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阿图什小腿减肥多少钱乌市第一人民医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱Scripts:Host: The internet search giant Yahoo is fighting a high profile lawsuit which accuses the company of helping suppress free speech in China. Yahoo is asking a US federal judge to throw this censorship case out of court. Of more on this, we are joined now by Nick Thompson. He is a senior editor at Wired magazine. And there's just a little bit more background for this story. Yahoo is being accused of handing over information to the Chinese government which led to the arrest of two dissidents. Now looking at Yahoo’s position, they are saying we have to abide by Chinese laws. Isn’t that a fair point?Editor: It is a fair point and I think it’s gonna be one of the central points in the case if you their motion to dismiss. Their central argument is, as they say, we can’t be asked, much less compelled to violate the laws of a country in which we operate.H: But there are also US laws. Are there not, that, sort of forbid this sort of behavior? I mean, Should there be some sort of recalls to the US courts for this at all?E: Right, and so that’s what the plaintiffs are arguing.They are arguing that there are two major US statutes. The Alien Tort Statute and the Torture Victim Protection Act. And they say, look, the US has agreed with all these treaties, the US agrees that it must follow some sort of international law and international human rights standards and that’s more important than the particular laws in the country in which these companies operate. So they are saying, you have to appeal to a higher law; Yahoo is saying, hey, we just have to deal with China's laws.H: And Yahoo is being slightly hypocritical about this, isn't it? Because it was fined by a French court a couple of years ago, because it allowed people to trade Nazi memorabilia on its auction site, and it turned to the US to get that French decision overturned .So there is a bit of hypocrisy going on here , isn’t there?E: Oh, there is absolutely hypocrisy. I mean another argument that Yahoo makes and Yahoo defenders make is that, overall, the benefit of Yahoo is good. They allow people to communicate through the Internet which will actually help, eventually bring democracy to China. So they are saying that overall, the benefits outweigh the cost. The other important legal argument that we haven’t touched on is, Yahoo is saying" Look, these people might have been tortured. But Yahoo didn’t torture them. If you wanna sue somebody, sue the government of China.'' And that’s another important legal claim that I think will affect the way this case turns out.H: Is there suggestion that Yahoo handed more information over them was necessary?E: Oh, absolutely. So what the plaintiffs are saying is they actually weren't compelled to do almost anything. They think it was more like Yahoo sort of was trying to ingratiate itself, or lower level employees at Yahoo wanted to do somebody a favor. So they gave a whole bevy of information. They gave IP addresses; they gave actual E-mails; they gave tons of stuff to China.H: It’s not just , I'd see, the legal implications here, it's also the court of public opinion, isn’t it? And I wonder how this could affect Yahoo’s business?E: Oh, I think it’s terrible for yahoo. My personal instinct is that they’ll probably win the case. It depends on the judge who handles the next stage, but their legal arguments are pretty strong. But the question of how this affects the way we look at Yahoo? I think there’s gonna be a very big hit to the company because of this. Each time this plays out, the company looks worse and worse. Because what they did, whether it was legal or whether it was illegal, certainly doesn't seem like the right thing to have done.H: And