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The holidays can feel like a test of your mastery of the seasonal arts of shopping and -- unfortunately -- complaining.节假日感觉就像是对你的节日购物技巧以及──不幸的是──投诉技巧掌握程度的检验。It#39;s crunch time for gift buyers, the week when stores and websites see a surge in sales, and with it comes more potential for problems and frustrations. The multitude of ways to do holiday shopping -- in stores, online, from a smartphone -- poses new challenges for shoppers and stores. Whether it#39;s faulty merchandise, the wrong price or shipping that is too slow, time-starved customers want a resolution and they want it fast.对选购礼品者而言,这是一个紧要时期。在这前后的一周时间中,各大商场和购物网站的销售量迅速上升,出现问题及令人失望事件的可能性也随之升高。进行节日购物的众多方式──逛实体店、网络购物及通过智能手机购物──给消费者和商家带来了新挑战。无论是买到次品、价格弄错还是送货太慢的问题,时间宝贵的消费者都希望问题得到解决,而且是迅速解决。Luxury and mid-price department stores increasingly see customer service as their main attraction and the best way to draw in shoppers from discount stores and online sellers. #39;We spend a lot of time, money and energy attracting new customers,#39; says Richard Baker, chief executive of Hudson#39;s Bay Co., owner of Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord amp; Taylor. #39;The last thing we want to do is, after all that work, lose a customer over a bad experience.#39;豪华百货商场及中档商场逐渐将客户务作为他们的主要吸引力,以及将顾客从折扣店和网店吸引过来的最佳方法。Hudson#39;s Bay公司首席执行长理查德#12539;贝克(Richard Baker)说:“我们投入了大量时间、资金和精力来吸引新顾客,我们最不希望做的事情是,在做了那么多工作后,因为一次糟糕的购物经历而丢掉了顾客。” Hudson#39;s Bay为萨克斯第五大道百货(Saks Fifth Avenue)及Lord amp; Taylor的母公司。That is why Andrea Robins spent several hours on a recent weekday hunting for a handbag. Ms. Robins is Saks#39;s senior director of customer service, who solves problems that escalate from any of the retailer#39;s 113 full-price stores and outlets. A customer at a Saks Fifth Avenue store in Florida had bought a ,850 Gucci bag to be shipped to her daughter in Washington state. The store mistakenly sent it via ground, not air, and the bag wasn#39;t going to make it in time for the daughter#39;s birthday.这也是安德列娅#12539;罗宾斯(Andrea Robins)在最近一个工作日花了数小时搜寻一只手袋的原因所在。罗宾斯是萨克斯百货的客户务高级总监,负责解决该零售商的113家正价商店及折扣卖场涌现出的问题。一名顾客在萨克斯百货佛罗里达店购买了一只价值1,850美元的古驰(Gucci)手袋送给住在华盛顿州的女儿。该店误将手袋通过陆地运输而非空运方式寄出,这样一来手袋将不能在顾客女儿的生日当天及时送达。#39;It#39;s not acceptable to say, #39;We#39;re human and a mistake was made,#39;#39; Ms. Robins says. #39;The commitment to service says, #39;Now what are we going to do to fix it?#39;#39;罗宾斯说:“对顾客说‘我们也是人,所以我们出错了’是不可接受的,根据务承诺,‘现在我们要做些什么来解决它’?”Ms. Robins and her team first tried to reroute the package to a faster shipping method -- but that wouldn#39;t be fast enough. They considered placing a new order for the handbag with quicker shipping, but it was out of stock. Finally, they called up a Gucci store in Seattle, bought the bag from the retailer and had it sent to the daughter -- just in time.罗宾斯及其团队首先尝试了将包裹改成更快的运送方式──但是那也不够快。她们又考虑下一个运送方式更快的新订单,但是手袋已无存货。最后,她们打电话给西雅图的一家古驰专卖店,从这家店买了一只手袋送到顾客女儿的手上──刚好及时送达。A survey of 1,003 people conducted this fall at Arizona State University#39;s W.P. Carey School of Business found consumer dissatisfaction with retailers is on the rise. Half the people surveyed had a problem with a product or service in the past 12 months, up from 45% in 2011, the last time the study was conducted. And the public is frustrated, with 68% of respondents saying a problem made them #39;very#39; or #39;extremely#39; upset, up from just 60% in 2011.亚利桑那州立大学W.#12539;P.#12539;凯里商学院(Arizona State University#39;s W.P. Carey School of Business)在2013年秋季对1,003名消费者进行了调查,发现消费者对零售商的不满有所增加。有半数受访者在过去12个月中遇到过产品或务问题,高于2011年即上一次调查展开时45%的比例。消费者的心情也非常沮丧,有68%的受访者表示出现的问题让他们“非常”或“极其”不高兴,高于2011年刚到60%的比例。