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昆玉市整容医院哪家最好库尔勒市激光祛疤多少钱I stand before you today the representative of a family in grief, in a country in mourning before a world in shock.今天,我作为一个悲恸的家属代表,站在你们面前,站在一个受到震惊的世界面前,站在一个举国哀悼的国度里。We are all united not only in our desire to pay our respects to Diana but rather in our need to do so. For such was her extraordinary appeal that the tens of millions of people taking part in this service all over the world via television and radio who never actually met her, feel that they too lost someone close to them in the early hours of Sunday morning. It is a more remarkable tribute to Diana than I can ever hope to offer her today.我们所有的人都聚集在一起,不仅仅是因为我们渴望表达对戴安娜的敬意,而是因为我们需要这样做。由于她的特殊吸引力,全世界几千万人,甚至没有见过她的人,今天都能够通过电视和收音机参加这个葬礼,他们都感到星期天早晨失去了一个可亲的人。这个事实本身,对戴安娜来说,就是比我今天希望表达的悼词深刻得多的殊荣。Diana was the very essence of compassion, of duty, of style, of beauty. All over the world she was a symbol of selfless humanity, a standard bearer for the rights of the truly downtrodden, a very British girl who transcend nationality, someone with a natural nobility who was classless and who proved in the last year that she needed no royal title to continue to generate her particular brand of magic.在全世界,戴安娜是同情心、责任心、风度和美丽的化身,是无私和人道的象征,是维护真正被践踏的权益的旗手,是一个超越国界的英国女孩,是一个带有自然的高贵气质的人,是一个不分阶层的人。在最后一年里,她已经明,她不需要什么皇家头衔也可以继续发挥她那独特的神奇力量。Today is our chance to say ;thank you; for the way you brightened our lives, even though God granted you but half a life. We will all feel cheated always that you were taken from us so young and yet we must learn to be grateful that you came along at all. Only now you are gone do we truly appreciate what we are now without and we want you to know that life without you is very, very difficult.借今天这个机会,我们要向你说声谢谢,虽然上天只给了你一半的生命,但是你的榜样照亮了我们的生活。我们常感到像受骗似的,你那样年轻,就离开了我们,然而我们必须学会感恩,你毕竟来过。然而如今你走了我们才真正明白我们失去的是什么。我们要你知道,没有你的日子是多么艰难。 /201310/259484新疆整形医学美容医院祛疤手术多少钱 You were beaten by the chimps.你们被黑猩猩打败了。But it was close.但很接近了。You were three times better than the Swedes,but thats not enough.你们的正确率比瑞典人高了三倍但这还不够。You shouldnt compare yourself to Swedes.你们不应该拿自己跟瑞典人比。You must have higher ambitions in the world.你们对于世界的野心肯定不止于此。Lets look at the next answer here: women in school.来看下一个 女性所受的学校教育。Here, you can see men went eight years.这里 你可以看到男性是八年。How long did women go to school?女性所受的学校教育年限是?。Well, we asked the Swedes like this,and that gives you a hint, doesnt it?瑞典人是这么回答的。你从这里能总结出规律了是吧。The right answer is probably the one the fewest Swedes picked, isnt it?正确的很可能是最少瑞典人选择的那个 对吧。Lets see, lets see. Here we come.咱们来看看开始。Yes, yes, yes, women have almost caught up.没错,没错,女性几乎赶上了。This is the U.S. public.这是美国公众的选择。And this is you. Here you come.然后这里是你们的选择 请看。Well, congratulations, youre twice as good as the Swedes, but you dont need me a” So how come?祝贺大家 你们的正确率比瑞典人高一倍。但是你们不需要我来怎么会这样?I think its like this, that everyone is aware that there are countries and there are areas where girls have great difficulties.我想这是因为大家都知道在有些国家。有些地区女孩子们依然处于巨大的困境之中。They are stopped when they go to school,and its disgusting.她们不被允许去学校这是令人无法接受的。But in the majority of the world,where most people in the world live,most countries, girls today go to school as long as boys, more or less.但是在世界上的大部分地方。在大部分人生活的地区绝大多数国家女孩子们上学的时间和男孩子们一样长或多或少。That doesnt mean that gender equity is achieved, not at all.这并不意味着男女平等已经实现了。完全不是。