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即墨市人民医院有微创手术吗即墨哪些医院看妇科比较好When scientists inadvertently killed what turned out to be the world’s oldest living creature, it was bad enough.一只被明是世界上最古老的生物被科学家不小心弄死了,这似乎已经够糟糕的了。Now, their mistake has been compounded after further research found it was even older – at 507 years.然而更糟糕的是,人们进一步研究发现,这只软体动物比人们想象的还要古老——它已经有507岁高龄。The ocean quahog - a type of deep-sea clam - was dredged alive from the bottom of the North Atlantic near Iceland in 2006 by researchers. They then put it in a freezer, as is normal practice, unaware of its age.2006年,研究者们从冰岛附近的北大西洋海底将这只海蛤——一种生活在深海中的蛤蜊——活生生的捕捞上岸。他们并不知道它如此年迈,只是按照惯例将它放在冷冻箱里。It was only when it was taken to a laboratory that scientists from Bangor University studied it and concluded it was 400 years old.直到后来它被送往实验室进行研究,这时英国班戈大学的科学家们才发现它如此长寿,科学家们断言它已经有400岁高龄了。The discovery made it into the Guinness Book of World Records however by this time, it was too late for Ming the Mollusc – named after the Chinese dynasty on the throne when its life began.Unfortunately researchers who calculated Ming’s age killed it instantly by opening its shell.这一年龄上的发现使它被载入了世界吉尼斯纪录,然而此刻,对这只被命名为“明” 的软体动物来说,一切都为时已晚。名字取自它的生命开始时中国正经历的历史朝代。不幸的是,这些推测出了“明”年龄的科学家在打开它的壳的一瞬间已经弄死了它。The researchers opened the ancient clam up to judge its age by counting growth rings inside.But the rings were so close together that scientists ended up having to count the rings on the outside to be accurate, leading CBS to point out that Ming could have lived on, had scientists just started there.为了推测它的年龄,科学家们必须数清壳内部的线圈,所以他们打开了这只年迈的贝壳。可是这只软体动物壳内部的线圈实在是太密集了,为了力求准确,最后科学家们还是不得不从壳外部来数清线圈圈数。CBS新闻记者由此说,如果科学家们一开始就决定数清壳外的线圈数,“明”或许现在还活着。Now, after examining the ocean quahog more closely, using more refined methods, the researchers have found the animal was actually 100 years older than they first thought.现在经过更精密仪器的更细致研究,科学家们发现这只海洋圆蛤实际上比他们预先设想的还要老100岁。Dr Paul Butler, from the University’s School of Ocean Sciences, said: “We got it wrong the first time and maybe we were a bit hasty publishing our findings back then. But we are absolutely certain that we’ve got the right age now.”班戈大学海洋科学学院的劳尔·巴特勒教授说:“我们一开始就估计错误,也许我们当时发表自己的研究成果过于仓促了。但是现在我们能完全确定、我们估算出了它的准确年龄。”A quahog’s shell grows by a layer every year, in the summer when the water is warmer and food is plentiful. It means that when its shell is cut in half, scientists can count the lines in a similar way trees can be dated by rings in their trunks.在每年的夏季,如果水温适宜、食物充足,蛤蛎的壳就会长出一层线圈。这意味着,如果将蛤蛎的壳剖成两半,科学家们就能够通过壳的层数推算蛤蛎的年龄,就像根据树的年轮推算树的年龄一样。The mollusc was born in 1499 – just seven years after Columbus discovered America and before Henry VIII had even married his first wife, Catherine of Aragon in 1509.这只软体动物出生于1499年——它出生的时间比哥伦布发现美洲大陆只晚了七年,甚至在英国国王亨利八世与第一任皇后阿拉贡的凯瑟琳成婚(1509年)之前。Jan Heinemeier, associate professor at the University of Denmark, who helped date Ming, told Science Nordic: “The fact alone that we got our hands on an animal that’s 507 years old is incredibly fascinating, but the really exciting thing is of course everything we can learn from studying the mollusc.”丹麦大学助理教授杨·海涅迈尔也参与了对“明”年龄的研究。他对北欧科学协会说:“我们捕到了一只507岁高龄的动物,仅这一事实就够不可思议的了。不过,最不可思议的事情当然还是我们从这只软体动物的研究中可以获知的知识。” /201311/265356即墨市第四人民医院做药物流产多少钱 即墨超导可视人流要多少钱