can people or would people migrate to Google, coz they have had their own issues with China as well?E: Well, people will certainly migrate to Google, Google things are a little different, google's are things of omission not commission. What google does is it sets up its search engine in China, so that you can’t search for certain terms. If you type in “human rights” in Google China, you get different results, if you type from what you get if you type in “human rights” in Google America. But that’s quite different from sending information on a particular dissident and then having him get arrested and tortured.H: So if Google were asked to do the same thing, would it under Chinese law be compelled to do so?E: Well, it might well be compelled under Chinese law to do so, and then Google would have to decide whether it wants to follow along with that particular Chinese law? Or whether it wants to say'' Hey, we are an American company. We have to follow these international standards and then let's make China, see what China does next.H: En, fascinating,and this one will really sort of shape the future of the moral question here, won't it?E: Oh, It is an incredibly interesting moral question. What do American companies do in places like China, where they are probably aiding and abetting censorship which is one of the things the Internet is supposed to help break down. It’s a marvelous question.H: Nick Thompson ,senior editor with Wired. Thank you so much for joining us.E: Thanks a lot for having me here.Notes:Aid and abet: help, assist, or facilitate200807/44132乌市治疗蒙古斑价格 Virginia Tech Marks One-Year Anniversary of Campus Shooting维州理工大纪念校园击案遇难者  Candlelight vigils and somber ceremonies marked the one-year anniversary of a shooting spree on the campus of a U.S. university, Virginia Tech, that left 32 people and the gunman dead. The incident was one of the worst mass-shootings in U.S. history - one that reignited debate over security measures at American schools. 美国维吉尼亚理工大学击案一周年到来之际,人们举行烛光守夜和默哀仪式。那次事件造成32人死亡,手本人自杀。这起事件是美国历史上最严重的集体杀案之一,由此引发了在美国校园安全措施的争论。 Thousands gathered at Virginia Polytechnic Institute in remembrance of the university students and staff who perished during a gun rampage committed by a mentally unstable pupil, Seung-Hui Cho, a U.S. resident from South Korea. 数千人聚集在维吉尼亚理工大学,纪念在击案中死亡的学生和教职员工,制造杀案的是精神不稳定的学生赵承熙,他是来自韩国的美国永久居民。One by one, names of the victims were , along with tributes to the dead. Virginia Tech President Charles Steger said the university has struggled to recover from the tragedy - a process that continues to this day. 纪念仪式主持人宣读每个遇难者的姓名和对他们的哀念。维吉尼亚理工大学的校长说,学校从悲剧中恢复是一件艰难的事,这个过程一直延续到今天。"It has been a difficult road; it has been a hard journey, indeed," Steger said. "It began with shock and trauma and a flood of emotions. And in the ensuing days and weeks and months, we have searched for answers. We have searched for meaning in what is incomprehensible. What is at the heart of this day is not public. Rather, it is a very private and profound loss. We know intently what the people we lost meant to us, and we are more keenly aware of how they touched and changed our lives." 他说:“这是一条艰难的路,这是一段艰难的旅程,真的。开始的时候是带著震惊、伤痛和许多的情感。在后来的日日夜夜,我们在寻找。我们在寻找令人费解的问题的。这一天不是有关公众的,而是有关非常隐私的问题和极大的丧失。我们领悟到了失去这些人对我们的意义,我们也更加深刻地感受到他们是怎样影响和改变了我们的生活。”Speaking afterwards, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine said he continues to feel sorrow over the events of a year ago, as well as pride and admiration for the Virginia Tech community as it endeavors to heal and continue its mission. 在随后的讲话中,维吉尼亚州州长凯因说,他仍然对一年前发生的事件感到悲痛,他对维吉尼亚理工大学为恢复做出的努力和继续他们的使命感到骄傲和钦佩。Although far from commonplace, school shootings have periodically marred America's educational landscape over the years. In 1999, two Colorado high school students killed 13 people and wounded 24 others before committing suicide. This past February, a gunman killed five people and wounded 18 others at Northern Illinois University. 