They still are confined to terrible, terrible limitations, but schooling is there in the world today.她们依然受到许多严重的束缚,但学校教育已经成为了主流。Now, we miss the majority.现在我们忽略了大多数情形。When you answer, you answer according to the worst places,and there you are right, but you miss the majority.当你回答问题时 你以最差的情形为依据,这并不意味着你错了 但是你把大多数情形给忽略了。What about poverty?关于贫困呢?。Well, its very clear that poverty here was almost halved,and in U.S., when we asked the public,only five percent got it right.非常明显。贫困率几乎减半。然而在美国 但我们向公众提问时只有5%的人回答正确。And you?那你们呢?Ah, you almost made it to the chimps.差一点就跟黑猩猩一样了。That little, just a few of you!一点点,就差你们中的一小部分人!There must be preconceived ideas, you know.先入为主的观念是一定存在的。And many in the rich countries,they think that oh, we can never end extreme poverty.很多富裕国家都认为我们永远无法消除极端贫困。Of course they think so,because they dont even know what has happened.他们当然是这么认为的因为他们根本不知道发生了些什么。The first thing to think about the future is to know about the present.想要预知未来必须先了解现在。These questions were a few of the first ones in the pilot phase of the Ignorance Project in Gapminder Foundation that we run.以上这些问题是由我们负责的Gapminder基金会在无知项目的试运行阶段所提出的问题中的一部分。and it was started, this project, last year by my boss, and also my son, Ola Rosling.这个项目是在去年 由我的老板同时也是我的儿子 奥拉·罗斯林启动的。Hes cofounder and director, and he wanted,Ola told me we have to be more systematic when we fight devastating ignorance.他是联合创始人兼总监。并且他想要奥拉告诉我我们在对抗惊人的无知的战斗中需要更具有系统性。201501/354867In all seriousness, I believed everyone of them, their bearing and self-confidence alone seemed proof of their prophecy where I couldnt shake my self-doubt.认真来说,我相信他们每一个人,他们的态度和自信本身就足以明他们的预言。而我却无法摆脱自我怀疑。I got in only because Im famous. This is how others saw me and it was how I saw myself.我被录取只是因为知名度。这就是别人对我的看法,我自己也是这么看的。Driven by these insecurities, I decided that I was going to find something to do in Harvard that was serious and meaningful that would change the world and make it a better place.在不自信的驱使下,我决定要在哈佛找到严肃而有意义的事情来做,以此改变世界,让世界变得更美好。At the age of 18, Id aly been acting for seven years, and assumed that find a more serious and profound path in college.在我18岁时,已经演了7年的戏,认为自己该在大学找到一条更严肃深刻的道路。So freshman fall, I decided to take neurobiology and advanced modern Hebrew literature because I was serious and intellectual.所以大一秋季我决定修神经生物学和高等现代希伯来文学,因为我很认真,很有智慧。Needless to say, I should have failed both.不用说,我两科都应该挂掉。I got Bs, for your information, and to this day, every Sunday I burn a small effigy to the pagan gods of grade inflation.顺便说下,我拿了B,而且直至今日,每个礼拜天我都要烧小雕像,供奉保佑成绩膨胀的异教神灵。But as I was fighting my way through Aleph Bet Yod Yshua in Hebrew and the different mechanisms of neuro-response, I saw friends around me writing papers on sailing and pop culture magazine, and professors teaching classes on fairy tale and matrix.但当我为了希伯来语课的abc以及神经应答的不同机制而挣扎时,我看到朋友们写关于帆船的论文,写流行文化杂志,看到教授讲童话故事和黑客帝国。I realized seriousness for seriousness sake was its own kind of trophy, and a dubious one, a pose I sought to counter some half-imagined argument about who I was.我发现为了严肃而严肃,这本身就是一种虚荣,而且是很模棱两可的,是为了反抗我想象出的自我而采取的一种姿态。There was a reason I was an actor, I love what I do.我当演员是有原因的,我爱我的职业。And I saw from my peers and mentors that that was not only an acceptable reason, it was the best reason.我从我的同伴和导师身上看到这不只是一个可以接受的理由,这是最棒的理由。When I got my graduation, sitting where you sit today, after four years of trying to get excited about something else.我参加毕业典礼的时候正坐着你们现在正坐的地方,我花了4年时间来寻找其它让我开心的东西。I admitted to myself that I couldnt wait to go back and make more films.我对自己坦白,我已经等不及去拍更多的电影了。I wanted to tell stories, to imagine the lives of others and help others do the same.我想要讲述故事,想象别人的生活,并帮助别人做到同样的事。I have found or perhaps reclaimed my reason.我找到了,或者说重拾了我的理由。You have a prize now or at least you will tomorrow.你们现在拿到了奖品,或者说明天。The prize is a Harvard degree in your hand, but what is your reason behind it?奖品就是你们手中的哈佛毕业,但这背后的理由是什么?201506/381693阿拉尔市去眼袋手术多少钱

