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四川省肿瘤医院包皮手术怎么样青羊区妇幼保健院医生在线咨询Every 20 minutes, Id have to run back to our cruiser to clean out my gear and run it under an air conditioner to revive it, and as I sat there,每20分钟,我就必须跑回车上清理我的设备,让它在空调底下吹着冷气它才能重新启动,I thought, my camera is getting far better treatment than these people.我坐在车上想,就连摄像机受到的待遇都比这些活生生的人要好得多。Back in the kilns, I wanted to cry,回到窑内,我忍不住想哭,but the abolitionist next to me quickly grabbed me and he said, ;Lisa, dont do that. Just dont do that here.;但是身旁的废奴主义同伴迅速地拉住了我他说:Lisa别哭,别在这里哭。And he very clearly explained to me that emotional displays are very dangerous in a place like this,然后他跟我解释到在这样的地方抒发自己的情绪是很危险的,not just for me, but for them.不仅对我而言危险,对这些工人们也是。I couldnt offer them any direct help.我没有办法给他们提供任何直接的帮助。I couldnt give them money, nothing.我不能给他们钱,我什么也给不了。I wasnt a citizen of that country.我不是那个国家的公民。I could get them in a worse situation than they were aly in.我的行为很有可能会让他们的境遇比现在更糟。Id have to rely on Free the Slaves to work within the system for their liberation,我只能指望Free the Slaves组织能够在体系内发挥作用解放他们,and I trusted that they would.我相信他们可以做到。As for me, Id have to wait until I got home to really feel my heartbreak.就我来说,我必须等回到家以后才能去品尝这份心痛。In the Himalayas, I found children carrying stone for miles down mountainous terrain to trucks waiting at roads below.在喜马拉雅,我见到了做苦力的小孩背着石头走上几公里的山路到路边等着的卡车旁。The big sheets of slate were heavier than the children carrying them,那些大石板比搬运石板的孩子还要重,and the kids hoisted them from their heads using these handmade harnesses of sticks and rope and torn cloth.孩子们用树枝,绳子,破烂的衣制成背带把石板绑在自己身上。Its difficult to witness something so overwhelming.目睹这样沉甸甸的场景是一件极其痛苦的事。How can we affect something so insidious,我们怎么才能干预这些隐藏于舆论之外,yet so pervasive?但却堪称普遍的恶事?Some dont even know theyre enslaved,一些人甚至都不认为他们在被人奴役,people working 16, 17 hours a day without any pay,每天工作十六七个小时得不到半点酬劳,because this has been the case all their lives.因为他们生来就过着这样的日子。201510/402282广元做体检多少钱 We want to be number one in beauty worldwide and number one in satisfying our customers and sales representatives. We want to be the best place to work. We want to be the leader in philanthropy. And we want to be one of the worlds most successful companies.我们想在美容方面成为世界第一;在客户和销售代表满意度方面也成为第一;我们想成为最佳雇主;我们想成为慈善事业的领导者;我们想成为世界上最成功的企业之一。I have a personal dream as well. My dream is to make a real difference for women all over the world and to help transform lives. Every time a woman opens an Avon Beauty Boutique, we are making her dream of business ownership come true. This is the dream of unlimited opportunity. This is the dream of hope. It is also the dream of China - where everything is possible and success can be as great as the size of your imagination.我个人也有一个梦想。我的梦想是为全球的女性带来一个全新的体会,帮助她们改变生活。每次一位女性开设一家雅芳产品的专卖店,我们就在帮助她实现创业的梦想。这是一个蕴含着无限机遇的梦想。这是充满希望的梦想。这也是中国梦:一切皆有可能,你的想象力有多大,你的成功就会有多大。In many ways the dream of China is really the biggest dream of all—and its a dream we all share. And were not alone. The dream of China has captured the worlds imagination since the beginning of history. From Columbus to Marco Polo, explorers have traveled long and far to unlock Chinas mystery and discover its riches.在很多方面,中国梦的确是最大的梦想,这是我们共有的梦想。我们并不孤独。有史以来,中国的梦想就吸引着世界的想象力。从哥伦布到马可波罗,探险家长途跋涉为了解开中国的神秘面纱、发现这里的财富。The dream of China is a gift given to each of us as part of our cultural heritage. As China emerges as one of the worlds leading powers, this dream grows stronger and brighter every day. The world is looking on in awe. And nothing makes me prouder than to watch this growth and success.中国梦是我们文化传统的一部分,是馈赠给我们没一个人的礼物。在中国逐渐成为占据领导地位的大国时,这个梦想会变得更大更明确。世界投以崇敬的目光,我为能目睹这样的成长和成功而感到无比自豪。 /201304/233915What you do is as important as anything government does. I ask you to seek a common good beyond your comfort; to defend needed reforms against easy attacks; to serve your nation, beginning with your neighbor. I ask you to be citizens: citizens, not spectators; citizens, not subjects; responsible citizens, building communities of service and a nation of character.