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Asked to name a romantic city, you might pick Paris, Venice, Rome or possibly even Milan. But don#39;t overlook the Dutch capital, which is poetic enough that I have spent the past few years holed up there writing novels. 如果要求你说出一个浪漫的城市,你或许会选择巴黎、、罗马、甚至有可能是米兰。但是,千万不要小看阿姆斯特丹,这是一个诗意十足,在过去几年间我都蛰居于此创造小说的地方。And while you might associate it with a rather spicier type of ;amour;, Amsterdam more than holds its own when it comes to boutique hotels, romantic restaurants and canal-side strolls - not to forget its flowers. Valentine#39;s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, so I say consider turning it into an extended, or even a lost weekend, in a hotel in Amsterdam. 或许你会将浪漫与一种更刺激的爱情联系起来,当提到精品酒店、浪漫餐厅、沿河漫步时,阿姆斯特丹拥有的比这更多--更别提这里的鲜花了。今年的情人节是星期二,因此我建议你不妨考虑预定阿姆斯特丹的酒店,度过并补上一个漫长的周末。It#39;s romantic to arrive by train, but the direct Eurostar isn#39;t in service yet (it#39;s slated for the end of the year) and the current rail journey - four to six hours depending on the connection in Brussels - takes chunks out of weekends, even extended ones. Happily, it only takes an hour to fly there. 乘坐火车抵达阿姆斯特丹不乏浪漫,然而直达的欧洲之星列车还未开始提供务(他们计划年底开通),并且目前的班次,甚至是增加的班次,大部分都集中在周末。包括在布鲁塞尔的转车时间,车程长达是四到六小时。令人高兴的是,乘飞机一个小时就可到达了。Trains from Schiphol airport into the city are fast and regular, and your destination is a compact place once you get there. There#39;s an easy-to-use tram system and plentiful (though expensive) taxis; you may find it more romantic to hire bikes, which is how most locals get about.从史基浦机场到城区的列车快速又规律,一旦你到达了城区,你会发现那里布局紧凑。虽然有便捷的铁路系统,但却需交纳不菲的税;租自行车(游览阿姆斯特丹)非常方便,当地人就常常这样做。Once you#39;re there, here#39;s how to make it an affair to remember.一旦你去过那里,就会是难以忘却的记忆。A flower shop on the Spui that leaves you with few excuses, guys. Dig deep; a beautiful, fresh bouquet never fails to make an impression and you#39;re pretty much at the source here (a large share of the cut flowers sold in Britain comes from the Netherlands). 一间普伊的花店就能给你铭记的理由,伙伴们,请好好发掘吧;一束漂亮又新鲜的花都会给你留下深刻印象,鲜花的源地都会为你带来惊喜(英国市场上售卖的很大部分鲜切花都来自荷兰)。A short stroll from here stands the Magere Brug or skinny bridge, which you may recognise from films such as Diamonds Are Forever. The story goes that two sisters living on opposite sides of the Amstel river had the famous wooden bridge built so they could visit one another. I can#39;t help but wonder why they didn#39;t just live on the same side; no matter, the result is wondrous, particularly at night. A thousand little light bulbs gently illuminate the old drawbridge, reflecting in the rippling currents beneath. 漫步城中,玛格尔桥会映入眼帘,它也被称之为瘦桥。从一些如《007系列之金刚钻》这样的电影中你都能找到这座桥的身影。电影的故事发生在居住于阿姆斯特尔河两岸的两之间,河上有一座有名的木桥,因此她们能够互相探望。我情不自禁地想问,为什么她们就不能住在同一边呢。不管怎样,故事的结局是奇异的,特别对于晚上来说。数千盏小灯温柔地照亮了古老的吊桥,在桥下潺潺流过的河水里留下倒影。The Nine Streets area (where several boutique hotels are found) is another picturesque place for a stroll. It is in fact a former blue-collar area that escaped redevelopment and is now filled with enchanting homes, boutiques and cafés. It#39;s hard to believe that canal-side houses here were unloved and sometimes even vacant as recently as the 1980s; now they go for millions.