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Cancer therapy癌症治疗Taking aim sooner即将实现对症下药If personalised medicine is to achieve its full potential, it should be used earlier on in clinical trials若想让个体化药物发挥最大潜力,那就应该尽早将它投入临床试验。Jun 9th 2011 | from the print editionONE of the prospects supporters of the Human Genome Project held out was personalised medicine. Knowing which genes were involved in a particular patient’s disease would allow drugs to be deployed with greater precision. That is starting to happen in the field of cancer. Several targeted therapies, aimed at specific cancer-causing mutations, including Gleevec for chronic myelogenous leukaemia and Herceptin for some types of breast cancer, have been spectacularly successful. Yet in most cases of cancer doctors still base their treatment on where in the body a tumour has sprung up, rather than on which molecular aberrations have caused it.人类基因组计划持者认为该计划的前景之一就是个体化药物。通过了解哪些基因与特定病人的疾病存在关联,会使药物的使用更加精确。在癌症领域,这种情况即将成为现实。几种针对特定致癌突变的靶向疗法——包括治疗慢性髓细胞性白血病的格列卫和治疗多种类型乳癌的赫塞汀——所展现出的治疗效果令世人瞩目。而在癌症的大多数病例中,医生们的治疗仍然基于人体中肿瘤出现的位置,而不考虑究竟是哪几种分子畸变导致了肿瘤的发生。The same is true of medical researchers recruiting volunteers for clinical trials, especially those known as phase I trials, in which a new drug is tested on people for the first time. Participants in such trials are often those whose tumour has sp beyond its original site, and will probably prove fatal. Usually, they have tried all proven therapies, to no avail. Their precarious condition means they are rarely accepted for phase II and III trials, which are more complicated and extensive.对于招募临床试验志愿者,尤其是所谓的第一阶段试验(在该阶段,人们要接受新药的第一次人体试验)志愿者的医疗研究员来说,情况也同样如此。该阶段试验的参加者通常是那些肿瘤发生扩散而远离初始位置的人,他们也将因此而有性命之忧。一般来说,他们已然尝试过所有经过验的疗法,却徒劳无功。他们危急的病情意味着只有少数人能接受更为复杂和广泛的第二和第三阶段试验。Oddly, though, even if the drug being tested is a targeted therapy the tradition in phase I trials has been to gather together patients with, say, lung cancer and assume that all carry the relevant mutation. That is because such trials are concerned mainly with testing a drug’s safety, not its efficacy. The volunteers are usually happy to go along with this. But the odds are not good. On average, fewer than 5% of participants in phase I trials respond successfully to the treatment.但是令人感到奇怪的是,即便所试验的药物是一种靶向治疗药物,第一阶段试验的传统也一直是招募病人,比如肺癌患者,并假定他们所有人都携带相关的突变体。那是因为这些试验主要关注点在于测试药品的安全性,而非有效性。志愿者通常愿意从头到尾全程配合,但是效果仍不甚理想。平均来说,在第一阶段试验中只有不到5%的参与者经过治疗后病情大有起色。201106/141187Americans in ParisThey were there, Lafayette法国巴黎——人们心中的圣殿Paris was their goal巴黎是他们的目标Sargent’s love of Paris revealed in this painting of the Luxembourg Gardens 在这幅《卢森堡花园》中,萨金特对巴黎的喜爱一览无余Jun 2nd 2011 | from the print edition The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris. 《远大旅程:美国人在巴黎》By David McCullough. Simon amp; Schuster; 544 pages; .50. Buy from Amazon.com“WHEN good Americans die, they go to Paris,” observed Thomas Gold Appleton, a Boston wit of the 19th century. Appleton is just one of the characters in David McCullough’s excellent reminder that Americans’ love of Paris began a good century before the arrival in the “City of Light” of men such as Ernest Hemingway or James Baldwin. From James Fenimore Cooper, author of “The Last of the Mohicans”, to Samuel Morse, a painter better known now as the inventor of the telegraph, American visitors were seduced by Paris: “Never in their lives had the Americans seen such parks and palaces, or such beautiful bridges or so many bridges.”“善良的美国人去世后,他们的灵魂就升入巴黎。” 19世纪的波士顿智者托马斯#8226;金#8226;阿普尔顿曾这样说。在大卫#8226;麦卡洛的新作中,美国人对巴黎的热爱一览无余。这种热爱甚至在欧内斯特#8226;海明威和詹姆斯#8226;鲍德温来到这座“灯光之城”之前就已经开始了,而阿普尔顿只是这众多热爱法国的美国人中的一个。无论是《最后一个莫西干人》的作者詹姆斯#8226;费尼莫尔#8226;库珀,还是萨缪尔#8226;莫尔斯,这位以发明电码而闻名于世的画家,美国的游学者都被巴黎深深吸引着:“穷极一生,美国人也不曾见过如此美轮美奂的公园殿宇,如此隽永众多的桥梁。”Paris was so much more advanced—in the arts, the sciences and medicine—than Boston, New York or Washington, DC. Morse, aly a successful artist in America when he was commissioned at 28 to produce a portrait of President Monroe, declared that he had to go to Paris: “My education as a painter is incomplete without it.” This desire for improvement was “the greater journey” of Mr. McCullough’s title, following the often dangerous journey across the Atlantic, first by sailing ship and only later under steam. 在艺术,科学和医药方面,巴黎都远比波士顿、纽约和华盛顿特区要先进得多。28岁的时候,莫尔斯被指派为门罗总统画一幅肖像。但当时已蜚声美国画坛的莫尔斯却要求要去巴黎学习,声称:“没有去过巴黎,我的绘画事业就不完整。”对于改善提高的渴望,就是麦卡洛先生的书名——远大旅程的由来。而这一旅程,往往伴随着横渡大西洋的艰难险阻——最早是由帆船航行,而后才变为汽船。201106/140039

甲型H1N1流感在日本关西地区以超出人们想像的速度蔓延。大阪府和兵库县两地一时间草木皆兵。从上周的4例剧增至200多例。日本首相麻生太郎通过电视呼吁民众冷静对待不断加剧的H1N1疫情的爆发,要避免引起恐慌。Prime Minister Taro Aso urged calm in television ads, calling on the public to avoid panic amid rising concerns of an h1n1 flu outbreak.The government took to the airwaves after more than 200 new cases were confirmed in just 4 days.The cases have all been confined to Japan's western prefectures Osaka and Hyogo. The Health Ministry says most patients are middle and high school students, but they don't know how the virus sp. Earlier this week local leaders shut down all public schools and more than 6 dozen universities. But on Wednesday Osaka governor, Toru Hashimoto, announced those schools would reopen next week.He said it was important to move forward with classes, after a week long halt. The government is trying to quell fears while proceeding with caution. It is worried about the virus's economic impact, with schools cancelling field trips and with reports that companies like Shiseido and Mitsubishi ordered employees to limit business trips.Public "Fever consultation" centers and local hospitals say they're overwhelmed with concerned patients. That prompted Hyogo Governor Toshizo Ido to appeal for central government help. Those concerns are quickly sping beyond western Japan. Outside a crowded train station in Tokyo, Junko Sato hid behind 2 masks."It's a matter of time before it gets to Tokyo. To protect myself I wash my hands every opportunity I get. I gargle with mouthwash. I'm especially worried about my 5 year old nephew who lives with me," said Sato.Life is returning to normal in at least one area. The Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare plans to scale back inspections on flights at the country's airports. The changes could come at the end of the week. A top official says the first 4 cases of the virus may have been found at Narita Airport, but he says the main goal now is to stop the sp of the virus. 05/71192

