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  New Zealand First leader Winston Peters last week talked about an email he had received from a Chinese real estate agent in Auckland about immigration and the housing market. 上周,新西兰优先党领袖温斯顿·彼特斯谈到他收到的一封来自奥克兰的中国房地产中介的关于移民和住房市场的内容的邮件。Peters said the agent backed up his claim that speculation was rife. The agent has worked in the industry for three years. He expands on his views here.彼得斯说,中介持他声称投机盛行的说法。中介在该行业工作了三年。他在这里详述了自己的观点。I am a Chinese property agent working in Auckland. Recently I emailed the New Zealand First leader Winston Peters expressing opinions on the housing crisis and immigration policy.我是一名在奥克兰工作的中国房产中介。最近我给新西兰优先党领导人温斯顿·彼特斯发了一份表达我对住房危机和移民政策观点的邮件。I thought as I am an immigrant who happens to have been sitting in the box seat of Auckland#39;s real estate scene the rest of the country might find relevancy in what I have to say.我是移民,正好在奥克兰房地产市场的风尖浪口,我想我不得不发声的观点对这个国家其他地区也有借鉴意义。My family moved to central Auckland in 2001 from mainland China. We came here with the hope of embracing a new lifestyle as well as for the younger generation to receive a superior education.我们全家在2001年从中国大陆移民到了奥克兰中部。我们来这里是希望开始一种新的生活方式,并且让下一代接受更好的教育。We remember Auckland as being a city with a unique blend of European and native cultures that is termed ;Kiwi; while the influx of migrants from different ethnicities steadily added vibrancy colour and prosperity to the city.我们印象中的奥克兰,是一个独特的融合了欧洲文化与本土文化被称为“几维”的城市,来自不同种族的移民的涌入,不断增添了活力的色和城市的繁荣。Years went by and something curious happened.几年以后,一些怪事发生了。Instead of seeing a balanced ethnic mix Auckland started to acquire an unwholesomely Chinese flavour.与平衡的民族融合相反,奥克兰开始弥漫一股令人讨厌的中国味。There are poorly designed cheap signs written only in Chinese or with minimal English at every corner of the central suburbs.在城市中心和郊区的每个角落,都有只标注了中文或者附带很少英文的设计拙劣的廉价店招。These are the supplement shops internet cafes restaurants plus a few seemingly dodgy places that are catering exclusively to Chinese customers.这些是小杂货铺、网吧、餐馆以及一些看上去可疑的专供中国顾客餐饮的地方。Most of them have part time Chinese students as sole employees.他们中的大部分只雇兼职的中国学生。A recent encounter with two young Japanese professionals in Tokyo amused me.最近在东京邂逅两位日本小白领的经历我觉得很搞笑。;Going to Auckland is like going to China; they said.;到了奥克兰就跟到了中国一样。“他们说。;You don#39;t hear English you don#39;t see Kiwis there is just Chinese Chinese and Chinese.;“你听不到英文,你看不到几维,那里只有中文中文中文。”They felt disillusioned and bewildered. Similar voices are heard among local international students ;Are we here to study English or Chinese?;他们感到失望和困惑。类似的声音也能在当地的国际学生中听到:“我们在这里到底学习英语还是中文?”The same relates to the real estate scene.房地产市场也是同样的情形。While the statistics show there has been 3-5 per cent foreign buyers in the market is it what we have been seeing across the auction rooms or at open homes for the past half decade?统计数据显示:市场已出现3-5 %的外国买家,这就是过去五年我们在拍卖大厅或在现场公开销售(open house是一种现场参观的房地产销售模式)时看到场景?I remember seeing young couples with their hands clenched and eyes glued to the auction screen only to find their first dream house outbid by someone screaming in mandarin.我不会忘记年轻夫妇们十指紧扣,死死盯住拍卖屏幕,才发现自己最初的梦想的房子出价高得令他们用普通话尖叫。And I shudder to imagine their feeling when they see the very house they missed out back on the market within a couple of months, this time, with 200k added on top ... meanwhile, a champagne is uncorked at another New Zealand property expo in China.