第九街区(分布着许多精品酒店)是另一个散步的好去处。实际上,过去它曾躲过了再开发的命运,成为了工人的聚集区,而如今遍布迷人的小房子、时髦的店铺和繁多的咖啡馆。难以想象的是,在上个世纪八十年代,临河的房子却不被人喜爱,有时甚至(一整片)都是空的。如今它们已价值百万。译文属 /201702/4925371. Throwing Trash Out My Car Window1. 从车窗向外扔垃圾I am guilty of tossing chewed gum out the car window like it was 1979. I remember last year while driving with my son and boyfriend, my son said, ;I need to throw my gum out,; and Manboy X said, ;Just throw it out the window.; I attacked him for being totally reckless, irresponsible and being a horrible role model, even though the next time I was driving alone and wanted to spit my gum out, I chucked it out without a thought. That#39;s what WE do, but we can#39;t let our kids know! And yes, I still roll my window down and slyly throw it out, every time. Recently I got caught. And I copped to it. I said, ;Oh wow, I didn#39;t even realize I did that!; Which was essentially true. Now that I#39;ve been outed, maybe it#39;s time I grow up and stop littering.好像在1979年,我因为从车窗向外扔口香糖而内疚不已。我还记得去年和男友以及儿子一起开车的时候,我的儿子说道,“我需要把口香糖扔出去,”大男孩X说道,“那就从车窗扔出去好了。”我因为他如此鲁莽、不负责任和成为如此错误的榜样而批评了他,即使下一次我独自一人开车想要吐口香糖的时候,我会毫不犹豫的从车窗吐掉。这是我们(大人)做的事情,但不该让我们孩子知道!是的,我每次仍会慢慢摇下车窗,偷偷地吐掉口香糖。最近我被抓到了,我也认了。我说,“哦,哇哦,我都没有意识到我居然这样做!”这真的是事实。既然我已被逮到,也许我该长大不再丢垃圾了。2. Not Tying the Bag of Dog Shit2. 不绑屎袋This has been an ongoing family fight and one that I eventually lost when I decided to poll everyone I know about tying the dog shit bag. But apparently, you#39;re a total jerk if you just toss it in the trash without tying. Even though I lost the fight, I continue not to tie it, probably as a ;fuck you; to my accusers. Anyway, I am pretty sure I#39;m setting an example for my kids on how to be a total douche bag. I think I need to tie the bag.这一直都是家庭的争论点之一,当我试图让我认识的所有人都绑屎袋时,我终于败下阵来。但很显然,如果你绑都不绑就把袋子扔进垃圾桶,那你完全就是个混蛋。即使我输了,我继续不绑屎袋,对于指责我的人来说也算是一种“去你的”暗示。无论如何,我敢肯定我为孩子们树立了一个混球的形象。我想我还是需要绑屎袋的。3. Being Gross (Burping, Farting and Crap Jokes)3. 行为粗俗(打嗝、放屁和讲烂俗的笑话)I have burped at the dinner table and laughed my head off for a few seconds before realizing I#39;m a mom and I can#39;t do that. Not to mention I turn around and get upset if a kid does it. Not cool. I have no problem with it for around a solid five minutes before it starts to get out of control, and then I try to stop it but it#39;s too late. I know, I give out mixed messages about this stuff and it has to stop, or the kids may turn out to be a perpetual teenage boy like myself.我曾在晚宴上打过嗝,在我意识到自己已为人母不能那样做之前,我大笑了好几秒。更别提如果是小孩子这样做我会局促不安伤心不已了。一点都不酷。在失控前我觉得一点都没问题,持续时间足足有5分钟,然后我试着停止但为时已晚。我知道,对于这种事情我给出了混合消息,而这必须得停止了,要不然我的孩子长大后会成为一个永远长不大的青少年小伙儿,就像我一样。译文属 /201611/478091

A survey has revealed what both men and women think is the #39;ideal#39; number of sexual partners - and it is more than you might expect.日前,一项调查揭示了两性关于性伴侣的理想数字--而这个数字可能比你设想的大得多。The study by IllicitEncounters.com, a dating website for married people, found both sexes agreed that 12 was the perfect number of lovers to have had.《非法邂逅》网站(这是一个已婚人士约会网站)展开了这一调查,结果发现两性都认为12个前任是最完美的数字。Asked why a dozen partners was perfect, both sexes said it showed someone was #39;sexually adventurous, liberal and transient#39;.