乌鲁木齐激光脱毛手术新疆军区总医院抽脂多少钱 I thought a lot about the mother of one disabled child I had seen,我想起我见过的一个残疾孩子的母亲a severely disabled child who died through caregiver neglect.这个有严重残疾的孩子,因为照料不周而去世And when his ashes were interred, his mother said,当他的骨灰被安葬的时候,他的母亲说;I pray here for forgiveness for having been twice robbed,;我在这里祈祷宽恕,我失去了两个once of the child I wanted and once of the son I loved.;一个是我想要的孩子,一个是我所爱着的儿子”And I figured it was possible then for anyone to love any child我以为任何一个人,都可以去爱任何孩子if they had the effective will to do so.如果他们有能力就会这样做So my husband is the biological father of two children我的丈夫是,两个孩子的亲生父亲with some lesbian friends in Minneapolis.这两个孩子的母亲是,他在明尼阿波利斯市的女同性恋朋友I had a close friend from college whod gone through a divorce and wanted to have children.我大学时期有一个亲密的朋友,她离了婚却也想要孩子And so she and I have a daughter,所以我和她生了一个女儿and mother and daughter live in Texas.母亲和女儿居住在德克萨斯州And my husband and I have a son who lives with us all the time我丈夫和我有个儿子,和我们一起生活of whom I am the biological father,我是他的生父and our surrogate for the pregnancy was Laura,为我们的女士是劳拉the lesbian mother of Oliver and Lucy in Minneapolis.她是明尼阿波利斯市奥利弗和露西的,女同性恋母亲So the shorthand is five parents of four children in three states.五位父母,生了四个孩子,生活在三个不同的州And there are people who think that the existence of my family当然有些人会认为,这样的家庭的存在somehow undermines or weakens or damages their family.在某种程度上破坏或削弱,甚至损害了他们的家庭And there are people who think that families like mine也有些人认为,像我们这样的家庭shouldnt be allowed to exist.不应该被允许存在And I dont accept subtractive models of love, only additive ones.我不接受消减中的爱,只求递增的爱And I believe that in the same way that we need species diversity同时我也相信,我们需要物种的多样性to ensure that the planet can go on,来确保地球可以延续下去so we need this diversity of affection and diversity of family因此,我们需要,这种多样化的感情和家庭in order to strengthen the ecosphere of kindness.来强化仁慈的生物圈The day after our son was born,在我们儿子出生后的第二天the pediatrician came into the hospital room and said she was concerned.儿科医生走进病房说,她很担心He wasnt extending his legs appropriately.他没有适当地伸展他的双腿She said that might mean that he had brain damage.她说这可能意味着他有脑损伤In so far as he was extending them, he was doing so asymmetrically,当他伸腿时,又很不对称which she thought could mean that there was a tumor of some kind in action.她以为这可能意味着,有某种类型的肿瘤And he had a very large head, which she thought might indicate hydrocephalus.他的头非常大,她认为这可能意味着他有脑积水And as she told me all of these things,当她告诉我这些事情的时候I felt the very center of my being pouring out onto the floor.我觉得我的身体要倒下去似的And I thought, here I had been working for years我想,我花很多年写的书on a book about how much meaning people had found关于人们养育残疾子女的经验in the experience of parenting children who are disabled,给他们带来了怎样的意义and I didnt want to join their number.但我还是不想加入他们Because what I was encountering was an idea of illness.我想到的是疾病And like all parents since the dawn of time,就像所有的父母那样,从孩子出生那刻起I wanted to protect my child from illness.我想要我的孩子健康And I wanted also to protect myself from illness.