青岛当代医院有四维彩超吗There#39;s nothing quite like curling up with a good book and visiting your favorite literary characters. They#39;re wonderful, lovable, and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.没有什么比拿起一本好书、拜访你最喜欢的书中角色更美妙的了。他们如此美妙可爱,让你发自内心感到温暖。But with them, come...those other characters. The characters that you loathe. The characters that you know you could like, if they just changed that one thing about themselves. They#39;re the characters you just want to smack.但随之而来的还有其他一些角色,那些你讨厌的角色。你知道,如果这些角色能做出一点改变,你也许会喜欢他们的。而面对这些角色,你只想给他们一耳光。These characters aren#39;t necessarily bad; in fact, many of them are the protagonists of their stories. But good guy or evil witch, these characters are all in severe need of a wake up call, with a healthy side dose of reality.这些角色不一定是坏人;事实上许多还是故事的主角。但不管是好人还是恶魔,这些角色都急需被现实唤醒。Check out our list of 13 famous literary characters we#39;d like to slap. Who would you add to the list?看看我们总结的13个欠揍的著名文学作品角色,你还想把谁加上去?Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby杰·盖茨比——《了不起的盖茨比》The pitiful, self-centered Daisy Buchanan has been classified for decades as one of the worst characters of all time. But perhaps the real problem with the novel was Jay Gatsby himself. The constant pining over someone as terrible as Daisy is exhausting and makes him every bit as (if not more) horrible than Daisy.可悲可叹、自我为中心的黛西·布坎南一直被认为是有史以来最讨厌的角色之一。但也许这本小说里真正的问题出在杰·盖茨比自己身上。苦苦守候像黛西这样糟糕的人让他筋疲力尽,而且让他比黛西还要可怕。Amy March, Little Women艾美·马区—— 《小妇人》Amy March is the reason youngest children have a terrible reputation. As a little girl, she#39;s a collicky, spoiled brat, constantly ruining her older sisters#39; outings. As a young adult, she#39;s snobby, uppity and way too obsessed with her nose.艾美·马区的存在让所有家庭里最小的孩子都有了坏名声。她还是个小女孩时,就是个爱哭的被宠坏的孩子,总是破坏她们的郊游。而成年以后,她又势力、傲慢,而且过于着迷于自己的鼻子。Miss Havisham, Great Expectations赫维辛——《远大前程》Miss Havisham adopts a daughter for the sole purpose of using her as a pawn to torment the male species. HOW AWFUL IS THAT?! Plus, that rotting wedding cake must have made her house smell disgusting.赫维辛收养了一个女儿,而目的只是利用她作为筹码来折磨男性。多可怕呀!另外,那个腐烂的婚礼蛋糕一定让她的房子充满了恶心的味道。Romeo Montague, Romeo amp; Juliet罗密欧·蒙太古——《罗密欧与朱丽叶》Oh, Romeo. You only knew her for four days. Did you really have to kill yourself over a girl that you knew for less than a week? Not to mention, she was only 13, and your romance would be illegal in most countries.噢,罗密欧,你认识她只有四天。你真的有必要为了一个认识还不到一周的女孩去自杀吗?何况她只有13岁,你的罗曼史在大多数国家恐怕是非法的。Joffrey Baratheon, A Song of Ice and Fire series乔佛里·拜拉席恩——《冰与火之歌》系列小说Simply put, this kid needs a good spanking.简单地说,这个孩子需要好好教训一顿。The Cat in the Hat, The Cat in the Hat戴帽子的猫——《戴帽子的猫》Sure, the Cat seems like a fun guy, until you realize he broke into a home, invited his friends over, trashed the place, and then disappeared without a trace. Also, he speaks in obnoxious rhymes.是的,这只猫看上去好像很有意思,直到你意识到他闯入了一个家庭,还邀请他的朋友一起,把这个地方搞得一团糟,然后又消失的无影无踪。而且他说话的韵脚也很讨厌。Edmund Pevensie, The Chronicles of Narnia艾德蒙·佩文西——《纳尼亚传奇》Did Edmund actually know what Turkish Delights tasted like when he sold out his entire family to the White Witch for a box? For those of you unfamiliar, here#39;s a great description of the treat: ;It tasted like soap rolled in plaster dust, or like a lump of Renuzit air freshener: The texture was both waxy and filling-looseningly chewy.;当艾德蒙向白女巫出卖他的整个家庭来换取一盒土耳其软糖的时候,他是否真正知道糖的味道呢?对于不熟悉故事的人,这有一段不错的描述:“这种糖吃起来好像裹了石膏灰的肥皂,又像一块瑞风空气清新剂,感觉又柔软又蓬松难嚼。”Harry Potter, Harry Potter series哈利·波特——《哈利波特》系列小说Harry Potter is one of the greatest literary characters of our time, but he#39;s also one of the most eminently slappable. He#39;s constantly not listening to people and breaking rules, then getting into danger for breaking said rules. Two hundred points to Gryffindor!