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年中考英语写作背诵范文及翻译:介绍学校 -- :: 来源: 年中考英语写作背诵范文及翻译:介绍学校  Dear Mr Smith  I was so pleased to hear from you and I am writing to tell you something about my school.  You are right.Quite a few changes have taken place here.On one side of the road there's a new classroom building. On the other side,where the playground used to be,now stands another new building-our library.In it there are all kinds of books,newspapers and magazines.The playground is now in front of the school.We have also planted a lot of trees in and around the school.I hope you come and see yourself (亲自) some day.  Best wishes,  Yours,  Li Hua  flower survived  Mrs Wang decided to make a trip to Beijing.When she told her son about her decision,he was so overjoyed that he jumped up.They began to pack their luggage.When the day came,the son became worried, noboday would take care of his flowers.They would die if they were not watered.Suddenly a good idea came to his mind. "Mum",he said to his mother, "we can use a piece of cloth to take care of the flowers". He showed her mother what he meant by putting one end of the cloth into the basin, full of water,and the other end into the flower pot.  Three days later,when they came back from Beijing, the flowers were still alive and even started to bloom.  外宾学生团访问  Dear friends,  May I have your attention,please? I have an announcement to make.A student touring group from Australia is coming to visit our school on Friday afternoon,April .Our guests will arrive at :00 p.m.and leave at 6:00 p.m. We are going to hold a meeting to welcome them on the playground at : p.m..Everybody is required to attend it on time.After that,they will be shown around our classroom building,lab building,library,school-run factory and swimming-pool.Last of all,a get-together will be given in the auditorium.There will be singing,dancing,music,games and exchange of gifts.Please take an active part in it.  That's all.Thank you. 范文 学校我的卫士(My Guardsman) -- :6:1 来源:   on my birthday my grandpa gave me a dog as a present. i was very glad to have it as my friend. after school i often play with him. when my classmates and i play football, he always follows me.  one night i was having a good sleep, when suddenly i heard my dog yapping. i opened my eyes. a black figure ran away through the window. it was a thief that tried to come into my bedroom to get something predious. unluckily, he was discovered by my dog. from then on i love my dog better. he is not only my friend but also my guard.  "我的卫士"英语作文译文  我生日那天爷爷送给我一只作为礼物,我很高兴有了这样一个朋友放学以后,我经常和他一起玩耍当我和同学踢足球时,他总是跟在我后面一天夜里,我已睡熟,突然我听见一阵狂吠  我睁开眼睛,只见一条黑影从窗户窜出原来是一个贼企图进入我的房间偷些值钱的东西怪他运气不好,被发现了从那以后,我更爱我的了他不仅是我的伙伴,还是我的卫士 when 以后 一个

8、一看到公园,就跑进去大声喊英语充分享受美景,充分呼吸新鲜空气!同样的道理,这个时候,人的记忆功能也最有效  、通过文章学语法

例:I will not do it again.

这句话的主题句就是段落的第一句:Universities are also encouraging students to spend some of their undergraduate years in another country正好匹配了在上一题中我们找到的关键词:Universities,students,undergraduate years,in another country“学外语没有什么秘诀,就是给予足够的时间,坚持下去多听、多说、多读、多写, 多查字典” ——著名语言学家,王力

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