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A Colorado doctor has been ordered to stop seeing patients and is being fired from her medical school teaching job for calling first lady Michelle Obama ;monkey face; on Facebook and defending herself as ;still not racist.;由于在脸书上称呼第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马;猴子;,并声称自己;不是种族主义;,科罗拉多一名医生日前已被勒令停职,并将遭到医学院停职。Dr. Michelle Herren, a white pediatric anesthesiologist at Denver Health Medical Center and a faculty member at University of Colorado School of Medicine, made the comment after another Facebook user called Obama eloquent, The Denver Post reported.据《丹佛邮报》报道,米歇尔·赫伦医生是丹佛医疗中心的一名白人麻醉师,同时还是科罗拉多大学医学院的教职工。在另外一名脸书用户夸奖米歇尔口才好之后,她做出了此番言论。Herren responded with an unflattering photo showing the first lady yelling, and this:赫伦用了一张显示米歇尔正在叫喊、且看起来不怎么样的照片进行了回应,内容如下;Doesnt seem to be speaking too eloquently here, thank god we cant hear her! Monkey face and poor ebonic English!!! There! I feel better and am still not racist!!! Just calling it like it is!;;似乎说话不太流利,感谢上帝我们不能听到她讲话!猴子脸和很烂的黑人英语!就是这样!我感觉很好,但我不是种族主义!只是看到什么说什么;Her post also criticized Obamas Ivy League education: ;Harvard? Thats a place for entitled folks said all the liberals!;她的帖子还批评了米歇尔接受的常春藤联盟教育:;哈佛?那平权法案(受照顾)人群所说全是自由派的地方;JoAnn Nietto, who spotted Herrens comments on a friends Facebook page, told A-7 News that she flagged the post for the University of Colorado medical board after it stayed there for four days.乔安·涅托在一个朋友的脸书界面上发现了赫伦的言论,他对A-7新闻频道表示,赫伦将该帖子归于科罗拉多大学医委会名下,并且保留了四天;It really outraged me to see that she works at Denver Health, which serves a huge minority population,; Nietto told the Denver Post.涅托向《丹佛邮报》透露;真正令人气愤的是看到赫伦在丹佛医疗中心这样一家务于大批少数族裔人口的地方工作; /201612/483081

F.B.I. Director James Comey Recommends No Charges for Hillary Clinton on EmailFBI不建议就“邮件门”起诉希拉里WASHINGTON The FBI director, James B. Comey, said Tuesday that the bureau would not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified information while she was secretary of state, lifting an enormous legal cloud from her presidential campaign less than two hours before she boarded Air Force One for her first joint campaign appearance with President Barack Obama.华盛顿——联邦调查局(FBI)局长詹姆斯·B·科米(James B. Comey)周二表示,联邦调查局不建议因希拉釷克林顿(Hillary Clinton)在担任国务卿期间处理机密信息的方式对其提出刑事指控。这一表态为克林顿的总统竞选拨开了一片巨大的法律乌云。不到两小时后,她便登上空军一号,准备同贝拉克·奥巴马总统进行首次联合竞选亮相。But in an extraordinary day of political drama in Washington, Comey rebuked Clinton as being “extremely carelessin using a personal email address for sensitive communications.但在华盛顿,这是非同寻常的一天,充满政治戏剧色。科米指责克林顿用个人电子邮箱收发敏感信息的行为“极其大意”。To warrant a criminal charge, Comey said, there had to be evidence that Clinton intentionally transmitted or willfully mishandled classified information. The FBI found neither, and as a result, he said, “our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”科米表示,要明有必要提起刑事指控,须有据表明克林顿故意传送或不当处理机密信息。他说,FBI并未发现这两种情况,因此,“我们认为,明智的检察官不会提起这样的诉讼。”Comey was more forthcoming and sterner than he usually is in public appearances, laying out several previously undisclosed findings from the FBI’s investigation:科米比平时在公开场合现身时更主动,也更严厉,提到了FBI之前未公开的几项调查结果:Of 30,000 emails Clinton handed over to the State Department, 110 contained information that was classified at the time she sent or received them. Of those, Comey said, “a very small numberwere marked as classified. This finding contradicts Clinton’s repeated assertions that none of the emails were classified at the time Clinton saw them.在克林顿移交给国务院的三万封电子邮件中,10封邮件中的信息在她发出或收到时属于机密。科米表示,在这些邮件中,被标记为机密的邮件“数量非常小”。这一结果反驳了克林顿反复强调的说法,即她看到那些邮件时,没有一封属于机密。 The FBI discovered “several thousandwork-related emails that were not in the original trove of 30,000 turned over by Clinton to the State Department. Three of those contained information that agencies have concluded was classified, though Comey said he did not believe Clinton deliberately deleted or withheld them from investigators.FBI发现了“几千封”和工作有关的电子邮件,它们未在克林顿最初交给国务院的那三万封电子邮件之内。其中三封邮件中的信息被相关机构断定属于机密,不过科米表示,他不认为克林顿是故意删除或向调查人员隐瞒那些邮件。 It is “possible,Comey said, that hostile foreign governments may have gained access to Clinton’s personal account. He noted that she used her mobile device extensively while traveling outside the ed States, including trips “in the territory of sophisticated adversaries.” 科米称,敌对外国政府“有可能”进入了克林顿的个人账户。他指出,克林顿在国外时大量使用移动设备,包括在“技术精良的敌对国的领地”。 Clinton used multiple private servers for her personal and government business, not just a single server at her home in New York that has been the focus of news reports for more than a year.在纽约的家中,克林顿处理个人和政府事务时使用了多台,而不仅仅是一台私人务器。这一年多来,克林顿位于纽约家中的那一台务器一直是新闻报道关注的焦点。来 /201607/453096

