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想瘦身吗?别看美女广告!Study: Magazine ads of thin models make women overeatResearch now shows a supermodel figure or the "ideal" thin woman image reflected in magazine advertisements trigger young women, obsessed with their own body image, to eat more. Interestingly, those with a more balanced healthy body image tend to eat less.The study done in Australia is important in bringing out the point that advertising not only affects the way we think but also our patterns of eating behavior.Fiona Monro, graduate student at the University of New South Wales, explains the results of the study published in the November edition of the journal, Eating Behaviors: "We would expect people who value the way they look would be reminded by viewing the image and not eat.""We're not sure why we found the reverse but possibly because of stress...[women obsessed with their appearance] see the idealized image and think about their own body so turn to food," she adds.Monro says, "They might think 'what's the point, I'm never going to look like that, Imay as welleat; or the image makes them think they're thinner than they are so they eat more."Sixty-eight female university students took part in the study: two hours after their last meal, they were asked to prioritize the importance of physical attractiveness, health and physical fitness to find out whether they give importance to the way their body looks.Monro and her team were studying the phenomenon of "self-objectification," or the way people perceive themselves and their bodies as an object to be valued for outward show as opposed to intrinsic worth. 一项研究表明,为身材所困的年轻女性看到杂志广告上的超级模特或是有着“魔鬼”身材的女性,会食量大增;有意思的是,身材匀称的女性看到这样的广告后反而会吃得更少。这项来自澳大利亚的研究得出一个重要结论,即广告不仅会影响人们的思维方式,而且还会影响人们的饮食方式。这项研究结果在《饮食行为》第十一期上发表。新南威尔士大学的研究生菲奥纳·蒙罗解释说:“我们原以为,为身材所困的女性看到广告中的苗条女性后会减少食量。”“可是不知道为什么得出的结论恰好相反,不过这可能是由于压力所致。当她们看到广告中的苗条女性,可能会很受‘刺激’,所以就大吃特吃。”蒙罗说,“她们可能会这样想‘我永远也不可能有那么好的身材,还不如痛痛快快的吃’,或者是,她们看到这样的广告后会觉得自己变瘦了,所以就开始大吃。”新南威尔士大学共有68名女大学生参加了此项研究。为了了解调查对象是否在乎自己的体型,研究人员让她们在吃完饭的两小时后,对外表、健康和身体舒适度三个因素按照重要性进行排序。目前,蒙罗和她研究小组的其他成员正在研究“自我客体化”这一现象,即人们将自己及自己的身体视为一个客体,来衡量其外在形象而非内在价值。 Vocabulary:may as well : 最好…;与其…倒不如… /200803/29695

Chinese women want to change the shape of their faces, while men want straighter noses, a recent survey by the Beijing-based Horizon Research Consultancy Group has found.The survey polled nearly 1,600 people aged 18 and 55 from Shanghai, Tianjin and Shenzhen.The results were given on the independent polling company's website.Almost 33 percent of women wanted to improve the contours of their faces, the survey found. Eyelid surgery was second most popular at 29 percent. A face shaped like a goose egg and double eyelids were favorite, it showed.Fat removal from the stomach and waist ranked third, followed by liposuction of the legs. Nose sculpting came last among the top five most sought-after procedures for women.A Beijing-based cosmetic surgeon surnamed Huang said women wanted to look more Caucasian.They particularly wanted to look leggy, busty and skinny, he said.In comparison, men were less concerned about fat and only 7.5 percent would consider liposuction, the survey said.Nearly 45 percent of men said they wanted to straighten their noses to give them a more masculine look.Nearly 33 percent said they would consider double eyelid surgery, followed by cosmetic improvement of the teeth and face shaping.Many men did not want their partner to have breast implants, even though women did it to please them, cosmetic surgeon Huang said.There are about 1 million plastic surgery operations performed every year in China, according to official estimates. 北京零点调查咨询集团近日开展的一项调查发现,中国女性最希望改变自己的脸型,而男性则希望自己的鼻子更挺拔。该项调查在上海、天津、深圳开展,共有近1600人参加,年龄在18岁至55岁之间。调查结果已在零点调查公司的网站上公布。调查显示,近33%的女性希望自己的脸型有所改善;其次,29%的女性想做双眼皮手术。鹅蛋脸和双眼皮最受青睐。在女性最想做的五种整形术中,腰腹抽脂名列第三,然后是腿部抽脂,塑鼻整形位居最后。北京一位姓黄的美容师说,女性希望自己的外表更像白种人。他说,女性尤为希望自己双腿修长、胸部丰满、身材苗条。相反,男性对胖瘦并不那么在意,只有7.5%的人表示会考虑做抽脂手术。近45%的男性想把鼻子整得更挺拔,因为这样能让他们看起来更有男人味。近33%的人表示他们会考虑做双眼皮手术,其次是矫正牙齿和重塑脸型。黄整形师说,很多男性不希望他们的配偶隆胸,即使女性这样做是为了取悦他们。据官方统计数据,中国每年的整形手术数量达到约100万例。 /200803/30012