一想到他们看到自己错过的房子数月后加价200k又重新被投放到市场上后的感受我就不寒而栗。同时,在中国举办的新西兰房地产览会上又将有一瓶庆祝香槟被开启。During a recent interview with Newshub, I was asked whether I was worried about Chinese domination. No, it is not, and never has been about any race dominating another. Otherwise it would be blunt racism.最近接受Newshub采访时我被问到是否对中国元素铺天盖地的情况有所担心?我的回答是不会的,从来不会有一种民族配另一个民族。要不然就会变成了裸的民族主义。It is about how do you want your Auckland and your New Zealand to be? Do we want trained, skilled professionals to bring our economy to the next level or all we want to see is another Chinese restaurant around the corner, or foreign visitors mistaking Auckland for China?这是一个关于你想要奥克兰和新西兰成为什么样的地方的问题。我们是希望更多的训练有素的专业人士促进经济发展还是希望看到另一个中国餐馆开业,甚至是外国游客误把奥克兰当成中国?When New Zealand First#39;s Winston Peters said many immigrants choose New Zealand when they have failed entering Canada US UK and Australia he is right.新西兰优先党温斯顿.彼得斯说,许多移民因为去不了加拿大、美国、英国、和澳大利亚、所以才选择移民了新西兰。他是对的。At least it is a well perceived notion among my fellow Chinese that only the ;less fortunate; choose New Zealand.至少,在我的中国同胞中,只有“不那么幸运的”伙计才会选择新西兰。As a consequence we have been absorbing lower quality immigrants who neither have the intention to assimilate to our culture nor the intention to set up all inclusive businesses that provide jobs for Kiwis.这样的后果就是我们接纳了低层次的移民,他们不想接受我们的文化,也没有创立能为新西兰人提供工作岗位的包容性企业的意向。In the event of any of the above-mentioned countries loosening their immigration policies brace yourself for a downward ride: far fewer people will be willing to pay the same for your home or to lease your shop.如果上述提到的国家放松他们的移民政策,做好准备面对低层次的移民流:更少的人将愿意购买你的房屋或租赁你的店铺。This is because while the property market has been reflecting an exhilarating population growth it is also fuelled by the widesp assumption that ;the Chinese pay the most.; It is irrational exuberance at its worst.原因在于令人振奋的人口增长已经反应到了房地产市场上,同时房产市场也会被更大的假设所刺激,卖方会假设中国人会出更高的价格。这是最糟的非理性繁荣。It is time for us New Zealanders to rethink.新西兰人该反思了。 /201608/463477

  The mayor of Xingtai City in north China#39;s Hebei Province apologized last Saturday night for inadequate responses to the storms that have caused 25 deaths and 13 missing in the city.上周六晚,中国北部河北省邢台市市长就本次暴雨灾害应对不力,造成25人死亡及13人失联向民众道歉。Dong Xiaoyu said the government had underestimated the intensity of the rainfall, been insufficient in emergency ability, and late and inaccurate when it came to disaster assessment.邢台市市长董晓宇表示,政府低估了此次降雨的强度、应急能力不足,对灾害评估不及时、不准确。;I am deeply sorry for failing to protect people#39;s lives and properties, no matter howserious the natural disaster is,; Dong said. ;On behalf of the city Party committee and government, I pay deepest condolences to the victims and their relatives, and apologize tothe public.;董晓宇市长说道:“无论面对多大的天灾,没能保护好人民群众生命财产安全,我深感内疚。我代表市委、市政府向所有遇难者及亲属表示沉痛哀悼,向全社会诚恳道歉。”Dong said the city has initiated an accountability investigation and will punish those responsible for the tragedy.他表示,目前邢台市已启动责任追究程序,对这次抗洪中工作不力的责任人将给予处分。Torrential rain and floods have left 114 people dead and 111 others missing in Hebei, according to the provincial civil affairs bureau.据河北省民政局数据显示,此次特大暴雨已造成河北省114人死亡,111人失踪。 /201607/457442