Hundreds of thousands of people in Bangladesh, victims of the worst cyclone to hit the country in a decade were desperately awaiting aid on Monday as the official death toll climbed to over three thousand. With relief aid pouring in, rescue teams battled to reach remote areas. The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, the Islamic equivalent of the Red Cross warned the death toll could hit ten thousand once rescuers reach outlying islands. In the typhoon ravaged area, residents have been recovering dead bodies since flood waters receded. Many grieving families are burying their loved ones in the same grave because no male member is available to dig separate ones. But even these mass graves are overflowing with new bodies being recovered every day. “There’s no place to bury the dead. We do not even have a piece of cloth to cover their bodies. Our condition now is worse than the dead.” “I can not find my family members. I don’t even know how to look for them. We’ve lost our house, cattle, crops, everything, because of floods.” Patuakhali, in the southern coastal area of the country, endured strong winds that push large boats out of the water and onto land. People’s houses were destroyed, and their animals killed when the cyclone struck. The lack of food, water, proper shelter and clothes, especially during the winter season, have made the living conditions of survivors extremely difficult. “Our crops have been destroyed. We have nothing to survive on.”“We are trying to survive with eating whatever’s edible that we canlay our hands on.” International aid organizations promised initial packages of 25 million dollars during a meeting with Bangladesh agencies on Monday. But relief items such as tents, rice and water have been slow to reach many. The government’s response was criticized by some villagers and many fear they may not survive. Government officials defended the relief efforts and expressed confidence that authorities are up to the task. Many foreign governments and international groups have also pledged to help, including the ed States, which offered 2.1 million dollars and the ed Nations which promised 7 million dollars. Tropical cyclone Sidr was the worst cyclone to hit Bangladesh in a decade.outlying: adj.far from the centre of a city, town etc or from a main building ravage: v.to damage something very badly200811/55311

  The conditions aren't always ideal in summer,but today is a good day. Without the usual throng of winter skiiers to crowd him, L has more room to carve up the 1 . 250 kilometers north of Bergen lies Alesund, a pretty harbor town based directly on the sea that sps across 3 islands. It too was originally built from wood but sadly was destroyed by fire in 1904. The rebuilding of Alesund was carried out in an astonishingly short time, with 391 buildings erected 3 years laters. The 50 architects who redesigned the town had a stong international influence, so decided to go with an Art Nouveau style. Carlo and Luss have just arrived here and they are on the way to the harbor for a special sight-seeing tour. Like many 2 of the town, their tour guide is a local fisherman and knows these waters well. The town's waterways crisscross, making it easy to see the traditonal Art Nouveau buildings. It's 10 o'clock in the evening,but Norway's long summer nights mean tourists can get the most out of their day. Alesund is only 400 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle where the sun shines at midnight. Visitors can experience almost 20 hours of sunlight a day. And at this time of year, the sunsets are spectacular. Carlo and Luss's Norwegian voyage comes to a romantic end in Alesund.Yeah, Scuba Duba, skulkers goes all the way. At the extreme sports weekend in Voss, the last few contestants are fighting for victory in a swooping contest. Swooping is a type of sky diving where the aim is to jump out of a plane and get as close to the ground as possible without actually touching it. This requires you to pinpoint the moment on the course.注释:① erect vt. 使竖立;建造;安装 adj. 竖立的;笔直的;因性刺激而勃起的vi. 直立;勃起 vt.使竖立;建造;安装例句:1. She held her head erect and her back straight. 她昂着头,把背挺得笔直。2. Her mother was an erect, square-shouldered, defiant woman. 她的妈妈是一位挺胸直立,双肩宽阔而顽强的女人。 ② direct adj. 直接的;直系的;亲身的;恰好的 vt. 管理;指挥;导演;指向vi. 指导;指挥 adv. 直接地;正好;按直系关系例句:1. She cast her eyes down to avoid direct eye contact. 她垂下双目以避免对视。2. I'll book you on a direct flight to London. 我将为你预订直飞伦敦的航班。③ swoop vi. 猛扑;突然袭击;突然下降;飞扑n. 猛扑;俯冲;突然袭击 vt. 攫取;抓去例句:1. He lost all his wealth all at one swoop. 他一下子失去了所有的财产。2. We decided to swoop down upon the enemy there. 我们决定突袭驻在那里的敌人。 课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/157439

  Tonight the newly winged young would join the feeding frenzy.They are now fully fledged members of the colony,y to investigate the bounty of this land,and dark in the dusk with breathtaking numbers once again.今晚羽翼未丰的年轻小伙子们新加入到大军当中。他们现在是充分保障殖民地的成员,准备调查这片肥沃的土地,黄昏的黑暗中再次上演了惊险一幕。Morning in Costa Rica ,and the army is on the move again.Each day about a third of the nest spills out in the deluge of ants.And for moat of their prey,resistance is futile.哥斯达黎加的早上,这军队再次踏上了征程。每一天大约三分之一的巢泄漏在铺天盖地的蚂蚁当中。作为它们的猎物,反抗根本就是徒劳的。词语解释:1. feed v. 喂养2. member n. 成员164632。