College is a time of growth, both mentally and physically. Your attitudes, morals, maturity and even your body undergo change.大学时期正值我们生理和心理的成长时期。你的态度、品行、心智甚至体重体型都会在此阶段发生变化。However, a change in your body does not necessarily mean you have fallen into the ;Freshman 15; trap. Instead, your body naturally grows and develops into a young adult. During this change, your body will appreciate you if you take the time to exercise daily and eat healthy.然而,身体变化并不一定意味着你就会应验“新生增重5磅”的说法。相反,你的身体会自然而然地生长发展成一位年轻人。如果能在这段成长期抽出时间天天锻炼,并搭配合理饮食,你便会拥有令人羡慕的好身材。Here is my advice on some easy lifestyle changes that can help put you on the road to fitness during your college years!如何才能在大学时期选择一种健康、简单的生活方式呢?下面就是我的建议。Step Away From the Computer远离电脑We can’t waste our days away on the Internet. As tempting as it may seem to Facebook stalk your crush’s latest pictures from the football game, it is simply unproductive. One of the easiest ways to get in shape during college is to walk away from the computer, head out the door and into the gym. Who knows, you may discover another campus crush at your gym!我们不能把时间都浪费在上网上。尽管你很想在脸书上跟进你心仪的对象最近参加球赛照片,但这对你来说却没多大价值。要在大学期间收获好体型,最简单的一种方法就是离开电脑,到户外或去健身房。说不定你会在锻炼的时候遇到另一个校园心仪对象呢!Eat Healthier健康饮食Yes, in a college town filled with fast food and late night Krispy Kreme doughnuts, it could happen to you. In order to avoid the oh-so-ded Freshman 15, watch what kinds of foods you eat and your portion sizes. One of the best ways to get in shape during college besides exercising is eating healthy. Skip the fries for a salad and see how much better you feel!对的,在大学城里到处都有快餐店和晚间甜甜圈。为了确保自己不会为可怕的“新生增重5磅”而烦恼,一定要注意你的食物类型和分量。除了锻炼,保持体形的另一重要因素就是健康饮食。扔掉薯条、改吃沙拉的感觉其实也很不错哦!Find Your Motivation找到减肥动力Motivation is key to getting in shape during college. There will be many obstacles that you will face such as exams, socials, meetings, etc. Without motivation, it is easy to make excuses to avoid the gym. If you knew you would have been the first to die in the ;Hunger Games,; would that motivate you to pump up the cardio? Find whatever it is that motivates you and find a way to remind yourself of those reasons on a daily basis.要在大学期间保持体形,减肥动力是关键。考试、联谊、聚会等等都是你减肥的障碍。没有动力,很容易就能找到不去健身的借口。假设你会成为“饥饿游戏”里的第一个死者,你就有动力去做有氧运动了吧?总之要找一个减肥动机,并每天提醒自己。Stay Positive乐观向上There’s nothing better than to have a positive attitude when getting in shape. If all you do is complain about how out of shape you are or how you never make it to the gym, you are only hurting yourself more. Compliment yourself for working out … you deserve it!减肥过程中,积极乐观的态度也很重要。如果你只是不停抱怨自己多胖,说自己永远也瘦不下来,没办法去健身房,那你只是深深地伤害了自己。你应该为参加健身锻炼而感到自豪,这是你应得的!Try Something New尝试新事物Are you tired of the stationary elliptical workouts or on the tmill for cardio? Take a friend with you and try out a class at your college’s recreation center. Many gyms offer classes such as spin cycle, kickboxing, Zumba, weightlifting, dance, step, yoga and Pilates. These classes are a great way to add variety to your workout and can burn the same amount of calories (if not more) that you would on a tmill. Plus, it’s more fun!你是否已经厌倦在跑步机上运动呢?找个朋友一起去学校中心上上课吧。有很多健身房都教授各种课程,比如动感单车、搏击操、尊巴、举重、舞蹈、踏板操、瑜伽和普拉提等等。这些课程都能使你的健身活动变得丰富多,消耗的热量至少和以前在跑步机上消耗的相同。另外,你会从中获得更多乐趣! /201305/239354

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