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Date约会When the young waitress in the cafe in Tom building started waving hello everyday. Tom was flattered, she was at least years younger than he. One day she waved and beckoned to Tom again. When Tom strolled over, she asked, ;Are you single?;汤姆住的大楼的咖啡馆女务员最近每天跟他扬手打招呼,这让汤姆有点受宠若惊,因为这位女孩看上去至少比他年轻岁这天,女务员又跟汤姆招手示意于是,汤姆从容不迫地走了过去她问道:“你是单身吗?”;Why, yes,; Tom replied, smiling at her broadly.“哎,是单身”汤姆回答,冲她咧嘴直乐;So is my mom,; she said. ;Would you like to meet her?;“我妈也是啊,”她说,“你愿不愿意见见她?” 39536。

介绍:On the state broadcaster on Weibo, a microblogging service, the comments section was temporarily shut down as viewers bombarded it with complaints. Since then censors have been busy deleting posts about the surfeit of political puffery. 生词:1 bombard [动词 + 名词短语] bombard sbsth (with sth)  to attack a place by firing large guns at it or dropping bombs on it continuously 轰炸;轰击to attack sb with a lot of questions, criticisms, etc. or by giving them too much inmation 大量提问;大肆抨击;提供过多信息We have been bombarded with letters of complaint.我们接二连三收到了大批的投诉信件 surfeit [常用单数形式] surfeit (of sth) (mal) an amount that is too large 过量 3 puffery n. 吹捧,鼓吹,吹捧的广告; censora person whose job is to examine books, filmsmovies, etc. and remove parts which are considered to be offensive, immoral or a political threat (书籍、电影等的)审查员,审查官欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 6397。


感觉自己就是一匹马,在声音里狂奔,真的很自由,为什么要奔跑呢,因为美是太容易消逝的,我不能在没有美的地方活着,我在草原上等待许多马,它们一定会来,带着音乐和童年的尘土,就像时不时出现在心里的交响乐一样的感激,多么喜欢那突然的音符的冲突和爆炸,或者是慢慢的消散,远去的马群,令人狂乱而美,音乐在奔跑中才会有生命,人和马也是一样,而在奔跑的时候,人就是马本身,也是音乐本身,那是隐藏在每个物体背后的原音,人就是因为要喊叫要回归童年才奔跑和发出声音的Sound the bugle now play it just me as the seasons change remember how I used to be Now I can't go on I can't even start I've got nothing left just an empty heart I'm a soldier wounded so I must give up the fight There's nothing more me lead me away or leave me lying here Sound the bugle now tell them I don't care There's not a road I know that leads to anywhere Without a light I fear that I will stumble in the dark lay right down decide not to go on them from on high somewhere in the distance There's a voice that calls remember who you are If you lose yourself your courge soon will follow so be strong tonight remember who you are ya you're a soldier now fighting in a battle to be free once more ya that's worth fighting。

《守望者有一种戏说的成分,故事设定在上世纪80年代,讲的却是尼克松当权的冷战时期影片中的插曲无一不是那个年代的经典曲目,有来自Nat King Cole和Bille Holiday的爵士金曲,也有来自Simon And Garfunkel的《毕业生插曲The Sound Of Silence而这首Halleujah的翻唱更是不计其数,可谓家喻户晓片中采用了原唱Leonard Cohen的版本,低沉怀旧的感觉为故事情节带来了一丝温情的浪漫 78350。

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻.Good GirlA minister asked a little one this question. ;What does your mother do you when youve been a good girl?;She replied, ;She lets me stay home from church.;Notes:1. A minister asked a little one this question.有一个牧师问一个小朋友这样一个问題;little;除了可以表示“小的形状也可以表示;小的年龄”;;one;在这里当代名同,它与修饰语连用,表示特定的人或物,如:any one(任何人)所以little one(年龄小的人),也就是指小孩子minister [#7;m#618;n#618;st#601;(r)] n.牧师.;What does your mother do you when youve been a good girl?;“当你是一个乖女孩时,你妈妈会为你做什么?”3. She replied, ;She lets me stay home from church.;她回答:“她会让我留在家,不用去教堂”上教堂做礼拜对孩子来说是个折磨(torture).必须坐在椅子上,听老牧师讲一些他们听不懂的话,而旦不能说话或乱动,持续一至三个小时,分秒都是煎熬所以可以不去教 堂对小孩子来说就是最好的奖赏了!torture [#7;t#596;:t#63;#601;(r)] n.折磨本节目可可原创节目, 3368。

推荐阿曼达唱的这首《Little House,难以抵挡的天赋,甜美的声音,Little House,虽然还没有看到电影,就早已让听者感受到歌曲其中情怀的流露,一种如丝般的年轻,一点对过往的释然,一份对爱的期待 Little House Amanda SeyfriedI love this place But it's haunted without you My tired heart Is beating so slow Our hearts sing less Than we wanted We wanted Our hearts sing 'cause We do not know we do not know To light the night To help us grow To help us grow It is not said I always know You can catch me Don't you run Don't you run If you live another day In this happy little house The fire's here to stay To light the night To help us grow To help us grow It is not said I always know Please don't make a fuss It won't go away The wonder of it all The wonder that I made I am here to stay I am here to stay Stay 78。

Why was she angry她为什么生气A young man was in love with a beautiful girl. One day she said to him, ;It is my birthday tomorrow.;;Oh,; said the young man, ;Ill send you roses, on e rose each year of your life.;一个年轻人爱上了一位美丽的姑娘一天,姑娘对他说:“明天是我生日”“噢,”年轻人说,“我要送给你玫瑰花,一朵代表一岁”The same evening he went to a florist. As he knew that the girl was twenty-two years old, he paid twenty-two roses and asked the florist to send them to the girl the next day.当天晚上他到花店去了他知道这姑娘岁,就付了朵花的钱,并要花店主人在第二天把花送给那位姑娘The florist knew the young man very well as he had often brought flowers in his shop bee. When the young man left the shop, the florist thought:花店主人很了解这年轻人,因为他以前经常在他的花店里买花年轻人离开花店时,他想:;This young man is a very good customer. I think that my price was too high. I will send ten more roses.;“这个年轻人是个好主顾我觉得我的花价太高了我就多送十朵玫瑰花吧!”He did so. The next morning thirty-two roses were sent to the girl. When the young man came to see her she didnt want to speak to him. And he never knew why she was so angry with him.他这么做了第二天早上,3朵玫瑰花就送到了那位姑娘那里当年轻人去看她时,她不愿意理他他怎么也弄不明白,为什么她生他的气 39981。