    Russian President Dmitri Medvedev will be in the ed States in the next few days. His visit will focus on economic and trade matters.The high point of President Medvedev's stay in the ed States will be his visit to Silicon Valley - an area in northern California known for its high-tech companies, venture capitalists and forward-looking entrepreneurs.  Experts, such as Robert Legvold from Columbia University, say Mr. Medvedev is trying to generate interest in his plan to create a Russian Silicon Valley in the suburbs of Moscow known as the Skolkova Innovation Initiative."That area of Skolkova, where the Skolkova School of Business and Management is located, has a fair amount of acreage," he said. "So when Medvedev committed himself to the idea of creating a Silicon Valley, and there were a number of parts, different cities in Russia that vied for its location, it was decided to put it in this park. I think the notion is that there will be some link between the businesses and research centers that are created and the school."David Kramer, former senior State Department official in the George W. Bush administration, says the Russian president will be in northern California to try and form business partnerships and to learn how Silicon Valley got started."He's looking for investment. He's looking for expertise and know-how," he said. "He's looking to form consortiums and alliances with the private sector, with the universities." "And the question is how much interest there really will be and how much money there might be, at least from the outside. There's money in Russia that can be provided to fund some of this, but how much money from the West is there in supporting this kind of initiative? Those are questions that don't have answers yet," he added.Skolkova initiativeAnalysts say President Medvedev's idea of creating a Russian Silicon Valley is tied to his broader plan to modernize the country's economy."There is a realization at the end of the day that despite all the profits that Russia got from its sale of oil and gas over the last 10 years, that unless it modernizes its economy and reforms it, it will be a declining power," said John Parker [expressing his own, personal views] with the National Defense University. "So there is what seems to be a growing body of opinion in Russia among leadership circles that Russia has to start investing in its own technology sector."For that to work, Parker says the Skolkova initiative must be copied throughout Russia. "The danger is that it would just be a very confined experiment," he said. "You really need system-wide Skolkovas - Silicon Valley - otherwise it ends up just like under Catherine the Great when they imported a lot of German tradesmen and planted them in various settlements - but they were fairly self-contained. To really do the trick, Skolkova can't be self-contained. Its rules have to apply to all of Russian society, to all of Russia's economy."After visiting Silicon Valley, President Medvedev comes to Washington for a brief summit with President Barack Obama. Bilateral relationsExperts such as David Kramer say relations between the two countries are good. "The Obama administration touts the U.S.-Russian relationship as one of its major foreign policy successes," he said. "I wonder whether that says more about the rest of its foreign policy than about the U.S.-Russian relationship." Experts say the two sides also will discuss a host of other issues, including arms control after the recent signing of the New START Treaty, what to do about Iran following tougher ed Nations sanctions, as well as trade and economic questions."But having said that, relations are certainly better than they were at the end of 2008, when there were significant tensions between Moscow and Washington in the aftermath of the Russia-Georgia war. And so the tone and environment are much better than they were," he continued. 俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫即将来美国访问,这次访问重点将集中在经济和贸易方面。 梅德韦杰夫在美国逗留的重点将是访问硅谷,这个位于北加州的地区以高科技公司、风险投资家和前瞻性企业闻名。 专家说,梅德韦杰夫为他计划在莫斯科郊外建立俄罗斯硅谷而努力激发人们的兴趣。俄罗斯计划在斯科尔科沃开发科技创新园区。 哥伦比亚大学教授罗伯特.莱格沃尔德说:“ 斯科尔科沃管理学院所在地区就是这个科技创新园区选定的地址,那里有比较宽阔的土地。当梅德韦杰夫致力于兴建这个硅谷的时候,俄罗斯有很多地方的不同城市争相提出承办这个科技创新园区,最后确定在斯科尔科沃。我认为这意味着在这里创立这个园区是要和这个管理学院形成一种联络。” 小布什政府时期在国务院任职的高级官员戴维.克拉默说,梅德韦杰夫将到硅谷努力建立生意伙伴关系,学习硅谷创业的经验。 他说:“他是来寻找投资的。他来搜寻专业技术和高科技。他希望成立财团,和私营企业和大学形成联盟。” “问题是从外界能真正吸引多少兴趣,能得到多少可能的资金。俄罗斯可以为此提供资金,但是从西方国家可以得到多少对这一园区的持呢?这些问题还都没有。” 分析人士说,梅德韦杰夫要创立俄罗斯硅谷的想法和他更广泛的实现俄罗斯经济现代化的计划是密不可分的。 约翰.帕克是国防大学的教授,他表达了他个人的看法。他说:“ 俄罗斯最终认识到,尽管他们过去10年一直通过出售石油和天然气获得了大量收益,它仍将是一个走下坡路的大国。除非它实现经济现代化,将经济进行改革。俄罗斯领导层逐渐认识到,必须开始对本国技术领域投资了。” 帕克说,俄罗斯要做到这一点,斯科尔科沃科技园区必须成为俄罗斯各地的榜样。他说:“ 危险在于这仍是一个非常受限制的实验。俄罗斯真正需要的是体制的改革,也就是体制范围的硅谷化。否则这些努力不过是当年俄国女皇叶卡捷琳娜改革的翻版。她吸收了大批德国商人把他们安置在各地,但这些人基本上是自成一体的。俄罗斯的条例必须适用于整个国家和社会,适用于俄罗斯的经济。”  访问硅谷之后,梅德韦杰夫总统将前往华盛顿与奥巴马总统举行简短的峰会。包括克雷默在内的一些专家说,美俄两国之间的关系良好。克雷莫说:“奥巴马行政当局把美俄关系大力宣扬为它外交政策的重大成功之一。我想这也许是对奥巴马政府外交政策的其它部分的评价,而不是评价美俄关系。” “不过,尽管如此,两国之间现在的关系肯定比2008年年底的时候要好。那个时候,俄罗斯打完了和格鲁吉亚的战争,莫斯科和华盛顿的关系相当紧张。现在两国对话的语调和气氛比过去改善了很多。” 专家说,美国和俄罗斯将讨论很多其它方面的问题,包括最近签署了削减战略武器新条约之后的军备控制、联合国对伊朗实施更严厉制裁之后如何应对伊朗、以及其它贸易和经济问题。201006/106700

  The Post Office 邮政局Neither snow nor rainNor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers. But the internet will鹅毛大雪 倾盆大雨 炎炎烈日,昏暗夜色都无法使邮差停止送信。但因特网能。Aug 20th 2011 | LOS ANGELES | from the print editionTHE US Postal Service has an unofficial creed (above) that harks back to Herodotus, who was admiring the Persian empire’s stalwart messengers. Its own history is impressive too, dating to a royal licence by William and Mary in 1692, and including Benjamin Franklin as a notable postmaster, both for the crown (which dismissed him in 1774 for his revolutionary leanings) and then for the newly independent country. Ever since, the post has existed “to bind the Nation together”.美国邮政务有条非正式的信条。这一信条的出处要回溯到希罗多德,他对波斯国王忠实可靠的信使大为赞赏。美国邮政,历史悠久,于1692年得到威廉国王和玛利皇后的皇家许可,开始邮政务。本杰明.弗兰克林出任邮政总长更是值得一提:他曾先后为英国皇家(因他的革命倾向,于1774年被解雇)和刚刚独立的美国务,出任此职。从此以后,邮政的存在象征着“整个国家连在一起”。But as ever more Americans go online instead of sending paper, the volume of mail has been plummeting (see chart right). The decline is steeper than even pessimists expected a decade ago, says Patrick Donahoe, the current postmaster-general. Worse, because the post must deliver to every address in the country—about 150m, with some 1.4m additions every year—costs are simultaneously going up. As a result, the post has lost billion in the last four years and expects to lose another billion this fiscal year.自从越来越多的美国人选用网络而不是用邮政收寄信件,邮政的递送量便直线开始下降。现任邮政总长,帕特里克.多纳霍谈到,十年前对邮政事业持悲观态度的人都没预料到衰退会如此之快。更要命的是,邮政务必须送抵全国每一个邮政地址——美国现有邮政地址约一亿五千万个,每年都会多增加一百四十多万个——这使得邮政出同时增加。