你们所做的一切和政府的工作同样重要。我希望你们除了追求个人享受之外也要为我们的共同利益而努力;要捍卫必要的改革措施,使其不会轻易被攻击;要从身边小事做起,为我们的国家效力。我希望你们成为真正的公民,而不是旁观者,更不是臣民,是有责任心的公民,共同来建设一个人人奉献的社会和一个独具特色的国家。Americans are generous and strong and decent, not because we believe in ourselves, but because we hold beliefs beyond ourselves. When this spirit of citizenship is missing, no government program can replace it. When this spirit is present, no wrong can stand against it.美国人民慷慨的、坚强的、正派的,这并不是因为我们信任自己,而是因为我们拥有超越自我的信念。这种公民精神一旦丧失了,任何政府计划都无法弥补。而只要这种精神出现了,也没有任何错误可与之抗衡。After the Declaration of Independence was signed, Virginia statesman John Page wrote to Thomas Jefferson: ;We know the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong. Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm?;在《独立宣言》签署之后,弗吉尼亚州的政治家约翰·佩齐曾给托马斯·杰弗逊写信说:;我们知道,行动敏捷、力量强大不一定就能赢得战争。难道你们不认为这一切都是上帝安排的吗?;Much time has passed since Jefferson arrived for his inauguration. The years and changes accumulate. But the themes of this day he would know: our nations grand story of courage and its simple dream of dignity.杰斐逊就任总统的那个年代离我们已经很远了。岁月荏苒,美国发生了翻天覆地的变化。但他肯定能够预知我们这个时代的主题仍然是:我们国家英勇无畏的恢宏故事和它追求尊严的纯朴梦想。We are not this storys author, who fills time and eternity with his purpose. Yet his purpose is achieved in our duty, and our duty is fulfilled in service to one another.我们不是这个故事的作者,是上帝用时间和不朽实现了他的目标。但我们每一个人通过履行各自的职责使得这一目标得以实现。Never tiring, never yielding, never finishing, we renew that purpose today, to make our country more just and generous, to affirm the dignity of our lives and every life.永不疲惫、永不气馁、永不完竭,今天我们重树这样的目标:使我们的国家变得更加公正、更加慷慨,保我们每个人和所有人生命的尊严。This work continues. This story goes on. And an angel still rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm.这项工作必须继续下去。这个故事必须延续下去。上帝会引领我们前进。God bless you all, and God bless America.愿上帝保佑大家!愿上帝保佑美国! /201307/246754新都区妇幼保健医院做人流

四川大学华西第二医院人流医院金牛区妇幼保健院几点下班 On the one hand, theres the wanting processes.在一方面,有一个期望过程This is a bit like ambition and drive,有点像野心和驱动力--Im going to do that. Im going to work hard.我要去做那件事,我要努力On the other hand, theres the liking processes,在另一方面,有趣味的过程fun and affection and delight乐趣,感情和愉悦and an enormous flying beast with an orc on the back.一个庞大的飞行动物背上骑着兽人Its a really great image. Its pretty cool.真是一个绝佳的图像,真的太酷了Its from the game World of Warcraft with more than 10 million players globally,它来自游戏《魔兽世界》,在全球拥有超过100万玩家one of whom is me, another of whom is my wife.其中有一个就是我,还有一个是我妻子And this kind of a world,这是一种世界this vast flying beast you can ride around,有大量的飞行动物你可以骑着到处跑shows why games are so very good at doing both the wanting and the liking.而这正显示出为什么游戏是多么善于让人同时做要做和喜欢做的事。Because its very powerful. Its pretty awesome.因为它功能强大,它棒极了It gives you great powers.它给予你强大的力量Your ambition is satisfied, but its very beautiful.你的野心被满足,同时它也是美好的Its a very great pleasure to fly around.能够飞来飞去多妙啊And so these combine to form a very intense emotional engagement.所以所有这些东西结合起来构造了一个非常强烈的情感活动But this isnt the really interesting stuff.但这并非真正有趣的东西The really interesting stuff about virtuality is what you can measure with it.真正有趣的东西是它的虚拟性是用它你能度量一些东西Because what you can measure in virtuality is everything.因为在虚拟世界你可以度量任何东西Every single thing that every single person在游戏里玩过的每个人whos ever played in a game has ever done can be measured.做的每件事情,都可以被测量The biggest games in the world today目前全世界最大的游戏are measuring more than one billion points of data所测量的数据超过数十亿份about their players, about what everybody does关于它的玩家,关于每个人的行动far more detail than youd ever get from any website.远远超过你从任何一个网站上所获得的细节And this allows something very special to happen in games.这就使一些特殊的东西在游戏中发生Its something called the reward schedule.这些东西名为奖励量表And by this, I mean looking at what millions upon millions of people have done说到这,我的意思是看着亿万人做了什么and carefully calibrating the rate,然后仔细校准在游戏中的the nature, the type, the intensity of rewards in games频率,性质,类型和奖励力度to keep them engaged over staggering amounts of time and effort.