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They want to know how often your dog gets outside.他们想知道你的室外活动频率。They want to know how much exercise your dog is getting.有多少体育锻炼的时间。They want to know how much social time with other dogs and other humans.有多少和其他和人社交的时间。They want to talk to you about what sorts of therapies, largely behavior therapies, youve tried with that animal.他们想了解你为你的试过多少行为治疗方案。Those are the things that often tend to help the most, especially when combined with psychopharmaceuticals.这些就是最能 帮助的方式,特别是跟药物相结合。The thing, though, I believe, that helps the most, particularly with social animals,is time with other social animals.而我相信最能帮助社交性动物的是花时间在其他社交性动物上。In many ways, I feel like I became a service animal to my own dog, and I have seen parrots do it for people and people do it for parrots and dogs do it for elephants and elephants do it for other elephants.很多时候,我都觉得我成了为自家务的动物。我见过鹦鹉为人类务,也见过人类为鹦鹉务,为大象务然后大象再为其他大象务。I dont know about you; I get a lot of Internet forwards of unlikely animal friendships.我不知道你,但我在网上受邀转发很多动物之间不可思议的友谊。I also think its a huge part of Facebook, the monkey that adopts the cat or the great dane who adopted the orphaned fawn,or the cow that makes friends with the pig, and had you asked me eight, nine years ago, about these.我还认为这组成了脸书的很大一部分,猴子收养了猫或是大丹犬收养了失去双亲的鹿宝宝,又或是奶牛跟猪成了朋友,如果你八、九年前问我 这些故事的话。I would have told you that they were hopelessly sentimental and maybe too anthropomorphic in the wrong way and maybe even staged, and what I can tell you now is that there is actually something to this.我会告诉你这些太感情用事了,或是用错误的方式过于拟人化。甚至是表演出来的但现在我能告诉你,动物之间是真情实感。This is legit. In fact, some interesting studies have pointed to oxytocin levels, which are a kind of bonding hormone that we release when were having sex or nursing这是真的。事实上,有些有趣的研究表明催产素,一个社交产生的荷尔蒙会在我们性交,养育宝宝。or around someone that we care for extremely, oxytocin levels raising in both humans and dogs who care about each other or who enjoy each others company,或是在极其喜爱的人身边会产生,催产素水平会在彼此关心和愿意陪伴的人和身体里上升,不止这些,其他研究还表明催产素。and beyond that, other studies show that oxytocin raised even in other pairs of animals,so, say, in goats and dogs who were friends and played with each other, their levels spiked afterwards.在其他组合动物身体里也会上升。所以,山羊和成为朋友,一起玩耍后它们的催产素水平会达到一次高峰。I have a friend who really showed me that mental health is in fact a two-way street.我有个朋友向我展示了精神疾病其实是双向的。201412/350273You know, my favorite part of being a dad身为父亲最让我开心的,is the movies I get to watch.就是可以看自己喜欢的电影。I love sharing my favorite movies with my kids,我喜欢跟我的孩子分享我的电影,and when my daughter was four,当我的女儿四岁的时候,we got to watch ;The Wizard of Oz; together.我们一起看了《绿野仙踪》。It totally dominated her imagination for months.接下来几个月她完全被迷住了。Her favorite character was Glinda, of course.她最喜欢的角色,当然是葛琳达(Glinda)。It gave her a great excuse to wear a sparkly dress这让她把自己打扮的像仙女一样and carry a wand.还拿着魔杖。But you watch that movie enough times,但是当你看了几遍之后,and you start to realize how unusual it is.你就会发现这部电影是多么的与众不同。Now we live today, and are raising our children,现在, 我们生活,抚养小孩,in a kind of childrens-fantasy-spectacular-industrial complex.都是沉浸在一种儿童奇幻般复杂的世界里。But ;The Wizard of Oz; stood alone.但是《绿野仙踪》独树一帜。It did not start that trend.它并不属于那一类。Forty years later was when the trend really caught on,这种趋势是四十年后的今天才流行的.with, interestingly, another movie很有意思的是, 另外一部电影that featured a metal guy里面有一个铁大个儿and a furry guy和一个毛绒绒的家伙rescuing a girl by dressing up as the enemys guards.伪装成敌人的守卫去解救一个女孩。Do you know what Im talking about?你猜到这是哪部电影了么?Yeah.对的。Now, theres a big difference between these two movies,这两部电影有很多不同,a couple of really big differences between ;The Wizard of Oz;《绿野仙踪》跟我们近年来看到的所有电影and all the movies we watch today.在两三方面存在巨大的差异。One is theres very little violence in ;The Wizard of Oz.;首先,《绿野仙踪》没有什么暴力成分。The monkeys are rather aggressive, as are the apple trees.猴子算是里面比较暴力的了,类似的还有苹果树。