结果一目了然,邮政局在近四年损失合计二百亿美元,本财政年度预计损失为八亿美元。201108/150683NATO defense ministers say progress is being made in Afghanistan despite tough resistance from the Taliban insurgency.In a statement as they wrapped up a two-day meeting in Brussels, NATO defense ministers described military operations in Afghanistan as making measured progress. But they acknowledged significant challenges remain. That sentiment was shared by NATO's Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in his remarks to the ministers."We expect, the Afghan people expect and our populations expect, to see progress. We're only halfway through this year, but progress is visible - political and military progress," Rasmussen said.NATO ministers point specifically to two Afghan regions – Central Helmand and Kandahar – where their troops have focused on routing the Taliban insurgency. Rasmussen also pointed to political markers, including a recent peace jirga, or meeting, in Afghanistan gathering key players, and upcoming parliamentary elections.Still, the mission has faced significant setbacks, with more than two-dozen NATO troops killed this week alone. On Thursday, NATO's force commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, said a key operation in Kandahar would go slower than originally planned.Public and political frustration is also growing after nine years of fighting the Taliban. Still, Rasmussen told a press conference that NATO would likely begin transferring security operations to Afghan forces as planned. "I still think it is still a realistic goal that the transition process can start by the end of this year. I have continuously stressed that or course it is a condition-based process and not a calendar-driven process," he adds.Rasmussen has joined Washington in urging NATO allies to send more trainers to Afghanistan to strengthen Afghan police and military forces.  北约成员国的国防部长们说,阿富汗行动正在取得进展,尽管北约部队遇到塔利班叛乱分子的顽固抵抗。 北约各国的国防部长们结束了在布鲁塞尔举行的两天会议。他们在会议结束时发表声明说,阿富汗的军事行动正在取得适度进展,但是他们承认依然存在重大挑战。北约秘书长拉斯穆森在他对部长们的讲话中也表达了这种情绪。 拉斯穆森说:“我们期待,阿富汗人民期待,北约国家的人民也都期待看到进展。我们今年的行动才只开展了半年,但已经可以看到政治和军事方面的成果。” 各国的国防部长们特别提到阿富汗中部的赫尔曼德省和坎大哈省两个地区,北约部队在那里的主要任务是清剿塔利班叛乱分子。拉斯穆森还指出了政治方面的成果,包括近期召开的汇集了阿富汗重要人士的和平尔格会议,以及即将举行的议会选举。 尽管如此,在当地的行动也遭遇了重大挫折。仅这个星期就有几十名北约军人阵亡。北约部队指挥官麦克里斯特尔将军星期四说,在坎大哈的一次关键行动的进展将比原计划缓慢。 在与塔利班的斗争进行了九年之后,当地民间和政界的失望情绪也在不断增加。不过,拉斯穆森在一次新闻发布会上说,北约可能会按计划开始将安全工作移交给阿富汗部队。 拉斯穆森说:“我仍然认为在今年年底前能够开始移交程序是一个现实的目标。我一直不断强调,这个过程当然是要根据情况而定,而不是根据日程表来决定。” 北约秘书长拉斯穆森和美国一道,敦促北约盟国向阿富汗派遣更多的培训人员,以加强阿富汗警方和军队的力量。201006/106478Expectations Mixed Before Global Summit in London人们对20国峰会结果期待不一 Just days before world leaders gather in London for a key summit on the global economic crisis, expectations vary widely. 再过几天世界一些国家领导人就要聚首英国伦敦,就全球经济危机举行重要峰会,人们对这次峰会所抱的期望非常不同。On the streets of London this weekend, people vented their fears, frustrations and anger at the bankers and the politicians they see as responsible for the economic woes they are feeling in their daily lives.  这个周末,人们在伦敦各条大街上表达他们的担忧、困惑,发泄他们对家和政界人士的愤怒,他们认为这些家和政界人士应该为他们在日常生活中经受的经济困难承担责任。"We have had depressions," the protestor said. "We have had recessions. It is a boom and bust cycle that we are having and people are starting to get fed up with it."  这位示威者说:“我们经历过萧条,我们经历过衰退。我们现在正经历的是一个繁荣和衰退交替的周期,但人们开始厌倦了。”But the big question leading up to the G20 summit is, will there be genuine unity in addressing the world economic crisis? 但是在20国集团峰会开幕之前一个重要问题是,这次峰会在解决世界经济危机问题上是否能真正做到同心协力。British Foreign Secretary David Miliband stressed that nice words alone would not do, but real substance must come out of the meeting.  英国外交大臣米利班德强调,光说得好听不能解决问题,这次峰会必须拿出实际的东西来。"This is about trying to tackle an exceptional economic crisis, far beyond the financial system and set in place measures, measures that really do make a difference," Miliband said. 米利班德说:“这次峰会要对付的是一次非常特殊的经济危机,而绝不仅仅是金融体制的问题,要拿出一些措施,一些确实能带来变化的措施。”A difference not only now, Miliband says, but also in the long term. 米利班德说,这种变化不仅是眼前的,而且是长远的。Interviewed on the B, the influential billionaire investor George Soros delivered a somber assessment. He said the summit would represent a "make or break" moment for the world economy.  著名的投资人、亿万富翁索罗斯接受英国广播公司采访时对20国集团峰会发表了比较悲观评语。他说,这次峰会可能预示世界经济处在一个“成败”的关头。"Unless we reconstruct and maintain the international financial system, if countries start doing it bilaterally instead of multilaterally, the system will fall apart and we will end up in a depression," Soros said. 索罗斯说:“如果有些国家单方面采取行动,而不是各国一同行动,那么这个体系就会崩溃,我们最终会陷入经济萧条。除非我们改组并调整目前的国际金融体系。”Meanwhile on a trip to Chile, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said it is easy to be cynical about the summit, but he remains optimistic a meaningful outcome can and must be achieved. 另一方面,正在智利访问的英国首相布朗说,人们对20国集团峰会的结果持怀疑态度并不奇怪,不过他仍然乐观地相信,这次峰会能够产生有意义的成果,而且这是必须要实现的目标。Despite disagreements over the scope of further fiscal-stimulus programs with some of his European colleagues, Mr. Brown said great progress has been made through joint action during the past few months and he said the G20 summit must build on that progress. 尽管欧洲国家领导人当中在有关进一步的财政刺激计划的规模上存在分歧,布朗表示,过去几个月通过共同努力,已经取得了重大进展。他说,20国集团峰会必须要在这一进展的基础上继续发展。03/65823

  The old man and the sea老人与海He loved to rock the boat他喜欢乘风破浪Hemingway’s Boat: Everything He Loved in Life, and Lost, 1934-1961. By Paul Hendrickson. Knopf.《海明威的船:他生命中所热爱的一切,失去的一切,1934-1961》; 作者:保罗#8226;亨德里克森、科诺夫。 PAUL HENDRICKSON’S bibliography lists 76 biographical works about Ernest Hemingway, nine of them by wives, siblings and children, followed by memoirists, respected biographers and hangers on, pretenders and doctoral students. “Scholarly forests have been clear-cut in the service of explaining his so-called fetishes,” he writes. That does not mean there is nothing new to say on the subject, but Mr Hendrickson, a former journalist and American author of non-fiction, intends to tell it differently: “I want it to be less of a biography than an interpretation, an evocation, with other lives streaming in.” Having picked his way through this thick undergrowth of biographical criticism and research, he believes that by focusing on Pilar, the 38-foot cabin cruiser Hemingway purchased in New York in 1934 for ,495, he has found a fresh way of telling a familiar story.