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星沙有做无痛分娩长沙市妇幼保健院治疗肛瘘肛裂多少钱对互联网领域来说,这无疑是件重大的事情。微软和雅虎终于达成了就网络搜索和广告合作方面为期10年的协议。本次合作是在7月29日周三公布的,虽然没有想象中那样神圣,但对网联界巨头——谷歌公司来说,无疑是个很大的挑战。Microsoft and Yahoo! strike a long-awaited deal USERS will probably not notice all that much. But the deal may be seen one day as a significant event in the internet industry. Microsoft and Yahoo!, the world’s biggest software firm and its leading online portal (入口)respectively, have reached a deal for a ten-year web search and advertising partnership after years of speculation about a tie-up. The combination, which was announced on Wednesday July 29th, is not as far-reaching as originally envisaged(想象,设想). But it is likely to create a serious rival to Google, the online giant that dominates both of these markets.The agreement is supposed to help both parties overcome their most pressing problems. Microsoft will increase significantly the use of its search service, called Bing, and its platform to serve online advertisements. Yahoo! will use both of them on its websites. The web portal, for its part, will be able to cut costs and increase revenues. Yahoo! will no longer have to invest millions in its search and advertising technology. It will also get more money for the ads placed next to its search results. Carol Bartz, Yahoo!'s boss, said that the tie-up “comes with boatloads of value” for her firm.The deal is the result of a long mating dance which started in earnest early in 2008. In February last year Microsoft made a .6 billion takeover bid for Yahoo!, later raising its offer to .5 billion. But Yahoo!’s management then rebuffed(粗暴拒绝) Microsoft, regarding the offer as undervaluing the company. Instead Yahoo! entered into an advertising dalliance with Google, but this fell apart after antitrust (反垄断)authorities signalled that they would not approve such an agreement. Talks between Microsoft and Yahoo! were rekindled (使再燃)after Ms Bartz took the helm(舵) at Yahoo! in January. She is less emotionally attached to maintaining its independence than her predecessor(前辈), Jerry Yang, one of the company’s founders.Yet even for Ms Bartz the results of the negotiations must be somewhat disappointing. Yahoo! is said to have pushed for a whopping(巨大的) upfront payment of billions of dollars for agreeing to a deal with Microsoft—but it has not succeeded. What is more, the deal apparently only covers the text ads displayed alongside search results and not other forms of online ads. And although Yahoo! will use Microsoft’s advertising platform, the firm will continue to sell the ads itself. This will allow it to maintain relationships with advertisers, making it easier to sell them other kinds of ads.The big question is whether this combination will be able to threaten Google’s dominance in web search. The deal will mean that Microsoft handles nearly 30% of searches in America—compared with Google’s 65% of the market. Microsoft’s share may well rise. It will be able to offer better search results because it will have more search data to improve its technology. Bing, which the firm launched in June, has aly got off to a good start, gaining a couple of percentage points of the search market since then.At any rate, the battle lines between Google and Microsoft are now clearly drawn. Earlier this month, Google announced that it is developing a free operating system for personal computers called Chrome OS, thus mounting a direct attack on Microsoft and its dominant Windows operating system. With the Yahoo! deal, Microsoft is now pushing into Google’s heartland. So the grand alliance between Microsoft and Yahoo! is part of an even bigger battle between the technology titans that is likely to drag on for years.Keke View:美国微软公司和雅虎公司29日宣布达成互联网搜索业务合作协议。雅虎将在合作中负责在线广告销售,微软则将获得其觊觎已久的互联网用户搜索数据。如果双方最终实现合作,微软将成为仅次于谷歌公司的第二大互联网搜索巨头。 微软与雅虎当天宣布了这项有效期为10年的合作协议。根据协议内容,雅虎与微软将分享在双方网站上搜索广告产生的收入。雅虎将在合作前5年内保留雅虎网站全部搜索广告销售收入的88%,同时有权销售微软部分网站的搜索广告。 /200907/79829长沙星沙哪家正规医院做人流便宜 When measured against other smartphones, the average price of Apple#39;s iPhone aly makes it a luxury item in most Asian countries. 就其平均价格和其他智能手机相比,在多数亚洲国家,苹果公司(Apple Inc., AAPL)的iPhone手机本身已经就是款奢侈品了。 