同时我也想自己远离疾病And yet, I knew from the work I had done我的工作经验让我得知that if he had any of the things we were about to start testing for,如果经过哪些检查,发现他有什么问题that those would ultimately be his identity,那将永久成为他的特性and if they were his identity they would become my identity,如果这是他的特性,也将会是我的特性that that illness was going to take a very different shape as it unfolded.这将不同于病症最初呈现的那样We took him to the MRI machine, we took him to the CAT scanner,我们带他做核磁共振,带他做计算机化X射线轴向分层造影we took this day-old child and gave him over for an arterial blood draw.我们带着这个出生仅一天的孩子做动脉抽血We felt helpless.我们感到无助And at the end of five hours,五个小时后,they said that his brain was completely clear医生们说他的大脑完全没问题and that he was by then extending his legs correctly.也可以完全正常伸展他的双腿And when I asked the pediatrician what had been going on,当我问儿科医生这是怎么回事,she said she thought in the morning he had probably had a cramp.她说,她觉得早上他可能抽筋了But I thought how my mother was right.我认为我的母亲是正确的I thought, the love you have for your children我以为你对自己孩子的爱is unlike any other feeling in the world,是不同于世界上任何其他感觉的and until you have children, you dont know what it feels like.直到你有孩子,你才知道那是什么样的感觉I think children had ensnared me我想是孩子让我the moment I connected fatherhood with loss.认为自己不是个称职的父亲But Im not sure I would have noticed that但我不确定自己会注意到if I hadnt been so in the thick of this research project of mine.要不是我做了这么繁复的研究项目,Id encountered so much strange love,我遇到了太多奇怪的爱,and I fell very naturally into its bewitching patterns.然后我很自然地陷入其迷人的模式And I saw how splendor can illuminate even the most abject vulnerabilities.我看到光如何照亮最不幸的脆弱之处During these 10 years, I had witnessed and learned在这10年期间,我曾目睹和了解到the terrifying joy of unbearable responsibility,那些难以承受的责任,and I had come to see how it conquers everything else.我也看到了它如何克一切苦难And while I had sometimes thought the parents I was interviewing were fools,我曾经有时会想,我正在采访的父母是傻瓜enslaving themselves to a lifetimes journey with their thankless children让自己踏上给不知感恩的孩子们一生为奴的旅程and trying to breed identity out of misery,试图从痛苦中获得身份认同I realized that day that my research had built me a plank我意识到,从研究开始那天起,我已建造了一块踏板and that I was y to join them on their ship.随时准备着与他们同舟共济Thank you.谢谢201505/376875新疆医科大学第一附属医院祛疤手术多少钱

新疆伊犁哈萨克自治州中医医院纹眉毛多少钱Speaking from 54 years experience, the world towards a more perfect union is a never-ending concern that involves each every one of us. Evidence that our nation is becoming a better place is everywhere. But each new day, fear is, as the Jersey poet said, lurking in the darkness of the edge of dawn. Your rising from bed every morning will give fear its chance to grow stronger just as it will afford faith its chance to blossom. You will make the choice to react to one or create the other, and because you are smart enough to earn your place on this college day at Yale University. You will sense the moment, and you will know what to do. In the meantime, ponder this front in the struggle against ceaseless fear, and ceaseless flow, in the coming months and years, veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, will finally come home for good, at so many tours. And we know this...and we know this, some after many tours of the war and body he saw spent great portion of their lives.我以我54年的经验告诉大家,建立更加完美的国度,是个永不终止的目标,而责任就在每个人身上。我们的国家变得越来越好,例处处可见。但是每个新的一天,就像泽西岛诗人所说,恐惧都潜伏在黎明前的黑暗中。你每天早上从床上爬起来,既可能让信心更加坚强也可能让恐惧蔓延。你们必须作出抉择:要让恐惧蔓延,还是让信心更加坚强?你们很聪明,所以才能在耶鲁大学获得一席之位。