当问到为什么认为12个前任最完美时,两性都表示,这说明某人“在性方面爱冒险、自由无拘无束、不会过分痴缠”。Meanwhile someone who has had fewer than 10 partners is #39;too conservative#39; and #39;sexually inexperienced#39;, according to the research.与此同时,该研究还发现,前任少于10个的人可能“太保守”、“性经验不足”。On the other end of the scale, both men and women agreed that anything above 19 partners is a red flag, as they would consider the person to be #39;too selfish#39;, #39;difficult to please#39; or #39;too eager to jump from partner to partner#39;.而另一方面,两性都认为,有超过19个前任则是一个危险信号,因为他们认为这个人可能“太自私”、“难以取悦”、“太容易变心”。However there was disagreement between the sexes over how important it is to know a partner#39;s #39;magic number#39;.但是在关于知晓对方前任数量重不重要这一问题上,两性的分歧很大。Just 45 per cent of women said they would want to know how many people their partner had slept with, while 53 per cent of men would want to ask the question.只有45%的女性表示她们想知道自己的伴侣有过多少前任,而男性的这一比例则达到了53%。Christian Grant, spokesman for IllicitEncounters.com, said: #39;Men are a little more self-conscious when it comes to competition.#39;《非法邂逅》网站的发言人克里斯汀·格兰特表示:“当牵扯到竞争的时候,男性会更难为情。”#39;They want to be seen as the biggest and best; whether that stems from genuinely wanting to satisfy their partner or to massage their own ego is another matter entirely. Women on the other hand, they#39;re just happy to enjoy the moment, past experiences aside.#39;“男人都希望自己是最大、最棒的,有些可能真的是觉得要满足伴侣,有些则只是为了抚慰自己的自尊心。而另一方面,女性只是想抛开过去的经历,好好享受当下。” /201705/508656

An 18th Century Chinese imperial seal has been sold for a record 21 million EUR (18 million pounds, 22 million dollars) - more than 20 times its estimated price.近日,一块18世纪的中国玉玺以2100万欧元(折合1800万英镑,22亿美元)的成交价格被拍走,而这一成交价是预估价格的20多倍。The sale, to an unnamed Chinese collector, took place in Paris last Wednesday after a heated bidding war, Drouot auction house said.据德鲁奥拍卖行表示,此次拍卖于上周三在巴黎举行,一位匿名的中国收藏家在经过一场激烈的拍卖大战之后拿下了该玉玺。The palm-sized seal is made of red and white steatite, a type of mineral rock. It was one of hundreds owned by Emperor Qianlong, one of the longest serving Chinese emperors.这块巴掌大的玉玺是由粉红色的玉石(一种矿物岩石)制成的。它是中国在位时间最长的皇帝乾隆的数千件遗物中的一件。The seal features nine dragons which signify masculinity and the imperial authority.这块玉玺上刻有九条龙,象征着阳刚之气和至高无上的权威。The latest seal sold was originally acquired by a young French naval doctor who visited China in the late 19th Century, and had remained in his family ever since, said Drouot said.德鲁奥拍卖行称,在19世纪末,一位年轻的法国海军医生来到中国,得到了这块乾隆玉玺,自那以后就保存在自己的家中。Asian art expert Alice Jossaume told AFP news agency it had been expected to sell for between 800,000 EUR and 1 million EUR.亚洲艺术专家艾丽丝·玖松姆在接受《法新社》采访时表示,这块玉玺的预估价在80万欧元至100万欧元之间。Emperor Qianlong, an avid art collector who ruled China for much of the 18th Century, was an artist himself who would use seals to sign his works.乾隆皇帝是一位热切的艺术收藏家,他曾在18世纪的大部分时间里统治中国。同时他自己也是位艺术家,并会用印章为自己的作品署名。 /201612/485217

And the award for #39;Best Run For Its Life 2014#39; goes to Tim the Gazelle ...“2014年最佳奖逃命奖”获得者为羚羊蒂姆……It worked! He came! Nobody turns down an award... Now, let#39;s get the sucker!这招还真管用!他来了!没有谁会拒绝奖励的……现在,我们去抓住这个傻帽! /201611/478113

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