But I think if ;The Wizard of Oz; were made today,但是我想如果我们今天拍摄《绿野仙踪》,the wizard would say, ;Dorothy, you are the savior of Oz巫师会说:“多萝西(Dorothy),你是预言中that the prophecy foretold.拯救奥兹(Oz)的人,Use your magic slippers to defeat用你的魔法拖鞋去打败the computer-generated armies of the Wicked Witch.;坏巫婆的(电脑生成的)军队吧。”But thats not how it happens.但是,不是这样子的。Another thing thats really unique about ;The Wizard of Oz;《绿野仙踪》的独特性还体现在to me is that all of the most heroic片中绝大多数的英勇角色、and wise and even villainous characters智者、甚至坏人are female.都是女性。Now I started to notice this我是在几年之后,when I actually showed ;Star Wars; to my daughter,跟我的女儿一起看《星球大战》的时候which was years later, and the situation was different.意识到这点的,那时候情况有些不同。At that point I also had a son.那时我添了一个儿子。He was only three at the time.当时三岁。He was not invited to the screening. He was too young for that.他还太小,所以我们没叫他一起看But he was the second child,但是作为家里第二个孩子,and the level of supervision had plummeted.对他的照看一下子就松了很多。So he wandered in,结果他也跑了进来,and it imprinted on him然后就入迷了like a mommy duck does to its duckling,就像是小鸭子一出生见到鸭妈妈一样,and I dont think he understands whats going on,我不认为他看懂了这部电影的内容but he is sure soaking in it.但是他显然已经沉迷其中了。And I wonder what hes soaking in.我很好奇他喜欢这部电影的原因。Is he picking up on the themes of courage是影片主题体现出来的勇气、and perseverance and loyalty?毅力与忠诚?Is he picking up on the fact that Luke亦或是卢克(Luke)加入军队joins an army to overthrow the government?推翻政府的事实?Is he picking up on the fact that还是说他意识到了there are only boys in the universe整部电影中除了贝鲁阿姨(Aunt Beru)之外except for Aunt Beru, and of course this princess,都是男孩?哦,当然还有公主是女性,whos really cool, but who kind of waits around through most of the movie很冷艳,但是她基本上只是跑个龙套so that she can award the hero with a medal and a wink在故事最后给英雄发放一个奖章,抛个媚眼to thank him for saving the universe, which he does感谢他拯救了世界,by the magic that he was born with?用他与生俱来的魔力。201510/404145

Hi,everybody.In 1620,a small band of pilgrims came to this continent,refugees who had fled persecution and violence in their native land.Nearly 400 years later,we remember their part in the American story-and we honor the men and women who helped them in their time of need.大家好。1620年,一小拨朝圣的清教徒来到这片大陆,他们为了逃离故土的迫害和暴力镇压逃难至此。将近400年来的今天,我们依然记得他们在美国历史上的重要位置,我们也崇敬那些在他们最需要帮助的时候伸出援手的人们。Thanksgiving is a day for food and football,and for hoping the turkey didnt turn out too dry.But its also a day to count our blessings and give back to others-a reminder that no matter our circumstances,all of us have something to be grateful for.Maybe its good health,a new addition to the family,or a child taking a next step toward college or a career.Maybe its a new job,or long overdue raise.Maybe its something as simple,and as important,as the chance to spend time with the people who matter most.感恩节是分享美食、观赏球赛的日子,大家都希望火鸡不要烤的太干。这也是我们将祝福和帮助送给他人的日子,无论我们生活在什么环境中,我们都有一些需要感恩的东西。也许是有个好身体、家里有了新居、或者是孩子们在学业或职业上取得了新进展。也许是有了新工作、期待已久的升职。也许是很简单、很重要,与最关心的人一起共度时光的机会。Of course,every American can be thankful for the chance to live in a country founded on the belief that all of us are created equal.And as President,Im thankful that I get to see the best of America every day-the courage of our troops and veterans,the resilience of our families,and the basic goodness of the ordinary people who call this country.当然,每个美国人都会为生活在这样的国家而感动,因为这个国家相信所有人生而平等。作为总统,我感谢每一天我看到的都是最美好的美国,我们有英勇不屈的将士和退伍军人,坚忍不拔的家庭,普通百姓称赞这个国家的一切美好的地方。On this uniquely American holiday,we also remember that so much of our greatness comes from our generosity.Theres the generosity of Americans who volunteer at food banks and shelters,making sure that no one goes hungry on a day when so many plates are full.Theres the generosity of Americans who take part not just in Black Friday and Cyber Monday,but Giving Tuesday-recognizing that in the holiday season,what you give is as important as what you get.在这个独具美国特色的节日里,我们也感谢慷慨大方的人们。乐善好施的美国人民自发设置食品发放中心和救济站,确保在大部分人都有吃的情况下没有人挨饿。慷慨的美国人民不仅参与黑色星期五和网购星期一的活动中,也参与到分享星期二的活动中,这些在假期里的活动让我们记住,你所给予的与你所得到的一样重要。