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6. Breakthroughs in science and technology.Part 1. Warming up.A. Keywords. bulletproof vest, predicting weather, chess, Internet, DNA, robot.Vocabulary. shooting range, yarn, pawn, rival, mutation, trait, cutting edge.A1. Youre going to hear 5 short news items, work out the summaries.1. Thai silk is known its beauty and elegance, but a search team has found a new use it.A bulletproof vest made of silk was put to the test at a shooting range in Thailand.After several rounds of gunfire, the vest was examined. The bullets were stuck in the first layer of pieces of silk.A member of the research team says while silk ths maybe soft, they can be used to reduce a stronger yarn than copper ths, the material used in the regular bulletproof vest.. American and Japanese researchers say they are a step closer to predicting severe weather in and around the Indian ocean.Researchers have analyzed weather data from the region over the past 0 years, and theyve discovered a strong connection between extreme weather and conditions in the ocean.A B science correspondent says the findings could make it easier to predict droughts, or indeed, periods of heavy rainfall.3. The world chess champion Garry Kasparov began a match against the rest of the world on the Internet.Kasparov made his first move with a meter-high pawn bee an audience of chess fans at a park in NewYork.The move was immediately posted on a special website set up by the Microsoft Cooperation.Visitors to the site have hours to vote on their counter move helped by a team of young chess experts who will suggest strategies.. Few scientific advances of this or any millenium can rival in the significance the discovery of structure of DNA, the basic molecule of life.Knowledge of the structure of DNA helps explain many things, including genetic mutation and through it, evolution.Understanding its code has helped to unlock the mechanics of inherited disease, as well as beneficial biological traits such as intelligence and body strength.The discovery of the DNA molecule also paved the way many of today cutting edge sciences, including genetic engineering, a controversial branch of knowledge that raises new ethical and moral questions that are certain to be with us far into the next millennium.5. Some say it hard to find good help these days. But a Japanese electronics firm thinks it has found the answer.It is a robot that talks and understands orders.The robot from NEC can record and send a mail through the Internet and switch TVs and VCRs.And if it becoming a bit warm you, one simple command and the robot will switch on the air conditioner. 0195。

  • Learn English while learning about daily life in Australia, with Rob McCormack.和罗布·麦考马克一起学习英语,并了解澳大利亚的日常生活Podcast Number 1播客第一期Hi, my name is Rob McCormack. I have just turned 60 years old and I have been retired about 18 months. I live in Melbourne Australia with Silvia, my wife of 35 years, and our youngest son Andrew, who still lives at home. Im very happy in my retirement, as I have many personal interests and I now have time to spend on them. But why am I making these podcasts? Let me explain that by telling you about my most important personal interest.大家好,我是罗布·麦考马克我刚满60岁,在18个月以前退休我和结婚35年的妻子西尔维娅以及我们最小的儿子安德鲁一起住在澳大利亚墨尔本,我们的小儿子目前还和我们生活在一起我很高兴我退休了,因为我有很多个人兴趣,现在我终于有时间专注这些兴趣了我为什么要做这个播客呢?这和我最重要的个人爱好有关,下面我就来解释一下You see, I am learning to speak German. I started to learn German because my wife, Silvia, was born in Austria and came to Australia when she was 8 years old. She still speaks German fluently. She learned to speak English very well and throughout our 35 years of marriage, we have always spoken English together. But when we go back to Austria to visit her relatives, I find that I cant understand what is being said unless everybody speaks English. 现在我在学习德语我学习德语是因为,我妻子西尔维娅出生在奥地利,8岁的时候来到澳大利亚她现在依然可以说流利的德语她的英语说得非常好,结婚35年来,我们在一起时一直说英语可是我们回奥地利去看望她的亲戚时,我发现如果他们不说英语,我完全不明白他们在说什么译文属 3970。
  • Mary:I think we should call it a day.玛丽:我想这才叫一天旅游好时光Will:I think we still have time to visit one more historic site and this one is amazing.威尔:我认为我们还有时间去参观一座历史遗迹,而且这个肯定让你大吃一惊Theyve done a great job with preservation and restoration.他们已经做了大量的保护及修复工作Mary:It not another old castle, is it?玛丽:这不是另一个古堡,对不对?Will:It not any old castle.威尔:它才不是古堡This one dates back to the 00s.这一座可以追溯到00年代If were lucky, well be in time the last guided tour with a docent who knowledgeable.如果我们幸运的话,我们会赶上最后一轮导游而且那名讲解员知识渊And I hope we have time to visit the archives, too.我希望也有时间参观档案馆Mary:Oh no, not the archives.玛丽:哦,不,可别提档案馆了Will:I wonder if theyre doing reenactments to commemorate any major historical events during our time here?威尔:我想知道我们去的时候他们是否会举办再现重大历史事件的纪念活动?Mary:If we visit this castle today, were not coming back.玛丽:今天如果我们参观这座城堡,我们就不回来了There is a lot to see in this city other than old castles and monuments.除了古堡和古迹外,这个城市还有很多可以去的地方Will:Like what?威尔:比如?Mary:Like art museums and stores.玛丽:像是艺术物馆和商店It would also be nice to relax a little while on vacation.度假时去这些地方也是不错的放松Will:But what art and shopping when youre in one of the most ancient cities in the world?威尔:但当你身处世界上最古老的城市之一时,还谈什么艺术和购物?And there no time to relax. We only have four days here.没有时间放松滴我们在这里只有天时间We have to make the most of it. Hey, where are you going?我们必须充分利用嘿,你要去哪里?Mary:I think it time to split up.玛丽:我认为是时候分开了You go see your castle and Ill explore on my own.你去你的城堡,我则要自己去探索这未知的城市Will:But you wont get the full benefits of being in one of the most ancient cities in the world.威尔:但在这世界上其中一座最古老的城市,你是体会不到其中的益处的Mary:I think Ill survive.玛丽:我想我会生存下去 1988。
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