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1.Operations review 运行审核 A: Did you attend the last operations review?B: I did. We are doing quite well last month.A:你参加上次的运行审核了吗?B:参加了,我们上个月的业务做得很好。 2.Program issues 项目问题A: Do we have any program issues?B: We have a whole list of issues.A:我们有项目问题吗?B:我们有一大堆的问题。3.Program status 项目情况A: What is today's review for?B: Check on program status.A:今天主要审核什么?B:审核我们的项目情况。4.Production output 产量A: How about our production output recently? B: We are doing fine, meeting the customers' needs.A:最近我们的产品产量怎么样?B:挺好的,满足了客户的需求。5.Ship product 发货A: Are we shipping enough products for the customers?B: Yes, we are.A:我们给客户发送了足够的供货了吗?B:是的,足够了。 /200808/46856工作当中,很容易碰到需要打断别人的情形。比如向你的老板交代工作的时候刚好他在谈别的事情,那么如何做到既不耽误工作,又不会使被打断的人不高兴呢?   I’m sorry, but may I interrupt you a few seconds?   (很抱歉,我能打断您一下么?)   If you don’t mind, may I say a word here?   (如果您不介意的话,我想在这儿说上一句。)   Excuse me for interrupting you.   (对不起打断您说话了。)   Just a moment please, I want to say something about the issue.   (稍等下好吗?我想就这个问题说明一下。) /09/83445

Introducing new peopleA: Tom, this is Mary Bobbins. She’s just come over from sales.B: It’s nice to meet you! Guess we’ll be working together.A: Yes, she’ll be working closely with you on the marketing end of things.B: Good. Well, welcome aboard, Ms, Robbins.介绍新人A:汤姆,这是玛丽·罗宾斯。刚从销售部来。B:见到你很高兴。我想我们要在一起工作了。A:是这样。她会在市场营销方面与你密切合作的。B:好啊,欢迎你的到来,罗宾斯女士。 /200704/12276

What we want is a plan that can fill the bill, not just a fair to middling one.我们要的策划不能马马虎虎,必须十全十美。fair to middling 在口语中表示:“马马虎虎,还过得去”,追求完美的人肯定不想要一个只是还过得去的,而是符合要求、出类拔萃、十全十美的。因此,当美国人说;What we want is a plan that can fill the bill, not just a fair to middling one.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;We expect a satisfying plan, not this casual one.;、;We want a plan which is totally up to the mustrad, not a passable one.;。情景对白:Terry: Sir, what do you think of this plan?泰瑞:老板,您认为这个策划怎么样?Boss: To be frank, what we want is a plan that can fill the bill, not just a fair to middling one.老板:实话实说,我们要的策划不能马马虎虎,必须十全十美。搭配句积累:①But we have tried our best to perfect the plan.但是我们已经尽力完善计划了。②You always nitpick about our work.你总对我们的工作挑三拣四。③Revise it and give me the final plan tomorrow.重做一份,明天我要最终的方案。④Remember that the elephants do not bite but mosquitoes do.记住,细节决定成败。单词:1. middling adj. 中等的The Beatles enjoyed only middling success until 1963.直到1963年,甲壳虫乐队还只是半红不紫。He is just a man of middling height.他仅仅是一个中等身材的男子。This is really a very middling experience.这真的是很普通的一次体验。2. be up to the mustard 达到标准substantialities whether it is up to the mustard and up to the wishes or viewpoints .情感是人对客观事物是否符合需要、愿望和观点而产生的体验。The valve should be tested before installation; it can be installed only up to the mustard.安装前要进行试压检验,符合要求方可安装。 /201306/243126

In the second part of our new ESL podcast series on business vocabulary, we continue with the topic of human resources (HR) by looking at useful language and collocations to describe the role and responsibilities of a training manager.在新的有关商务词汇的系列课程的第2节课,我们会继谈论人力资源的话题,来看下描述培训经理角色和职责的有用词汇和搭配。In this fast-changing global world, everything is moving. To make a successful business, it’s not enough just to follow yesterday’s trend. Companies and people need to constantly acquire new skills to succeed in tomorrow’s marketplace. This means driving new training initiatives to enhance performance. However, not all training is equally successful. To ensure training effectiveness, it’s important to track results and to have standard criteria for measuring outcomes.在当今飞速变化的全球,万事都在变化。想在商务上获得成功,仅遵循昨天的趋势是不够的。公司和人们都需要不断掌握新的技巧以便在未来的市场上取得成功。这意味着要激发新的培训能动性以获得最佳表现。尽管如此,并不是所有的培训都会成功。为了确保培训效果,追踪结果并为衡量结果制定标准都是很重要的。In this podcast, we’ll listen to Andrea, a training manager, describing her function and responsibilities. Afterwards, we’ll study some key vocabulary. Then we’ll practice what we’ve learned.在这节课中,我们会听到培训经理Andrea,描述她的职能和职责。然后,我们来学习下重要的词汇。最后联系下所学内容。Listening Questions:1) What kind of training programs does Andrea run?2) Does Andrea work with vendors? What for?3) What do the five letters in SMART stand for? /201109/152810