And Ive been touched by the generosity of the Americans whove written me letters and emails in recent weeks,offering to open their homes to refugees fleeing the brutality of ISIL.最近几个星期,很多人给我写信、发邮件,大家敞开家门接纳逃离ISIL魔掌的难民们,我也一直被美国人民的慷慨大方所感动。Now,people should remember that no refugee can enter our borders until they undergo the highest security checks of anyone traveling to the ed States.That was the case before Paris,and its the case now.And what happened in Paris hasnt stopped Americans from opening their arms anyway.现在,大家应该了解,任何来到美国的人,只要没有通过最高级别的安全检查,是不可能进入我们国家的。巴黎事件之前是这样,之后也是这样。但巴黎事件的发生不会让美国敞开的怀抱关闭。One woman from Pennsylvania wrote me to say,;Money is tight for us in my household ...But i have a guest room.I have a pantry full of food.We can do this.; Another woman from Florida told me her familys history dates back to the Mayflower-and she said that welcoming others is part of ;what it means to be an American.;一位来自宾夕法尼亚州的女士写信给我,她说:“我持家过日子,钱很紧张…但我腾出了一间客房。我家的食品还算充足。我们可以做到。”另一位来自佛罗里达州的女士告诉我说她家祖上是随五月花号过来的,她说欢迎其他人正是“美国传统”的一部分。Nearly four centuries after the Mayflower set sail,the world is still full of pilgrims-men and women who want nothing more than the chance for a safer,better future for themselves and their families.What makes America America is that we offer that chance.We turn Lady Libertys light to the world,and widen our circle of concern to say that all Gods children are worthy of our compassion and care.Thats part of what makes this the greatest country on Earth.距离五月花号启航将近四个世纪了,世界上依然充满了朝圣者,这些男男女女不为别的,就为一份更安宁的生存机会,为自己和家人更争取更美好的未来。美国之所以成为美国,正是因为我们提供的这样的机会。我们将自由女神的光明传递到世界各地,我们将我们的关怀扩大到所有上帝的子民,他们值得我们去同情、关爱。而这也正是我们成为这个星球上最伟大的国家的原因。I hope that you and your family have wonderful Thanksgiving,surrounded by loved ones,and full of joy and gratitude.And together,may we all play our own small part in the American story,and write a next chapter that future generations can be thankful for.我希望大家过一个美好的感恩节,与心爱的人团聚,充满欢乐和感激。愿我们共同努力,扮演好我们在美国历史上的角色,写下可以让子孙后代感激的新篇章。From the Obama family to yours,have a great Thanksgiving.最后,我代表奥巴马全家祝大家感恩节快乐!201512/413288

You know, I just have to put this stuff aside.我得把这些事情放在一边,I have to stay focused on my job.我必须专注于我的工作。Because for many Americans this is still a time of deep uncertainty.因为对很多美国人来说,现在还处于不稳定时期。For example, I have one friend just a few weeks ago, she was making millions of dollars a year and shes now living out of a van in Iowa.举个例子,我有一个朋友,几个礼拜前她还是年薪百万,而如今正住在爱荷华的货车里。Meanwhile, back here in our nations capital were always dealing with new challenges.然而,在我们的首都,我们依旧面临着新的挑战。Im happy to report that the Secret Service — thanks to some excellent reporting by white house correspondents — they are focusing on some of the issues that have come up.我高兴地宣告特勤处...由于一些优秀的白宫记者报告使得他们关注了一些从未遇到的问题。And, they have finally figured out a fool proof way to keep people off my lawn.他们终于找到了一个万无一失的方法让人们远离我的草坪。It works.它奏效了。Its not just fence jumpers.不仅仅是翻栅栏的人。Some of you know, a few months ago, a drone crashed landed out back.你们中的有些人知道,几个月前,一架无人机降落时坠毁了。That was pretty serious, but dont worry, we installed a new state-of-the-art security system.这十分严重,但是别担心,我们安装了新的最顶尖的安保系统。You know, let me set the record straight.让我重新声明一下。I tease Joe Biden, but you know he has been in my side for seven years.我打趣乔·拜登,但是你得知道他在我身边陪伴了7年了。I love that man.我爱死这哥们儿了。Hes not just a great Vice President, he is a great friend.他不仅是一位杰出的副总统,还是一位很棒的朋友。Weve gotten so close in some places in Indiana, they wont serve us pizza anymore.我们在印第安纳时非常亲密,以至于他们再也不卖披萨给我们了。I want to thank our host for the evening, a Chicago girl, the incredibly talented Cecily Strong.我想感谢今晚的主持人,一位芝加哥女孩儿,非常有才华的塞西莉·斯特朗。On Saturday Night Live, Cecily impersonates CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin, which is surprising,在周六晚间直播里,塞西莉假扮CNN主播布鲁克·鲍德温,这十分令人惊讶,because usually the only people impersonating journalists on CNN are journalists on CNN.