#39;There were two things that increased the most -- yelling and cursing,#39; says Scott Broetzmann, chief executive of Customer Care Measurement amp; Consulting, the survey#39;s principal designer.该调查的主要设计方Customer Care Measurement amp; Consulting的首席执行长斯科特#12539;布勒茨曼(Scott Broetzmann)说:“有两样东西增加的最多──叫喊和咒骂。”Several executives at both Lord amp; Taylor and Saks said they always want to know about a problem, rather than have an upset customer leave the store in a huff. At the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship New York City store, a tourist destination that sees close to a million shoppers between Thanksgiving and Christmas, every receipt has the email address of John Cruz, the store#39;s general manager, printed at the bottom.Lord amp; Taylor及萨克斯百货的几名高管称,他们一直都想了解问题,不想让顾客怒气冲冲地离开商场。萨克斯百货的纽约旗舰店算得上一个旅游目的地,在每年的感恩节及 诞节期间会迎来近百万顾客,它的每张购物小票的底部都印着该商场总经理约翰#12539;克鲁兹(John Cruz)的电子邮件地址。The Internet is a popular place for shoppers to vent. The survey found 35% of people with a problem posted about it on a social-networking site, up from 19% in 2011. It#39;s a way to #39;voice your dissatisfaction with the world,#39; says Mary Jo Bitner, executive director of the ASU business school#39;s Center for Services Leadership.网络是消费者发泄不满的热门之地。调查发现遇到问题的消费者中有35%的人在社交网站上把它说出来,高于2011年的19%。亚利桑那州立大学商学院务领导力中心(Center for Services Leadership)的常务主任玛丽#12539;乔#12539;比特纳(Mary Jo Bitner)说,它是一种“表达对世界的不满”的方式。Stores often evaluate and take the conversation offline to resolve it. Earlier this month, a customer of Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus Group#39;s high-end New York department store, lost a stud on a pair of Prada ankle boots and tweeted, #39;SO UPSETTING! What Can I Do?帝#39; Bergdorf#39;s Twitter account, @Bergdorfs, responded with a name and phone number to call.商场常常会评估问题并转到线下商谈来解决问题。12月初,由于自己的一双普拉达(Prada)踝靴掉了一粒饰扣,Neiman Marcus集团旗下纽约高端百货店Bergdorf Goodman的一名顾客在Twitter上发了一条消息,“真让人无奈!我该怎么办??”Bergdorf的Twitter账户@Bergdorfs为此留下了联系人的姓名及电话。Most retail problems are still resolved over the phone. Hudson#39;s Bay Co. typically gets about 50,000 inquiries a month at its Wilkes-Barre, Pa., facility, which handles calls for Lord amp; Taylor and the Canadian Hudson#39;s Bay chain. That number triples in December, says Lisa Fuller, the call center#39;s director.不过,大多数的零售问题还是通过电话解决的。Hudson#39;s Bay位于宾夕法尼亚威尔克斯-巴里(Wilkes-Barre)的中心负责处理Lord amp; Taylor及Hudson#39;s Bay在加拿大的连锁商场的问询电话,通常每个月会接到50,000个电话。该中心的总监莉萨#12539;富勒(Lisa Fuller)称,这个数字在12月份会增加两倍。New employees, including 140 seasonal hires go through a two-week training program focused on diffusing anger and empathy. #39;My grandmother used to say, #39;It takes two people to argue,#39;#39; Ms. Fuller tells employees.该中心的新职员,包括140名季节性临时员工会接受为期两周的培训,培训内容以化解顾客的怒气及培养同理心为主。富勒对员工们说:“我的祖母过去常常告诉我,‘一个巴掌拍不响。’”Last month, a man called about his effort to buy a hat on Lord amp; Taylor#39;s website. Each time he tried, the system cancelled the transaction. (Lord amp; Taylor and Saks shared customer complaints with The Wall Street Journal with the agreement that no customer information would be disclosed.)在11月份,一名男子打来电话投诉他在Lord amp; Taylor网站上买帽子时遇到的麻烦。每次他尝试下单时,系统就会取消交易。(Lord amp; Taylor及萨克斯百货与《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)协定可公开顾客的投诉,但不会透露顾客的个人信息。)#39;I#39;m not getting off this phone, I#39;m telling you right now, until we get this settled,#39; he said, audibly agitated.该名顾客说:“我现在就告诉你,我不会挂掉电话,直到我们解决问题为止。”从他的声音可以听出他非常恼火。#39;I#39;m trying, sir -- #39; the employee said calmly. The man interrupted: #39;It should not take me from 10 o#39;clock until 6 in the evening to order a hat online.#39; #39;I agree, sir,#39; the employee said.接电话的员工平静地说:“先生,我尽量…”。顾客打断她说道:“在网上订顶帽子,不应该让我从10点钟订到晚上六点吧。” 该员工答道:“是这样的,先生。”