以保持他们参与以这惊人数量的时间和努力Now, to try and explain this in sort of real terms,现在,为了尝试做些实例性解释I want to talk about a kind of task我想谈谈在很多游戏里that might fall to you in so many games.一种任务极可能降临到你身上Go and get a certain amount of a certain little game-y item.去寻找一定数量的某些游戏小玩意Lets say, for the sake of argument,比方说,为了便于讨论my mission is to get 15 pies我的任务是去找15个馅饼and I can get 15 pies by killing these cute, little monsters.我可以得到15个馅饼就靠去杀掉这些可爱的小怪物Simple game quest.很简单的游戏要求Now you can think about this, if you like,现在你可以把这个当做,如果你愿意as a problem about boxes.一个关于箱子的问题Ive got to keep opening boxes.我要一直打开箱子I dont know whats inside them until I open them.在打开它们之前我并不知道里面有什么And I go around opening box after box until Ive got 15 pies.所以我四处走,打开一个又一个箱子,直到我得到15个饼Now, if you take a game like Warcraft,现在,如果你玩像魔兽这类游戏you can think about it, if you like, as a great box-opening effort.你可以把它当做,如果你愿意的话,一个庞大的开箱子工程The games just trying to get people to open about a million boxes,游戏只是尽可能地让人们打开成千上万的箱子getting better and better stuff in them.从中获得越来越好的装备This sounds immensely boring这听起来非常无聊but games are able to make this process incredibly compelling.但游戏却有能力将这一过程变得异常地有吸引力And the way they do this而他们做到这些的方法就是is through a combination of probability and data.通过结合概率和数理统计Lets think about probability.让我们先想想概率吧If we want to engage someone如果我想让某人参与进in the process of opening boxes to try and find pies,这个为了寻找馅饼去开箱子的过程中we want to make sure its neither too easy,我想要保这一过程既不太简单nor too difficult, to find a pie.也不会太难So what do you do? Well, you look at a million people所以你会怎么做?好的,你看着一百万人no, 100 million people, 100 million box openers不,一亿人,一亿个开箱者and you work out, if you make the pie rate about 25 percent然后你计算,如果你使得到馅饼的几率成大约25%--thats neither too frustrating, nor too easy.那就既不太让人丧气,又不会太简单It keeps people engaged.它能使人持续参与But of course, thats not all you do -- theres 15 pies.当然,这还不是全部, 这只是15个馅饼。201511/410660四川成都最好的医院人流

南充妇幼保健医院有泌尿科吗Should she say, ;Youre just like everyone else but a little bit shorter?;她应该说“你和其他人一样,只是矮了点儿”?Or should she try to construct some kind of dwarf identity,还是去试图建立某种小矮人身份认同get involved in the Little People of America,加入美国小个子联盟become aware of what was happening for dwarfs?开始了解矮人生活圈的那些事?And I suddenly thought,然后我突然想到most deaf children are born to hearing parents.大多数耳聋孩子的父母,都是听力健全的Those hearing parents tend to try to cure them.那些听力健全的父母,总是试图去治愈他们的孩子Those deaf people discover community somehow in adolescence.那些聋人要差不多到青春期的时候,才开始接触聋人群体Most gay people are born to straight parents.大多数同性恋者的父母是异性恋Those straight parents often want them to function那些异性恋父母常常希望,他们的孩子表现得in what they think of as the mainstream world,如他们认为的主流世界所期望的那样and those gay people have to discover identity later on.那些同性恋者不得不长大后才寻找身份认同And here was this friend of mine再说说我的这个朋友looking at these questions of identity with her dwarf daughter.面对这些关于她小矮人女儿身份认同的问题And I thought, there it is again:然后我想,又是这样A family that perceives itself to be normal一个认为自己正常的家庭with a child who seems to be extraordinary.有着一个特殊的孩子And I hatched the idea that there are really two kinds of identity.我想,事实上,身份认同分为两种类型There are vertical identities,有垂直身份认同which are passed down generationally from parent to child.从父母到孩子,代代相传Those are things like ethnicity, frequently nationality, language, often religion.也有像是种族,国际,语言,宗教Those are things you have in common with your parents and with your children.你和你的父母,孩子拥有共同点,And while some of them can be difficult,而有些身份较难识别,theres no attempt to cure them.但并不需要尝试去改变You can argue that its harder in the ed States --你可以争辩说,在美国our current presidency notwithstanding --作为有色人种生存艰难to be a person of color.尽管我们现任的总统是有色人种And yet, we have nobody who is trying to ensure确实,没人试图去保that the next generation of children born to African-Americans and Asians非洲裔美国人,亚洲裔的孩子们come out with creamy skin and yellow hair.