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They were kids, babies, who were under the debris for 15 days without water, without food. And they took him out alive over there, alive. These are miracles that we are walking in the street of Mexico City today. As a matter of fact, I was a miracle too. I thought I was going to die. They cant survive a seismic truth--earthquakes dont kill people; buildings do. In all, 412 buildings were leveled. Thousands more were damaged beyond repair. No one knows exactly how many people perished inside. Some say 10,000. Estimates go as high as 30,000. What make the damage so great is the very ground the City is built on.被埋在废墟下15天没有水,没有食物,其中还有孩子及婴儿。他们将他活着救出去,他还活着。今天我们走在墨西哥城的街上,这就是奇迹。事实上,我也是一个奇迹。我想我就快死了。他们不能生存,地震不会杀死人,那些倒塌的建筑会。总共412幢建筑被夷为平地。数以千计的建筑被严重破坏而无法修理。没有人知道到底有多少人死在里面。有人说10000人。估计高达30000人。什么使损害如此之大?就是建在地上的城市。One thing is certained. The underground of Mexico City varies substantially. Doctor Shrief Christna saying is head of the seismological Institute of the University of Mexico.有一件事可以确定。墨西哥的地下城市正在大幅变化。墨西哥大学地震研究所的领导谢里夫bull;克里斯蒂娜士如是说道。In this general area, what we are right now on the University campus, there is no danger of quakes. Because this is vocanic subsoil. It is very steady subsoil. However, the lake area is a very vulnerable part of the City.在这个一般地区,我们现在在校园里,没有危险的地震。因为这是活跃的底土。这是非常稳定的底土。然而,湖区则是城区非常脆弱的一部分。The heart of the City is built on landfill over an ancient lake bed. What was meant as a stable foundation became a seismic amplifier.Seismic waves travel from the epic center of an earthquake like ripples in the pond, loosing strength with distance, but not here. In this poorest water saturated soil, seismic waves are magnified five to twenty times. In the process called the liquid fraction, the seismic waves turn the subsoil to jerry. Buildings topple beneath their own weight.城市的心脏是建立在填埋了的古代湖床上。稳定的基础意味着成为一个地震放大器。地震波从震中心穿行,就像水塘中泛起的涟漪,在距离的影响下使力量松垮,而不是在这里。在这个缺乏水资源灌溉的土壤上,地震波放大到5到20倍。在这一过程称为液相率,即震波把土质弄软。建筑物无法承受自身重量随即倒塌。听力文本来源于普特英语166552长春市绿园区妇幼保健院妇科专家Climate and the solar cycle气候和太阳圈Chilling out in the winter sun在冬日的阳光中发冷Stratospheric changes can lead to nasty cold snaps平流层的变化能引发讨人厌的寒流THOSE unconvinced;and those seeking to unconvince others;of the reality of man-made global warming often point to the changeable behaviour of the sun as an alternative hypothesis. A new study showing how the severity of winters in Europe, and warming in the Arctic, might be linked to changes in solar activity might seem to add to this case. In itself, it does not, for the heat (or, rather, the cold) in question is being redistributed, not retained. But it does point to two other lessons about climate change: that hard data on the factors which affect it are sometimes difficult to come by; and that computer models of the climate can be quite impressive tools for working out what is going on.不相信全球变暖是人为因素造成的和那些企图让别人不相信的人常常会将太阳的易变表现作为假设进行选择。一项新的研究正在致力于研究欧洲的严冬和日渐变暖的北极圈与太阳的变化活动可能的关联,似乎是为了明此观点。实则不然,因为受人质疑的太阳热能(或者说冷能)一直在重新分布,而不是保持不变的。但这项研究却让人们从气候变化中学到了其他两点:影响因子的数据有时候很难得到;气候的电脑模型能够模拟出现在的气候状况,让人印象深刻。The sunrsquo;s activity waxes and wanes on an 11-year cycle, and over this cycle the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light the sun emits changes a lot more than does the total amount of energy. The stratosphere, the part of the Earthrsquo;s atmosphere which does most to absorb UV, might thus be expected to be particularly sensitive to the cycle.太阳的活动周期是11年,在此周期内太阳散发出的紫外线总量的变化比太阳能总量的变化要大的多。吸收大部分紫外线的平流层?;;地球大气圈的一部分,在此周期内可能会变得异常敏感。In a paper just published in Nature Geoscience, Sarah Ineson of Britainrsquo;s Meteorological Office and her colleagues compared the way that the Met Officersquo;s new and putatively improved climate model dealt with winters at times of high UV and at times of low UV, using data on the amount of ultraviolet the sun gives off that were collected by a satellite called SORCE.