Eventually, the employee discovered his order was being cancelled automatically as a security measure, because he had put in an incorrect billing address. The man never realized he was at fault, nor should he, Ms. Fuller says. #39;The customer is always right, no matter what -- even if they#39;re wrong, they#39;re right.#39;最终,该员工发现顾客的订单是因为安全原因被自动取消的,他输入了错误的账单地址。富勒说,该顾客从没意识到是他自己错了,他也不用意识到,“顾客永远是对的,无论是什么事情──就算他们有错,他们也是对的。”Call-center employees handle on average about 40 calls a day. Each inquiry is logged so the employee can see shoppers#39; purchase histories and whether they have had problems in the past. The company also looks for trends, such as a jump in what it calls WISMO calls (short for #39;Where Is My Order?#39;), to help identify larger, systemic problems.中心的员工每天平均要处理约40个电话。每项问询都有记录以便员工能看到顾客以往的购物经历以及他们以前是否也遇到过麻烦。该公司还会通过观察所问询问题的趋势来确认更大的、系统性的问题,比如有关被其称为“WISMO”(我的订单到哪了?)电话的数量的上升。New types of problems arise as the industry adopts the #39;omnichannel#39; operating model, in which online orders may be fulfilled not only from a distribution center but also possibly from a local store that has the item in stock. This can lead to surprises. A customer ordering online usually expects to receive pristine merchandise that hasn#39;t been handled.由于零售业采纳了“全渠道”的运营模式,所以新型问题会随之出现。在该模式中,网络订单可能不只是由发货中心完成,也可能由当地有货的商店完成,这会造成一些意外。在线订购的顾客往往期待收到的是未经交易过的全新商品。Saks ran into this assumption over the summer, when a customer ordered a dress to wear to her daughter#39;s wedding. Her complaint, lodged in an email to Saks#39;s then-CEO, was that the dress arrived #39;smelly#39; and #39;used.#39; The dress had been plucked off the selling floor and shipped from a nearby store, meaning other customers may have tried it on or it had been purchased and returned. Ms. Robins made sure a replacement was sent.萨克斯在今年夏季就遭遇了由此引发的问题,当时一名顾客订了一件裙子准备穿着去参加女儿的婚礼。后来她写了一封电子邮件向萨克斯百货当时的首席执行长投诉,她在信中说,裙子送到时“有味道”而且是“穿过的”。那件裙子是从销售场地拿来然后从附近一家商店发货的,这表示其他顾客可能试穿过,或者它曾经被卖出又被退货了。后来罗宾斯给该顾客寄了一件新品。When a customer makes a difficult request for something far outside the store#39;s policy, Ms. Robins is careful not to say no outright, but rather to look for an alternative. #39;On some level, it#39;s parenting,#39; she says. #39;If I can#39;t say yes to this request, what can I say yes to that may be satisfying?#39;当有顾客提出远远超出该商场政策范围的棘手要求时,罗宾斯总是小心对待,不会直接拒绝,而是去寻找一个替代方法。她说:“在某种层面上,这就像做家长一样。如果我不能答应这个要求,那么有什么可能让人满意的事情是我能答应的?”A customer trying to buy a watch for his wife recently complained about a store associate giving him misinformation about a discount available online. Ms. Robins didn#39;t honor the mised discount, but she did offer the shopper a gift card toward a future purchase.一名想给妻子买块手表的顾客最近投诉说,销售员向他提供了错误的网上折扣信息。尽管罗宾斯并不认同这个折扣有误的问题,她还是送给该顾客一张礼品卡供下次购物使用。As a general rule, Ms. Robins and her team research complaints to make sure they are plausible but don#39;t argue with a customer about details. #39;Perception is reality,#39; she said.一般说来,罗宾斯与其团队会调查顾客的投诉以确定它们是否合理,但绝不会与顾客争论细节。“感受到的就是事实,”她如此说道。 /201401/273101。

If you’re trying to commit a set of items to memory, you may want to give your brain a bit of caffeine. But how you time it matters, finds a new study out today in Nature Neuroscience. The researchers found that giving people caffeine after they memorized a series of pictures significantly boosted their ability to remember the subtler details, compared to people who’d been given dummy pills. Before you down a six-shot Americano, though, be aware that there’s a sweet spot: A 200-milligram dose of caffeine – about the amount in a large cup of coffee – was the only one to do the trick.如果你想记住什么事情,你或许该给自己的大脑一些咖啡因。但是你在何时给它咖啡因相当重要,这是《自然神经科学》(Nature Neuroscience)在1月13日发布的一份新研究报告中所发现的。研究者们发现,在人们记住一系列图片之后给予他们咖啡因(相较于给予安慰剂的对比组),能够极大地提高记住更细微细节的能力。不过,在你狂灌六杯美式咖啡之前,请先记住最有效剂量是:200毫克的咖啡因——大概是一大杯咖啡中的咖啡因含量——才能起到这个效果。