  Discoveries of new oil reserves have dropped to their lowest level for more than 60 years, pointing to potential supply shortages in the next decade.新探明石油储量已降至逾60年来最低水平,这预示着未来10年可能出现供给短缺。Oil explorers found 2.8bn barrels of crude and related liquids last year, according to IHS, a consultancy. This is the lowest annual volume recorded since 1954, reflecting a slowdown in exploration activity as hard-pressed oil companies seek to conserve cash.咨询公司IHS的数据显示,石油勘探企业去年新发现的原油及相关液态能源为28亿桶。这是自1954年以来录得的最低年探明储量,反映出随着拮据的石油公司设法节约现金,石油勘探活动正逐步放缓。Most of the new reserves that have been found are offshore in deep water, where oilfields take an of average seven years to bring into production, so the declining rate of exploration success points to reduced supplies from the mid-2020s.大多数新发现的石油储量都处于海洋深水区,投产平均需要7年时间,所以,探明成功率的下降预示着,从本世纪20年代中期开始,石油供给将会减少。The dwindling rate of discoveries does not mean that the world is running out of oil; in recent years most of the increase in global production has come from existing fields, not new finds, according to Wood Mackenzie, another consultancy. Additionally, there has been a predominance of gas, rather than oil, in recent finds.另一家咨询公司伍德麦肯兹(Wood Mackenzie)认为,新发现石油储量速度的下降并不意味着全球石油正在耗尽;近年来,全球石油产量增长的大部分来自已有油田,而非新发现油田。此外,在新近发现的储量中,占绝大多数的是天然气,而非石油。But if the rate of oil discoveries does not improve, it will create a shortfall in global supplies of about 4.5m barrels per day by 2035, Wood Mackenzie said.伍德麦肯兹表示,如果石油勘探的速度不提高,到2035年将造成全球每天约450万桶的供给缺口。That could mean higher oil prices, and make the world more reliant on onshore oilfields where the resource base is aly known, such as US shale.这或将意味着油价上涨,并使全球更依赖已知资源储量的陆上油田,比如美国的页岩。 /201605/441989

  Saudi Arabia and Russia yesterday said they would co-operate to try to stabilise oil markets, but stopped short of agreeing immediate action to restrict production and end a glut that has halved prices in the past two years.沙特阿拉伯和俄罗斯昨日表示他们将联手试图稳定石油市场,但未能就限制产量、结束生产过剩状态——这导致油价过去两年下跌了一半——商定立即行动。Traders have been watching for signs the world’s biggest producers could cap output when they meet in Algiers later this month, with some Opec members clamouring to shore up the price.交易商正在留意世界各大产油国本月晚些时候在阿尔及尔开会时限制产量的迹象。石油输出国组织(OPEC)的某些成员国强烈要求撑油价。The energy ministers of Russia and Saudi Arabia, which together produce more than a fifth of the world’s crude, said at the G20 meeting in China that they could limit output, while establishing a working group to explore other ways to reduce market volatility. 俄罗斯和沙特(这两国的原油产量超过世界总量五分之一)的能源部长在中国举行的20国(G20)会议上表示,他们可以限制产量,同时建立一个工作小组来探索减少市场波动性的其他方式。Russia is the largest exporter outside of Opec.俄罗斯是OPEC以外最大的石油出口国。Freezing production is one of the preferred possibilities but it does not have to happen specifically today, Saudi oil minister Khalid Al Falih said.冻结产量是优先考虑的可能性之一,但是不一定非要在今天出台,沙特石油部长哈立德#8226;阿尔-法立赫(Khalid al-Falih)表示。News of their planned co-operation initially sent prices shooting higher, with international benchmark Brent crude gaining as much as 6 per cent to .40 a barrel.他们宣布合作计划的消息起初使得油价上涨,国际基准的布伦特(Brent)原油价格上涨6%,至49.40美元/桶。But Brent quickly retraced most of its gains to trade nearer a barrel, after it became clear there was no concrete agreement.但是,随着没有达成具体协议的事实变得明朗,布伦特原油价格很快回落至47美元/桶左右,抹掉了大部分涨幅。