保罗#8226;亨德里克森传记的参考目录中列举了76部关于海明威的传记作品,其中9部是由海明威个位妻子、兄弟及孩子所著。其他作品则是由回忆录写手、有威望的传记作家、逢迎拍马之辈、冒充顶替之徒及士学生所写。“在学术原野上,阐释对他盲目崇拜的果实已被收割殆尽。”保罗写道,但这并不意味再没东西可写了。亨德里克森曾是一位记者,也是美国纪实文学作家,他想以不同的角度书写海明威:“我想写的并不仅仅是一部传记,想用更多分析阐释,唤起人们的记忆,并为作品注入更多新鲜血液。”在传记批评与研究的茂密丛林中,他开辟出了自己的道路。他相信借助于“比拉号”----海明威于1934年从纽约以7,495美元买回来的38英尺渔船,新坛装老酒。Pilar was designed for catching big fish in the Caribbean. By describing Hemingway’s life on board, Mr Hendrickson can concentrate on fishing, friendship and fatherhood. Because he likes Hemingway more than many other recent biographers have done, Mr Hendrickson lavishes pages on cordial relationships that blossomed on the boat with otherwise anonymous characters: an American diplomat in Havana whose wife typed Hemingway’s letters; an aspiring writer who knocked on Hemingway’s door in Key West seeking advice and was co-opted as a crewman. Both tried to write about their experiences, but their memoirs went unpublished and unknown until Mr Hendrickson came along. Pilar was also the scene of time spent with wives and children, and those reflections do not sweeten Hemingway’s reputation. His youngest son, Gregory, a tortured transvestite who eventually changed sex, once called his father “a gin-soaked monster”.“比拉号”最初是为在加勒比海上捕获大鱼而设计。通过叙述海明威船上的生活,亨德里克森先生叙述了经历、船上友谊以及为父之道。他比近期的几位传记作家更热爱海明威,亨德里克森不惜花费大量笔墨描写海明威与船上无名小卒之间的真挚友谊:驻哈瓦那的美国外交官,其妻帮助海明威打印信件;在基#8226;韦斯特,一位踌躇满志的作家敲开海明威的门,寻求指点,却被海明威安排做船员。这两位都曾记录下他们的经历,但并未出版,所以无人知晓,直到亨德里克森发现了他们。“比拉号”也是海明威同妻儿们一起生活过的地方,但这段往事并未给海明威的声誉锦上添花。他的小儿子格雷戈里---饱受煎熬的异性模仿者,最终变性,曾说他的父亲是“泡在松子酒缸里的怪兽”。Hemingway’s fiction is sometimes said to express the anxiety of American men about their masculinity. Mr Hendrickson argues that behind the mask of hyper- masculinity lies “tuning-fork tremulousness”, which is why Hemingway’s writing survives, and also why there have been “years of innuendo and psychosexual speculation”. The idea that this he-man might actually have been gay is, he thinks, shallowly rooted—though Gregory did provide ammunition by calling his father “Ernestine, dear”. Mr Hendrickson, who regards Gregory as a tainted witness, concedes the possibility of a certain amount of sexual role-swapping between Hemingway and his wives. But this obsessive biographical speculation has managed to obscure Hemingway’s considerable literary achievement, especially in the years before he bought Pilar.有些人评价海明威的小说表达了美国男性对于自身男子气概的忧虑,亨德里克森辩解道,在硬汉的面具下,潜藏着“音叉般的颤抖”,这也是海明威作品长盛不衰的原因,也是为什么会有“长期含沙射影及性心理推断”存在。这个硬汉是同性恋?亨德里克森认为这种观念不靠谱-------------虽然格雷戈里也确实透漏过类似信息,如叫他的父亲“亲爱的欧内斯廷”。亨德里克森先生认为格雷戈里是承认海明威与其众多妻子之间可能会有性角色互换的污点人。但这种反常的传记推测不能磨灭海明威令人瞩目的文学成就,特别是在买到“比拉”号之前的辉煌。By the mid-1930s Hemingway found it easier to catch huge marlin than to write. In 1954, when he won the Nobel prize, his friend, John O’Hara, declared extravagantly that he was the most outstanding author since Shakespeare. But what Hemingway heard loudest in those years was criticism. While sailing on Pilar he a good deal of it, and he found it intolerable. “I am supposed to lay back and come in with ‘War and Peace’ or be considered a bum,” he said. Hemingway’s pain is part of the personality that Mr Hendrickson evokes; and his assiduous research among those friends who shared life on the boat humanises the later Hemingway’s image as a bullying old booby.十九世纪三十年代中期,海明威发现捕捉大金鱼比写作更容易。1954年,海明威获得了诺贝尔文学奖,他的朋友奥哈拉高调宣称海明威是继莎士比亚之后最杰出的作家。然而此时的海明威,听到的却多是批评斥责。乘“比拉号”航行期间,他读了大量批评,愈发忍无可忍,愤慨道:“都认为要么我穿越回去带着《战争与和平》再来,要么我就是不名一文的乞丐。”亨德里克森发现海明威的痛楚部分源于其性格,他孜孜不倦的研究与海明威同船生活的朋友,将海明威后来的形象更加人性化--------迟钝的倔老头子。Pilar is now a museum piece “like some old and gasping browned-out whale” in the garden of Hemingway’s house outside Havana. That image contributes to the strong feeling of melancholy that pervades this book. Mr Hendrickson says he sometimes feels we have lost all sense of who the man really was. By evoking and interpreting Hemingway’s smaller moments, the author has found an ingenious way of showing how this unhappy and vulnerable man was generally nicer outside his family than in it.在哈瓦那海明威故居展览馆,“比拉号”“像一只老得泛黄的鲸鱼”一般躺在花园里-----这样的画面渲染了书中弥漫着的强烈忧郁之感。亨德里克森先生感叹道,有时候我们并不真正了解海明威。通过挖掘和分析那么多细枝末节,作者从另一个角度展示另一个闷闷不乐而又内心脆弱、对待外人比对家人更友善的海明威。201110/157625Asian, European Leaders Meet to Restore Confidence in Markets亚欧领导人北京集会讨论金融危机 Asian and European leaders are meeting in the Chinese capital to discuss ways to increase confidence in world markets. Chinese President Hu Jintao has said uncertainties and instability are increasing in China's economy as a result of the global financial crisis. 亚洲和欧洲国家领导人在北京召开会议,讨论如何增强全球市场的信心。中国国家主席胡锦涛说,由于全球金融危机的影响,中国市场的不确定性和不稳定日益增高。Leaders from over 40 European and Asian countries met in Beijing Friday to encourage solidarity in facing the crisis. 来自欧洲和亚洲四十多个国家的领导人星期五聚集在北京,互相鼓励在危机当前团结一致。Global financial problems were at the top of the agenda as they gathered for the first day of the two-day Asia-Europe Meeting, known as ASEM. 全球金融危机是这次为期两天的欧亚会议第一天会议的主要议程。China's President, Hu Jintao, addressed the opening ceremony carried live on national television. He said the crisis was increasing instability in China's economy and that concerted efforts were needed to shore-up their interdependent economies.  中国国家主席胡锦涛在全国直播的会议开幕式上发言。他说,危机增加了中国经济的不稳定。必须要采取一致行动,增强各国互相依赖的经济。He says China's economic growth faces various hardships and challenges. He says for China's economy to maintain a healthy state is itself an important contribution to global financial market stability and global economic development. 他说:“中国经济发展面临诸多困难和挑战。中国经济保持良好发展势头,本身就是对全球金融市场稳定和世界经济发展的重要贡献。”Earlier in the day Southeast Asian countries plus China, Japan, and South Korea, agreed to an billion regional emergency fund to battle the effects of the crisis. 星期五早些时候,东南亚国家联盟的成员国以及中国、日本和韩国同意设立一个800亿美元的地区性紧急基金,以应对全球金融危机的影响。Nonetheless, Asian stock prices continued to tumble. Hong Kong's Hang Seng index fell to a four-year low while China's benchmark stocks dropped to a two-year low. The Japanese and South Korean exchanges dropped to similar record lows. 但是,亚洲股票价格持续下跌。