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1、Ive got a bone to pick with you:有件事要跟你谈谈(不是好事)to talk to someone about something bed2、A thorn in ones side:眼中钉,肉中刺something to be annoyed3、Shut eye:sleep4、Over my dead body:除非我死了something will never happen5、Ive had it up to here:这就是我的上限,我受够了reach the top6、A shrink : psychologist7、To give someone the cold shoulder:冷眼相对to ignore something8、Get a clue:得到线索you get the picture9、Subconscious:below conscious10、nightmare:it is opposite to sweet dream /201312/268451

52 Keeping Fit at work第52章 工作与锻炼David: What type of exercise do you like to do?你喜欢进行什么锻炼?You: I love to walk everywhere, to my apartment, to the bus stop, out for dinner, lunch or breakfast. I just love walking. Maybe I am a bit lazy though.我喜欢到处散步,步行去公寓,汽车站,出去吃饭。我只喜欢步行,可能有一点懒吧。David: Well, it is difficult to exercise when you have a busy job.当你工作忙的时候是很少有时间进行体育锻炼的。You: I agree with you.我同意。David: People in the bus exercise regularly by getting up early in the morning and going for a jog or working out at the gym. But I don’t see many people exercising regularly in China. Maybe riding a bike is a regular form of exercise here.美国人通常每天早起去慢跑或者去体育馆锻炼。但中国人好像不太喜欢锻炼身体,可能在中国骑自行车就是一种有规律的锻炼方法吧。You: Yes, it is. You know our company even orginazes us to go to the gym to do exersice.是的。你知道吗,我们公司组织我们去体育馆锻炼。David: Oh really?真的吗?You: We go to the Cuigong, as we have an office in the Cuigong Hotel, and we can go swimming there.因为我们在翠宫酒店有办事处,我们可以在那里游泳。David: So the company pays for the pass.公司出钱买门票?You: Yes, they pay, and we can even play badminton and table tennis.是的,他们出钱。我们还可以打羽毛球和乒乓球。David: Do many companies in China do that?有很多中国的公司这样做吗?You: I believe so.我想是的。5. What is the best way to get to this address?请问到这个地址怎么去最好?还能这样说:Could you tell me the nearest way to this address?Whats the fastest way to this address?应用:flattering address 奉承话;address in dealing with sb. 对付某人的手段; an address 致辞6. How far is it?有多远?还能这样说:How long is the journey to there?How long will it take me to get there?应用:far通常只指空间上的远距离;remote遥远的,含有不易到达的意思;distant可表示时间、空间的远距离,还可指疏远的血统关系。7. Do you know what I should do to get there?你知道我必须要乘坐哪些交通工具才能到达那里吗?还能这样说:Do you think how I can get there?Which vehicle should I take to get there?谚语:If water is noisy, there are no fish in it.咆哮的水中无鱼。(夸夸其谈者无真才实学。)8. Its only about five minutes walk.走路大约只需要5分钟。还能这样说:It will take you 5 minutes to walk there.You can walk there in 5 minutes.谚语:One minute on the stage and ten years of practice off the stage.台上一分钟,台下十年功。 /201408/317266

