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Germany is to push for progress towards a European army by advocating a joint headquarters and shared military assets, according to defence plans that could ricochet into Britain’s EU referendum campaign.德国防务白皮书中的计划显示,德国将努力推动欧盟建立一欧洲军队,它倡导欧盟各国建立一个联合司令部、共享军事资源。这些计划可能会影响到英国的退欧公投运动。Although Berlin has long paid lip-service to forming a “European defence union the white paper is one of the most significant for Germany in recent years and may be seized by anti-integration Brexit campaigners as a sign where the bloc is heading.尽管柏林方面早就倡导打造“欧洲防务联盟”,但对德国来说,这份白皮书是近些年来意义最重大的白皮书之一。反欧洲一体化的英国退欧运动人士可能会抓住这份白皮书,将之作为表明欧盟发展方向的一个迹象。Initially scheduled to emerge shortly before the June 23 referendum vote but now probably delayed to July, the draft paper seen by the Financial Times outlines steps to gradually co-ordinate Europe’s patchwork of national militaries and embark on permanent co-operation under common structures.白皮书原定在63日英国退欧公投前夕公布,但如今很可能会推迟到7月发布。英囀?金融时报》看到的白皮书草案罗列出了一些举措,来逐渐协调欧洲零散的国家军事力量、并在共同框架下展开永久性合作。In this and other areas, its tone reflects Germany’s growing clout and confidence in pursuing a foreign policy backed by elements of hard power. Initiatives range from strengthening cyberwarfare abilities to contentious proposals to relax the postwar restrictions on army operations within Germany.在上述及其他领域,白皮书的腔调反映出,德国在追求硬实力元素撑的外交政策方面,影响力和信心日益增强。白皮书列出的举措涵盖方方面面,包括加强网络战能力,以及一项有争议的提议——即放松二战后对军队在德国境内开展行动施加的限制。“German security policy has relevance also far beyond our country,the paper states. “Germany is willing to join early, decisively and substantially as a driving force in international debates#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;to take responsibility and assume leadership“德国的安全政策影响重大——而且其影响范围远超出我们的国家。”白皮书称,“德国愿意作为一推动力量,尽早、坚决而切实地加入到国际辩论中来——承担责任并发挥领导作用。”Jan Techau, a former defence official at Carnegie Europe, said: “This is the time of a new Germany. This is probably the first time a German defence white paper is something like important.”前防务官员、卡内基欧洲(Carnegie Europe)的扬#8226;特绍(Jan Techau)表示:“这是一个新德国的时代。德国防务白皮书很可能是第一次具有某种程度的重要性。”At the European level, the paper calls for “the use of all possibilitiesavailable under EU treaties to establish deep co-operation between willing member states, create a joint civil-military headquarters for EU operations, a council of defence ministers, and better co-ordinate the production and sharing of military equipment.在欧洲层面,白皮书呼吁“利用(欧盟条约提供的)一切可能性”在有意愿的成员国之间建立深层次的合作,创建用于欧盟行动的联合司令部(即各国国防部长组成的委员会),并更好地协调军事装备的生产与共享。“The more we Europeans are y to take on a greater share of the common burden and the more our American partner is prepared to go along the road of common decision-making, the further the transatlantic security partnership will develop greater intensity and richer results,the paper states.“我们欧洲人越是准备好承担更大份额的共同责任,我们的美国伙伴越是准备好沿着共同决策的道路继续前进,跨大西洋安全合作关系就越有可能变得更加强大和取得更丰富的成果,”白皮书称。Resistance to serious defence integration is well entrenched in many EU states and has hobbled efforts to make meaningful progress in common defence. Co-ordinated hard military power in Europe remains largely the preserve of Nato.在很多欧盟国家,对正式防务一体化的抵触是根深蒂固的,这种情绪削弱了在共同防务方面取得重大进展的努力。在欧洲协调军事硬实力基本上仍是北约(Nato)的特权。Liam Fox, former UK defence secretary and Brexit supporter, said that “many in the European project see Nato as an impediment to ever closer union英国前防务大臣、退欧持者利亚姆#8226;福克Liam Fox)表示,“许多投身欧洲一体化计划的人士,把北约视为阻碍建立更紧密联盟的一个因素”。