香港恒生指数下跌到四年来的最低点,中国股票下跌到两年来的最低点。日本和韩国股票交易价格下滑到类似的历史最低点。The European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, said Asia and Europe needed to work with world partners to restore growth, stability, and confidence.  欧盟委员会主席巴罗佐说,亚洲和欧洲需要同世界夥伴们一起努力恢复经济的增长、稳定和信心。"We cannot meet these challenges by closing the door and simply looking after our own house. We have all benefited from trade and an open business environment," Barroso said. "So, we should firmly resist calls for protectionism, isolation and economic nationalism. This would only harm us and our prospects for recovery." 他说:“我们不能靠关起门自保,来迎接这些挑战。贸易以及开放的经济环境,对我们大家都有利。因此,我们应该坚决拒绝保护主义、孤立主义以及经济民族主义的呼声。这些只会伤害我们,损害复苏的前景。”Despite the financial crisis topping the meeting agenda, Barroso said equally important was working together on a range of critical world issues. 巴罗佐表示,尽管金融危机是这次峰会的首要议题,但是在一系列至关重要的世界性议题上合作同等重要。The meeting is also to address cooperation on climate change, sustainable development, and energy security, among other issues. 这次峰会还将讨论在环境变化、可持续发展以及能源安全等其它领域进行合作的问题。Europe wants further commitments from advanced developing nations like China and India to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 欧洲希望中国和印度这些比较先进的发展中国家能够在减少温室气体排放方面作出进一步承诺。However, the Asia-Europe Meeting is a summit for discussion and demonstrations of cooperation and is not expected to produce any binding agreements. 但是,亚欧峰会只是为讨论问题和展示合作提供一个机会,预计,它不会达成具有约束力的协议。China's official Xinhua news agency says during the meeting Chinese officials are expected to put forward a proposal to build an "eco-city network" in Asia. It did not elaborate. 中国官方《新华社》的报导说,会议期间,中国官员预计将提出在亚洲建立一个“生态城市网路”的建议。但是,报导没有详细说明这个建议。200810/53930

  Three Shot Dead in Afghan Capital喀布尔再爆射杀外国人事件 Afghan police say the two top officials of an international shipping company and one of their security guards were shot dead Saturday in front of their office in Kabul. The killings are the latest in a series of attacks on foreign nationals there. 阿富汗警察说,一家国际运输公司的两名高级官员和他们一名的保安星期六在他们设于喀布尔的办公室前被击毙。这起杀事件是对当地外国人一系列袭击事件的最新一起。Afghan officials say the two Westerners were gunned down as they sat in a vehicle in front of the German-owned freight company DHL. 阿富汗官员说,两名西方国家人士被开击中,他们当时坐在德国货运公司DHL办公室前的一辆汽车里。On the scene, General Mirza Mohammad Yarmand, the director of the Interior Ministry's criminal investigation department, told reporters the shots were fired from inside the DHL office. 在事发现场,内政部刑事调查部门主任雅曼德将军对记者说,子弹是从DHL办公室里面发射出来的。General Yarmand says one of the guards at the DHL facility fired at the vehicle, killing the two foreign company officials and their Afghan bodyguard. He says a motive has not been established. 雅曼德说,DHL公司的一名保安向这辆汽车开,打死两名外国公司官员和他们的阿富汗保安。雅曼德说,开动机还没有确定。The DHL office is located at a busy intersection across from the Iranian Embassy, in an upscale section of Kabul. DHL公司办公室位于繁忙的街道路口,对面是伊朗大使馆,处于喀布尔的高收入阶层地区。Police and diplomats say the two DHL officials - the country director and deputy director -- were from Britain and South Africa. 警察和外交人士说,这两名DHL公司官员来自英国和南非,一人是阿富汗项目主管,另一人是副主管。Officials of Saladin, a British-based private security company confirmed to VOA News that the Afghan guard who died was employed by them.  设在英国的一家私人保安公司“萨拉丁”的官员向美国之音确认这名被打死的阿富汗保镖受雇于“萨拉丁”的报导属实。Authorities say two other Afghans, standing outside the DHL office, were wounded in the shooting.  有关当局说,站在DHL公司办公室外的另外两名阿富汗人在击事件中受伤。Police detained 13 people, including DHL employees and guards. Interior Ministry officials say they are questioning them to determine whether the shooting stemmed from an "internal dispute" or outsiders were involved. 警察逮捕了13人,其中包括DHL公司雇员和保安。内务部官员说,他们在审问这些人,以确定击事件是否由“内部分歧”导致,还是有外人介入。The latest violence comes less than a week after the shooting death of Gayle Williams, a British-South African national working for a Christian charity in Kabul. Taliban insurgents claimed they attacked the young woman because her British organization, SERVE Afghanistan, was sping Christianity. 最近的这起暴力事件发生前不到一个星期,一名为喀布尔一家基督教慈善机构工作的英国裔南非人威廉姆斯被开打死。塔利班暴乱分子声称他们袭击了这名年轻女性,因为她所在的英国公司“为阿富汗务”在传播基督教。The charity denied it was proselytizing but decided to close its operation in the country following the killing. 这个机构否认在试图改变阿富汗人的宗教信仰,但是这个机构决定在发生杀害事件之后停止在阿富汗运作。Security has deteriorated in the capital and many parts of the country. Taliban insurgents and criminal gangs are blamed for a recent wave of killings and kidnappings targeting Afghans and foreigners. 在首都喀布尔和阿富汗许多地方,安全局势有所恶化。塔利班暴乱分子和犯罪团伙被控在近期连续从事杀害、绑架和袭击阿富汗人和外国人的活动。Afghan authorities say several foreigners have been abducted in the past few days in the country. Among them are two Bangladeshi development workers in Ghazni province and two Turkish engineers hired to erect a communications tower near the Pakistani border in Khost province.200810/54012

  Music can boost language skillsLearning to play a musical instrument can change your brain, with a US review finding music training can lead to improved speech and foreign language skills.Although it has been suggested in the past that listening to Mozart or other classical music could make you smarter, there has been little evidence to show that music boosts brain power.But a data-driven review by Northwestern University has pulled together research that links musical training to learning that spills over into skills including language, speech, memory, attention and even vocal emotion.Researcher Nina Kraus said the data strongly suggested that the neural connections made during musical training also primed the brain for other aspects of human communication."The effect of music training suggests that, akin to physical exercise and its impact on body fitness, music is a resource that tones the brain for auditory fitness and thus requires society to re-examine the role of music in shaping individual development," the researchers said in their study.Kraus said learning musical sounds could enhance the brain's ability to adapt and change and also enable the nervous system to provide a scaffolding of patterns that are important to learning.The study, published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience, looked at the explosion of research in recent years focused on the effects of music training on the nervous system which could have strong implications for education.The study found that playing an instrument primes the brain to choose what is relevant in a complex process that may involve ing or remembering a score, timing issues and coordination with other musicians."A musician's brain selectively enhances information-bearing elements in sound," Kraus said in a statement. "In a beautiful interrelationship between sensory and cognitive processes, the nervous system makes associations between complex sounds and what they mean."The study reviewed literature showing, for example, that musicians are more successful than non-musicians in learning to incorporate sound patterns for a new language into words.Vocabulary:spill over into sth.: 发展成(Her sympathy for him spilled over into love. 