哈利·波特是我们这个时代最伟大的文学人物之一,但他也是最欠揍的人物之一。他总是不听别人的话,破坏规矩,然后又因此陷入危险。给格兰芬多学院加200分!Willy Wonka, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory威利·旺卡——《查理和巧克力工厂》Willy Wonka was a confectionary genius (Everlasting Gobstoppers, anyone?). But the factory he manned was an extremely unsafe workplace environment. Children who entered his workplace often went missing for unexplainable reasons -- how did no one investigate Mr. Wonka for that?!威利·旺卡是一个糖果天才(制造吃不完的石头弹子糖,有人想吃吗?)但是他的工厂是一个极其不安全的工作环境。进入他的工厂的孩子们总是无缘无故失踪了。怎么没有人因此调查旺卡先生呢?!Effie Trinket, The Hunger Games series艾菲·纯克特——《饥饿游戏》系列小说You can#39;t help but want to shake some sense into Effie Trinket. Her perma-positive attitude when sending children to meet their death is nauseating enough to make you want to send her into the arena.你忍不住想要给艾菲·纯克特灌输一点良知。她把孩子们送去面临死亡时的积极态度令人恶心,这已经足够让你想要把她送上竞技场了。Waldo, Where#39;s Waldo?沃尔多——《沃尔多在哪里?》Why can#39;t you just be where you#39;re supposed to be, Waldo?你为什么就不能待在你应该在的地方呢,沃尔多?Tom Sawyer, Adventures of Tom Sawyer汤姆·索亚——《汤姆索亚历险记》Tom Sawyer is a fence painter, death-faker, genuine American psychopath. We don#39;t know why Huckleberry Finn was friends with him.汤姆·索亚是个围栏油漆工,爱装死,是个真正的美国精神病患者。我们不明白为什么哈克·贝利和他做朋友。Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Peter Rabbit彼得兔——《彼得兔的故事》Peter Rabbit#39;s mother told him not to go into Mr. McGregor#39;s garden. That was THE ONLY RULE. Come to think of it, Peter Rabbit and Harry Potter would get along great.彼得兔的妈妈告诉他,不要进入麦格雷戈先生的花园。这是唯一的一条规矩。考虑到这一点,彼得兔和哈利·波特也许可以友好相处。 /201312/267165即墨市妇保医院打胎流产好吗 华山灵山段泊岚刘家庄移风店七级蓝村南泉普东大信早孕检查多少钱

即墨哪有无痛人流If you#39;re not aware aly, we#39;re living in a new retail world, where there isn#39;t so much one large consumer base, but two divided by economic status. The well-off are buying bigtime, the worse-off are just trying to survive.大家可能还不知道,我们现在生活在一个全新的零售世界里。这个世界并不仅是一个庞大的消费群体,而是被经济地位划分成两个消费阶层。富裕阶层购买高档商品,贫穷阶层只能努力生存下去。The bifurcation trend is present in apparel and home appliances, and it#39;s holding true in the land of lipstick, mascara, and moisturizer too. When it comes to beauty product sales, the rich are puckering up, while the poor are pulling away.这种两极分化的趋势既出现在装和家用电器方面,也出现在唇膏、睫毛膏和保湿霜的市场。谈到美容产品的销售,有钱人开心购物,而穷人则黯然走开。Beauty and personal care sales overall in the ed States have been sluggish of late. The market grew 1.8% last year, a slowdown from the 3.2% and 4.3% growth it recorded in 2012 and 2011, respectively, according to Euromonitor.美国美容和个人护理产品销售额近来总体表现低迷。根据欧睿信息咨询公司(Euromonitor)的统计,这个市场去年增长了1.8%,分别低于2012年3.2%的增长和2011年4.3%的增长。But a look at the sales of premium beauty and personal care products (priced and up) tells a slightly different story. In that sector, sales grew 3.3% last year, and there was an increase in sales of 16.9% in the period between 2008 and 2013. On the flip side, sales of mass beauty products (priced and under) grew just 1.3% in 2013 and 8.3% in the past five years.但是仔细观察高档美容和个人护理用品(售价21美元以上)的销售额,大家会发现完全不同的情况。高档美容产品行业去年的销售额增长了3.3%,在2008年到2013年期间销售额增长了16.9%。另一方面,大众美容产品(售价20美元以下)的销售额在2013年仅增长1.3%,在过去五年的增长幅度也只有8.3%。The higher sales of luxury beauty products that are typically sold at a department store or stand-alone beauty stores such as Sephora, MAC, or Shiseido reflect the economic recovery that#39;s confined to the upper echelon of consumers. As of September 2013, 95% of the income gains since 2009 have gone to the top 1%. As a result, spending by the top 5% of earners has risen 17%; it#39;s risen just 1% among the bottom 95% of earners.