因为通常只有CNN记者才会冒充CNN记者。201512/415967THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon, everybody. Happy Friday. I thought I’d take some questions, but first, let me say a few words about the economy.This morning, we learned that our economy created over 200,000 new jobs in July. That’s on top of about 300,000 new jobs in June. So we are now in a six-month streak with at least 200,000 new jobs each month. That’s the first time that has happened since 1997. Over the past year, we’ve added more jobs than any year since 2006. And all told, our businesses have created 9.9 million new jobs over the past 53 months. That’s the longest streak of private sector job creation in our history.And as we saw on Wednesday, the economy grew at a strong pace in the spring. Companies are investing. Consumers are spending. American manufacturing, energy, technology, autos -- all are booming. And thanks to the decisions that we’ve made, and the grit and resilience of the American people, we’ve recovered faster and come farther from the recession than almost any other advanced country on Earth.So the good news is the economy clearly is getting stronger. Things are getting better. Our engines are revving a little bit louder. And the decisions that we make right now can sustain and keep that growth and momentum going.Unfortunately, there are a series of steps that we could be taking to maintain momentum, and perhaps even accelerate it; there are steps that we could be taking that would result in more job growth, higher wages, higher incomes, more relief for middle-class families. And so far, at least, in Congress, we have not seen them willing or able to take those steps.I’ve been pushing for common-sense ideas like rebuilding our infrastructure in ways that are sustained over many years and support millions of good jobs and help businesses compete. I’ve been advocating on behalf of raising the minimum wage, making it easier for working folks to pay off their student loans; fair pay, paid leave. All these policies have two things in common: All of them would help working families feel more stable and secure, and all of them so far have been blocked or ignored by Republicans in Congress. That’s why my administration keeps taking whatever actions we can take on our own to help working families.Now, it’s good that Congress was able to pass legislation to strengthen the VA. And I want to thank the chairmen and ranking members who were involved in that. It’s good that Congress was able to at least fund transportation projects for a few more months before leaving town -- although it falls far short of the kind of infrastructure effort that we need that would actually accelerate the economy. But for the most part, the big-ticket items, the things that would really make a difference in the lives of middle-class families, those things just are not getting done.Let’s just take a recent example: Immigration. We all agree that there’s a problem that needs to be solved in a portion of our southern border. And we even agree on most of the solutions. But instead of working together -- instead of focusing on the 80 percent where there is agreement between Democrats and Republicans, between the administration and Congress -- House Republicans, as we speak, are trying to pass the most extreme and unworkable versions of a bill that they aly know is going nowhere, that can’t pass the Senate and that if it were to pass the Senate I would veto. They know it.They’re not even trying to actually solve the problem. This is a message bill that they couldn’t quite pull off yesterday, so they made it a little more extreme so maybe they can pass it today -- just so they can check a box before they’re leaving town for a month. And this is on an issue that they all insisted had to be a top priority. Now, our efforts