她对他的同情发展成为爱情。)vocal: 用语言表达的prime: to make something y for use or action 把(事物)准备好akin to: 类似于scaffolding: 骨架,框架explosion: a large, sudden or rapid increase in the amount or number of something(突增;猛增;激增)relevant: having ideas that are valuable and useful to people in their lives and work(有价值的;有意义的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109801。

  Clinton Says US Should Use 'Smart Power' With Diplomacy in Lead希拉里:美国应以外交手段为主导  Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton told senators Tuesday that the Obama administration will exercise "smart power" in international affairs with diplomacy taking the lead. 被任命为国务卿的希拉里.克林顿星期二对参议院说,奥巴马政府将在国际事务中“明智地运用力量”,并以外交手段为主导。克林顿是在参议院外交关系委员会的听会上说的这番话。Clinton made no direct criticism of the outgoing Bush administration, but she clearly suggested that it was overly-ideological and relied too much on military power, rather than diplomacy, to project U.S. influence.  克林顿没有直接批评即将卸任的布什政府,但是她明确表示,布什政府在捍卫美国利益时,过份理想化,过于依赖武力,而不是外交手段。In an opening statement at the Foreign Relations Committee hearing, the secretary-designate said the Obama administration will seek a world "with more partners and fewer adversaries."  被任命为国务卿的克林顿在外交关系委员会听会的开场白中说,奥巴马政府将在世界上寻求更多的伙伴,减少敌人。Clinton said she and President-elect Obama believe that foreign policy must be based on a blend of principles and pragmatism, and not rigid ideology, emotions or prejudice. 克林顿说,当选总统奥巴马认为,外交政策必须将原则与从实际出发结合在一起,而不是基于僵硬的理想、情绪或者偏见。"I believe that American leadership has been wanting, but is still wanted. We must use what has been called smart power, the full range of tools at our disposal - diplomatic, economic, military, political, legal and cultural, picking the right tool or combination of tools for each situation. With smart power, diplomacy will be the vanguard of our foreign policy. This is not a radical idea. The ancient Roman poet Terrence declared that in every endeavor, the seemly course for wise men is to try persuasion first. The same truth binds wise women as well," she said.  她说:“我相信世界一向需要美国的主导,而现在仍然需要。我们必须‘明智地运用力量’,全面使用各种各样现有的工具,包括外交、经济、军事、政治、法律和文化手段,在每一种情况下选用某一正确工具,或者几种工具并用。在灵活运用的力量中,外交将是我们外交政策的前卫。这种想法并非过激。古罗马诗人泰伦斯宣称,在每一次作出努力时,智者首先采用的适当途径是说。对于智慧的女性而言,这句话也是真理。”Clinton signaled that she intends to build up the U.S. diplomatic corps, noting that Defense Secretary Robert Gates - who will be a Republican holdover in the new administration - has said the State Department and other U.S. civilian agencies abroad have been under-funded and under-manned for too long. 克林顿表示,她打算壮大美国的外交团队。她指出,新政府将留用的共和党人、国防部长盖茨曾说,国务院以及美国政府在海外的文职机构缺乏经费和人员的情况已过于持久了。The secretary-designate outlined the general principles of the incoming administration but offered few specifics, saying key issues such as the idea of opening a U.S. diplomatic post in Iran, remain under review. 被任命为国务卿的克林顿简述了新政府的总体原则,但是没作谈到具体的内容。她说,像在伊朗开设美国外交设施之类的一些关键问题仍处于审核阶段。She did stress a continuing U.S. commitment to seeking peace between Israel and the Palestinians, pointedly expressing concern about civilian casualties on both sides resulting from the current conflict in Gaza. 她强调要继续努力在以色列和巴勒斯坦人之间寻求和平,她对目前加沙冲突导致两方的平民伤亡表示深切的关注。"The President-elect and I understand, and are deeply sympathetic to Israel's desire to defend itself under the current conditions and to be free of shelling by Hamas rockets. However we have also been reminded of the tragic humanitarian cost of conflict in the Middle East and pained by the suffering of Palestinian and Israeli civilians. This must only increase our determination to see a just and lasting peace agreement that brings real; security to Israel, normal and positive relations with its neighbors, independence, economic progress and security to the Palestinians in their own state," she said. 她说:“当选总统和我都理解并深深同情以色列在目前局面下寻求自卫以及不再遭受哈马斯火箭弹打击的愿望。但是我们也想到中东冲突造成的悲惨人道代价,我们为巴勒斯坦和以色列平民所遭受的苦难而感到悲伤。这更增强了我们寻求公正和持久的和平协议的决心,从而给以色列带来真正的安全以及与邻国的正常积极关系,也会使巴勒斯坦人在自己的国家内得到独立、经济发展和安全。”Clinton said the new administration would seek cooperative engagement with Russia while standing up for American values and norms, stressing the need to accelerate lagging efforts for a new strategic arms reduction treaty with Moscow to replace the one that expires at the end of this year. 克林顿说,新政府在为维护美国价值观及准则的同时,将寻求与俄罗斯的协作交往关系。她强调需要加快与俄罗斯达成拖延已久的削减战略武器条约,来取代在今年年底到期的条约。She similarly backed a positive and cooperative relationship with China in which the two sides can candidly address differences, suggesting that success depends largely on choices Beijing will make.  她同样也持与中国的积极协作关系,两国在这种关系中能坦率地处理分歧。她认为,这方面的成功多半取决于北京将作什么样的选择。Clinton said she hopes to organize a more effective international coalition to prevent Iran, through diplomatic means, from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability. But like the Bush administration, she said President Obama will take no options, implicitly including military ones, off the table.  克林顿说,她希望组成一个更有效的国际联盟,以便通过外交手段阻止伊朗获取核武器的能力。但是她说,奥巴马政府正如布什政府一样,不会去排除任何手段, 包括使用武力的可能性。The New York Senator drew praise from committee members of both parties and her confirmation by the panel on Thursday appears certain. But there was concern expressed by several members about fund-raising overseas by the charitable foundation of her husband, former President Bill Clinton. 