奢华美容产品的销售额较高,这些产品通常在百货商店和丝芙兰、MAC或资生堂等美容产品专卖店出售,反映了美国经济复苏仅限于最高端的消费者。截止到2013年9月,2009年以来美国收入最高的1%人口占据了全部收入增长的95%。结果是,美国收入最高的5%人口出增长了17%,而收入最低的95%人口出只增长了1%。;With the good stock market performance and the recovery in housing prices, affluent customers feel comfortable spending on premium products; says Virginia Lee, a senior research analyst at Euromonitor. With food stamp cuts and uncertainty over health care, lower income customers don#39;t have that same confidence, she says, and cheaper beauty products for sale at drugstores have struggled as a result.欧睿信息咨询公司的高级研究分析师弗吉尼亚#8226;李说:“随着股市的良好表现和房地产价格的回升,富裕客户更愿意付钱购买高端产品。”她表示,由于食品券开削减和医疗保健的不确定性,低收入客户并不具备同样的消费信心,因此药店销售的廉价美容产品业绩不佳。The rich vs. poor divide is obvious when comparing sales of premium and mass brands that sell similar beauty products. Sally Hansen, which sells nail polish that costs between and , saw sales decrease by 7.3% in 2013. Sales at Essie, meanwhile, where a bottle of nail polish will run you to .50, grew 13.6%. Cover Girl, with its inexpensive line of makeup you can find in any Walgreens (W) or CVS (CVS), saw 1.9% growth in 2013. Compare that to MAC#39;s more expensive makeup, whose sales grew 7.2%. Neutrogena, whose 4 oz. bottle of facial moisturizer costs .99, saw sales increase 1.3% last year. Clinique, which sells a 4.2 oz bottle of moisturizing lotion, saw a 6% bump.比较销售类似美容产品的高端和大众品牌时,富人和穷人的差异更为明显。莎莉汉森(Sally Hansen)主要销售价格在4美元到6美元的指甲油,该品牌在2013年的销售额下降了7.3%。与此同时,艾茜(Essie)品牌销售的每瓶指甲油定价为8美元到8.50美元,销售额同比增长了13.6%。(Cover Girl)主要销售廉价化妆品系列,人们可以在沃尔格林药店(Walgreens)和CVS药店找到这些产品,它在2013年的销售额增长了1.9%。相比之下,化妆品售价更昂贵的MAC品牌销售额增长了7.2%。露得清(Neutrogena)销售的4盎司面部保湿乳液每瓶只卖12.99美元,它去年的销售额增长1.3%。倩碧(Clinique)销售的4.2盎司保湿化妆水售价27美元,去年销售额增长了6%。The sales figures don#39;t only reflect consumer sentiment, of course, but also point to retailers#39; strategies. One influence that#39;s totally separate from the economic inequality debate is the proliferation of specialty beauty stores Sephora and Ulta, which bring prestige brands out from behind the department store counter and into the hands of consumers, who now feel more comfortable purchasing a pricey product since they can test it first. Subscription box company Birchbox gives customers a similar experience at home.当然,销售数字不仅反映了消费者信心,也揭示了零售商的营销策略。完全脱离经济不平等大辩论的一个影响因素就是丝芙兰和Ulta等专业美容产品零售店的迅速增长。这些零售店把声誉良好的品牌从百货公司专柜带到顾客手中,顾客现在感觉更愿意购买昂贵的产品,因为她们可以先试用产品。化妆品订购公司Birchbox也让顾客在家中享受类似的体验。And then there#39;s the case of retailers buying into the theory that poorer people don#39;t want discretionary items. In the third quarter of 2013, mass retailers did what#39;s called a ;de-stocking,; according to Javier Escalante, an executive director at Consumer Edge Research who covers the household and personal care sectors. The stores removed beauty items from aisle endcap displays -- retail real estate known to prompt impulse buys -- and replaced them with more practical items, which helped depress mass beauty sales. ;Retailers made the decision that people aren#39;t into mascara, they#39;re into sponges,; Escalante says. ;In a way, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.;此外,零售商也赞同穷人不想购买非必需品的理论。研究家用和个人护理产品行业的消费者前沿公司(Consumer Edge Research)执行董事哈维尔#8226;埃斯卡兰特表示,2013年第三季度,大型零售商都在“消化库存”。这些商店把美容产品撤下走道两端的陈列架,也就是零售卖场吸引消费者冲动型购买的促销区,取而代之的是更实用的商品,这种做法抑制了大众美容产品的销售收入。埃斯卡兰特说:“零售商决定了人们不买睫毛膏,而是购买海绵。从某种程度上说,它成了一个自我实现的预言。” /201404/290339 即墨妇幼保健医院人流收费标准即墨市第五人民医院妇科地址



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