But that hasn#39;t stopped designers from offering even more extravagant iPhone cases with eye-popping price tags. 尽管如此,设计师们还是不断推出越来越奢华,价格愈加令人瞠目的iPhone手机外壳。 The latest entry is the Koku, a bedazzled case for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, which comes in both silver and gold varieties. The gold case is fitted out with more than 200 diamonds and sells for 3,776,000 Japanese yen, or more than ,500. 最新上市的Koku,是一款专为iPhone 5和iPhone 5S制作的系列手机外壳,分金、银两款,造型眼花缭乱。其中金款镶有200多颗 石,售价3,776,000日圆,约合逾38,500美元。 Though the cases are currently sold only in Japan, the president of the Japanese jewelry company that makes them says he hopes to start selling them it world-wide. 尽管这些外壳目前只能在日本买到,但制作该产品的日本珠宝公司──秋山国际株式会社(Akiyama International Co.,简称:秋山国际)的总裁秋山酉太郎(Yutaro Akiyama)表示,希望开始面向全球发售。 #39;Since iPhone is marketed globally, we#39;d like to promote these outside Japan as well in future,#39; Yutaro Akiyama, of Akiyama Co., told the Journal. 他对本报记者说道,苹果手机布局全球市场,因此我们也希望在未来将产品推广到日本以外的国家。 So, what makes the Koku so expensive? We broke down the cost. 那么Koku手机外壳何以如此昂贵?让我们来看看它的制作成本。 Who Makes It: Japanese jeweler Akiyama and mobile phone company Phonet, both based in Yamanashi prefecture, teamed up on the Koku. Akiyama usually makes wearable women#39;s accessories such as earrings, bracelets and pendants, while Phonet runs a dozen stores in Yamanashi. 由谁推出:总部位于山梨县的秋山国际和移动手机公司Phonet Co.共同完成Koku的设计工作。秋山国际实际上是一家主要经营耳环、手镯、挂坠等女性饰品的公司,而Phonet在山梨县拥有十二家手机门店。 What It#39;s Made of: The gold iPhone case is made of 18-carat yellow gold studded with 207 diamonds weighing 1.71 carats in total. The less expensive version is made with silver and cubic zirconias, bringing the price down to a still-pricey 377,600 yen. 由何制成:金款iPhone手机外壳由18K黄金制成,表面镶有207颗总重1.71克拉的 石。银款外壳由银和合成锆石制成,售价虽较金款外壳低,但仍高达377,600日圆。 Craftmanship amp; Design: Koku means #39;time,#39; and the back of the case features a design of a clock face set against the outline of a solitaire-diamond ring. Above the XII symbol is a silhouette of Mount Fuji, Japan#39;s tallest peak, whose height -- 3,776 meters -- inspired the product#39;s aspirational price tag.工艺/设计:Koku在日语中意为“时间”,外壳的背面图案是一枚时钟表盘模样的指环,上面用镶 勾勒出 石的外形。表盘12点位置的上方则呈现以日本最高峰──富士山的形貌,该产品的价格正是由山的海拔──3776米得来。 How It#39;s Made: The case was #39;extremely difficult#39; to manufacture because the materials tended to shrink or lose their sheen during the casting process, said Mr. Akiyama. 生产过程:秋山称,该外壳的生产工艺“极其精细”,因为在铸造的过程中要确保材料不会收缩或失去光泽。 Exclusivity: Available only by order, only 15 gold and 15 silver cases will be produced and are targeted toward wealthy women in their 40s and 50s. According to Mr. Akiyama, the company has received one order for the silver version so far, but none have been placed for the gold one yet. 独特性:产品只接受定制,公司计划生产金款、银款各15件,并将目标客户群定位在40至50岁、富有的女性消费者。据秋山称,公司目前已经收到一份银款手机外壳的订单,尚未有人预定金款。 /201310/261916长沙星沙医院大全

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长沙市第一医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱韩国怀疑朝鲜“对首尔发动猛烈的网络攻击”来源:Times Online 编辑:Vicki美国独立日当天,韩国和美国的政府机关,和企业网络均受到攻击瘫痪,朝鲜成为最大嫌疑犯。从7月4号开始,美国队财政部和特勤处,韩国的总统府,议会,国防部及外交部均受到一系列网络攻击,如果这次事件真是平壤所为,那么事件就相当敏感了,从年初开出,朝鲜一直对美国和韩国进行一系列的挑衅动作,包括试射导弹。North Korea 'launches massive cyber attack on Seoul'North Korea is the main suspect behind a campaign of cyber attacks that have paralysed (麻痹,瘫痪)the websites of US and South Korean government agencies, banks and businesses since American Independence Day. News of the campaign — which would be the first such large-scale attack attempted by the dictatorship (独裁)— emerged yesterday as an ill and emaciated (衰弱的)Kim Jong Il made a rare public appearance. US government agencies, ranging from the Treasury Department (财政部)to the Secret Service(特勤处), and South Korea’s presidential office, parliament and defence and foreign ministries were among those hit by the attacks, which began on July 4. The South Korean intelligence agency told members of parliament that it believed Pyongyang or its agents abroad were behind the attacks. “This is not a simple attack by individuals,” Seoul’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) (国家情报院)said in a statement. “The attack appeared to have been elaborately(苦心经营地) prepared and