The researchers had participants – who were not regular caffeine consumers – try to memorize a series of pictures. Afterwards, they were given a caffeine pill or a placebo (dummy) pill. Twenty-four hours later, when the caffeine was fully out of their systems, they were asked to determine which pictures in a new set had also been shown the day before. The tricky part was that some of the new items were similar but not identical to the old ones, meaning that the participants had to recall the initial items in some amount of detail.研究者们让不经常摄入咖啡因的受试者尝试记住一系列图片。然后给予他们咖啡因药丸或安慰剂。24小时之后,咖啡因完全排出体外,这些受试者被要求在一套新的图片中挑出哪些图片在前一天出现过。这里容易出错的地方在于,有些图片只是和之前的图片相类似,但并不完全一样,这意味着受试者必须要回忆起原来那些图片上的某些细节。It turned out that people in the caffeine group were much better than their non-caffeinated counterparts at recognizing the new items that were similar but not the same as old ones. And this is cool because it suggests that caffeine may influence how the brain consolidates memories.结果明,在辨识和旧有图片类似却又不尽相同的图片方面,咖啡因组的表现比对照组的表现要好得多。这个结果很酷,因为它表明,咖啡因能影响大脑巩固记忆的方式。“We’ve always known that caffeine has cognitive-enhancing effects, ” said study author Michael Yassa, “but its particular effects on strengthening memories and making them resistant to forgetting has never been examined in detail in humans. We report for the first time a specific effect of caffeine on reducing forgetting over 24 hours.”“我们一直都知道,咖啡因有提高认知力的效果,”该研究报告的作者迈克尔·亚萨(Michael Yassa)说,“但其对加强、防止遗忘的特定效果却从未在人类身上加以详细地验过。我们是首次对24小时内咖啡因对减少遗忘所产生的特定效果进行汇报。”A key aspect was the caffeine was administered after the memory task, rather than before it, which ensures that other caffeine-related factors, like attention, anxiety or energy are not what’s driving the phenomenon.重要的一点是,咖啡因是在任务之后给予的,而不是之前,这确保了其他和咖啡因相关的因素,如注意力、焦虑或能量等,并不是造成这种现象的原因。Yassa added that what’s really interesting is that the study focuses on a more detailed form of memory. “If we used a standard recognition memory task without these tricky similar items, we would have found no effect of caffeine, ” he said. “However, using these items requires the brain to make a more difficult discrimination — what we call pattern separation, which seems to be the process that is enhanced by caffeine in our case.”亚萨补充表示,真正有趣的是,这项研究专注于的一个更为细枝末节的形式。“如果我们采用一种标准辨识任务,没有这些个容易混淆的相似点,我们可能发现的结果是,咖啡因没有效果,”他说,“而采用这些相似图片之后,就要求大脑做出更困难的辨识——这就是我们所称之为的‘模式分辨’,在我们的研究中,咖啡因似乎就是加强了这一过程。”Now the and his team just have to unravel why the caffeine effect occurs at all, and which brain mechanisms are responsible. “We can use brain-imaging techniques to address these questions, ” said Yassa. “We also know that caffeine is associated with healthy longevity and may have some protective effects from cognitive decline like Alzheimer’s disease. These are certainly important questions for the future.”现在,亚萨和他的团队只需阐述为什么会产生这种咖啡因效果,以及哪部分大脑机制对其负责的问题。“我们可以使用大脑成像技术来解决这些问题,”亚萨说,“我们还知道,咖啡因和长寿联系在一起,也可能对老年痴呆症等认知力衰退疾病具有防护作用。这些都是未来相当重要的问题。”You can do an informal caffeine experiment on yourself, but again, remember that it’s the 200 mg dose – the equivalent of about two small cups or one tall Starbucks你可以自己尝试一下非正式的咖啡因实验,不过请记住,剂量是200毫克——相当于两小杯咖啡或是一杯星巴克中杯咖啡——这一剂量的效果似乎是最大的。更大的剂量很有可能阻碍学习能力,因为会带来各种副作用(很难知道你到底是处于不安还是焦虑状态)。这项研究无疑是激动人心的,因为它指出了适量咖啡因有助于大脑健康的另一个方面——不仅仅是长期的,更是日常的。 /201402/275700。

