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Moscow is known for its harsh winters, and for more and more people there’s no break from the freezing cold.莫斯科以其严寒的冬天而闻名,对于越来越多的人,寒冷刺骨没有间断。Homelessness is on the rise in the capital as the Russian economy suffers from the falling price of oil, its main export.石油是俄罗斯主要的出口,其经济遭到油价格下跌影响,首都无家可归者数量上升。Some charities estimate there are now more than 100,000 people living rough in Moscow.一些慈善机构估计,现在有超过十万人过着艰苦的生活。Many people end up freezing to death in their sleep. I know many who have died,says this 29-year-old woman. Me, I’m cold and hungry, as always.许多人在睡梦中冻死。我知道的有很多,这29岁的女士说。我,又冷又饿。More than two million Russians fell into poverty last year, as government spending cuts and inflation squeezed household income.去年有超过二百万的俄罗斯人陷入贫困,因政府削减开和通货膨胀缩减了家庭收入。To escape the cold, some choose to go underground — into the city’s sewers. About half a dozen men living packed together in a claustrophobic cave. Huddled against sewage pipes, they try to keep warm until the next day.为了躲避寒冷,一些人选择进入地下城市下水道。大约六个人一起生活在这个封闭的洞里。互相围拢着污水管道,试图保暖到第二天。译文属。 /201602/425089

Ice has bulldozed and carved the world we know on a colossal scale.冰用巨大的规模来推平和雕刻世界But what is it that gives something as brittle as ice在地球上能找到像冰一样易碎supremacy over the hardest and most resilient rocks却能比最硬的石头to be found on the planet?还坚固的东西么?To find out, you need to see inside a glacier.若要找出,你需要看到冰川的内部The Svartisen Glacier in Norway is one of the few places on Earth斯瓦迪森冰川坐落在挪威的北极圏where ice can really be seen in action.这里你能看到冰在运动Its thanks to this glacier that scientists are starting to understand感谢这个冰川让我们揭开the secrets of ices great power.冰伟大力量的神秘Deep beneath the glacier, in a chamber at the end,在隧道尽头的房间里scientists come face to face with ice.科学家们能与冰层亲密接触了Then its two days of of hard work using hot water花了两天的时间喷洒热水to melt a cave big enough to get inside the glacier and see it in all its glory.大小足够人们进入 用来仔细观察它的光辉Heres the ice tunnel. Watch your head!这里就是冰层隧道,注意头顶!Miriam Jacksons a glaciologist.米里亚姆杰克逊是一位地理学家She spends up to three weeks at a time down here.她在这底下一次都要待上整整三个礼拜Look at that!Its beautiful! -Its amazing, isnt it?看啊!太漂亮了!-不可思议,对吧?Its absolutely beautiful.简直太漂亮了This is like a piece of art. It is, isnt it?就像是一件艺术品是吧?Wow!Youve got to remember theres 200 metres of ice over us now.哇喔!米里亚姆·杰克逊士挪威水资源和能源士你要知道我们头顶上的冰层有两百米厚200 metres?JACKSON: Yes, were at the bottom of the glacier and the ice is over us.两百米?是的,我们正处于冰河的底下冰层就在我们头上-Its also closing in on us. -As we speak, its contracting in?-而冰层正在靠近我们-靠近?这里的空间在缩小?Yeah. We couldnt stand here for 48 hours,是的,这里不能待超过48小时the ice would close in on us.冰将把我们关在这里Wed be stuck fossilised in the ice, like a big ice cube.我们会变成冰化石就像一个大的冰立方201510/404020

Everything is in bloom and you should be too. In spring, choose colors and accentuate features that emphasize youth and energy.万物复苏,你也应该生机勃发。在春季,选择强调年轻和活力的色。You Will Need你需要Moisturizer保湿霜Toner调色粉Foundation粉底Blush腮红Eyeliner眼线膏Mascara睫毛膏Lipstick唇膏Steps步骤STEP 1 Apply moisturizer1.涂抹保湿霜Apply your moisturizer first. Work the moisturizer heavily on the dark circles around eyes to get a natural look.首先涂抹保湿霜。眼睛周围的阴影部分多涂抹一点保湿霜,让效果看上去更自然。STEP 2 Put on primer2.涂抹妆前乳Put on primer to even the texture and hide large pores.涂抹妆前乳,让皮肤看上去更均匀细腻,隐藏较大的毛孔。STEP 3 Apply the foundation3.上粉底Apply foundation. Blot away excess moisturizer for an even look.上粉底。吸干多余的保湿霜,让面部看上去更均匀。Find a quality foundation at the store and apply it to the side of your hand to determine your proper matching shade.在商场购买质量比较好的粉底,在手背试用一下,确定合适的底色。STEP 4 Choose blush4.选择腮红Choose a rose or coral-toned blush, applying it on top of your foundation or over the top of a translucent powder.选择玫瑰色或珊瑚色的腮红,涂抹在粉底或透明粉上。STEP 5 Avoid loud contrasts5.避免强烈对比Liven your eyes with blue-hued eye shadow, but in deep pigments so they arent too loud and dont contrast with delicate features. Greens and yellows will work too, but stick with a light, natural look for spring.用蓝色调,但是要比较深的颜色的眼影使眼睛鲜活起来,而且不至于太大,不会与白皙的面部造成太鲜明的对比。绿色和黄色也可以,但是春天坚持比较浅色自然的造型。Spring is the season of renewal, so adding some color to wake up winter-paled skin signifies freshness and health.春天是万物复苏的季节,所以增添一些色来唤醒冬季苍白的皮肤,代表新生和健康。STEP 6 Use mascara according to hair color6.根据头发颜色选择睫毛膏Stick with brown mascara in the daytime if youre fair-haired, and wear black at night for drama. Made-up lashes and eyes can disappear on dark haired women, so opt for a clear type that accentuates, using a comb-like brush to separate.如果你是金发,白天坚持用棕色睫毛膏,而夜晚参加聚会选择黑色。如果是黑发女性,化妆后的睫毛和眼睛效果不明显,所以选择强调眼睛的产品,使用像梳子一样的睫毛刷。STEP 7 Wear bright lipstick7.选择色明亮的唇膏Wear bright lipstick in the spring that shouts life: red, salmon, coral, or peach. Avoid pink and dark colors. Go out and feel renewed, just like the season.春天选择彰显生命活力的色明亮的唇膏:红色,浅橙色,珊瑚色或桃红色。避免粉红色和暗色系。外出,感受春天般欣欣向荣的气息。The worlds first cosmetics were made of copper and other ores and were used by the Egyptians.世界上首套化妆品是由铜和矿粉制成的,由埃及人使用。视频听力译文由。201503/365263

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