刚刚在《自然-地球科学》杂志上发表的一篇论文中,英国气象办公室的沙哈.伊内森和她的同事用该气象办公室公认的新型气候改进模型,对其在冬天纪录的高紫外线和低紫外线数据进行比较,这些数据是由一架名叫SORCE的卫星收集太阳散发的紫外线量获得的。Dr Ineson found that at low UV levels the stratosphere in the tropics was cooler, because there was less UV for it to absorb, which meant the difference in temperature between the tropical stratosphere and the polar stratosphere shrank. That changed the way the atmosphere circulated, and as those changes sp down into the lower atmosphere they made it easier for cold surface air from the Arctic to come south in winter, freezing chunks of northern Europe. These conditions looked similar to those seen in the past two cold European winters;which occurred at a time of low solar activity. The Arctic itself, in models and in real life, was warmer than usual, as were parts of Canada. In contrast, northern Europe, swathes of Russia and bits of America were colder.伊内森士发现热带地区平流层中的紫外线含量低,因而就更凉爽,因为那里没有足够的紫外线可以吸收,也就意味着热带地区平流层的气温和极地地区平流层的气温差异很大。这种情况改变了大气环流的方式。冬天,当大气环流变化散布到低一点的大气中时,自北极圈表层而来的冷空气很容易就能传播到南方,让北欧的大部分国家处于冰冻之中。这些状况和过去的两次发生在欧洲的严冬很相似;;那两次严冬都发生在太阳活动频率很低的时候。而北极圈本身,无论是作为模型还是实际情况,都比平常要温暖,加拿大部分地区也是如此。临近俄罗斯和美国的北欧则相反,显得比平时更冰冷。Why had this solar effect not been seen before? To some extent it had. Earlier modelling of a period of prolonged low solar activity in the 17th and 18th centuries showed similar patterns. That models of todayrsquo;s climate had not was, in part, because they used much lower estimates of the amount of UV variation over the solar cycle than those derived from the SORCE data, the most precise to be taken from a satellite looking at the sun. It may just be that working with more realistic data made the model work better.为什么我们之前没有看出这种日光影响呢?某种程度上,我们看到过。更早以前,对17、18世纪时太阳活动持续不活跃的那段时期所做的模型也体现了同样的结构。但如今的气候模型却没有体现出来。部分原因是因为对太阳圈内紫外线变化量的估计比直接从SORCE中得来的要低的多。SORCE观察太阳所得出的数据,比其他的卫星更为精准。那么用更为接近实际的数据做模型或许更为可靠。This does not mean the question is settled. Some scientists suspect the SORCE data may be exaggerating the sunrsquo;s variability, and if they were revised the link might go away. There are other theories around seeking to explain the recent cold winters, too. Improving predictions of future cold winters on the basis of this work, as the researchers say they would like to do, may thus prove hard.这并不意味着问题解决了。一些科学家怀疑SORCE的数据可能夸大了太阳的变化性,如果数据一经修改,两者的关联可能也不复存在了。还有其他一些理论也正寻求解释最近冷冬的原因。研究员们说,他们想通过这些理论模型来改进预测未来冷冬的准确性,但看来并不那么容易。But though global warming has made people look to models as predictors of the future, that is not their strongest suit. Something they can do much better is look at what happens when a variable such as UV is altered, compare that with the data, and thus gain insight into the mechanisms by which climate works. This new research provides a good example of what such an approach can achieve.尽管全球变暖让人们将模型视为未来的预言者,这却不是模型的最大作用。它们还有更大的作用,它们能观察当一个变量改变时(如紫外线)会发生什么,并与数据作比较,从而洞察出气候变化的机制。这项新的研究为这种方法所能取得的结果提供了好的例子。stratospheric adj. 同温层的, 平流层的alternative adj. 非此即彼的; 供选择的stratosphere n.同温层putatively adv. 推定地circulate v. 循环exaggerate v. 夸张, 夸大mechanism n. 机械201111/162709长春妇保医院网上预约咨询Global Fears Force Shares Down in Europe担忧全球经济导致欧洲股市大跌Worries about the health of the global economy are again taking their toll on the world markets. Following earlier drops in Asia, European indexes are down across the board. 对全球经济健康的担忧再次冲击着世界市场。在稍早亚洲股市下跌之后,欧洲各大股指全面下滑。The reason for the global gloom rests with recession fears in the ed States. Electronics retailer Circuit City is the latest high-profile casualty. It has filed for bankruptcy protection. 全球经济一片黯淡,其主要原因是担心美国出现衰退。美国电子产品零售商“电路城”是最新一个引人关注的牺牲品。电路城已经申请破产保护。Also, worries about the big-three U.S. automotive giants continue to focus nervous investor attention. After posting a .5 billion loss in the third quarter, General Motors said it could run out of operating cash next year. Shares in GM plunged 23 percent overnight to levels not seen since the end of World War II. 