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  This is the story of a ferocious army determined to rescue their queen from a metal tress.这是一个神奇的故事,一精悍的军队誓死要将他们的王后从金属堡垒中救出来Or, viewed another way, a swarm of bees who, two days, followed their queen bee trapped inside a Mitsubishi Outlander. Either way, it makes a good tale.或者换个方式来说,一窝蜜蜂在追寻了两天的时间之后,追上了被一辆三菱欧蓝德汽车困住的蜂后不管哪一种方式,这都会是一则很棒的故事The Outlander belongs to Carol Howarth, a 68-year-old grandmother, who had no idea shed picked up a tiny winged passenger when she visited a nature reserve.这辆欧蓝德的主人名叫卡罗·豪沃思,是一名68岁的老妇人她不知道她去参观自然保护区的时候会搭载了这么一个长着翅膀的小小乘客Later, when she stopped to go shopping in Haverdwest, West Wales, the bees descended - thousands and thousands of them.在此之后,当她停下车来去西威尔士的哈佛韦斯特购物的时候,成千上万的蜜蜂从天而降Moses, who works as a Pembrokeshire Coast National Park ranger, was driving by when he happened upon the raid. ;Driving through town noticed this going on outside the Lower Three Crowns and couldnt resist getting involved!; he wrote in a pun-filled post on his Facebook page.西是彭布罗克郡海岸国家公园的一名护林员,事发时他正好开车经过他在脸书上用双关语写道,“当我开车穿过镇子时,在Lower Three Crowns餐厅门外看到这样的景象,怎么能不帮忙呢!”He was worried someone might do something ;stupid.; Bees are aly dying from habitat loss and terrible farming practices, like pesticide use, he figured. The last thing you want is someone to pour boiling water on them to shoo them away from a car.他担心可能有人做出“傻事”他指出,由于栖息地锐减以及一些包括使用杀虫剂在内的可怕的农牧行为,蜜蜂已经流离失所最不希望看到的就是有人向它们泼开水来把他们驱离汽车So, he called in reincements -- the intrepid folks at the Pembrokeshire Beekeepers Association.,他打电话向彭布罗克郡养蜂人协会的养蜂人们寻求救援They gingerly nudged the bees into a box. Not so gingerly though. There were several stinging incidents like the ;drunk bloke from pub went and swept a load of bees off car with hand looking queen, got stung loads pfffft...;他们小心翼翼地将蜜蜂装进盒子里,但是还是不够小心,发生了几次叮咬事故,比如“从酒吧出来的醉醺醺的小子走上前用手驱赶一寻找蜂后的蜜蜂,结果被蛰得面目全非”Youd think that would be the end of the story, but youd be wrong.如果你以为这就是故事的结尾,那么你就错了The next morning, Howarth found the bees were back, she told The Telegraph. So once again, out came the beekeepers. By 6 p.m., her Outlander was free of the bees. (No word though on what happened to the queen.)第二天早上,豪沃思告诉《电讯报记者,她发现蜜蜂又回来了,养蜂人们又来了一次一直到晚上六点,她的欧蓝德才终于从蜜蜂手中解放出来(但没说蜂后究竟怎么样了)Moses says members of colonies often follow their queen bee if she moves hives.And queens moves hives if the hives are disturbed -- say, by humans. Or by the arrival of another queen bee. He speculates the shiny warm Mitsubishi might have seemed like a good option a new home.西表示,如果蜂后换巢,那么工蜂们一般都会一直跟着它而蜂后一般会在蜂巢被人或者被另外一个蜂后惊扰的情况下才选择换巢他推测,这个闪亮、温暖的欧蓝德可能看起来像是蜜蜂新家的不错选择 7967