An overly-handsome waiter, a snoring girlfriend and the sea being too blue are among some of the bizarre complaints made to hotel staff, according to a survey published Monday.根据周一发布的一项调查,“务员太帅气”、“女友睡觉的时候爱打呼”、“海太蓝”,这些都是酒店员工收到过的奇葩的客人投诉。Travel search engine Skyscanner quizzed 400 international hotel workers to draw up a list of the top ten unusual grumbles and diva-like demands.旅行搜索网站Skyscanner 对在全球酒店工作的400位工作人员进行调查,列出了下面酒店接到的前十个奇葩的抱怨和客人需求。Other complaints included sheets being too white, ice cream being too cold, the bath being too big and no steak on a vegetarian .其他的奇葩投诉还包括床单太白、冰淇淋太冰、浴缸太大,素食菜单上没有牛排。One customer asked for a discount after his sleep was disturbed by his snoring girlfriend, while another asked for a refund as his dog had an unhappy stay.还有一位客人要求打折,理由是睡觉时因为女朋友打呼没睡好,而另外还有一位旅客要求退款,因为同行的没能享受到酒店的乐趣。Staff in a hotel in London#39;s Mayfair were taken aback when a client bemoaned the lack of an ocean view. 在伦敦梅菲尔区的一家酒店,还遇到有客人投诉说看不到海景,真是让酒店工作人员哭笑不得。Equally eyebrow raising are some of the requests, including one for a dead mouse. One guest asked for a bowl of crocodile soup, another for a bath of honey while one hungry punter demanded 15 cucumbers a day.除了投诉外还有不少让工作人员瞠目结舌的奇葩要求:有一位客人要死老鼠,有位客人要求送鳄鱼汤,还有位要求浴缸里倒满蜂蜜,甚至还有位客人大概是很容易饿吧,要求一天15根黄瓜。Most unusual complaints revealed by hotel staff:酒店员工收到的最奇葩投诉:1) The sheets are too white床单太白2) The sea was too blue海太蓝3) Ice cream too cold冰淇淋太冰4) Bath was too big浴缸太大5) Girlfriend#39;s snoring kept guest awake女朋友睡觉打呼,害得我没睡好6) Guest#39;s dog didn#39;t enjoy his stay我的住得不开心7) Hotel had no ocean view (in Mayfair, London)酒店看不到海景(伦敦梅菲尔区的酒店)8) There was no steak on vegetarian 素食菜单上没有牛排9) Waiter was too handsome务员太帅了10) Mother of groom wasn#39;t given the honeymoon suite为什么没给新郎的母亲安排蜜月套房Most unusual hotel requests revealed by hotel staff:酒店员工收到的十大最奇葩要求:1) One glass of water on the hour every hour, throughout the night客人要求整晚每个小时送一杯水2) 15 cucumbers a day每天15根黄瓜3) Toilet to be filled with mineral water马桶里倒满矿泉水4) Bath of honey泡蜂蜜浴5) Sound of goat bells to aid sleep睡觉前要求听山羊的铃铛声6) Only the right legs of a chicken鸡腿肉只要右腿7) A dead mouse死老鼠8) Bath of chocolate milk巧克力牛奶浴9) 16 pillows (for single guest)16个枕头(1个人用)10) Crocodile soup鳄鱼汤 /201405/298984。

Slimmers, be warned. Having a few drinks can wreak havoc with your waistline – even if you’ve switched to a low-calorie tipple.想减肥的人,注意了。即使只喝一点点酒也会危害到你的腰围,饮用低卡烈酒也不例外。Just one boozy session a week can lead to us taking on enough calories to put on 2lb, say experts.专家指出每星期仅酗酒一次,其摄入的热量就能让我们增重两磅(约0.9公斤)。And most of the flab comes from food we polish off when we’ve been drinking, rather than from the alcohol itself.而且大部分赘肉来自我们草草吞下的下酒菜,并非酒水本身。Feasting on fatty takeaways after the pubs have shut and combating a hangover with a full English breakfast can see men alone put away an extra 5,000 calories, research warns.研究者提醒:泡吧后摄食高脂肪的外卖,以及为减轻宿醉不适感而吃的全英式早餐,会使男士们额外摄入5000卡热量。Even if we otherwise stick to a healthy regime, a regular once-a-week night out could make us pile on two stone over a year.即使我们坚持健康的生活习惯,经常性的每周一次通宵聚餐也会使我们每年增加2英石(相当于12.7公斤)的体重。Slimming World, which commissioned a survey into drinking habits, says more needs to be done to highlight alcohol’s role in weight gain and wants cans and bottles to clearly display calorie counts.减重组织Slimming World发起一项针对饮酒习惯的调查,指出公众需要重视饮酒对肥胖的作用,并希望生产商在酒罐和酒瓶上标明其所含热量。The YouGov poll of more than 2,000 Britons reveals how drinking is contributing to the UK’s obesity crisis, which is now the worst in Europe.民调机构YouGov对2000多名英国人进行了民意测验,结果显示饮酒导致的英国人的肥胖危机是全欧洲最严重的。It found that the average man reaches ‘tipping point’ – the moment we start to drink and eat more than intended – after 10.5 units of alcohol, or about four pints of beer.研究发现,一般人摄入超过这个量——含有10.5个单位酒精的饮料,或4品脱啤酒——就达到了临界值。The extra drink after this point, combined with fatty food such as chips, kebabs, pizzas and hamburgers, leads to him packing away an extra 6,940 calories. This is more than three times the recommended daily intake for men and the equivalent of 38 bags of crisps.超过临界点的饮酒量和高脂肪食物如薯条、烤羊肉串、披萨和汉堡等,会让人多摄入6,940卡热量。这个量超出了男性日需热量的三倍,相当于38包薯片的热量。The female ‘tipping point’ is eight units – just two to three large glasses of wine. Beyond that, women consume an extra 5,725 calories – almost three times the daily recommended intake and the equivalent of nearly two dozen jam doughnuts.女性的饮酒临界量是8个单位酒精——仅为2到3杯葡萄酒的量:超过这个量,女性就多摄入了5,725卡路里的热量——这几乎等同于日需热量的三倍,相当于将近24个果酱甜甜圈的热量。 /201405/296752。