administratively so far have helped to slow the tide of child migrants trying to come to our country. But without additional resources and help from Congress, we’re just not going to have the resources we need to fully solve the problem. That means while they’re out on vacation I’m going to have to make some tough choices to meet the challenge -- with or without Congress.And yesterday, even though they’ve been sitting on a bipartisan immigration bill for over a year, House Republicans suggested that since they don’t expect to actually pass a bill that I can sign, that I actually should go ahead and act on my own to solve the problem. Keep in mind that just a few days earlier, they voted to sue me for acting on my own. And then when they couldn’t pass a bill yesterday, they put out a statement suggesting I should act on my own because they couldn’t pass a bill.So immigration has not gotten done. A student loan bill that would help folks who have student loan debt consolidate and refinance at lower rates -- that didn’t pass. The transportation bill that they did pass just gets us through the spring, when we should actually be planning years in advance. States and businesses are raising the minimum wage for their workers because this Congress is failing to do so.Even basic things like approving career diplomats for critical ambassadorial posts aren’t getting done. Last night, for purely political reasons, Senate Republicans, for a certain period of time, blocked our new ambassador to Russia. It raised such an uproar that finally they went ahead and let our Russian ambassador pass -- at a time when we are dealing every day with the crisis in Ukraine.They’re still blocking our ambassador to Sierra Leone, where there’s currently an Ebola outbreak. They’re blocking our ambassador to Guatemala, even as they demand that we do more to stop the flow of unaccompanied children from Guatemala. There are a lot of things that we could be arguing about on policy -- that’s what we should be doing as a democracy -- but we shouldn’t be having an argument about placing career diplomats with bipartisan support in countries around the world where we have to have a presence.So the bottom line is this: We have come a long way over the last five and a half years. Our challenges are nowhere near as daunting as they were when I first came into office. But the American people demand and deserve a strong and focused effort on the part of all of us to keep moving the country forward and to focus on their concerns. And the fact is we could be much further along and we could be doing even better, and the economy could be even stronger, and more jobs could be created if Congress would do the job that the people sent them here to do.And I will not stop trying to work with both parties to get things moving faster for middle-class families and those trying to get into the middle class. When Congress returns next month, my hope is, is that instead of simply trying to pass partisan message bills on party lines that don’t actually solve problems, they’re going to be willing to come together to at least focus on some key areas where there’s broad agreement. After all that we’ve had to overcome, our Congress should stop standing in the way of our country’s success. So with that, let me take a couple of questions. And I will start with Roberta Rampton of Reuters.201503/365058Third, our network-y PCs enable people to transmit information to friends around the world or to share it with people they dont even know by posting it on a Web site. And, of course, were providing the capabilities to print and duplicate that information. In fact, our all-in-one products do more than that. They print. They scan. They copy. They send and receive information via fax. This is just what the home user or small-business requires, because they dont have room