Mr Fox added: “Their every instinct is to move towards European defence co-operation. The problem is that while they are unwilling to spend money, it is a dangerous fantasy that diverts money away from Nato.”他接着说:“他们内心深处想的是促成欧洲防务合作。问题在于,他们不愿意投入资金,指望把资金从北约抽调过来是一种危险的幻想。”来 /201605/441134An unrepentant Donald Trump lashed out at US spy agencies in his first press conference as president-elect, accusing them of allowing the leak of claims that Russia sought to compromise him and likening the behaviour to “something that Nazi Germany would have done不买账的唐纳特朗Donald Trump)在他作为美国当选总统举行的首个记者会上猛烈抨击美国情报机构,指责它们让有关俄罗斯试图搞定他的说法泄露出去,并将这种行为比作“纳粹德国会做的事情”。Mr Trump angrily denied the allegations contained in a leaked dossier containing lurid but unverified claims about his personal conduct and his team’s ties to Moscow. The allegations were “fake newsand the product of “sick people he said.特朗普愤怒地否认了一份泄露的卷宗所含的指控,这些耸人听闻但未经实的说法涉及他的个人行为和他的团队与莫斯科方面的关系。他表示,这些指控是“假消息”和“病态人的”产物。Mr Trump told reporters at his New York headquarters that it would be a “tremendous bloton the reputation of US intelligence community if it had allowed a leak. “A thing like that should never have been written,he said. “It is all fake news, it is phoney stuff, it didn’t happen.”特朗普在他的纽约总部对记者们表示,如果该卷宗是美国情报界允许泄露的,那将是后者声誉的一个“巨大污点”。“那样的事情从来不应该被写下来,”他说,“这都是假消息,冒牌的东西,根本没有发生过。”The combative stance, just 10 days before Mr Trump moves into the White House, sets up a potentially historic confrontation between the commander-in-chief and spy agencies from the start of the new administration. It escalates an aly tense relationship between Mr Trump and an intelligence leadership that has concluded his election was abetted by a foreign rival.在入主白宫仅10天前采取这种对抗姿态,为三军总司令和间谍机构之间从新一届行政当局上任之初就出现潜在的历史性对峙搭起了舞台。它加剧了特朗普和情报界领导层之间本已紧张的关系。后者已得出结论认为,特朗普是在美国的境外对手帮助下当选的。Despite the hostility, Mr Trump for the first time said he accepted the agenciesconclusion that Moscow hacked Democratic party computers during the election, releasing damaging information about Hillary Clinton’s campaign.尽管表露出敌意,但特朗普首次表态称,他接受美国情报机构有关莫斯科方面在美国竞选期间侵入民主党电脑,泄露不利于希拉克林Hillary Clinton)选情的信息的结论。“I think it was Russia, but I think we also get hacked by other countries and other people,he said.“我认为那是俄罗斯干的,但我认为,我们也受到其他国家和其他人的黑客攻击,”他说。Mr Trump also sought to diffuse accusations that his global business interests presented untenable conflicts as president, questions that have dogged his presidential transition amid revelations that many of his overseas developments have close ties to foreign regimes.特朗普还试图平息这样的指控,即他的全球商业利益给他的总统职责带来了站不住脚的冲突,这方面的质疑困扰着他接掌总统职责的过渡过程,其背景是有人爆料称,他的很多海外开发项目与境外政权关系密切。Sheri Dillon, a tax lawyer hired by Mr Trump, told the conference that the president-elect would not divest himself of his corporate assets or put them in a blind trust. Instead, the Trump Organisation would be turned over to his sons and would strike no new foreign deals.特朗普请来的税务律师雪莉?迪伦(Sheri Dillon)在记者会上表示,当选总统不会剥离自己的企业资产,或把这些资产置于一个保密信托中。相反,特朗普集Trump Organization)将被移交给他的儿子们,并且不会达成新的海外交易。On Twitter, Mr Trump accused US intelligence of taking “one last shotat him, even though agencies have not confirmed the veracity of the dossier, which has circulated for months with politicians and media organisations, including the Financial Times.在Twitter上,特朗普指责美国情报部门对他射出“最后一”,尽管这些机构还没有实这一卷宗的真实性;该卷宗在政界人士和媒体组织(包括英国《金融时报》)圈子里已经流传了好几个月。Mr Trump attacked news organisations that published the dossier and intelligence agenciesdecision to present him with its details Friday.