Helen: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Helen and with me is Rob. Hi Rob海伦:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是海伦,今天和我一起主持节目的是罗布。你好,罗布。Rob: Hi Helen. How was your weekend?罗布:嗨,海伦。你周末过得怎么样?Helen: Good thanks, I didnt do much, just relaxed. How was yours?海伦:很好,谢谢你。我没做什么事,就只是放松了一下。你过的怎么样?Rob: Interesting. I bumped into Bob…罗布:很有趣。我遇到鲍勃了……Helen: Bob? Oh the guy we used to work with.海伦:鲍勃?哦,那个我们以前的同事。Rob: Yes, thats him. Well, I had a good chat with him. You know all he talked about was computers and how he could never get a girlfriend… well guess what?罗布:对,就是他。嗯,我和他聊得很开心。你知道,他以前谈的都是和电脑有关的话题,还有他从未交过女朋友……猜猜他现在怎么样了?Helen: Hes now head of IT?海伦:他现在是IT界的领袖?Rob: No!罗布:不是!Helen: Hes won the lottery and is a millionaire?海伦:他中了票,现在是百万富翁了?Rob: No Helen. Hes getting married!罗布:不是,海伦。他要结婚了!Helen: Oh thats good news. Is he marrying anyone we know?海伦:哦,这真是个好消息。我们认识他的未婚妻吗?Rob: Yes. Thats the thing–its someone we know really well.罗布:认识。这就是我要说的,他的未婚妻是我们非常熟悉的人。Helen: Whos that?海伦:是谁啊?Rob: Hmm… erm… I cant remember her name… its on the tip of my tongue.罗布:嗯……我想不起来她的名字了……就在嘴边可是想不起来了。Helen: The tip of your tongue? Thats a strange place–well ok, stick your tongue out.海伦:在你的舌尖上?那真是个奇怪的地方,好吧,把你的舌头伸出来。Rob: (with his tongue out) Why do I need to do this Helen?罗布:(把舌头伸了出来)海伦,你为什么要我这么做?Helen: You said it was on the tip of your tongue.海伦:你不是说名字就在你的舌尖嘛。Rob: No Helen. I mean I know her name but I cant quite remember it right now.罗布:不是的,海伦。我的意思是我知道她的名字,可是我一时想不起来。Helen: Why didnt you say! But Rob, will you remember the information soon?海伦:刚才你怎么不说!可是罗布,你会马上想起来吗?Rob: Yes I will. It really is just on the tip of my tongue. Lets hear some examples and her name might come back to me.罗布:我会的。就在嘴边。我们先来听一些例句,我可能会想起她的名字。We nearly won the quiz; John had the answer to the last question on the tip of his tongue - but the other team said it first.我们差点就赢得了知识竞赛;最后一道题的就在约翰嘴边,可是另一个队先说出了。The name will come to me soon, its on the tip of my tongue… ah yes, his name is Paul.我马上就要想起他的名字了,他的名字就在我嘴边……啊,对了,他叫保罗。Helen: So if something is on the tip of your tongue, it means there is some information you cant quite remember, but hopefully will soon. So Rob, is the name of the woman that Bob is marrying, still on the tip of your tongue?海伦:如果某件事on the tip of your tongue,意思是有些信息你记得不太确切,但是你马上会记起来。所以罗布,你还是没想起来要和鲍勃结婚的那个女人的名字吗?Rob: No. I remember it now – her name is Alison.罗布:不,我想起来了,她叫艾莉森。Helen: Alison–from accounts? Thats great news.海伦:艾莉森,财务部的艾莉森?那真是个天大的好消息。Rob: It is and Bob says were invited to the wedding.罗布:的确是,鲍勃邀请我们去参加婚礼。Helen: Brilliant. I love a good wedding–when is it?海伦:太棒了。我喜欢参加婚礼,婚礼是什么时候啊?Rob: Oh, erm… errr…罗布:哦,额……Helen: Dont tell me. Its on the tip of your tongue.海伦:别告诉我,日期就在你嘴边,可是你想不起来了。Rob: It is… sorry. Ill remember soon.罗布:是这样的,抱歉。我马上就会记起来的。Helen: I hope you do.海伦:希望如此。Rob: Bye.罗布:再见。Helen: Bye.海伦:再见。 译文属 /201408/3226345. He paints with a pen.他用钢笔绘画。还能这样说:He uses a pen to draw.He draws with a pen.应用:mark pen 符号记录笔;mapping pen 绘图笔;painting pen 油漆笔;plot pen 描图笔;the best pen of the day 当代第一流的作家6. This painting is very valuable.这幅绘画非常名贵。还能这样说:This painting is quite precious.This is a rare painting.谚语:The true value of life is not in what we get, but in what we give.人生的真正价值在于奉献,而不是索取。7. This is a famous court painting of Tang Dynasty.这是一幅著名的唐代宫廷绘画。还能这样说:This is a painting depicting the living scenes at court of Tang Dynasty.This famous painting shows the imperial life in Tang Dynasty.应用:court support 求援助;court defeat 招致失败;bring to court 诉诸法律;go to court 起诉;in court 在法庭上8. He has had a large collection of abstract paintings.他收集了大量抽象派绘画。还能这样说:He has collected a lot of abstract paintings.He as acquired a fine collection of abstract paintings.应用:a large crowd 一大群(人);a man of large experience 经历丰富的人;a large heart 宽宏大量;large toleration 宽容;large talk 夸张之词 /201309/258226

9. Do you know the steps of signing an agreement?知道签署协议的步骤吗?还能这样说:Do you know how to sign an agreement?Do you know the process of making an agreement?谚语:There is but one step from the sublime to the ridiculous.真理和谬误之间仅差一步。10. I signed the agreement with the signature of my name.协议上签上了我的名字。还能这样说:I signed my name in the agreement.I affixed my name to the agreement.应用:forged signature 伪造的签字;handwritten signature 亲笔签字11. I drew up a contract with a network company.我与一家网络公司签订了协议。还能这样说:I made an agreement with a network company.I entered into a contract with a network company.谚语:Two is company, three is none.二人成伴,三人不欢。12. We are done with the agreement.这个协议就这么定了。还能这样说:This agreement is done.We have concluded the agreement. /201410/3325939. Paris is a modern city with a long and rich history.巴黎是一个历史悠久的现代都市。还能这样说:Paris is a modern city which has a long and rich history.As a modern city, Paris has a long and rich history.谚语:History repeats itself.历史往往重演。10. Whenever I visit the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, I will remember Sun Zhongshans heroic deeds.每当游览中山陵,我就会想起孙中山先生的英雄事迹。还能这样说:I will remember Sun Zhongshans heroic deeds whenever I pay a visit to the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum.I will call back Sun Zhongshans heroic deeds when I pay a visit to the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum.应用:do the deed 产生效果;in deed and not in name 在事实上而不在名义上11. I can learn the national culture from visiting the places of interests.游览名胜古迹可以学习民族文化知识。还能这样说:I can acknowledge some national culture when I pay a visit to the places of interests.I can know something about the ethnic culture when visiting the places of interests.12. There are many historic interests in Beijing.北京有很多名胜古迹。还能这样说:Beijing has many historic interests.There exist lots of historic interests in Beijing. /201407/309910

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