你们将会感受到这一时刻,而且你们清楚自己该做什么。同时,思考一下前线的士兵,他们挣扎在无尽的恐惧和不断的行军中。再过一段时间,伊拉克和阿富汗的许多美军就要退伍返家,在多次海外役后,永远地回到家里。我们知道,一些人,在海外战争中多次役,看到尸体无数,归来后,他们已经度过了生命的大部分时间。201406/308270 What are your top five favorite songs right now?你现在最喜欢的五个歌曲是什么All right, well first of all, Imma say,可以了,我们首先的,我在说,you know what Im saying, Im the only dude up here right now.你知道我在说的,我是唯一的站在这儿的男人。My name is Rashid,我的名字叫拉希德。and I never been at TED before,我从没来过TED,you know what Im saying.你知道我说的。I think, Sarah Jones, maybe she didnt want me to come out last time.我以为,莎拉.琼斯,也许她上次不想让我出来I dont know why. You know what Im saying.我不知道为什么。你知道我说的。Obviously I would be like a perfect fit for TED.很明显我就像TED的完美契合。You know what Im saying.你知道我说的。First of all, that Im in hip hop, you know what Im saying.首先,我喜欢嘻哈乐,你知道我的意思。I know some of yall may be not really我知道你们中间的某些人也许并不是真的as much into the music,那么喜欢音乐,but the first way yall can always know,但是你总会知道第一件事,you know what Im saying, that Im in hip hop,你知道我说的,就是我喜欢嘻哈乐,is cos I hold the microphone是因为我拿着麦克风in an official emcee posture.以一个司仪的姿态Yall can see that right there.你可以看见就在这儿Thats how you hold it.你就这样拿着它All right, so you get your little tutorial right there.好吧,你在这儿得到小小的教程But when Sarah Jones told me we was gonna come up here,但是当莎拉.琼斯告诉我,我们一定要来这儿,I was like, betch, you know what Im saying,我好像是,公狼,你知道我说的,TED is real fly, I got a whole lot of dope,TED是真的像飞起来一样,给我吃了很多毒品you know what Im saying, shit going on and everything,你知道我说的,每件事上都是琐碎,but she was like, yeah,但是她就像,是的,were going to have to answer, like, some random questions,我们将要回答,就像一些杂乱无章的问题,just like, and I was like, what the hell is that?就像,我就像,这是什么的地狱?You know what Im saying, just stand up there你知道我说的,只是站在这儿and answer some random questions?回答那么多乱七八糟的问题?I dont want to,我不想,I mean, its like an intellectual stop-and-frisk.我是说,像是知识上的停止和搜身。You know what Im saying? (Laughter)你知道我说的是什么(笑声)I dont want to be standing up there just我不想仅仅是站在这儿all getting interrogated and whatnot.弄得像审讯和诸如此类的。Thats what Im trying to leave behind那是我努力去忘却的in New York. You know what Im saying?在纽约发生的。你知道我说的什么吗?So anyway, I would have to say my top five songs right now不管怎么说,我已经说出了我最爱的五首歌is all out of my own personal catalogue,全是从我自己的目录选出来的you know what I mean?你知道我的意思吗?So if you want to know more about that,如果你想知道更多一点儿you know what Im saying,你知道我说的,we could talk about the anti-piracy and all that,我们可以谈论反对隐私以及那所有的but as far as Im concerned,但目前我关心的you know, I believe in creative commons,你知道,我相信创造的共通处and I think its really important that, you know,而且我认为非常重要,你知道that needs to be sustainable and everything,那需要可持续的发展并且每件事,and I mean, as far as Im concerned,我的意思是,到目前我所关心的,I mean, this right here,我意味着,就在这时this environment, I would like to sustain.这个环境,我想要扶持的You know what I mean?你知道我的意思吗?But Im just saying, if yall are interested但是我只是说,如果你们都感兴趣的话in the top five songs, you need to holler at me.在五个最喜欢的歌曲里,你们应该对我发牢骚。You know what Im saying?你知道我说的吗?Aight? In the future or the present. Yeah.好了,在将来或现在。耶。Enjoy the rest of it.享受余下的一切。Okay, next question.好吧,下一个问题。What do you got?你得到了什么?;How many of your organs have been 3D printed?;“你有多少器官已经3D影印过了?”(Laughter)笑声Well I have to say that I dont know about好吧我不得不说我不知道how many of my organs我有多少器官have been 3-D printed as such,像这样被3D影印了but I can tell you that it is so challenging to me,但是我能告诉你那对我是一个那样的挑战201410/335623乌鲁木齐做埋线双眼皮哪个地方好阿克苏市治疗疤痕多少钱



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