特朗普还攻击了发布卷宗、并报道情报机构决定在上周五向他展示详细信息的新闻机构。Moscow also denied the claims. Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesman, told reporters Russia had no kompromat compromising material on Mr Trump, as the dossier alleged.莫斯科方面也否认了相关说法。克里姆林宫发言人德米特佩斯科夫(Dmitry Peskov)告诉记者,与上述卷宗的声称相反,俄方没有有关特朗普的污点材kompromat)。Asked about reports that President Vladimir Putin authorised hacking during the election, Mr Trump said in the press conference “he should not be doing itand Russia would have greater respect for the US when he took over.在被问及有关弗拉基米普京(Vladimir Putin)总统授权在美国选举期间发动黑客攻击的报道时,特朗普在记者会上表示,“他不应该这样做”,而在他就职后,俄罗斯将会更加尊重美国。“If Putin likes Donald Trump, I consider that an asset, not a liability,he said.“如果普京喜欢唐纳德?特朗普,我认为那是一项优势,而不是一种累赘,”他说。Additional reporting by David Lynch in Washington, Kara Scannell, and Max Seddon in Moscow戴维?林奇(David Lynch)华盛顿、卡斯坎内尔(Kara Scannell)和马克斯?塞登(Max Seddon)莫斯科补充报道来 /201701/488244Robin Li, chairman and CEO of Baidu百度董事长兼首席执行李彦宏Key words: Artificial intelligence (AI)关键词:人工智能There was a time when the use of AI technology in applications was considered impossible, but it is now a reality. The government departments should announce preferential policies to encourage the use of AI in other industries. The technology should be enhanced and used to address issues such as finding missing children and easing traffic flow.人们曾认为在应用程序中运用人工智能技术是不可能的,但是现在这已成为现实。政府部门应该推出政策优惠,鼓励在其他行业应用人工智胀?应该提高人工智能技术,并借助其解决寻找失踪儿童以及疏导交通等问题。Pony Ma, founder and CEO of Tencent腾讯创始人兼首席执行马化腾Key words: Digital economy; Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area; safety of minors online; protection of personal information; digital culture industry; big data, cloud computing; and urban environmental protection关键词:数字经济;粤港澳科技湾区;未成年人健康上网;个人信息保护;数字文化产业;大数据,云计算;城市环境保护The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area is home to Chinas leading tech industries and financial services, as well as a manufacturing hub. Favorable policies should be introduced. The adoption of preferential tax rebate policies in the area should be encouraged to promote growth, and entry threshold between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong should be loosened to retain talent.粤港澳湾区是国内一流的科技产业、金融务业及制造业的中心,应给予该地区政策倾斜。政府应鼓励在粤港澳湾区实行优惠退税政策从而促进经济增长、放松内地与香港之间的准入门槛以留住人才。Dong Mingzhu, chairwoman of Gree Electric Appliances Inc格力电器公司董事董明珠Keywords: Creativity and innovation; real economy关键词:创造力和创新力;实体经济Simply imitating or using the technologies of others will no longer work well. While many companies are relying on buying technologies, it is only through innovation that the Chinese-made products can be upgraded. Acquiring technologies can never make a company grow.单纯地模仿或使用别人的技术将不再行得通。很多公司依赖于购买技术,但中国制造只有通过创新才能实现升级。购买技术永远不可能使一个公司成长。The benefit of supply-side structural reform is that Chinese companies can use their talents to create more top products. The government will take steps to better upgrade the real economy through innovation and help accelerate the development of emerging industries.供给侧改革的红利在于中国企业可以运用自己的技术制造出更多顶级产品。政府将采取措施通过创新进一步提升实体经济,促进新兴行业的发展。Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi小米创始人兼首席执行雷军Keywords: Internet of Things (IoT); national standard for smart home; entrepreneurial environment; new retail关键词:物联网;智能家居国家标准;创业环境;新零售The Internet of Things (IoT) will become the next industry worth more than one trillion yuan, far beyond mobile internet. The launch of a national standard for smart home will put China at the global forefront.