for lots of different pieces of equipment. An E-Commerce competency is becoming a critical success factor for financial institutions around the world. HP has been working closely with Chinese financial institutions for several years to pioneer best E-Commerce practices in China. Let me highlight some of HPs contributions in this area. In 1995 we began to work with the China Construction Bank to develop a fund clearing system run on HPs UNIX platform. Today, HPs servers, PCs and support services are used throughout the banks 44 branches across the country, helping to reduce typical transaction clearance times from up to 10 days to now less than 24 hours. This month, we are launching a trial solution with the Bank of China to enable their corporate customers to perform their standard banking transactions on-line. This marks a first for China. HPs VirtualVault solution was chosen over other solutions for its superior security and reliability, as well as service support. HP, together with our VeriFone subsidiary, is continuing to work with Bank of China to build on this platform, so that by the end of the year a full range of E-Commerce services will be available on line, again marking a first for China.第三,我们的网络型PC机可使人们向世界各地的朋友发送信息或通过把信息貼到网上与陌生人分享信息。当然,我们也提供了打印和复制该信息的功能。实际上,我们的一体化产品涉及的功能更广。它们可以打印、扫描和复制信息,可通过传真发送和接收信息。这就是家庭用户或小型企业所需的产品,因为它们没有太多的空间安置不同的设备。如今,具备电子商务的能力已经成为全世界金融 机构成功的关键因素。惠普公司开始与中国的金融机构密切合作,在中国率先开创最佳电子商务。请允许我概述一下惠普公司在这一领域所做的贡献。1995年,我们开始与中国建设合作,在惠普的UNIX 平台开发了资金清算系统。如今,惠普的务器,PC机和持务用于该行在全国的44家分行,帮助它们缩短了交易清算的射间,从原先的10天缩短为现在的不到24小时。本月,我们将与中国试行一个解决方案,使其公司客户在线进行标准的交易。在中国,这是首次进行此类项目。在所有方案中,惠普虚拟保险箱(Virtual Vault)方案因其卓越的安全性和可靠性,以及其务持而入选。目前,惠普与分机构VeriFone正与中国继续合作,建立这一平台,以便在年底之前确保在线提供电子商务务,从而在中国再拔头筹。 201411/340183

And there are certain forms of the FOXO gene我们发现活到90或者100岁人里that have found to be more frequently present最常有的in people who live to be 90 or 100.某种FOXO基因And thats the case all over the world,这是遍布全球的例子as you can see from these stars.正如大家看到的这些星星And each one of these stars represents a population每一个星星代表一个人群where scientists have asked,科学家曾问过;Okay, are there differences in the type of FOXO genes“好吧,在这些活得非常久人群里among people who live a really long time?; and there are.FOXO基因有什么不同吗?” 是的We dont know the details of how this works,我们不知道这起作用的细节but we do know then但我们知道that FOXO genes can impact这FOXO基因能影响the lifespan of people.人们的寿命And that means that, maybe if we tweak it a little bit,这意味着或许如果我们调试一下基因we can increase the health and longevity of people.我们可以增加人们的寿命和保健功能So this is really exciting to me.所以这对我而言很兴奋A FOXO is a protein that we found in these little, round worms我们在这些小圆形线虫发现的FOXO是种蛋白质to affect lifespan,它影响寿命and here it affects lifespan in people.它也影响人们的寿命So weve been trying in our lab now所以现在我们一直在我们实验室to develop drugs研发药物that will activate this FOXO cell它会激活这种FOXO细胞using human cells now现使用人类细胞in order to try and come up with drugs为了试药that will delay aging and age-related diseases.用药来延缓衰老和老龄引发的疾病And Im really optimistic that this is going to work.这会行得通,我对此非常乐观There are lots of different proteins that are known to affect aging.延缓衰老所熟知的有许多不同蛋白质And for at least one of them, there is a drug.至少它们中的之一就是药物Theres one called TOR, which is another nutrient sensor,有种叫TOR,它是另一种营养传感器like the insulin pathway.如同胰岛素传递And mutations that damage the TOR gene --毁坏TOR基因的变异体just like the daf-2 mutations --如同daf 2变异体--extend lifespan in worms延长线虫and flies and mice.苍蝇和老鼠的寿命But in this case, theres aly a drug called rapamycin但在这情况下,已经有种药叫纳巴霉素that binds to the TOR protein和TOR蛋白质联系在一起and inhibits its activity.抑制它的活性And you can take rapamycin and give it to a mouse --你可以拿纳巴霉素,给老鼠试试--even when its pretty old, like age 60 for a human,甚至当它非常老,如同60岁的老人that old for a mouse --那么老的一只老鼠--if you give the mouse rapamycin,如果给老鼠纳巴霉素it will live longer.它会活得久点Now I dont want you all to go out taking rapamycin.