此外,人们对美国三大汽车巨头前景的担忧,仍是紧张不安投资者关注的话题。通用汽车在第三季度出现25亿美元的亏损后表示,运营资金明年将告罄。昨天通用汽车的股价狂跌23%,为二战结束以来的最低点。In Europe, oil prices are down. Financial sector stocks like UBS and Deutsche Bank are also taking a hit. 在欧洲,石油价格下跌。而诸如瑞士联合和德意志的金融业类股也蒙受损失。In London, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he wants to see coordinated action on the stimulus front when world leaders gather later this week in Washington to talk economics.  在伦敦,英国首相布朗说,世界领导人本星期晚些时候在华盛顿举行经济问题会谈时,他希望各国领导人在刺激计划方面能采取协调行动。"We are in a position to take the action," Mr. Brown said. "Other countries including Germany and France and others I have mentioned like China are taking action. We have taken some action aly and we are prepared to look at further action. That is the way to get the economy through this difficult time. And one initiative here and there is not going to make the difference. What you need is a coordinated strategy and preferably a coordinated strategy across the world and not just in one country."  布朗说:“我们准备好采取行动。其它国家包括德国、法国,以及我提到的中国等国家正在采取行动。我们也已经采取一些措施,并着手出台进一步的措施。这是使经济摆脱这个困难时期的途径。但是,各国单独采取的措施解决不了大问题。我们需要的是协调战略,最好是全球统一协调行动,而不是某一个国家的行动。”Mr. Brown says nations have only one effective option and that is to work together.布朗说,世界各国只有一个有效的抉择,那就是共同合作。"This is, I repeat, a global problem that you can see sping across every part of the world so it does need these global solutions," Mr. Brown said. "And that is why I pressed hard for this Washington meeting, it is also why I hope out of the Washington meeting, people will get a sense that all countries are prepared to take the action that is necessary."  他说:“我重申,那就是,这是个全球问题,正在向世界的每一个地区蔓延,因此需要拿出一个全球性的解决办法来。我极力敦促召开这次华盛顿会议的原因正在于此。同时,我希望通过这次华盛顿会议,人们能认识到所有国家都准备好采取必要的行动。”The economic slowdown is becoming more evident by the day in Europe. In Britain, housing sales are at their lowest level in more than 30 years and retail sales figures for October show the largest falls in three years. 欧洲经济放缓的迹象与日俱增。在英国,房屋销售数量为30多年来的最低水平,10月份的零售数字显示出三年来最大的跌幅。Many analysts feel that stimulus plans among those countries attending the Washington gathering will help to boost domestic consumption in places like Britain. They also warn against the urge to place protectionist barriers up. 许多分析人士认为,出席华盛顿会议的那些国家出台的刺激计划将能帮助在英国等国扩大内需。他们同时警告说,要提防设立贸易保护主义壁垒。200811/55874SchumpeterThe daughter also rises 天行健,女子以自强不息Women are storming emerging-world boardrooms女性席卷新兴世界的董事会Aug 27th 2011 | from the print edition ZHANG YIN (also known by her Cantonese name, Cheung Yan) was the eldest of eight children of a lowly Red Army officer who was imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution for “capitalist offences”. Today she is one of the world’s richest self-made women, with an estimated fortune of .6 billion. In the early 1980s, as a dogsbody in a paper mill, she noted that the waste paper her superiors so casually discarded was actually worth something. She has been capitalising on her insight ever since. Nine Dragons Paper, which she founded with her husband in 1995, is now one of the world’s largest paper recyclers. 张茵出生在一个普通的红军军官家庭,是家里八个孩子中最大的。父亲曾在文革时期因“走资本主义道路”被关进监狱。而今天拥有16亿美元资产的她却成为了世界上最富有的白手起家的女性之一。在80年代初期,张茵在一家造纸厂做杂工。在此期间她注意到工人们随便丢弃的废纸实际上还有利用价值的。从此她的洞察力给她带来了源源不断的财富。1995年张茵和丈夫一起创办的玖龙纸业,现如今已成为了世界上最大的废纸回收企业之一。The emerging world is home to many businesswomen like Ms Zhang. Seven of the 14 women identified on Forbes magazine’s list of self-made billionaires are Chinese. Many firms in emerging markets do a better job of promoting women than their Western rivals, some surveys suggest. In China, 32% of senior managers are female, compared with 23% in America and 19% in Britain. In India, 11% of chief executives of large companies are female, compared with 3% of Fortune 500 bosses in America and 3% of FTSE 100 bosses in Britain. Turkey and Brazil come third and joint fourth (behind Finland and Norway) in the World Economic Forum’s ranking of countries by the proportion of CEOs who are women. In Brazil, 11% of chief executives and 30% of senior executives are women.