuclear Reactor北韩开始修复一座被拆除的核设施  A senior North Korean official says his country is beginning to restore a disabled nuclear facility capable of producing weapons material. Pyongyang says the ed States has not fulfilled obligations under a multinational agreement to get rid of the North's nuclear weapons. 北韩一位高级官员说,北韩正在开始修复一座被拆除的能够生产武器级核材料的核设施。平壤说,美国没有兑现为去除北韩核武器达成的一项多边协议中的承诺。North Korean diplomat Hyun Hak Bong announced his country's intentions Friday following a meeting with a South Korean counterpart in North-South border village of Panmunjeom. 北韩外交官玄学锋星期五在南北韩边界的板门店跟韩国外交官举行会谈后宣布了北韩的意图。Hyun says the process of disabling North Korea's main nuclear facility has been stopped, and the process of restoring it is now ongoing. 他说,拆除北韩主要核设施的工作已经停止,目前正在进行重建修复工作。North Korea agreed last year to fully disable its nuclear facility at Yongbyon as part of a broader multinational deal aimed at ending its nuclear programs altogether. In a separate phase of the deal, North Korea provided a nuclear declaration to its negotiating partners - South Korea, China, Russia, Japan, and the ed States. 作为彻底结束北韩核项目而达成的一项多边协议的一部分,北韩去年同意全面拆除宁边核反应堆。北韩另外还向韩国、中国、俄罗斯、日本和美国提交了一份核清单。The six-nation process hit a wall in August, when the ed States decided not to remove North Korea from a State Department list it accuses of sponsoring terrorism. Washington says its promise to do that was contingent on North Korea committing to steps for proving that its nuclear declaration is accurate. 当美国8月份决定不把北韩从持恐怖主义的国家名单上拿掉时,六方会谈陷入僵局。华盛顿说,美国是否兑现承诺将取决于北韩是否致力于提交一份准确的核清单。Hyun, the North's envoy, disagrees. 北韩特使玄学锋不赞同美国的立场。Hyun says the verification issue is a separate issue from Pyongyang's removal from the terrorism list. He accuses the ed States of imposing a one-sided condition that is not part of the agreement. 他说,可核查问题与把平壤从持恐怖主义国家名单上拿掉是两回事。他指控美国单方面设立不在协议之内的条件。South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan, speaking Friday to journalists in Seoul, agreed with U.S. officials that verifying North Korea's declaration was always part of the deal. 韩国外交通商部长官柳明桓星期五在首尔对记者说,他同意美国官员的说法,那就是核查北韩提交的核清单一直是协议条款的一部分。Yu says all parties in the six nation talks understood that the North Korean declaration and its verification were intertwined. He says removing Pyongyang from terrorism list does not necessarily require the verification process to be completed - just that North Korea agree on the principles for carrying it out. North Korea, says Yu, fully understands that. 柳明桓说,参加六方会谈的各方都理解,北韩的核清单跟核清单的可核查性是相互联系的。他说,把北韩从持恐怖主义国家名单上拿掉并不要求核查工作的完成,正如北韩原则上同意完成这项工作一样。柳明桓说,北韩完全了解这一点。Yu suggested the North may be threatening the restoration of its Yongbyon facility as a means of gaining diplomatic leverage. 柳明桓表示,北韩发出修复宁边核设施的威胁,也许是获取外交筹码的一种手段。North Korea demolished the facility's cooling tower earlier this year in a carefully choreographed public demonstration it was disabling Yongbyon. Analysts say it would take months - possibly years - to fully resume the reactor's operations. 北韩今年早些时候以精心策划的宣传形式摧毁了被拆除的宁边核反应堆的冷却塔,显示它正在拆除其核设施。分析人士说,北韩可能要用几个月,甚至也许几年的时间才能完全恢复宁边核反应堆的运作。200809/49445。

intimation ———— 暗示(名词)英文释义 (noun) Any sign, feeling, or evidence that certain meanings can be inferred as an insight into the future.例句 The comments and behavior of my sisters boyfriend were an intimation that someday soon he would marry her.我的男友的言行暗示着他很快要娶我了。 /201606/446445。

This morning on our continuing series, On the Couch with Dr. Gail Saltz, our Today contributor and psychiatrist helps you cope with some serious relationship problems. Hostess: Gail, good to see you. Gail: Good to be here. Host: Ok, let's go right to the emails, coz' we've got some really interesting stories here. First email we've received: my sister is infatuated with my boyfriend and constantly flirts with him. I've ignored it to keep the peace in our family. My mother says I should forget about it. But what she's doing is hurting me. What should I do? Gail: You know sister rivalry is so common, and even when you grow up, it's common still. But there are a couple of people involved in what's going on. You need to talk to the boyfriend: I don't appreciate you flirting back, coz' let's face it, it takes two to tango. You