尽管不是普遍发生的事件,校园击案近年来时常破坏美国教育界的平静。在1999年,2名科罗拉多高中学生开打死13人,打伤24人后自杀。在去年2月份,一名手在北伊利诺伊大学打死5人打伤18人。In light of the violence, many schools have reviewed security measures and placed additional emphasis on programs to identify and counsel students who may be struggling with psychological disorders. In addition, a few university students have started a campaign urging that students and faculty be permitted to bring firearms on campus for self-defense. Few, if any, school administrators have endorsed the idea.  为了防止暴力发生,许多学校都审查安全措施,并且强调增加一些学校的项目,来发现和辅导那些心理失调的学生。另外,几名大学的学生已经开始一项行动,敦促学生和教师允许在校园携带武器进行自卫。但是学校的管理者几乎都不同意这一设想。 200804/35292No Paul, it’s not. Everything is not OK!不,保罗,一切都不好!You look pale. Here, sit down, drink whats left of my tea.你看起来脸色苍白。坐这里吧,喝点我的茶。Oh, thank you! Oh… what are those bits floating in it?谢谢!上面漂浮着的一小块是什么?Oh theyre just lumps of soggy biscuit.只是一块块泡软了的饼干。In fact, if I can just...get that bit out...with my finger...for you… Mmm, delicious!事实上,如果我可以把这小块用我的手指拿出来……真好吃!Now, tell me what happened.跟我说说出了什么事。Well, its terrible...太可怕了。Oh dear! Just as Anna was doing really well, it looks like her interview has come to a sudden end.天啊!当安娜做得很好时,看来起面试要突然结束了。What’s happened? Join us next time to find out.发生了什么?下集节目跟我们一探究竟。But before we go, heres a reminder of how Anna structured her response.但在我们离开之前,再回忆一下安娜是如何组织她的回答的。Firstly, this job is an ideal match for my skills and experience.首先这份工作和我的能力与经验完美匹配。Secondly, I know Tip Top Trading is one of the fastest-growing companies in London and… above all… the reason I want this job is…其次我知道Tip Top Trading是伦敦发展最快的公司之一,最重要的是,我想要得到这份工作是因为……Anna couldn’t remember the word ‘motivated’, so she just found another way of saying what she meant.安娜想不起来“积极性”这个词了,因此她换了一种表达方式。I really, really want the job and I am willing to work very hard if I get it.我真的很想要这份工作,如果我能成功,我会非常努力工作。Nice work, Anna!干得好,安娜!Lets hope you get the chance to finish your interview next week!希望你下周可以有机会完成面试! /201612/479865新疆祛痘哪家好

乌鲁木齐市第三医院激光除皱手术多少钱to play the fool ------ 装糊涂 英文释义To pretend to be ignorant, or to act unaware of something. 例句When I complain to my apartment building manager about some problem, he usually plays the fool and tells me he can抰 fix anything himself.当我向公寓经理投诉一些问题时,他通常假装糊涂,对我说他一个人解决不了任何问题。 /201610/466537阿克苏脸部抽脂价格 北屯哪里割双眼皮好

乌鲁木齐哪个医院医学整形好12第十二单元conversation 1会话 1A:Kenvin? Hi,its Alice. I m very sorry that I have a big favor to ask you again.A:凯文?你好,我是爱丽丝。不好意思又要你帮个大忙了。B:How big,Alice? Last time you said that,I ended up working overtime 4 nights.B:多大的忙,爱丽丝?上次你就是这么说的,结果我连加了4个晚上的班。A:Well,Ive got a huge load of typing and Mr. Brown has insis-ted I get it done by tomorrow afternoon. Could you help me to type half of it?A:是这样,我有一大摞东西要打,而且布朗先生要我明天下午前一定干完。你能帮我打一半吗?B:All right, Alice. But this is the last time. I also have a lot of work to do.B:好吧,爱丽丝。但这是最后一次。我也有许多工作要做。A:Thank you,Kenvin,Youre so kind.A:谢谢你,凯文,你太好了。Conversation 2会话 2A:Whos our new office mate?A:谁是我们的新工作伙伴?B:Miss Liu,Id like you to meet Becca, Becca Gritz. She will be working with you starting today.B:刘,介绍你认识贝卡,贝卡·葛莉斯。从今天开始,她将和你一起工作。A:Welcome to Drexler Corporation,Becca! Were really happy to have you.A:贝卡,欢迎加入德瑞斯勒公司!真髙兴你成为我们的一员。C:Thank you. Im glad to be here.C:谢谢。我很高兴能来这里工作。 /201604/439442 bed of roses ------ 舒的工作(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) An easy job; a comfortable position requiring little or no work. (NOTE: often used in the negative form “to be no bed of roses.”) 例句Compared with the difficult classes I studied at my university, my first job after I graduated from college seemed like a bed a roses.与我在大学时学习的困难科目相比,我大学毕业后的第一份工作相当舒。 /201611/471199乌鲁木齐去眼袋手术权威医院乌鲁木齐哪家医院脱腋毛比较优惠



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