物联网将远远超越移动互联网成为下一个产值万亿元的行业。推出智能家居国家标准将使中国走在世界前列。The government should put more emphasis on reforms of commodity circulation while continuing the supply-side structural reform. New retail sector wants a combination of both online and offline. The sector uses internet to help brick-and-mortar retailers achieve transformation and upgrading, and to improve user experience and efficiency.政府在持续推进供给侧结构性改革时,应更加注重商品流通改革。新零售领域需要进行线上线下结合。利用互联网助力实体零售商实现转型升级,并提高用户体验和企业效率。Yang Yuanqing, president and CEO of Lenovo联想集团董事长兼首席执行杨元庆Keywords: Real economy; educational resources; schoolchildrens meals关键词:实体经济;教育资源;小学生午餐The shift from real economy to virtual economy is happening because the former has much lower returns than the latter. And also because the real economy faces overcapacity, difficult financing, and heavy costs. Chinas manufacturing sector is experiencing the growing pains of structural transformation, as low-cost competitiveness is losing its advantages and new competitiveness has not yet developed.由于实体经济的回报率比虚拟经济低得多,且实体经济面临着产能过剩、融资困难以及成本过高的问题,经济正在“脱实向虚”。中国制造业正在经历结构转型的阵痛,低成本竞争力已经丧失优势,而新型竞争力有待开发。To solve the problem, we need to reduce cost, deflate asset bubble and cool the overheating virtual economy, as well as carrying out the supply-side reform, developing new technologies, new products and new markets and strengthening real economys competitiveness.为了解决这一问题,我们既要降低成本、抑制资产泡沫、给过热的虚拟经济降温,也要进行供给侧改革,发展新技术、开发新产品、开拓新市场,增强实体经济的竞争力。Zong Qinghou, chairman and general manager of Hangzhou Wahaha Group娃哈哈集团董事长兼总经宗庆后Keywords: Real economy; globalization关键词:实体经济;全球化The internet is a double-edged sword that can boost real economys development and cause damage. While the internet can be used to improve work efficiency and productivity, many e-commerce companies have disrupted the pricing system in the real economy through promotions and buying web traffic.互联网是一把双刃剑,既能有助于实体经济发展,也可破坏实体经济。借助互联网可以提高工作效率和生产力,但许多电商公司促销和购买网络流量的做法破坏了实体经济的价格体系。To improve livelihoods, build a moderately prosperous society and provide everyone prosperity, the real economy should be developed first.要改善民生,建设小康社会,共同致富,首先要发展实体经济。Xu Jiayin, chairman of Chinas real estate company Evergrande Group恒大集团董事许家印Keywords: Real estate regulatory mechanism; property tax关键词:房地产调节机制;房产税The long-term real estate price control mechanism should take into account regional differences, construction standards and building conditions. The qualification certification of real estate developers should be further perfected.房地产价格长期调控机制应考虑到区域差异、建筑标准和建设条件。房地产开发商资质认有待进一步完善。Li Shufu, chairman of automobile company Zhejiang Geely Holding Group浙江吉利控股集团董事李书福Keywords: Methanol-fueled vehicle; autonomous vehicle关键词:甲醇汽车;无人驾驶车To deal with the problem of environmental protection and the shortage of oil resources, the methanol-fueled vehicle should be promoted. The road of energy diversification based on Chinas energy structure and market should be taken to mitigate the challenge of energy safety and improve air quality.政府应推广甲醇汽车解决环境保护以及石油资源短缺的问题。应基于我国能源结构和市场走能源多样化道路,从而缓解能源安全挑战、提高空气质量。Restrictions on accurate mapping should be prudently loosened to reduce barriers to developing autonomous vehicle technology.应谨慎放宽对精准定位的限制,为发展无人驾驶汽车技术减少阻碍。