need to talk to the mom and say: Hey, peace at any price? This is really hurting me. Why would you support this? But mostly you need to talk to your sister and say: Look, if you're still feeling rivalrous with me over something, we need to talk about what that is. Because stealing my boyfriend is not the sisterly way to go. We need to talk about what's in your qua that you're acting out here. Hostess: And the culpability as mom to say keep the peace (at any price), as there is the thing that makes me feel, you know, uneasy about that. (It's, Of course it's very hurtful to her.) Gail: It's not uncommon, unfortunately, to have one parent feel that somehow one of their children is more fragile than the other and support that child more and that might be going on here. Hostess: ok, let s look at the second email: My boyfriend is constantly looking at other women. I see him gaze, and they smile back. It's like, "Boy, I'd love to be with you, but I'm stuck with her." It hurts me, and when I talk to him about it, he says that he is a man, and that's what men do. My female friends tell me not to worry-that he's just looking. I'm young, in great shape , I love him. But why am I so unhappy?Gail: You're unhappy because he is RUDE. And he's not taking your feelings into consideration. You know, you hear this a lot, men are visual and they can't help it. I say that's kind of ridiculous. Everybody is visual. And everybody likes to look at what attracts them. But people stop looking at other things that attract them in an obvious way because they don't want to hurt the person they are with. So he's not listening to how you feel. You need the basics to explain to him how would you feel if I checked out the tush of every guy that I thought was attractive. That wouldn't make you feel good either. It really should be the same for the sexes and while everybody wants to look, people control that out of consideration for their partner. Hostess: Ok, great advice. Ok let s look at email No. three: I often repeat a pattern in my romantic relationships: I get close to a boyfriend, feel emotional pressure, start to see his faults, and then break up with him. Then once the pressure is off, I reconnect with him. This is driving me current boyfriend crazy. I can't figure out if he is just wrong for me, or if I have commitment issues.Gail: Well, this is a very good question and a common scenario. One way to help you tell the difference is: if this is your MO, meaning if in past relationships you've tended to do this, I get close, I want you ,I want you; oh, now you are here, now go away, then probably you do have a commitment issue and a fear of intimacy. On the other hand, if that's not being your past history, you've had long relationships, they've worked out, but now it s happening just with this guy, it may be more that this guy isn't really working for you, but you are afraid of being alone. Many women are afraid of not having someone with them.Hostess: With a fear of intimacy, right? Gail: Well, if you've been able to be intimate in the past, (You should be (like) it.)that's less likely. But if in fact it is only with this guy, then sometimes it's: I wanna be with a guy and even this not good guy is better than no guy at all, which I would say, is not the way to go. If you keep having problems, it's probably time to move on. Hostess: Ok, let s look at the fourth email: My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years. His mother kisses my boyfriend on the lips just before she goes to sleep. I have never been comfortable with it. When I recently mentioned it, he said that it was not a big deal, and that she's always done that. She has three daughters and does not kiss them on the lips. Is this weird?Gail: Well, probably a lot of people are going eek. But let me say this, for a mother and a son, they' re sort of each other's loves for a long time. It's very normal for mom to be your first love when you're a little boy. And hopefully one day you grow up and you'll pick up a girl that reminds you of mom in the positive ways but is not mom. On the other hand, unfortunately, some moms have trouble letting it go and so they keep some sort of connection going and this may be one of them. If this is the only one, I'd say, all right, tell him you don't like it. But I wouldn't do worry too much. But if there are other things, like he listens to everything she says, she calls all the time, she's there all the time, he just may not be available for you, which could be a big problem. Hostess: Gail, excellent advice, as always. Gail: My pleasure. Hostess: Thank you so much.200807/44409。