生来就有着奶油色的皮肤和金黄的头发There are these other identities which you have to learn from a peer group.还有一些身份认同,是你从同龄人群中获得的And I call them horizontal identities,我称它们为水平身份认同because the peer group is the horizontal experience.因为和同伴一起活动,接触,是所谓的一种经验These are identities that are alien to your parents这些身份认同与你从父母处得来的不同and that you have to discover when you get to see them in peers.你需要通过接触同伴自己发掘And those identities, those horizontal identities,这种身份认同,我指的是水平身份认同people have almost always tried to cure.就是人们最希望去治愈的部分And I wanted to look at what the process is我想要研究的是,这是怎样的过程through which people who have those identities有着这些身份认同的人们come to a good relationship with them.是怎么和他们保持好的关系的And it seemed to me that there were three levels of acceptance在我看来,有三种that needed to take place.不同程度的接受Theres self-acceptance, theres family acceptance, and theres social acceptance.这三种是,自我接受,家庭接纳,社会接纳And they dont always coincide.它们并不一定同步发生And a lot of the time, people who have these conditions are very angry很多时候,这样的人很易怒because they feel as though their parents dont love them,因为他们觉得,他们的父母并不爱他们when what actually has happened is that their parents dont accept them.真实的情况是,他的父母不接受他们Love is something that ideally is there unconditionally最理想的爱就是父母和孩子throughout the relationship between a parent and a child.之间那种无条件的爱But acceptance is something that takes time.但接受是需要时间It always takes time.接受总是需要时间的One of the dwarfs I got to know was a guy named Clinton Brown.我认识的一个小矮人,名叫克林顿布朗When he was born, he was diagnosed with diastrophic dwarfism,他出生的时候,就被诊断为畸形侏儒症a very disabling condition,他的残疾非常严重and his parents were told that he would never walk, he would never talk,他的父母被告知,他永久丧失行走能力和语言能力he would have no intellectual capacity,他也没有获取知识的能力and he would probably not even recognize them.他甚至也不会认识他的父母And it was suggested to them that they leave him at the hospital医院给他父母的建议是,把他留在医院so that he could die there quietly.他可以在那里平静地离世And his mother said she wasnt going to do it.他的母亲说,她不会这样做And she took her son home.她把她的儿子带回了家And even though she didnt have a lot of educational or financial advantages,尽管她没有什么学历,也不是很富有she found the best doctor in the country她还是找到了治疗畸形侏儒症for dealing with diastrophic dwarfism,全国最顶级的医生and she got Clinton enrolled with him.她让克林顿接受治疗And in the course of his childhood,他的童年he had 30 major surgical procedures.经历了 30次重大外科手术And he spent all this time stuck in the hospital他一直待在医院里while he was having those procedures,而正是这些治疗过程as a result of which he now can walk.让他现在有了行走的能力And while he was there, they sent tutors around to help him with his school work.他在住院期间,医院请了家庭教师来指导他的功课And he worked very hard because there was nothing else to do.他学习非常努力,因为他没有别的事可做And he ended up achieving at a level最终,他达到了that had never before been contemplated by any member of his family.他家庭内任何成员,都从未达到过的高度He was the first one in his family, in fact, to go to college,他是他的家庭成员里,第一个去上大学的人where he lived on campus and drove a specially-fitted car他住在学校宿舍并且自己开车that accommodated his unusual body.一辆为他身体状况特别制造的汽车And his mother told me this story of coming home one day --他的母亲告诉我一个故事and he went to college nearby --他去了家附近的大学and she said, ;I saw that car, which you can always recognize,她说 ;我看到了那部车,一眼就认出来是他的车子in the parking lot of a bar,; she said.停在一家酒吧的停车场,;;And I thought to myself, theyre six feet tall, hes three feet tall.;我想了想,他们六英尺高,他三英尺高Two beers for them is four beers for him.;他们喝两瓶啤酒,在他那里就相当于四瓶啤酒;。She said, ;I knew I couldnt go in there and interrupt him,她说,;我知道我不能走进去打扰他but I went home, and I left him eight messages on his cell phone.;但我回家之后,给他发了八条短信She said, ;And then I thought,她说,;我想if someone had said to me when he was born在他出生的时候,如果有人对我说,that my future worry would be that hed go drinking and driving with his college buddies -- ;我未来的担心是,他会和他大学友人酒后驾车;201505/376168 新津县妇幼保健院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗成都市第四医院生殖科



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