Texting pedestrians aren#39;t just an annoyance to their fellow walkers, Australian researchers armed with movie special-effects technology have determined scientifically: They#39;re a menace to themselves.边走路边发讯息不仅会令身边的同伴感到恼火,澳大利亚研究人员运用电影特效技术进行研究后发现,这种行为还会威胁自身安全。Using motion-capture technology similar to that used for films such as #39;The Hobbit, #39; University of Queensland researchers concluded that texting while walking not only affects balance and the ability to walk in a straight line, but can actually damage a texter#39;s posture.通过运用类似《霍比特人》(The Hobbit)等电影中的动作捕捉技术,昆士兰大学(University of Queensland)研究人员发现,走路时发讯息不仅会影响平衡感和直线行走的能力,而且还会损害人的身体姿态。#39;I was checking emails while walking to work this morning, #39; confessed study co-author Wolbert van den Hoorn. #39;But it has a serious impact on the safety of people who type or text while walking.#39;此项研究撰写人之一的范登霍恩(Wolbert van den Hoorn)坦白说:今天早上我在走来上班的路上查看了电子邮件。但这种一边走路、一边打字或阅读的习惯十分不安全。Anecdotes back him up. A tourist from Taiwan walked off a pier near Melbourne last month while checking Facebook--bringing an abrupt, and icy, end to a penguin-watching visit. The -sharing website YouTube is a trove of people too wrapped up in their phones to notice obstacles--like the fountain one U.S. shopping-mall visitor walked straight into.一些轶闻佐了他的观点。上个月,一位来自台湾的游客在翻看Facebook时走下了墨尔本附近的一座码头,给自己的观赏企鹅之旅画上了一个突然而又冰冷的句号。在视频分享网站YouTube上,可以搜索到许多人盯着手机结果忽视了前方障碍的视频,比如在美国一家商场内,一个行人直冲冲地走进了一个喷泉里。And as mobile-phone use has grown--to about 77% of the world#39;s population, the study says--so has the number of phone-related accidents. The number of U.S. emergency-room visits linked to phone use on the move doubled to as many as 1, 500 between 2005 and 2010, an Ohio State University study recently showed.如今全世界的手机用户数量已增长至世界总人口的77%左右,然而该研究显示,伴随着这一比例的上升,手机相关事故的数量也在增多。俄亥俄州立大学(Ohio State University)最近的一项调查显示,在2005年至2010年间,美国急诊室内接收的因行走时使用手机而受伤的病例数量增长了一倍,达1,500例。Authorities world-wide have taken note. Signs on Hong Kong#39;s subway system advise passengers in three languages to keep their eyes off their phones. Police and transport authorities have highlighted the danger in Singapore, where the Straits Times newspaper recently declared cellphone-distracted road crossing #39;bad habit No. 2#39; contributing to the rising number of road deaths. (No. 1 is cyclists not dismounting in heavy traffic.) Some U.S. states, including New York and Arkansas, are considering bans on what they#39;re calling phone jaywalking.世界各地的有关部门都注意到了这一点。香港地铁标识用三种语言提醒乘客不要看手机。新加坡警方和交通部门都强调了这一行为的危险性,当地《海峡时报》(Straits Times)近期将过马路分神看手机列为导致道路死亡案件增多的“第二大恶习”(第一大恶习是交通拥挤时骑自行车的人不从车上下来)。包括纽约州和阿肯色州在内的美国部分州也正在考虑出台法规禁止在过马路时打电话的行为。Attempting a technological fix, a conscientious Japanese phone company last year began offering Android handsets that lock themselves if users attempt to use them while walking.为藉助技术解决这一问题,一家日本手机公司于去年推出了一款安卓(Android)手机,若用户在走路时试图使用手机,手机就会自动锁屏。The Australian study used 26 volunteers, a third of whom admitted having collided with objects while texting. They were fitted with reflective patches on their heels, pelvis, heads and torso and asked to walk 8.5 meters three times--once without a phone, once while ing a text and once while writing a text--while eight cameras captured the action.澳大利亚的这项研究邀请了26名志愿者参与实验,其中有三分之一的人承认自己曾在路上发讯息时撞上了其它物体。研究人员在他们的脚后跟、髋部、头部和躯干贴上反光装置,并让他们走三遍8.5米长的路,一次不用手机,一次边走边阅读讯息,还有一次边走边输入讯息,同时有八个摄像头捕捉他们的行动。