US Urges Monitoring, Protection for Opposition Candidate Tsvangirai During Zimbabwe Runoff美高官:津巴布韦决选须广受监察   The U.S. State Department's top African affairs expert said Monday Zimbabwe's presidential runoff must include "massive" international monitoring, and guarantees for the safety of opposition candidate Morgan Tsvangirai. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer says the ed States will work with other countries to try to achieve conditions necessary for a fair vote. 美国国务院负责非洲事务的高级官员星期一说,津巴布韦的总统决选必须受到“大量的”国际监察,并要保反对党侯选人茨万吉拉伊的安全。国务院负责非洲事务的助理国务卿延达伊.弗雷泽说,美国将跟其他国家合作,努力创造公平投票所需要的条件。There is little optimism here, given the flaws of the first round of voting March 29, that the still-to-be scheduled runoff will meet international standards. 由于津巴布韦3月29日选举出现的问题,人们对即将举行的决选能够达到国际标准,都不乐观。决选的日期还没有定下来。But Assistant Secretary Frazer says the ed States intends to work with Zimbabwe's neighbors and international organizations to try to prod the government of President Robert Mugabe into creating conditions for a free and fair vote. 不过美国助理国务卿弗雷泽说,美国准备跟津巴布韦的邻国与国际组织合作,努力推动穆加贝总统的政府为自由、公正的选举创造条件。In a talk with reporters, Frazer said those conditions include an end to what she described as "state-sponsored violence" against the opposition, "massive" monitoring of the vote extending to the rural level, greater transparency, including international media access, as well as protection for Mr. Tsvangirai. 弗雷泽对记者说,这些条件包括,结束针对反对党的“国家策动的暴力”,对农村地区的投票进行“大量的”监察,提高透明度,让国际媒体进入,以及保护茨万吉拉伊的安全。"Those are all conditions we would expect to be put in place prior to the runoff taking place, including conditions so that the leader of the opposition, the person who got the most votes in the first round is not threatened if he returns home to Zimbabwe. So some type of security and guarantees for Morgan Tsvangirai's safety certainly should be a necessary condition for holding a runoff," she said. 弗雷泽说,“我们希望,所有这些条件在决选举行前到位,这包括在头一轮投票中获得大部分选票的反对派领导人如果返回津巴布韦,他的安全不受威胁。所以,对茨万吉拉伊采取某种保安措施和安全保障当然应该是举行决选的必要条件。”Mr. Tsvangirai, who has been away from Zimbabwe for a month, says he won the March 29th contest with Mr. Mugabe outright. But the country's electoral commission says that, while he finished first in the three-way race, he fell short of the majority needed to avoid a runoff. 茨万吉拉伊已经离开津巴布韦一个月。他说,他彻底击败了穆加贝,赢得了3月29日选举的胜利。但是津巴布韦选举委员会说,虽然他在三名侯选人当中得票最多,但他得到的票数还不能避免决选。Frazer said the ed States is prepared work for acceptable runoff terms in Zimbabwe through the southern African regional grouping SADC, the African Union, the ed Nations and neighbor countries including South Africa, whose President Thabo Mbeki has just held talks with Mr. Mugabe. 弗雷泽说,美国准备为津巴布韦决选创造各方能够接受的条件做出努力,这些条件是通过非洲南部的地区组织--南部非洲发展共同体、非洲联盟、联合国、以及包括南非在内的津巴布韦邻国制定的。南非总统姆贝基刚刚跟津巴布韦总统穆加贝举行了会谈。She said the ed States had not yet heard from the South African leader on his mission but that she hoped he pressed his counterpart on terms for the runoff. Frazer expressed particular concern that Mr. Mugabe might press for a quick vote that would preclude adequate preparations: 弗雷泽说,美国还没有从南非领导人姆贝基那里听到有关会谈的信息,不过她希望姆贝基为决选条件向穆加贝施压。弗雷泽特别表示关切,担心津巴布韦总统穆加贝也许会施加压力,迅速举行无法充分准备的决选。"They haven't yet said when the runoff date would be. Certainly if they pull a surprise and they say that the runoff's in a week, it's very unlikely that you're going to have the number of monitors necessary for a free and fair runoff. But we won't know until we know what the date is," she said. 弗雷泽说,“他们还没有说什么时候举行决选。如果他们突然说,一周内举行决选,你就不可能拥有足够多的选举监察人员,以保障自由公正决选。但是在我们只有在接到通知以后才会知道决选日期。”Frazer spoke at a press event announcing the renewal of a U.S. rewards program aimed at bringing to justice those responsible for the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. 