The pact at the G20 followed a meeting between Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi deputy crown prince, and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the weekend. 在G20峰会上达成协议之前,沙特副王储穆罕默德#8226;本#8226;萨勒曼(Mohammed bin Salman)和俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)周末会晤。Greater co-operation has been under discussion for almost a year, but lower prices and Middle East geopolitics — each country supports opposing sides in Syria’s civil war — is creating strain.两国之间对于扩大合作已经讨论了近一年,但是油价下跌和中东地缘政治——两国在叙利亚内战中持着对立的阵营——正在制造紧张。Russia was y to join the cartel in freezing output in April before Saudi Arabia halted talks at the last minute, refusing to join any deal without the participation of its regional rival Iran.4月,俄罗斯曾准备好与该组织一起冻结产量,但沙特在最后时刻停止了对话、拒绝在没有区域竞争对手伊朗参与的情况下加入任何协议。Russia’s energy minister Alexander Novak described yesterday’s agreement as historic but tensions remained ily apparent.俄罗斯能源部长亚历山大#8226;诺瓦克(Alexander Novak)形容昨天的协议具有历史意义,但是紧张局面仍然显而易见。While Mr Novak said an output cap was the most effective instrument, with details of a plan currently being discussed, Mr Falih suggested freezing production may not be necessary.尽管诺瓦克称设置产量上限是最有效的工具、计划细节目前正在讨论之中,但是法立赫暗示冻结产量或许没有必要。The Russian minister also said a production deal may not have to include Iran until Tehran’s production had recovered to pre-sanctions levels. 诺瓦克还表示,在德黑兰方面的产量恢复到制裁前水平之前,生产协议可能不一定要包括伊朗。Mr Falih said he believed, however, that Iran’s output was aly at that level.然而法立赫称,他认为伊朗的石油产量已经达到那个水平了。 /201609/464913


  The World Bank is warning that global warming will push 100 million more people into poverty across the globe in the next 15 years, in the absence of further action by developed nations to curb rising temperatures.世界警告说,发达国家若不进一步采取行动遏制全球气候升温,今后15年全球贫困人口将增加一亿。In a report released Sunday, the bank called for ;rapid, inclusive and climate smart development, together with emission reductions; aimed at protecting the world#39;s most vulnerable inhabitants.世行在周日公布的一份报告中呼吁要实现“在减排的同时,快速、广泛的和有利气候的发展”,目的是保护世界上最易受到侵害的居民。The report, entitled ;Shockwaves: Managing the Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty,; comes ahead of a global summit on climate change that opens November 30 in Paris.这份题为《大冲击:气候变迁对穷国影响之管理》的报告的发表正值11月30日巴黎召开全球气候峰会的前夕。It also follows last week#39;s ed Nations warning that voluntary carbon emission cutting pledges from industrialized nations go nowhere near far enough to prevent a looming crisis.上个星期,联合国警告说,工业化国家作出的自愿减排承诺还远远不够,无法避免迫在眉睫的危机。Current recommendations call for global measures aimed at limiting temperature rises to 2 degrees Celsius in this century.目前的建议是采取全球性措施,在本世纪把全球温度升幅限制在2摄氏度以内。But Friday#39;s U.N. Environment Program report said existing pledges - if honored - will yield only a third of the reductions needed by 2030 to preserve that long-range target.但是,联合国环境规划署周五公布的一份报告说,如果按照现行承诺加以实施,那么到2030年只能实现届时所应达到减排目标的三分之一。 /201511/409098