staged by a certain organisation or state.” The Yonhap news agency(联合新闻社) ed an unnamed member of parliament who said that the NIS had suggested that the attacks were the work of North Korea or “a pro-North Korean force”. Experts said that there was no indication of data theft, but because the websites were still affected four days after the attacks began, an unusually sophisticated denial of service attack had probably been used. Thousands of computers were infected by a virus that flooded websites with traffic, then overloaded their servers and forced them to shut down. South Korean and US authorities were working to identify the creators of the virus, the NIS said. US officials would not speak publicly about the attack but an emergency notice has been sent to federal departments advising them of precautions(预防措施). One theory is that they were tests of American and South Korean cyber defences. Security experts warned last year, amid an attack linked to China, that America remained more vulnerable to cyber-terrorism than any conventional form of attack. President Obama announced the establishment of an inter-agency cyber-security office(机构间网络安全办公室) in May and the Pentagon(五角大楼) added a military Cyber Command (军事网络指挥中心)to supplement the civilian effort last month. South Korea had warned of the danger of cyber-espionage (网络间谍)by Chinese and North Korean hackers. The country’s Defence Security Command said last month that it was logging attempts to penetrate military networks at an average rate of 95,000 a day. If the attacks this week are the work of North Korea the timing is significant. Pyongyang has staged a series of verbal and physical provocations this year, including an underground nuclear test and the launch of an intercontinental rocket(洲际火箭). The aggressive attitude suggests that it has abandoned expectations of negotiation with the international community in favour of whipping up (激励,鼓励)nationalist fervour (热情)at home. /200907/77414 iPhones and iPads moved an important step towards becoming staples of modern working life on Tuesday as Apple sealed a groundbreaking alliance with IBM to turn its gadgets into fully business-friendly devices.iPhone和iPad周二向着成为现代职场必备用品的目标迈出了重要一步,苹果(Apple)与IBM达成一项具有开创性的合作协议,将把苹果设备变成完全商业友好的设备。The partnership, intended to increase the security and functionality of Apple’s mobile devices for corporate users, is a mark of how deeply “consumerisation” is reshaping corporate technology markets.这一合作针对企业用户,旨在加强企业用户使用的移动设备的安全和功用。这也表明,“消费者导向”正大大改变企业科技市场。Apple and IBM were once bitter foes in the personal computing market, but have been forced to co-operate as workers bring gadgets from their personal lives to the office.苹果和IBM曾经是个人电脑市场上的一对劲敌,但随着员工将电子设备从个人生活带到办公室,双方被迫展开合作。The deal will see IBM provide cloud services, including device management and security, for Apple’s handsets and tablets, which it will sell to large business and government customers loaded with apps specialised for particular industries.根据这笔交易,IBM将为苹果手机和平板电脑提供云务(包括设备管理和安全),苹果向大企业和政府客户销售的也将是带有行业定制应用软件的设备。Frank Gillett, analyst at Forrester Research, hailed the deal as a “landmark agreement”.Forrester Research分析师弗兰克#8226;吉勒特(Frank Gillett)称赞这笔交易是一项“里程碑式协议”。The biggest loser from the partnership is likely to be Microsoft, which will suffer a dent to its ambitions of winning business users over to its Windows 8 software on touchscreen devices, said Richard Doherty, an analyst at Envisioneering.Envisioneering分析师理查德#8226;多尔蒂(Richard Doherty)表示,苹果与IBM合作的最大输家可能是微软(Microsoft),微软正试图通过用于触屏设备的Windows 8软件赢得企业用户。Although Apple says 98 per cent of Fortune 500 companies use its devices, the partnership is an acknowledgment that the consumer-focused company lacks the expertise and salesforce required to tackle large corporate customers. It also comes amid continuing criticism of Apple’s cloud services and will provide a fillip to the iPhone, where revenue growth has slowed in recent quarters.尽管苹果表示,《财富》(Fortune)500强公司中有98%都在使用苹果设备,但双方的合作表明,在与大公司客户打交道方面,这家以消费者为中心的公司仍缺乏专业技能和销售团队。而此时外界对苹果云务的批评还在继续,双方的合作将会刺激iPhone的销售,最近几个季度iPhone的收入增长一直缓慢。 /201407/312735长沙星沙包皮过长的治疗费用是多少湖南省中医院处女膜修复手术多少钱



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