弗雷泽是在一次颁奖新闻发布会上发表以上讲话的。为了将制造1994年卢旺达民族灭绝大屠杀的罪犯绳之以法,美国设立了一个相关的奖励项目。The ed States is offering rewards of up to million for information leading to the arrest of 13 individuals indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, including fugitive businessman Felicien Kabuga. 卢旺达问题国际刑事法庭起诉了13人,包括在逃嫌犯商人卡布加。如果有人提供的信息可以让通辑犯落网,他就可以从这个项目中获得高达5百万美元的奖金。Kabuga, accused of financing ethnic Hutu militiamen who carried out mass killings of members of the Rwanda's Tutsi minority and Hutu moderates, is believed to be hiding in Kenya.The State Department said it is reviving the rewards program, dormant since 2006, because of deadlines the Rwanda tribunal faces to complete its work. 200805/38958。

Female Anchor: Earlier this year, a CDC study suggested that the people who were a little bit overweight might be healthier than normal weight individuals. That would be great if it was true. But many experts said no such luck. Dr. Jonathan Waitman is a clinical nutrition specialist with Weill-Cornell Medical Center's Comprehensive Weight Control Program, well, that's a malform(malformation) , huh, huh, huh……Dr. Waitman, good morning.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Hi.Female Anchor: What was your reaction when you first heard that?Dr. Jonathan Waitman:Well, my reaction was what would happen if the study came out that says smoking half a pack of the cigarettes was actually good for you. That would be a wrong message to send, and it would contradict all the other data that we have. So you have to look very closely at that study that came out, and when you look at it, you'll find that it's very flawed.Female Anchor: Because we know that increased weight carries with that a host of problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, certain types of cancer, heart disease, (right)and with women in particular, there're some some very, ur, ur, specific concerns, breast cancer.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right! And endometrial cancer. Both occurred at higher rates in people who have excess weight.Female Anchor: So you start, let's start this by giving a very rough outline of what a woman should weigh. And you say for every, for five feet you give them 100 pounds, and every inch after that, you get another five pounds.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right! And this is for ideal body weight, and what people have to remember is that this doesn't take into account muscle, and it doesn't differentiate muscle from fat tissue.Female Anchor: Because muscle weighs more than fat?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right! So anyone who has, let's say 160 pounds, and they're five feet five or something like that. If they're extremely muscular, that might be a healthy weight for them, but if they have a lot of fat tissue, they do need to look into weight loss.Female Anchor: One of the things I have heard a lot is something called body mass index, (ur, huh) what is that?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Body mass index is also a function of your height and your weight, and it doesn't take into account different body types also.Female Anchor: And one of the things that people assume is that if you're overweight, that's just unsightly, and that really isn't, that's not all... , that is metabolically active. What do you mean by that?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: I try when I talk to people about their weight, I try to concentrate on getting them to a healthier weight, it's not getting them back into their tuxedo they wore when they were in high school, or their wedding gown, but getting to a healthier weight and reducing their risks for diabetes, and cancer, and heart disease,really the biggest killers in our society.Female Anchor: And sometimes that can be just, just a way loss of maybe ten or fifteen pounds.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right! And people forget that, and they concentrate on getting to their goal weight, or their ideal body weight. But what's more important is losing five to ten percent of your body weight, someone who loses 7% of the body weight can reduce the risk of diabetes by almost 60%.Female Anchor: Ok, I wanna go back to this metabolically active, because in particular, with particular concentration on women, fat produces estrogen, right?