The findings: Subjects using the phone walked slower and with shorter strides (and slowest of all when typing), and, more seriously, they locked their arms and elbows in--like #39;robots, #39; in the researchers#39; words. That forced their heads to move more, throwing them off balance.研究发现,参与实验的人在使用手机时行走速度变慢、步伐变小(打字时速度最慢)。更为严重的是,他们会(用研究人员的话来形容)像“机器人”那样锁住自己的手臂和肘部,这使得他们的头部晃动幅度更大,导致身体失去平衡。#39;In a pedestrian environment, inability to maintain a straight path would be likely to increase potential for collisions, trips and traffic accidents, #39; said Mr. van den Hoorn. #39;The best thing to do is to step aside and stop, or keep off the phone.#39;范登霍恩说,在一个行走的情境中,无法保持直线行走可能会增加碰撞、跌倒和交通事故的几率。此时最好是走到一旁停下来,或者不要再碰手机。 /201402/276238。

Regular exercise is supposed to boost a person#39;s energy levels. So why do so many fitness fans complain of feeling fatigued during the afternoon? Making things worse, this workout-induced weariness can make it difficult to stick to a workout regimen. 有规律的锻炼按说能让人精力更加充沛,可为什么那么多健身爱好者却抱怨下午有疲乏感觉呢?更糟糕的是,这种由体育锻炼引发的疲劳感会让人很难把健身计划坚持下去。 Researchers and fitness trainers say whether you exercise in the morning, afternoon or evening, small changes in your routine can keep you from suffering midday blahs. 对此,研究人员和健身教练表示,不管你是早晨、下午还是晚上锻炼,只要对例行健身计划稍作调整,就能防止中午出现疲倦感。 Midday is the ideal time to exercise, some fitness experts say. A workout then can give you an energy boost lasting three to four hours, says James McKenna, a professor of physical activity and health at Leeds Metropolitan University in England. A study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in 2011 monitored 171 employees at a large Swedish public dental-health group who were assigned to an exercise program during work hours. They reported increased productivity and fewer missed workdays. 英国利兹都市大学(Leeds Metropolitan University)的身体活动和健康教授詹姆斯#12539;麦克纳(James McKenna)称,中午锻炼带来的提神效果能够持续三到四个小时。在《职业和环境医学期刊》(Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine) 2011年刊登的一篇论文中,研究人员对瑞典一家大型大众口腔健康集团171名加入工作时间健身项目的雇员进行了监测。这些雇员称,他们的工作效率有所提高,工作时间请假也减少了。 If you prefer working out in the evenings, it#39;s best to avoid exercising two to three hours before bedtime to avoid sleep disruption, the National Institutes of Health says. On the other hand, if you are a morning exerciser and not getting seven to nine hours of sleep, Lona Sandon, a Dallas fitness instructor and assistant clinical nutrition professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, suggests getting to bed earlier or exercising in the evening. 美国国家健康研究院(National Institutes of Health)称,如果你更喜欢晚上健身,最好避免在就寝前两到三小时锻炼,以免干扰睡眠。另一方面,达拉斯的健身指导、德克萨斯大学西南医学中心(University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)临床营养学助理教授洛纳#12539;桑登(Lona Sandon)建议,如果你喜欢早锻炼,而且一天的睡眠时间达不到七至九个小时,可以早一点就寝或者改为晚上锻炼。 To avoid midday fatigue and preserve energy throughout the day, most trainers recommend doing more moderate workouts, meaning those in which you hit 70% to 80% of your target heart rate. #39;Listen to what your body is telling you,#39; says Ms. Sandon. #39;If you have a high-stress work environment then vigorous workouts may not make you feel better. You might be better off with restorative yoga so your brain can slow down.#39; 要避免中午感觉疲乏,让全天都能保持充沛的精力,多数健身教练的建议是多做些中等强度的锻炼,也就是让心跳达到目标心率70%至80%的运动。桑登说:“要倾听你身体发出的声音,如果你处在压力很大的工作环境中,那么剧烈运动或许不能让你感觉更舒。做修复瑜伽效果可能会更好,这样你的大脑能够放松下来。” An ideal schedule would be two to three high-intensity workouts during the week, mixed in with lighter workouts like yoga, walking or weight training, say fitness experts. 健身专家称,理想的安排是一周进行两到三次高强度锻炼,并加入瑜伽、健走或负重训练等强度较低的项目。 And mix up your workouts throughout the week -- either with cardio, core and flexibility each time, or a rotation of workouts emphasizing endurance, strength and stretching. It not only keeps you energized, it also helps you burn calories throughout the week, says Annie Malaythong, a certified personal trainer in Atlanta who teaches fitness workshops around the U.S. for National Academy of Sports Medicine in Chandler, Ariz. 