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - With a hug and a handshake, President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe opened a new chapter in U.S.-Japan relations on Friday with Trump abruptly setting aside campaign pledges to force Tokyo to pay more for U.S. defence aid.华盛顿(路透社 周五川普总统与安倍首相以一个拥抱和一次握手开始了美日关系的新篇章。川普意外的放弃了竞选时要求日本承担更多美国防务开的许诺。The two leaders appeared to have established a quick friendship during a day of talks at the White House and a flight together aboard Air Force One to Florida for a weekend of golf.经过在白宫一整天的会谈,以及周末共乘空军一号前往佛罗里达打高尔夫球,两位领导人显示出已经迅速建立起了友情。At a joint news conference with Abe, Trump avoided repeating harsh campaign rhetoric that accused Japan of taking advantage of U.S. security aid and stealing American jobs.在与安倍共同召开的新闻发布会上,川普对于竞选时说过的关于日本占美国军事援助的便宜,以及日本抢美国人工作岗位的严厉论调,只字不提。It was a welcome affirmation for Japan in the face of challenges such as China’s maritime expansion and North Korea’s nuclear and missile development.这是在面临中国的海上扩张,和北朝鲜开发核武以及导弹的挑战下,给日本的一颗定心丸;We are committed to the security of Japan and all areas under its administrative control and to further strengthening our very crucial alliance,; Trump said. ;The bond between our two nations and the friendship between our two peoples runs very, very deep. This administration is committed to bringing those ties even closer,; he added.“我们承诺日本,及所有日本管理控制下的地区的安全,并且要进一步加强极其重要的美日同盟,”川普说。“我们两国之间的纽带,以及我与安倍之间的友好非常非常之深。这届政府承诺将致力于使得双边关系更加紧密,”他补充道。A joint U.S.-Japanese statement said the U.S. commitment to defend Japan through nuclear and conventional military capabilities is unwavering.美日联合发布公报称,美国使用核武器和常规军力保护日本安全的承诺是坚定不移的。The statement amounted to a victory for Abe, who came to Washington wanting to develop a sense of trust and friendship with the new U.S. president and send a message that the decades-old alliance is unshakeable.这份公报等于宣告了安倍的胜利。安倍这次来到华盛顿,就是希望与美国新总统发展信任和友好关系,并且传达日美几十年的同盟关系不可动摇的信息。Japan got continued U.S. backing for its dispute with Beijing over islands in the East China Sea that China also claims. The statement said the two leaders affirmed that Article 5 of the U.S.-Japan security treaty covered the islands, known as the Senkaku in Japan and the Diaoyu in China.日本得以在与中国的东海海岛领土争议中继续得到美国的持。公报中说,两位领导人确认,钓鱼岛(日称“尖阁列岛”)适用于美日安保协议第五条。Abe invited Trump for a visit to Japan this year and Trump accepted. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence will make an early stop in Tokyo.安倍邀请川普今年访问日本,川普接受了邀请。美国副总统麦克彭斯将率先访问东京。But uncertainty remained in another area, that of trade, after Trump abruptly pulled the ed States out of the planned Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.但是在其他领域还是存在不确定性。尤其是贸易方面,在川普突然让美国退出TPP贸易协定后。Abe said he was ;fully aware; of Trumps decision to withdraw from the multilateral trade accord. But he said Japan and the ed States had agreed on a new framework for economic dialogue.安倍说他“充分理解”川普对于撤出多边贸易协定的决定。但是他说日本和美国对于经济对话的新框架达成了共识;I am quite optimistic that ... good results will be seen from the dialogue,; he said, adding that Japan was looking for a fair, common set of rules for trade in the region.“对话将产生良性后果,我对此很乐观,”他说道,并且补充说日本期望亚太地区能有一套公平的普遍性的贸易规则。A senior Japanese government spokesman said Abe and Trump did not discuss currency issues and that Trump did not request a bilateral trade deal.日本政府一名高级发言人说,安倍和川普没有谈论汇率问题,川普也没有要求安倍带着订单来美囀?The official told reporters that a U.S.-Japan economic dialogue will be led by Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso and Vice President Mike Pence to address fiscal and monetary policies as well as infrastructure projects and trade.这名官员告诉记者,美日经济对话将由日本副首相麻生太郎和美国副总统麦克彭斯牵头,就财政和货币政策以及基础建设项目和贸易进行磋商。Trump, who spoke by phone on Thursday night with Chinese President Xi Jinping, also said he considered dealing with North Koreas nuclear programme a ;very very high priority; but gave no hint as to how his approach would differ from that of his predecessor, Barack Obama.川普周四(G19注:会见安倍前一天)晚上同中国主席习近平通电话时,也说他认为应对朝核问题有“非常非常高的优先级”,但是对于他的处理方式与前任奥巴马有什么不同,目前还无迹可寻。He predicted a level playing field on trade with China soon.川普还预言对华贸易将很快会有更公平的竞争环境。来 /201702/491486

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