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right!Female Anchor: And so what happens with estrogen?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Well, we think that's why people who are, women who are overweight have increased risk for breast cancer.Female Anchor: So, and so this fat isn't just sitting around you, it's kind of like an organ.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: It's actually, it's an endocrine organ, producing hormones, and promoting inflammation also that we think contributes to the metabolic syndrome, diabetes and heart disease.Female Anchor: For women who are approaching menopause, so, is that a more difficult task to get that weight off, and because you're getting closer to menopause is more important than to get it off, because it might have come off after the menopause.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: It's absolutely important at any point of time to try to get the weight off, and it is more difficult as women approach menopause, so if you start earlier and get the weight off earlier, you're gonna have less work later on.Female Anchor: Why is that?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Well, we think it's because metabolism slows down, and their hormone are on changes, / obviously it takes place from a menopause.Female Anchor: Ultimately this is about a good health, we wanna it, live the rest of our lives in good health(Absolutely.), and we don't wanna be in the hospital a lot or the injure that what have you, and there are other factors that / keep in mind, when you're looking at your overall health: No.1 diet, physical activity, waist circumference, so, what is that? We want to be less than 35 inches?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right! 35 inches for women.Female Anchor: Why?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: And the reason why is because the fat that accumulates around the abdomen, which is also called visceral adiposity is the worst fat for you, it's metabolically active, it promotes inflammation, and it's associated with heart disease and diabetes, so it's the weight around the belly that's really the worst for you.Female Anchor: Yeah! That when you take on that abdomen shape.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: The good news is when you lose five or ten percent of you body weight, a lot of that weight comes from that area,disproportionally.Female Anchor: What do we need to do? I mean, is it a continuous struggle for the rest of our lives? And what do you say the women who've been battling their weight for their entire life?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: I say this is a life style issue. And you can't think of it as a dieting that sticks up, sticks with us for two weeks, and you can't think of it as going to the gym once a week for a month or two, you have to change your life style, you have to incorporate physical activity into your daily activities, take stairs, do things like that, and you have to make choices everyday, if you reduce your calories everyday by about a hundred calories, you can lose ten pounds over the course of a year.Female Anchor: Yeah! And it's slow and steady.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Small changes can make a huge difference.Female Anchor: Dr. Jonathon Waitman, thanks.200807/43688。

Anchor: At 49, successful journalist Judsen Culbreth found herself divorced. Determined to date again, she turned to the internet for help. She posted an ad under the name GolfyGal, and told prospective guys: let's have some fun, it wasn't long before she was matched with Wally, a self-described southern gentleman. Apparently it worked out that because Judsen and Walter are gonna celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary this January. She offers her advice in her new book-The Boomers' Guide To Online Dating. And Judsen Culbreth is here with her husband Walter Kirkland. Good morning to you both!Judsen: Good morning.Walter: Good morning, Rene.Anchor: We've been hencesuch a good time chatting about it during that last segregate. Why did you decide to turn to the internet initially?Judsen: Well, I wasn't having very much luck on my own. Two years, two blind dates, at that rate, you know, I would've never met someone. So I heard these women at a brunch, they were professional women; they were talking about their successes. I said I am gonna give this a try. I posted a profile, and the next day, I had 84 responses, so it felt so great. (84, 84)Anchor: And then, so you hear about her, and, I mean, how did you guys, tell me what it was like when you first actually met, face to face?Walter: Well, I usually set up a very low risk date. So when we set up a date, typically what I would do is to say let's meet for a drink after work. And we did it at a restaurant down in a SOHO, and, but I said prior to, when I set the date up, I said I gotta leave at 7:00 o'clock, (yeah) because I have something else to do. Anchor: Just in case you did, (exactly, you know. It is risky) you know, just wasn't like what you start, is that right?Walter: This set up this sort of things that give yourself an ....(sure)But when I came in and I saw her, uh, about 5 minutes later, I said, you know my plans for the rest of the evening have been cancelled. Would you like to have dinner?Anchor: And, and the rest is history as they say. (Exactly.)You know the book is really quite interesting, I think because it makes it, it's sort of de-mystified. I think a lot of people have an aversion to Internet dating, they think,oh, there's so.., it could be unsafe for what happen to you (Yes) what do you, what do you tell people when you hear that?Judsen: Well, it's much less strangerers than meetings , I call it strangerers than meeting someone at a bar, or randomly, you know a lot about them, you have a chance to really find what their values are, what their interests are, what they like as a person before you ever meet. And the great thing about the, about the Internet dating is you get pre-qualified candidates, people who say they want a relationship, and tell you a lot about themselves.Anchor: You know, and you have these tips (yes) to, uh, to determine whether you are y and this is the acronym that you use y: the first one is that you recovered from the past, the E is you are engaged in activities, the A is / accepting attitude toward men, and do you find a lot of women who are in this situation, don't have that?Judsen: Yeah! I, my motto is you either hate him or date him. And if you wanna date him, don't put up ads and say no jerks allowed, or are you normal? or you know, only good guys need to apply , it's really, really a put-down. So think about your feelings about the opposite sex, get over that, and enjoy. Anchor: So you really have to be y. And the D is destined for love. And the Y is yearning to connect. I wanna take a closer look though at your, uh… and the R is recovered from the past. But I wanna take a closer look at you ad, the ad that you placed. Because, um, I think again, that might be a potential sticking point people trying to figure out what to put up. So here is your profile, and you put up the name Golfygal, why did you choose that?Judsen: Well, I think in the activities, you wanna be a person, who's engaged in activities , fun to be with. And golf by the way, ladies, is perfect, coz more men and women love Golf. (Sure) And I was a golf nut, so I put up Golfygal. But it could be your career or a physical attribute or some, or you're warm-hearted, or outgoing, something like that.Anchor: And the subject you put: let's have some fun.Judsen: Yeah! Fun is important. People are looking for a companionship at our age, they don't wanna fight, they don't wanna, you know, have arguments, they wanna be with someone who like them, and someone that's engaged in fun activity.Anchor: I like the profile, smart, trim professional, enjoys active, being active and sociable. That says a lot about you, too.Judsen: Yeah! And if you can't think of these adjectives for yourself, ask a friend, what are the 15 words you will use to describe me? You wanna a blend of