许多像张女士这样的女商人都来自新兴世界。在《福布斯》杂志亿万富豪榜中上榜的14位白手起家的女富豪中,就有7位是中国人。一些调查研究显示,在女职员晋升方面,许多来自新兴市场的公司都比来自西方的竞争对手强。在中国,32%的高级管理人员是女性,而在美国、英国这一比例分别只有23%、19%。在印度,大型公司的首席执行官中11%为女性,而美国福布斯500强老板中3%为女性,英国富时100老板中也只有3%为女性。世界经济论坛按女性CEO所占比例给各个国家排名,土耳其和巴西并列三四位(排在芬兰和挪威之后)。在巴西,女性首席执行官和女性高级主管所占比例分别为11%和30%。201108/151809双辽妇幼保健院怎么样好吗

朝阳区妇幼保健医院门诊方便长春人流全程费用It's been protected from human impact since 1909. With three million acres, nearly a half million under water, Superior National Forest is largely unspoiled. But now the survival of this national treasure rest with those who would see some of it burned. When a massive windstorm flattened nearly a half million acres of trees in July of 1999, the Forest Service knew a major wildfire was inevitable. They refer to this area simply as ‘the blowdown’, over 700 square miles of kindling just waiting for a spark. "Yeah, we are kind of wondering why that hasn't happened, um, when it's twice as dry, twice as warm and windy and there is lightning out there. But, er, so far we just haven't had lightning in a good patch of timber to burn." On this day," just to let you know the Magnetic Rock burn is a goal." The Forest Service will strike the match. "The weather forecast for today is favorable". But not before checking that conditions are just right. "Pretty consistent, mainly southwest to leave at 14:50." Gusts of wind more than 15 miles per hour in the wrong direction could be disastrous. And if things go wrong, if the fire gets out of control, it would be burn boss Tim Norman who's responsible. "Yeah, Tim, we're y to launch the torch of fuel". It will come from above. The helicopter disappearing over this ridge will drop a flaming gel on the forest floor. The natural fuel there does the rest. For hours, wave after wave of air assaults rein fire from above. This is the time when all that planning to keep homeowners safe is put to the test. "Before the burn, during the burn and after the burn, we're trying to look at it as many angles as we can, we're trying (to) outguess what could possibly happen and conduct it safely." In the end, a plan with promise gave way to some disappointment. No safety problems, but the Forest Service had hoped to burn 1300 acres, shifting winds and problems with the flaming gel limited the burn to just 200. But that is still a significant amount of forest to burn. "How long will this area take to green up?" "Oh, it'll be green by next spring". This area now creates a much needed buffer between the blowdown and hundreds of homes and businesses on the edge of the wilderness .Burning the forest to keep a future wildfire in check. It's a huge job that's only just begun.1. Superior National Forest: n.Superior National Forest is a national forest of the ed States located in the Arrowhead Region of the state of Minnesota between the U.S.-Canadian border and the north shore of Lake Superior. The area is part of the greater Boundary Waters region along the border of Minnesota and the Canadian province of Ontario, a historic and important thoroughfare in the fur trading and exploring days of British North America. 2. kindling: n.Kindling is small pieces of dry wood and other materials that you use to start a fire. 3. gel: n.A colloid in which the disperse phase has combined with the dispersion medium to produce a semisolid material, such as a jelly. 4. in check: idiom.Restrained from moving or acting; under control.200811/54793European Union Begins 2010 With New Look年终报道:欧盟排除障碍向前迈进It is holiday season in Brussels. Belgians and tourists stroll through Christmas markets that sell hot, spiced wine and Belgium's famous waffles. They pause before an enormous Christmas tree in the Grand Place, the central square of Brussels that is surrounded by elaborately decorated old "guildhalls."