现我不想让大家都去吃纳巴霉素It is a drug for people,它是适应于人类的药but the reason is it suppresses the immune system.但原因是它会抵制免疫系统So people take it to prevent organ transplants from being rejected.所以人们吃了它会因排斥而不能器官移植So this may not be the perfect drug所以这或许不是种完美的药物for staying young longer.来永葆青春But still, here in the year 2011,但这还是2011年theres a drug that you can give to mice at a pretty old age就是这种药,你能把它给非常老的老鼠that will extend their lifespan,它会延长它们的寿命which comes out of this science这科学试验thats been done in all these different animals.已经试用于所有这些不同动物身上So Im really optimistic,所以我非常乐观and I think it wont be too long, I hope,我认为我希望,它会不久before this age-old dream begins to come true.这个延缓衰老梦想早日实现Thank you.谢谢201508/391089

By 2006, 40 percent of all the loans made that year, all the home loans made that year,were liars loans,40 percent.截至2006年,当年发放的所有贷款,当年的所有房屋贷款中四成是欺骗性贷款。高达四成啊,亲。And this is despite a warning from the industrys own antifraud experts that said that these loans were an open invitation to fraudsters, and that they had a fraud incidence of 90 percent,nine zero.行业自身的反欺诈专家曾经警告,这些贷款简直是引狼入室,诈骗率高达九成,百分之九十。尽管有这些警告,问题还是发生了。In response to that, the industry first started calling these loans liars loans, which lacks a certain subtlety, and second, massively increased them, and no government regulator ever required or encouraged any lender to make a liars loan or anyone to purchase a liars loan,and that explicitly includes Fannie and Freddie.作为回应,金融行业首先开始称呼这些贷款为欺骗性借贷,听上去不太悦耳。其次,大幅增加这种贷款。没有任何政府监管机构要求或者鼓励任何借方放出欺骗性贷款要求或鼓励任何人去购买欺骗性借贷,这当然也包括房利美和房地美。This came from the lenders because of the fraud recipe.由于欺诈的成因和模式,借方难辞其咎。What happened to appraisal fraud?估价欺诈行为又是怎样呢?It expanded remarkably as well.同样膨胀得非常了得。By 2007, when a survey of appraisers was done,90 percent of appraisers reported that they had been subject to coercion from the lenders trying to get them to inflate an appraisal.2007年,有份针对估价师的调查,9成受访的估价师表示,他们受到借方的胁迫,要求他们对估值进行灌水(夸大价值)。In other words, both forms of fraud became absolutely endemic and normal,and this is what drove the bubble.换言之,两种形式的欺诈行为成为常态,疯狂肆虐,泡沫于是成型。What happened in the governmental sector?政府部门的情况呢?Well, the government, as I told you,when we were the savings and loan regulators,we could only deal with our industry,and if people gave up their federal deposit insurance,we couldnt do anything to them.政府啊,不提也罢,说多了都是泪,我们监管储贷的时候,我们只能处理我们负责的行业,如果借方放弃他们的联邦存款保险,我们就将束手无策。Congress, it may strike you as impossible, but actually did something intelligent in 1994,and passed the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act that gave the Fed, and only the Federal Reserve,the explicit, statutory authority to ban liars loans by every lender,whether or not they had federal deposit insurance.国会,说起来你们可能不信,在1994年实际上倒是干了点实事,通过了《房屋所有权和股权保护法》,法案赋权美联储,仅限美联储明确的法律权力去取缔来自任何借方的欺骗性贷款业务,无论这些借方有无联邦存款保险。So what did Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan,as chairs of the Fed, do when they got these warnings that these were massively fraudulent loans and that they were being sold to the secondary market?在接到这些预警信号:这些大面积的欺诈性贷款这些要转售给次级市场的欺骗性贷款作为美联储主席到底做了些什么?Remember, theres no fraud exorcist.请记住,没有神人能将这些欺诈行为消失。Once it starts out a fraudulent loan, it can only be sold to the secondary market through more frauds, lying about the reps and warrantees,and then those people are going to produce mortgage-backed securities and exotic derivatives which are also going to be supposedly backed by those fraudulent loans.欺骗性贷款一旦出现,只能通过更多的欺诈行为,如编造合约声明和保条款把这一借款转售给次级市场。然后借方再推出抵押贷款券和衍生产品,而为这些产品进行担保的正是欺骗性借款。So the fraud is going to progress through the entire system,hyperinflate the bubble, produce a disaster.欺诈行为将贯穿整个系统的始终,使泡沫急剧膨胀,进而造成灾难。And remember, we had experience with this.想想看,这事我们之前经历过。We had seen significant losses,and we had experience of competent regulators in stopping it.我们遭受了巨大的损失,职能监管机构也有阻止危机出现的先例。Greenspan and Bernanke refused to use the authority under the statute to stop liars loans.