  Wise Beyond Her Years. That the best way to describe -year-old Millie March from Northern Virginia.聪慧超过了她的同龄人这是描述来自北弗吉尼亚岁的米莉·马克的最恰当的方式Millie recently went to CPAC with her family and was stopped afterward by Jennifer Lawrence from the America First Project.近日,米莉和她的家人前往了保守派政治行动会议,随后便被《美国优先项目的詹妮弗·劳伦斯给拦了下来Showing off her Donald Trump backpack, Millie was full of enthusiasm as she answered a few questions from Lawrence.在炫耀自己的唐纳德·特朗普双肩背包时,米莉满怀地回答了劳伦斯的几个问题First, Lawrence asked the young girl why she supports President Trump. Her response was whimsically delightful.劳伦斯首先询问了这个小女孩为何她要持特朗普总统她的反应异常兴奋;One day I was home watching the t.v., this was bee the election sort of began, and there was this guy who talked about the issues we are facing…Then something extraordinary happened. He said how to fix them.;“有一天,我在家看电视,这是在大选前夕,有个家伙谈论了我们正在面临的问题……随后,特别的事情发生了他说了如何解决这些问题”According to Millie, ;politicians always talk about problems; but they dont offer up solutions on how to fix them, and that made Donald Trump a hero in her eyes. Her youthful excitement only grew from there.米莉表示,“政客们总是谈论麻烦事儿”,但是他们不会给出解决之道,这使得唐纳德·特朗普成了她眼中的英雄她年轻的兴奋点由此而生Millie went on to explain that her favorite reason liking the president was that ;he would build a wall on our southern border and make Mexico pay it.;米莉继续解释道,她喜欢特朗普总统最主要的原因是:“他将在我国南部边界修建一堵墙壁,并且要墨西哥掏钱”She also talks to her teacher, who is a Republican, about Donald Trump. Millie says that some kids in her school give her a ;hard time; and call her names like…The ;Trump-Girl.;她还跟她的老师,一位共和党人士,说到了唐纳德·特朗普米莉表示,她学校的一些孩子刁难了她,还称呼她的名字为“特朗普女孩”When asked if her parents got her into politics, Millie said no and revealed that her mom was a Ted Cruz supporter in the primaries.当被问及她的父母是否让她接触政治时,米莉说不,同时她还披露,她的妈妈在初选时是特德·克鲁兹的持者When she grows up, Millie would like to attend Penn State and then work in law encement as a detective. She said that maybe one day she would ;run president.;米莉长大后想要进入宾州大学,随后在执法部门担任侦探她说,也许有一天,她会“竞选总统” 50.Restaurant,may I help you?您好,餐厅,我可以帮您吗?.Our Chinese Restaurant opens at 7am and closes at midnight.我们中餐厅在早上7点开门,午夜点关门.I’d like to reserve a table two,please. 我想预订两人用餐.May I have your name and telephone number,please?请问您的姓名和电话.We open at 5:30am,and we take last orders at pm. 我们下午5:30开门,接受点菜最后的时间是点.What time would you like your table,sir?先生,请问您想订什么时候的用餐?.Fine, I’ll reserve a tale two at 8pm,sir. May I have your name and room number,please?好的先生,我将为您预订晚8点的两人餐桌,请问您的姓名和房号?18.How many people are there in your party?你们一共几个人?19.Who’s the reservation ?您为谁预订?.We look ward to having you with us soon.我们期待您尽早光临1.I’m sorry,we are not open on Mondays. 对不起,我们餐厅在星期一不营业.We are open from 5pm until pm dinner. 我们晚餐的开餐时间是下午5点到晚点3.We open hours in the coffee shop.我们咖啡厅小时营业.I’m sorry ,there aren’t any table left 7pm tonight,but we can give you a table 8:30pm. Would you like wait till then?对不起,今晚7点餐厅的预定已满了,不过我们可以在晚8:30给您安排一张餐桌,您是否愿意等到那时?5.I’m sorry,the restaurant’s full. 对不起,我们餐厅预订已满6.We have aly received many bookings and though cannot guarantee anything,please be assured that we’ll try our best,Mr. Davis,I hope you’ll understand.我们已经接到了许多预订,尽管我不能向您保什么,单请相信我会尽力帮您,Davis先生,希望您能理解7.I’m going to invite some friends to dinner tonight,how should I order my feast?我今晚要请几个朋友来进餐,我该怎么开餐?.What kind of dishes could you like?您喜欢什么菜?9.How much would you like to pay each person?您打算每个人的进餐标准是多少?30.What are the prices here?这里都有哪几种价格?31.There are levels of fifty Yuan、eighty Yuan、one hundred Yuan per person,excluding drinks. Which one would you prefer?有每人50元、80元、0元的标准,不含酒水,您想订哪种? 1961A: How is everything with you?B: Everything’s fine with me.A: What did you need me today?B: I need to find an apartment.A: I’m sure I can help you find an apartment.B: I would greatly appreciate your help.A: What kind of apartment did you have in mind?B: What’s most important is that I get a two bedroom.A: Would you like anything else special?B: That’s the most important thing.A: Give me a few days, and I’ll call you when I’ve found something.B: Thank you so much all your help. 9

  As bike-sharing takes China by storm, one company has entered the industry with a new product - the foldable electric bike.随着共享单车风靡中国,一家企业凭借可折叠电动车这一新产品进军该领域Zhejiang Linju Smart Technology Co, the electric bike maker, said it has released 00 e-bikes since March in Jinhua, Zhejiang, where the company is based.这种共享电动车的制造商是总部位于浙江金华的浙江邻居智能科技有限公司,该公司表示自3月以来已在金华投放了00辆;e电车;An e-bike can go up to km per hour and, when parked, can be folded to cover as little space as a piece of A paper, according to the company.据该公司介绍,;e电车;最高时速达公里,停车时可折叠收拢,占地面积仅A纸大小The e-bikes need to be parked at designated bays where they can be charged, and batteries can be fully charged in just minutes, the company said.该公司称,;e电车;需停在带充电功能的的指定桩位,充满电仅需分钟To use the bikes, one has to press a button at the station and then scan a QR code with a mobile phone. It costs yuan an hour, and yuan a day. No deposit is needed.使用;e电车;需下停车桩上的钮,然后用手机扫描二维码用车费用为元小时,元天,无需押金;We will put 0,000 e-bikes on the streets of Jinhua by September 18,; said Chen Qiutian, general manager of the company, citing an agreement it signed with the government.该公司的总经理陈秋田引用一份和政府签订的协议称:;在18年9月之前,我们会在金华的街道上投放0000辆e电车;Each e-bike is equipped with a GPS transmitter to guard against theft.据悉,每辆;e电车;都装有全球定位系统信号发射器以防被盗 585