在布鲁塞尔,节日气氛很浓。比利时本地居民和来自其他国家的游客们都聚集在圣诞集市上,这里销售着温热的红酒、还有比利时有名的烧饼。布鲁塞尔市中心竖立着一棵巨大的圣诞树,很多人也在圣诞树这儿流连忘返。Profound changeThese old European rituals are taking place at a time of profound change in Europe. For the first time, Europeans have a permanent president of the European Union, former Belgian prime minister Herman Van Rompuy, who takes office on January 1. They have a new EU foreign policy chief and new EU commissioners, and after years of setbacks European governments finally ratified a pact called the Lisbon Treaty to bind the bloc together 这些庆祝圣诞节的活动和往年没有什么不同,不过,欧洲大陆的政治格局,在过去这一年里,却出现了很大的变化。比利时前首相赫尔曼.范龙佩被选为欧盟第一位常任主席,并将于一月一号正式上任。另外,欧盟外交政策新一届负责人以及欧盟委员会新一届成员,新年伊始,也都将走马上任。经过多年的协商之后,里斯本协定终于被纳入实施。Nowhere are the changes felt more keenly than in Brussels, the administrative center of the 27-member bloc. Angelo Callant, a Flemish speaking Belgian, says he supports the Lisbon Treaty and he is proud that a Belgian is the EU first president. 在欧盟总部布鲁塞尔,可以强烈地感觉到这些变化。来自比利时的名叫安哲罗.加兰特的游客说,他持里斯本协定,而且对欧盟第一位常任主席将由自己国家的前首相来出任,感到骄傲。"I am for a stronger Europe, so it is a good evolution now ... Europe has an important job in some issues. We need a stronger Europe for the economy and other things," Callant said.他说:“我赞成欧洲更强大,所以很高兴能往这方面发展。在一些问题上,欧洲能发挥很重要的作用。在经济发展和很多其他议题上,我们都需要一个强大的欧洲。”French tourist Jacques Tacquoi is also pro-European Union. As a businessman, Tacquoi says, having a European Union and the euro currency makes a difference. He says he feels more European than French. 来自法国的游客雅克.德库瓦也对欧盟表示赞成。他说,作为一名生意人,欧盟和欧元的存在,确实有好处。他认为自己首先是欧洲人,然后才是法国人。12/93143长春市第二人民医院专家在线提问The debt-ceiling deal 债务上限协议达成No thanks to anyone 无需感谢任何人America has avoided default, but political dysfunction is threatening its chances of economic recovery美国违约杯具已避 “跛脚”政治风险犹存Aug 6th 2011 | WANSHINGTON,DC | from The Economist edition THE deficit-reduction deal that finally raised America’s debt ceiling and staved off the threat of default seemed to make no one happy. “A sugar-coated Satan sandwich,” one Democratic congressman called it. Republican candidates for president lined up to denounce it.减赤协议还是达成了,该协议最终决定提高美国的债务上限,以避开违约的风险。但貌似没人会笑得出来。“这不过是块裹了糖衣的撒旦三明治,”一位民主党众议员这样形容它。共和党的下届总统候选人也一致对协议进行了斥责。But even less popular than the deal itself was the process that led up to it: months of partisan wrangling, broken deals and brinkmanship, with the threat of default hanging over an economy struggling to grow. “Our economy didn’t need Washington to come along with a manufactured crisis to make things worse,” Barack Obama noted as he signed the deal into law on August 2nd—the day the Treasury had warned that it would run out of cash to meet its obligations.但是比这个协议本身还让人不满的是达成这个协议的过程:数月的党派纷争,各种协议和政策底线被随意践踏,还有高悬于脆弱经济头顶的违约威胁。“我们的经济不需要华盛顿这帮人凑过来给它添乱!”巴拉克#8226;奥巴马在8月2日签署最终协议时这样说。这一天也是财政部之前警告过的履约现金告罄的日子。The deal, hammered out just days before that deadline, promises 7 billion in spending cuts over the next decade in return for a two-stage increase in the debt ceiling of 0 billion. After that, a 12-member congressional committee, equally composed of Republicans and Democrats, is to find .5 trillion in further deficit reductions that Congress must approve by December 23rd, in return for a similar-sized increase in the debt ceiling. If the committee fails to reach agreement or its proposal is rejected, .2 trillion in spending cuts will be triggered, drawn equally from domestic spending and defence.协议最终在大限之前数天敲定。该协议将债务上限提高两级,增加了9000亿美元,但前提是要确保未来十年间削减9170亿美元的开。这之后,还要有一个由民主党共和党各六人组成的国会委员会,着手在12月23日之前整出一个1.5万亿美元的减赤方案并要获得国会通过。如果该委员会不能达成协议抑或其方案被否决,那么就将不得不从国内开和国防费用中相应地削减1.2万亿美元。201108/149886长春医大二院人工流产多少钱

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