  The inaugural committee for President-elect Donald Trump is out with its initial offerings to donors - and for major money, supporters will have prime access to the administration and first families.美国当选总统特朗普就职典礼委员会给资助人开出了门槛价,而大额资金持者将有机会接触内阁和第一家庭。According to a copy of the ;58th Presidential Inaugural Committee Underwriter Benefits; brochure obtained by CNN, for million, donors will get tickets to a luncheon with Cabinet appointees and congressional leadership, dinner with the Vice President-elect and his wife, CNN拿到了一份《第58届总统就职委员会资助人福利手册》的复印件,上面显示,资助人捐赠100万美元将获得与内阁提名人和国会领袖的午宴券、与侯任副总统及夫人的晚餐券、lunch with the first families, tickets to an ;elegant; ;candlelight dinner; featuring ;special appearances by; Trump, Melania Trump, Mike Pence and his wife, Karen Pence, and tickets to the parade, swearing in concert and ball.与第一家庭的午餐券、特朗普及夫人和彭斯夫妇出席的盛大烛光晚餐的入场券、以及就职游行、宣誓典礼和就职舞会的入场券。The brochure also offers various versions of the package for the 0,000, 0,000, 0,000 and ,000 price points. 手册中还提供了不同金额的资助套餐,价格分别为50万美元、25万美元、10万美元以及2.5万美元。All the packages include travel bookings and tickets to various events, with decreasing amounts of tickets and less access. 所有套餐均包含机票预订以及各种活动的入场券,价格越低所包含入场券的种类和数量越少。While 0,000 and up includes the ;candlelight; dinner and first family luncheon, less than that only gets access to the official inaugural events and, for 0,000 donors, the Cabinet.25万美元以上的套餐包含烛光晚餐以及与第一家庭的午宴券,低于25万美元仅能参加官方的就职活动,而资助10万美元的人仅能接触到内阁。The inaugural committee is a separate entity from the campaign and the transition, and can raise money as it sees fit, though donors and bundlers of 0 or more will be made public.就职典礼委员会是一个独立于竞选团队和交接团队的机构,如有需要,他们可以筹集资金,但需公开捐助200美元以上的捐助人。Trump#39;s inaugural committee is chaired by wealthy investment executive Tom Barrack, a friend of Trump#39;s who spoke at the Republican convention this summer.特朗普就职典礼委员会的主席由投资富豪汤姆.巴拉克担任主席,他是特朗普的友人,曾在今夏的共和党大会上发言。The inaugural committee confirmed the document was authentic, but said it was subject to change. 廉政中心最先公布了这份文件。The document was first reported by the Center for Public Integrity.就职典礼委员会确认该文件属实,但表示可能会有变化。;The Inaugural events are, to a large extent, privately funded so as to not use taxpayer dollars,; said committee spokesman Boris Epshteyn in a statement. 该委员会发言人鲍里斯.爱泊斯坦称,为了不用纳税人的钱,;For the 58th Presidential Inaugural, any and all funds raised above amounts needed to fund the Inaugural events will be donated to charitable organizations.就职活动在很大程度上是私人赞助的,超出就职活动所需募集金额以外的资金将会被捐赠给慈善组织。Epshteyn also said the inauguration would not accept any money from ;state or federal registered lobbyists.;爱泊斯坦还表示,就职典礼不会接受州政府或联邦政府登记在册的游说集团的资助。It is customary for president-elects to raise money for their inauguration, which costs millions.为耗资百万的就职典礼筹集资金是候任总统的惯例。President Barack Obama limited his 2009 inauguration to raising ,000 per individual, though past inaugurations had set higher limits. 奥巴马总统将2009年就职典礼的个人捐助额限定在5万美元内,此前的就职典礼设置的上限更高。But for his 2013 inauguration, donor solicitations obtained by The Associated Press also sought million donations.不过,美联社报道,奥巴马2013年就职典礼的募捐邀请上也征集100万美元的捐款。Trump initially mostly self-financed his primary campaign, using it as a selling point on the stump that he was not beholden to special interests.最初,特朗普主要是自掏腰包参加初选,他在竞选巡回演讲中以此作为卖点,称自己不受特殊利益牵制。But in the general election, Trump raised hundreds of millions from private donors with the Republican National Committee, 但大选期间,特朗普和共和党全国委员会从私人捐助者中筹集了数亿美元。and though he pledged to spend 0 million of his own money, never met that amount, giving less than million of his own money through October.尽管他承诺要自己掏出1亿美元,但却从未达到这个数额,到10月份,他自己花了不到6000万美元。 /201612/481589


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