  Establish a joint venture 建立合资企业A: I'm glad to meet you, Mr. Joey.B: Hello, Mr. Lie. I would like to discuss with you the feasibilities of establishing a joint venture with your company.A: That's excellent. Your investment proposal is a wise decision. May I have some idea of your suggestion?B: I suggest that we set up a board of directors the management of the company and share rights and obligations as equal parterres. That is very important.重点讲解:1. feasibilities 收益性. joint venture 合资企业 汉语译文:A: 很高兴见到你,乔伊先生B: 你好,李先生我想和你讨论一下关于建立合资企业的事A: 好极了你的投资建议将是一个明智的选择你有什么想法建议吗?B: 我建议我们建立一个董事会来掌管公司,双方享有同等的权利和义务这是很重要的 0。


  Glass windows may soon be a thing of the past.玻璃材质的窗户可能很快会成为过去式Researchers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm have developed a transparent wood material that could change the way we construct buildings and solar panels.位于斯德哥尔的瑞典皇家理工学院的研究人员发明了一种透明的木材,这种木材可能改变我们搭建房屋和太阳能电池板的方法The new material is suitable mass production, the researchers say, and is a low-cost renewable resource.研究人员称,这种新材料适合批量生产,还是一种低成本的可再生资源If used in the construction of homes and buildings, a transparent wood material has potential to improve indoor lighting, allowing natural light in through the walls. This could save on the costs of artificial lighting, and may even have use in solar cell windows.如果用透明木材建造住宅和大楼,自然光线有可能穿透墙壁,增加室内亮度这不仅可以节约人工照明的成本,甚至可以用在太阳能窗户上While this is not the first example of optically transparent wood, previous developments have focused on the study of wood anatomy on a microscopic level. Researchers say this new material has large scale applications.虽然这不是光学透明的木材的第一个例子,但是以前的发展都集中在微观层面上的木材解剖研究 研究人员表示,这种新型材料可以大规模使用Panels of transparent wood could be used windows or semi-transparent facades, to let light in while still maintaining privacy. And, it is also can be used solar cells, as it traps light, thus boosting efficiency of the cells.这种新型透明木材可以作为窗户或者半透明的房体材料,因为它既能够接受阳光照射,又能维护个人隐私它也能用作太阳能电池板,当捕捉光线的时候,可以提高电池板的效率和性能Transparent wood is a good material solar cells, since it a low-cost, ily available and renewable resource, says Lars Berglund, a professor at Wallenberg Wood Science Center at KTH.瑞典皇家理工学院瓦伦堡木材科学中心的教授拉兹·贝格隆德表示:“由于这种透明木材成本低、易获得且可重复利用,是很好的太阳能电池材料” 385

  Internet pranksters have started posting photographs of cats which look like US presidential hopeful Donald Trump.喜欢恶搞的网友们盯上美国总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普(又译“川普”)了:给各自的猫咪做个特朗普造型,再把图片发到网上Cat owners have been posting the hilarious images along with the tagline #TrumpYourCat.网友们在贴出搞笑猫咪图片的同时,还会打上#TrumpYourCat(特朗普猫)标签The images have started going viral as Donald Trump campaigns the final few hours bee the Super Tuesday contest which will likely determine whether he becomes the Republican presidential nominee.这股风潮的流行正值特朗普为“超级星期二”做最后几小时的紧张拉票工作而“超级星期二”的走向有可能决定特朗普能否代表共和党出征最终的总统大选And regardless of whether youre a Democrat, Republican or just a member of the pizza party, we can all e under the belief that these cats are freakin hilarious.不管你是民主党派、共和党派或者只是披萨党的一员,大家在这件事儿上一定会统一意见:那就是这些“特朗普猫”太逗了It doesnt take a rocket scientist to #TrumpYourCat, either. According to the TrumpYourCat Instagram page—which shares images of furry friends rockin toupees alongside pompous es from Trump—all you have to do is brush your cats and use the hair as a makeshift toupee.你不必非得是个摇滚大师才能做出这个造型#TrumpYourCat的Instagram主页上分享了许多喵星人顶着假发的“模仿特朗普”图片,图片还配有浮夸的特朗普语录所以你只要跟大家一样,把你家猫咪的毛毛梳起来,弄个“一边倒”样子即可The trend has been around awhile but has recently really started to take off on social media.这股潮流其实出现了有一阵子了,但直到最近才突然在社交媒体上火起来 91

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