这位纽约州参议员赢得该委员会两党成员的一致赞扬,看来她的任命星期四一定会得到该委员会的认可。但是该委员会的某些成员对于她丈夫的慈善基金会在国外募款的做法表示关注。The senior Republican on the committee, Indiana Senator Richard Lugar, said it would be best if the foundation - to avoid the impression of conflict of interest - ceased accepting foreign money altogether. 该委员会的资深共和党人、印第安纳州参议员卢格说,该基金会最好不再接受外国资金,以避免给人带来利益冲突的印象。"The Clinton Foundation exists as a temptation for any foreign entity or government that believes it can curry favor through a donation," he said. "It also sets up potential perception problems with any action taken by the Secretary of State in relation to foreign givers or their countries."  卢格说:“克林顿基金会对于任何外国实体或者政府都具有一种诱惑力,他们会认为通过赠款可能得到某种优惠。该基金会也可能会导致一种成见,把国务卿所采取的任何行动都关联到外国捐赠者或者他们的国家。”Senator Clinton's nomination is expected to be approved by the full Senate next Tuesday at a brief session just after President-elect Obama's inauguration, and she is to take up her duties at the State Department Wednesday morning. 对克林顿参议员的提名预计将在下星期二参议院全体会议上获得通过。这次参议院的简短会议将在奥巴马就职典礼后立即举行,而克林顿将在星期三一早于国务院上任就职。01/61045

  China's Economy Shows Signs of Recovery中国经济持续增长面临挑战As draws to a close, more signs show that China has weathered the global financial crisis and is on its way to even more robust growth. Economists, however, say some issues still weigh on the country's efforts to sustain growth.年已经接近尾声,越来越多的迹象显示中国渡过了全球金融危机,而且增长的势头愈发强劲。不过,一些经济学家表示,中国要保持可持续增长,仍然有一些问题需要解决。New economic data show that China's gross domestic product is expected to grow by more than eight percent this year. Industrial output for November grew just over 19 percent compared with a year ago, just after the financial crisis began. Imports soared nearly 27 percent, fueled by government spending on commodities.新的经济数据显示,今年中国国内生产总值的增长有望超过8%。11月份,工业产出比去年同期,即金融危机初始时期上涨了19%以上。政府购买物资也推动进口暴涨近27%。But while exports show signs of recovery, they remain weak. In November, they were down about one percent from a year ago. 虽然出口显现出复苏迹象,但是仍然比较脆弱。11月份,中国出口额同比下降约1%。Michael Pettis, an associate for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and a finance professor at Peking University, says that the figures fuel debate over the country's economic strength.华盛顿卡内基和平基金会高级研究员、北京大学金融教授迈克尔·佩蒂斯(Michael Pettis)表示,上述数据引发有关中国经济能否持续增长的争论。"If you're an optimist it suggests that recovery is continuing," Pettis said. "Most of the numbers look reasonably good. There were still some excessively high levels of investment especially fixed asset investments. But production numbers were good etc. If you're a pessimist you would say yeah, this is exactly what you would expect from a massive-over investment strategy."“如果你是乐观主义者,这些数据显示复苏还在继续。大多数数据看上去不错。在某些领域,特别是不动产领域,投资水平仍然过高。但是工业产出的数据也不错。不过,如果你比较悲观,你会说, 这正是大规模投资战略应该产生的效果。”Some business experts worry that exports will become a smaller part of the economy. Factories face rising labor and overhead costs, and there are expectations the currency, the yuan will appreciate, so business leaders say keeping the sector afloat remains a challenge for the government.  一些业内人士担心,出口在中国经济中所占的比例将越来越小。工厂面临不断上升的劳动力成本和间接成本,而人民币也可望升值。因此,业内人士说,对政府来说,要让出口部门得以维持仍然是个挑战。Stanley Lau, deputy chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, which represents Hong Kong businesses in China, says factories face weak foreign demand. 香港在大陆企业的代表、香港工业总会副主席刘展灏 (Stanley Lau)说, 工厂面临外国需求疲弱的问题。"First of all, generally still, many importers do not know what will be the outcome for Christmas sales," Lau noted. "Which means many customers are still waiting for final figures to come out for Christmas sales. That's why they don't give us an order for next year yet. I think they need to wait and see until the New Year holidays and they will plan for order for next year." “首先,很多进口商现在还不知道圣诞节销售的结果,这就意味着很多客户现在还在等圣诞节销售的最后数据。这就是他们到现在还没有给我们下一年订单的原因。我想,他们需要等到新年假期后,才会制定明年的订单计划。”As export demand started to fall last year, China's government began efforts to stimulate the economy - cutting interest rates, encouraging lending and spending hundreds of billions of dollars on infrastructure projects.随着去年出口的下降,中国政府采取了一系列措施来刺激经济,包括削减利率、鼓励借贷,并在基础建设项目上投资了数千亿美元。But some economists warn those efforts may be causing prices for real estate, stocks and other assets to rise too fast - like a bubble that could burst. They say that China's loose credit, over-investment and under-consumption has led to a potential hazard, particularly in the property market. 但是,一些经济学家警告说,这些措施可能会造成房地产、股票和其他资产价格上涨过快,引发泡沫。他们说中国的宽松信贷、过度投资、以及消费不足都会导致潜在的危害,特别是在房地产领域。However, the government has begun trying to slow things down. Figures from the Banking Regulatory Commission show that in new lending will hit about .3 trillion, but next year it will fall to about .1 trillion. That is still double 2008 lending. 不过,政府已开始试图收紧这些举措。中国业监督管理委员会发布的数据显示,年新增贷款总额将达到1.3万亿美元,而明年则会降到1.1万亿美元。不过这仍将比2008年的水平高出一倍。The government also is trying to cool the overheated property market, with a new sales tax on properties sold within five years of purchase. And there are plans to increase the supply of middle to low-priced housing to curb property speculation.政府也在采取措施给过热的房地产市场降温:明年个人住房转让营业税征免时限由2年恢复到5年;另外,政府也有计划增加中低价位房屋的供应,以遏制房地产市场的投机行为。Andy Xie, an independent economist in Shanghai, warns China's property market could suffer once the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank raises interest rates, which would affect lending around the world.上海独立经济学家谢国忠(Andy Xie)警告说,如果美国联邦储备委员会提升利率,这将影响到全球借贷,中国房地产市场也不会例外。"When inflation happens the Fed will have to raise interest rates substantially, which will lead to a global asset bubble popping and there will be another global crisis. And this global crisis may rival the one we just saw," he said.“当通货膨胀显现时,美联储将不得不大幅度提升利率,进而导致全球房地产市场泡沫破裂。这将会是另一场全球性危机。而这个危机可能不亚于我们刚刚经历的危机。”Economists such as Xie and Pettis warn that governments must move carefully as they wind down stimulus packages. Raising interest rates and cutting spending too soon could easily shock economies and cause asset prices to collapse.谢国忠和佩蒂斯等经济学家都警告,各国政府在削减经济刺激计划时都必须小心谨慎。太快提升利率和减少消费都很容易导致经济震荡,并引发资产价格的崩溃。12/92224


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