Zhang Jingdong, chairman of Suning苏宁集团董事张近东Keywords: E-government; youth entrepreneurship关键词:电子政务;青年企业家While the development of Chinas e-government has achieved remarkable progress, the electronic tax management has advanced slowly and has not significantly reduced the tax payment costs yet. An entire electronic process of tax collection should be promoted to reduce companies costs.我国在发展电子政务方面已经取得显著成效,但电子税务管理进展缓慢,未能明显降低纳税成本。应推广全电子化征税程序以降低企业成本。Guo Guangchang, chairman of Fosun Group复星集团董事郭广昌Keywords: Smart economy; supply-side reform; elderly care service; liability insurance关键词:智能经济;供给侧改革;养老机构;责任保险The ;customer-to-manufactory; (C2M) model, based on the internets permeation of other industries, is a crucial path to push forward the supply-side reforms. It can better understand customers needs, and guides the design and manufacturing at the very beginning, to construct a new supply-demand relationship. The model can improve efficiency and lead to more low-cost, personalized and valuable products.“客对厂”模式是推动供给侧改革的关键之路。这种模式利用互联网对产业的渗透,可以更准确的理解客户需求,从设计和制造的初始阶段进行指导,构建新型供需关系。“客对厂”模式可提升效率,生产出更多低成本、个性化、有价值的产品。来 /201703/497281The central authority will send inspectors to review provincial-level government food safety, according to a circular published by the General Office of the State Council Monday.根据国务院办公厅周一发布的通知,中央机关将派巡视员对省级政府的食品安全工作进行审查。According to the document, the State Council food safety committee will oversee the assessment and an office under the committee will work with other authorities to conduct the inspections.根据该文件,国务院食品安全委员会将监督评议考核工作,该委员会下设的办公室将会同其他相关部门进行检查工作。Local governments will also be asked to evaluate their own performances.地方政府将被要求就其工作成绩进行自评。A final assessment report will be issued by the central authorities and local governments performance will be rated into three grades.中央机关将发布最终评定报告,地方政府的工作成绩将被分个等级。Leading officials with governments that receive the lowest rating will be summoned to talks with officials of the food safety office or other central authorities, and they may even have to face the leaders of the State Council if necessary, the circular said.通知称,获得最低评级的地方政府的主要负责人将被国务院食品安全办公室或其他中央机关约谈,必要时甚至可能被国务院领导约谈。Also, officials with poor food safety performance will be disqualified from any awards or honorary titles that same year.此外,食品安全工作成绩差的官员将被取消当年任何奖项或荣誉称号的评定资格。来 /201609/465430

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday the international effort to defeat the Islamic State group is ;moving in the right direction,; but he cautioned more must be done to support stabilization in Libya and Iraq.美国国务卿克里星期二表示,打击伊斯兰国组织的国际努力“正在朝正确的方向发展”,不过他谨慎表示,维持利比亚和伊拉克的稳定,仍需做出更多的努力。Kerry spoke at the opening of a ministerial meeting in Rome where representatives from about 20 countries came to talk about ways to boost the anti-Islamic State campaign.克里在罗马部长级会议上发表了上述讲话。约20个国家派代表参加这次会议,商讨强化打击伊斯兰国组织的途径。He highlighted the risk of the militants taking control in Libya with its vast oil resources, but said that a near agreement on a new national unity government would go a long way to preventing that scenario.克里强调了极端分子控制利比亚庞大石油资源的风险,不过克里说,接近达成的一项有关新国民团结政府的协议对预防这种情况的发生意义深远。Kerry also called attention to the humanitarian situation in Syria, saying it is a ;catastrophe; not seen since World War 2. He said nations need to ;speak out powerfully; about the need for a cease-fire, the end of sieges and urgent deliveries of aid to every area where people are in need.克里还呼吁关注叙利亚的人道主义状况,称之为二战以来从未见过的“灾难”。克里说,各国需要就停火、结束围困以及向困境中的民众提供紧急援助,发出强有力的声音。来 /201602/425840

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