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Alice: I’m really glad I let you talk me into going a bike ride. It’s been years since I’ve been on a bicycle. 真高兴我们能来个自行车之旅我已经有好几年没骑过自行车了Sam: This is the only way to travel. You get to really see the scenery and enjoy the fresh air. 这是旅行的唯一方式,骑着自行车才能真正的既看到风景,又呼吸新鲜空气Alice: Hey, watch out! You almost dropped into that huge pothole. This asphalt is cracked and the road is all bumpy. 嘿,小心你差点掉进那个大洞里这条路的沥青都坏掉了,整条路都很颠簸Sam: Thanks the warning. Yeah, this asphalt really needs to be repaired. I’d ride on the gravel path instead, but it’s full of ruts. Oh, slow down! There’s a big dip ahead. 谢谢你的警告沥青确实需要补补了我到碎石路上骑算了,不过都是泥巴噢,慢点,前面陷下去了Alice: Whoa! I didn’t see that coming. I almost lost control on that slippery section of road. Sorry, I nearly swerved into you. Are you okay? 哇,我没看见在那块很滑的地方我差点失去控制对不起,我差点撞到你你没事吧?Sam: Yeah, I’m fine. When I suggested this route, I was sure it would be an easy ride since it’s paved all the way. I didn’t bargain these lousy road conditions. 嗯,我没事我提议走这条路的时候觉得肯定很好走,因为整条路都铺了沥青我不知道路况这么差Alice: We’ll just have to keep our eyes open and be thankful these crash helmets! 我们看好路就行了,还要感谢我们的头盔Sam: You won’t blame me if you go flying, will you? 你要是飞起来不会怪我吧?Alice: Not if you break my fall. 如果你不接我一把的话 5Look Years Younger without Surgery不靠整容术年轻十岁We all want do it defy ageing, look younger, find the fountain of youth. But how many of us actually take the plunge and do something about?我们希望可以这样:掩盖住真实年龄,看上去很年轻,找到永葆青春的办法但是有多少人敢于冒险尝试,努力达成所愿呢?The numbers are surprisingly high. In Japan, age-erasing procedures are a Jeff: You're not going to believe what happened? Lucy: Oh, is the big meeting over? What happened?Jeff: Dan tried to take credit our idea the new campaign. Lucy: You're kidding me! I thought he might try to pull something like this, but I didn't think he'd have the nerve to do that.Jeff: Yeah, and to top it off, he said that he did it all by himself.Lucy: He's unbelievable. What a jerk! He slacks off the last two weeks and doesn't lift a finger to help on any part of the project. Jeff: Well, he's not going to get away with it. I'm going to talk to the senior vice president. I think she'll listen. Lucy: Are you sure? I think she's fair-minded, but maybe she thinks we should work it out with Dan ourselves. She might not want to step in.Jeff: Well, can you think of another way to handle this?Lucy: I wish I could. I don't want to just blow it off, but we have to think of the fall out. Maybe the senior VP will end up thinking we can't fight our own battles.Jeff: Yeah, you're right. I'm just so ticked off right now I can't think.Lucy: That's probably the problem. We both need to cool off so we can think straight. Let's get some coffee and see what we can come up with.Jeff: That sounds good. But, if I see Dan on the way out, I'm going to floor that guy.Lucy: Yeah. That makes two of us.Script by Dr. Lucy Tse 679-million-a-year industry. In Singapore, 60 percent of those undergoing the procedures are between the ages of 35 and 6, and 5 percent are men. In Thailand, the government promotes plastic surgery tours.这样的人多得惊人在日本,“年龄橡皮擦”是年收入1亿美元的产业在新加坡,60%进行整容手术的人的年龄在35岁到6岁之间,其中5%是男性在泰国,政府开发了整形手术旅游Today a flood of products and procedures can prevent and slow the signs of ageing with little or no discomt, and without breaking the bank.如今大量的产品和治疗过程可以防止和延缓衰老,操作中几乎没有不适,花费也不是很多But be prepared a lifetime of use, whether it is using topical cream every day or undergoing injections every three or six months.但是要准备好终身治疗,不论是每天都要擦拭局部面霜,还是每隔三个或者六个月进行注射Once a treatment is stopped, you have to start all over again.一旦治疗停止,你将不得不重新开始Though there still no magic pill that will completely erase signs of ageing, we are getting nearer.尽管没有能够完全防止衰老的神奇药片,但是我们可以更加接近 Here are four surgery-free techniques that can bring a youthful appearance.以下是可以带给你年轻面容的四条无需手术费的技术Retinoid Natural compounds from vitamin A, retinoids treat brown spots and superficial wrinkles.类维生素A:来自维生素A的天然化合物,类维生素A治疗棕色斑点和肤浅的皱纹When used regularly, topical cream containing retinoids reduce fine lines, roug skin and other signs of ageing.如果定期使用,包含类维生素A的局部面霜可以减少细纹,粗糙的皮肤和其他衰老的迹象 89


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