此外,在一周的锻炼中把不同项目结合起来──可以每次同时进行有氧运动、核心肌群训练和柔韧性训练,也可以轮换进行耐力、力量和伸展性训练。亚特兰大的注册个人健身教练安妮#12539;马莱通(Annie Malaythong)称,这种安排不仅能让你保持充沛的精力,还能帮助你在整整一周的时间里燃烧卡路里。马莱通受亚利桑那州钱德勒(Chandler)的美国国家运动医学学院(National Academy of Sports Medicine)委派,在全美的健身工作室进行教学。 Nutrition is just as important as moving to keep from feeling fatigued, Ms. Malaythong says. She suggests eating something every three hours, including a snack such as a small piece of fruit an hour before a workout and a meal of protein and carbohydrates within the hour after. 马莱通表示,要想不感觉疲乏,营养和运动同等重要。她建议每三小时吃点东西,包括在健身前一小时吃点零食,比如一小片水果,并在健身后一小时之内吃一餐含蛋白质和碳水化合物的膳食。 The wrong food can leave you feeling depleted. #39;That breakfast pastry or a fast food lunch can sap your energy,#39; says Samantha Heller, an exercise physiologist and a senior clinical nutritionist at New York University. 吃得不合适会让你感觉精疲力尽。纽约大学(New York University)的运动生理学家、高级临床营养学家萨曼莎#12539;赫勒(Samantha Heller)表示:“早餐吃糕点或者午餐吃快餐会消耗你的精力。” And remember to sip water during workouts and throughout the day, says Ms. Heller. #39;When you#39;re not hydrated, you will feel fatigued,#39; she says. #39;You may not know why, but you will feel it.#39; 赫勒说,还要记得在健身间隙喝点水,一天之中也要不断喝水。她说:“当你缺水时会感到疲乏。你可能不知道原因,但你确实会有疲乏的感觉。” So why do so many people suffer from the midday blahs? 那么,为什么有这么多人中午感到疲乏呢? According to Charles Czeisler, director of Harvard Medical School#39;s Division of Sleep Medicine, the internal biological clock in the brain#39;s hypothalamus guides daily rhythms of your body temperature, melatonin, blood pressure, sleep and wakefulness. 哈佛医学院(Harvard Medical School)睡眠医学部(Division of Sleep Medicine)的负责人查尔斯#12539;蔡斯勒(Charles Czeisler)表示,位于丘脑下部的体内生物钟调控着你每天的体温、褪黑素分泌、血压、睡眠和清醒节律。 As the drive for sleep builds up during the day, it produces midday sleepiness for many people, Dr. Czeisler says. It also causes a surge in alertness that peaks in the late evening, he says. Exposure to artificial light in the evening can extend that second wind into the night, making it difficult to fall asleep and deepening the midday trough in alertness, he says. 蔡斯勒称,白天睡眠动力不断增强,导致许多人中午犯困,还会导致警觉清醒程度在傍晚时分急剧上升,达到高峰。他还称,晚间接触人工照明会将这种精力恢复的状态延长到夜晚,让人难以入睡,并加剧中午的觉醒低谷。 Sitting for a long stretch of time can make people feel more tired, says Natalie Muth, a San Diego primary-care pediatrician and health-care solutions director at the American Council on Exercise, a nonprofit that provides fitness certification and training. Moving your body, even for just a few minutes, can get the blood pumping in your body. #39;The heart begins to beat faster, delivering more blood and oxygen to working cells,#39; says Dr. Muth. This increases the release of hormones like endorphins, which not only help people feel good, but also reverses fatigue. 迭戈的家庭儿科医生、美国运动协会(American Council on Exercise)(这是一家提供健身认和训练的非盈利机构)医疗保健解决方案负责人纳塔莉#12539;穆特(Natalie Muth)称,久坐会让人感觉更加疲惫。活动一下身体,哪怕只有几分钟,也能够让血液注入你的身体。穆特称:“心脏开始加速跳动,向工作细胞输送更多血液和氧气。”这会促进内啡?等荷尔蒙的释放,不仅能让人感觉更舒,还能消除疲劳。 Ms. Malaythong says staying energized involves trial and error, perhaps tweaking the intensity of a weekly workout routine, trying to eat more nutritiously, staying hydrated and getting enough sleep. And she emphasizes the importance of moving throughout the day. She tells clients to climb stairs, do upper-body stretches, go for brisk 10-minute walks, or write the A#39;s with their big toe at their desks. #39;I encourage as much activity as they can handle,#39; she says. 马莱通表示,要想保持充沛的精力,需要不断试错,也许要调整每周例行锻炼方案的强度,设法吃得更营养,保持充足水分,获得充足的睡眠。她还强调了在一天中多活动的重要性。她让客户爬楼梯,做上身伸展运动,用10分钟做短时散步,或者用拇趾在办公桌上写字母。她说:“我鼓励人们尽可能地多活动。” /201309/258046。