psychological traits, and your success or career and the things you like to do.Anchor: And under the summary.Judsen: Well, when I say...Anchor: Brings it all together and puts a nice little photoJudsen: You really are, uh, selling your self, you wanna a clear photo that shows what kind of product you are, and the last sales tip is to ask for the business, tell someone I want to meet you, why don't you come to my site? why don't you talk to me? and, and you really wanna ask them to meet you.Anchor: And, Walter, you guys probably would've never met, coz you were live in New Jersey, she was in Mahattan, well, you would never have met her in person.Warter: Yeah, it wouldn't be possible to meet somebody like her in any other circumstance. SoAnchor: Wow, you guys. Congratulations!Judsen: Thank you.Anchor: On the three and half years, and hopefully many, many more.Judsen: Oh, yes.Anchor: Judsen Culbreth and Walter Kirkland, good to see you guys.200807/44002。

UNHCR Concerned About Violence Against Immigrants in South AfricaUN吁南非停止驱逐津巴布韦难民   The UN refugee agency is urging South African authorities to suspend deportation of Zimbabweans and to allow them to regularize their stay in South Africa. The UNHCR says it is making this exceptional request in light of the violence against foreigners in South Africa in which 42 people have been killed. 联合国难民事务高级专员公署敦促南非当局停止驱逐津巴布韦人,并允许他们合法居住在南非。联合国难民署说,提出这一特别请求是因为考虑到南非发生的针对外国人的暴力事件,这些暴力事件已经导致42人死亡。The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees says it is deeply concerned about the attacks against foreigners in South Africa, including refugees and asylum-seekers. More than 16,000 people have fled their homes in the wake of the violence, which has sp to Cape Town, where mobs attacked Zimbabweans and Somalis. 联合国难民事务高级专员公署说,他们对南非发生的袭击难民和寻求避难者等外国人的事件表示担忧。暴力事件导致1万6千多人逃离家园。暴力事件还扩散到开普敦,暴徒在那里袭击了津巴布韦人和索马里人。UNHCR spokeswoman Jennifer Pagonis says Zimbabweans seeking asylum should not be sent home.  联合国难民署发言人帕戈尼斯说,寻求避难的津巴布韦人不应该被遣送回家。"They include people who came to South Africa to seek asylum," she said. "They urgently need both assistance and protection. And, while thousands of Mozambicans are reportedly streaming home, many Zimbabweans cannot consider returning home due to the well-known situation in their country."  她说:“这其中包括来南非寻求避难的人。他们急需得到帮助和保护。有报导说,有几千名莫桑比克人涌回家园。与此同时,由于津巴布韦目前众所周知的局势,许多津巴布韦人不能考虑回家。”"A significant number of Zimbabweans have got genuine international protection needs. And, those who are seeking asylum should have access to the national asylum procedures in South Africa and in other neighboring countries and elsewhere in the world, for that matter," she added.  “大量津巴布韦人真正需要国际援助。由于这个原因,应当允许那些寻求避难的人进入南非、其它邻国以及世界各地的避难收容程序。”Pagonis says the UNHCR has been assessing the needs at sites near police stations where the displaced are gathered. She says the agency is distributing blankets and mats. 帕戈尼斯说,联合国难民署一直在评估那些聚集在一些警察局附近的无家可归者的需求。她说,联合国难民署正在分发毯子和垫子。The International Organization for Migration also is providing practical assistance. Spokesman Jean-Philippe Chauzy says the agency is distributing emergency kits containing clothes, blankets, oral rehydration salts and food. He says foreigners have been coming to IOM's regional office in Pretoria asking for assistance. 国际移民组织也在提供实际的帮助。该组织发言人肖齐说,国际移民组织正在分发急救箱,里面装有衣、毯子、口补液盐和食物。他说,在南非的外国人到国际移民组织驻比勒陀利亚的办公室寻求帮助。"They want to leave South Africa," said Chauzy. "But, most of them have got no money. They fled literally with the clothes they have on their backs. Most of them have no documentations because of their status. You might have heard that Mozambique is trying to evacuate about 10,000 of its nationals out of South Africa. Buses have been lined up to help with the evacuation of Mozambicans."  肖齐说:“他们要离开南非。但是,他们大部分人没有钱。他们逃难的时候真的是只有身上穿的衣。由于他们的身份,大部分人没有旅行文件。你们可能听说过,莫桑比克正在争取从南非撤离大约1万名莫桑比克人。公共汽车排成长队帮助撤离莫桑比克人。”Chauzy says IOM has teamed up with Metro-FM, a South African and regional broadcaster, to air messages of tolerance. He says IOM is also encouraging South Africans who want to denounce this violence to donate money to the victims.  肖齐说,国际移民组织和南非当地广播电台Metro-FM合作,呼吁人们宽容。他说,国际移民组织还鼓励愿意谴责这次暴力事件的南非人为暴力事件的受害者捐款。 200805/39931。