邀请Invitation Mr. Jones: Mary! I haven’t seen you since our dinner with Mr. Lee last week. Where have you been hiding yourself lately? Mary! 自从上星期我们和李先生吃过饭后就没见到你了。你最近藏到哪儿去了? Miss Lewis: Oh, hi Mike. I’ve been out of town the last few days. What did you need? 噢,你好,Mike。我前些天不在城里。你有什么事吗? Mr. Jones: Really, nothing big. I just heard about your ideas on employee motivation and I wanted chat with you about a few things going on in my department. 其实没什么重要的事情。我刚听说你有关提高员工积极性的一些想法,我想和你聊聊我部门里的一些事情。 Miss Lewis: Well, feel free to drop by my office any time. The door’s always open. 好的,随时可以到我办公室来谈,我非常欢迎. Mr. Jones: Actually, I was hoping to mix business with pleasure. Would you be interested in joining me for dinner some time this week? I thought we might try out the new Italian restaurant everyone’s been talking about. 其实,我希望在轻松的气氛中谈正事儿。这周你愿意和我一起去吃晚餐吗? 我觉得我们可以去那家意大利餐厅,风乎每个人都说起这家餐厅。 Miss Lewis: Sure, Mike, I’d love to. 没问题,Mike, 我很愿意。 Mr. Jones: Is this evening too soon? 要是今晚,时间是不是太紧了? Miss Lewis: No, that’s perfect. We can leave directly from here. 不,今晚挺好的。我们可以直接从这儿走。 feel free 随便 drop by顺便拜访 /200701/10061

Singapore takes in new immigrants to keep population numbers steady, but must manage the inflow carefully, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said.新加坡总理李显龙日前表示,新加坡会接纳新移民以保持人口数量稳定,但是必须谨慎管理移民涌入。The people who come must be able to integrate into society, have the abilities and skills to contribute to the economy and have their hearts in the right place, he added at a citizenship ceremony at Townsville Primary School.在汤斯维尔小学的公民仪式上,李显龙还表示,来到新加坡的人必须能够融入新加坡社会,拥有为新加坡经济做出贡献的能力和技巧,并拥有一颗真诚的心。About 20,000 people become new citizens here every year. Together with the 30,000 Singaporean babies born, this adds 50,000 to Singapores citizen population each year.每年大约会有两万人成为该国的新公民。再加上三万名新加坡新生儿,新加坡每年共计会增加五万名公民人口。This allows Singapore to have a stable population, as Singaporeans are far from replacing themselves with a total fertility rate (TFR) of 1.3, said Mr Lee.李显龙称,这使得新加坡拥有稳定的人口,因为新加坡1.3的总生育率还远远不能进行自我更新。Mr Lee said ideally, more Singaporean babies should be born, so the Government has worked to support young families through marriage and parenthood policies.李显龙表示,理想状态下,新加坡需要生育更多的婴儿,因此,政府已经努力通过婚姻和生育政策来持年轻家庭。Over the years, schemes have been launched in the areas of housing, pre-school services, workplace and community support to encourage people to start families.多年来,新加坡在住房、学前务、工作和社会方面启动计划来持和鼓励人们结婚。National University of Singapore sociologist Paulin Straughan said there is a limit to how much the TFR can be pushed up, so other strategies are needed to sustain population growth.新加坡国立大学社会学家波林·斯特劳恩表示,总生育率提高多少是有限制的,因此需要采取其他策略来维持人口增长。For instance, making Singapore an attractive destination for talented residents, so the country can ;pick and attract people who can bring the best to Singapore;.比如,将新加坡打造成一个吸引有才华居民的目的地,这样该国就可以挑选和吸引能为新加坡带来最好东西的人了。来 /201706/513650

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