但是格林斯潘和伯南克拒绝使用法律赋予他们的权力来取缔欺骗性借贷。201502/357500And it turns out, everywhere in the world, women need more self-confidence,because the world tells us were not equal to men.我们发现,在世界上任何地方 女性也要拥有更多的自信因为社会告诉我们和男性并不平等。Everywhere in the world, we live in a world where the men get and, and women get or.在世界的任何角落,我们也生活在 一个男性可兼顾家庭事业的社会而女性必须两者选择其一。Ive never met a man whos been asked how he does it all.我从没见过一个男的被问及 怎样做到两者兼顾。Again, Im going to turn to the men in the audience:我再来问问现埸的男观众吧。Please raise your hand if youve been asked, how do you do it all?如果你曾被问及怎么做到两者兼顾的请举手。Men only.仅限男性。Women, women. Please raise your hand if youve been asked how you do it all?女性,女性, 如果曾被问 怎么做到两者兼顾的请举手。We assume men can do it all, slash-have jobs and children.我们假定男性可以做到-同时兼顾工作和孩子。We assume women cant, and thats ridiculous,because the great majority of women everywhere in the world, including the ed States,work full time and have children.总是假定女性做不到,这是荒谬的因为全世界绝大多数的女性,包括美国的都在全职工作并且有孩子。And I think people dont fully understand how broad the message is.我想大家不了解这个概念多么广泛。There is a circle thats been started for rescued sex workers in Miami.在迈阿密,有一个 为性工作者而成立的小组。Theyre using Lean In to help people make the transition back to what would be a fair life, really rescuing them from their pimps, and using it.她们用向前一步的概念 帮助其他人改变人生回归正常生活 并从皮条客手中拯救出来。There are dress-for-success groups in Texas which are using the book, for women who have never been to college.一些在德克萨斯州名为为成功着装的团体,她们利用这本书帮助未受过大学教育的女性。And we know there are groups all the way to Ethiopia.我们知道远在埃塞俄比亚也有小组 所以这些关于平等的信息。And so these messages of equality-of how women are told they cant have what men can have how we assume that leadership is for men, how we assume that voice is for men, these affect all of us, and I think they are very universal.女性被灌输一种思想: 无法得到男性拥有的东西。我们认为领导力属于男性的 我们认为话语权也属于男性这些都影响著我们所有人 而且这种想法相当普遍。And its part of what TEDWomen does.这也是TEDWomen所做工作的一部分。It unites all of us in a cause we have to believe in,which is more women, more voice, more equality.它通过一个共同信念把我们团结起来即是更多女性、更多声音、更平等。If you were invited now to make another TEDWomen talk, what would you say that is a result of this experience, for you personally,and what youve learned about women, and men, as youve made this journey?如果你再次被邀请 做另一个 TEDWomen 演讲。你会说些什么,对你个人来说 这场经历有什么结果?当你经历了一切后,关于女人和男人你学到了什么?I think I would say-I tried to say this strongly, but I think I can say it more strongly I want to say that the status quo is not enough.我想说 我强调。我想可以强调这点,我想说的是,现时状况并不理想。That its not good enough, that its not changing quickly enough.一切还不够好,转变还不够快。Since I gave my TED Talk and published my book, another year of data came out from the U.S. Census.从我上次TED演说和我的书出版后 美国统计局又出了新一年的数据。And you know what we found?你知道发现了什么吗?No movement in the wage gap for women in the ed States.美国女性与男性之间的 工资差距没有变化。Seventy-seven cents to the dollar.两性工资仍是 77 美分比 1 美元。If you are a black woman, 64 cents.如果你是黑人女性 则是 64 美分比 1 美元。If you are a Latina, were at 54 cents.如果你是拉丁裔 则是 54 美分比 1 美元。Do you know when the last time those numbers went up?你知道这些比例上一次 有所提高是什么时候?We are stagnating, we are stagnating in so many ways.我们一直在各方面停滞不前。And I think we are not really being honest about that,for so many reasons. Its so hard to talk about gender.而且我认为我们对这问题 从来也不够坦诚原因不胜枚举 对性别的谈论是如此艰难。We shy away from the word feminist, a word I really think we need to embrace.我们羞于女权主义者这个词汇 我却认为应该欣然接受它。We have to get rid of the word bossy and bring back.反而该停用专横跋扈带回。I think I would say in a louder voice, we need to get rid of the word bossy nd bring back the word feminist, because we need it.我想更大声地说 应该停止使用专横这个词而把女权主义者带回来 因为我们需要它。And we all need to do a lot more leaning in.我们全部都需要向前一步。SS: A lot more leaning in.向前一步。PM: Thank you, Sheryl.谢谢你!谢乐尔!Thanks for leaning in and saying yes.谢谢你的向前一步,和我们一同分享。Thank you.谢谢。201501/352538

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