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鸡西妇幼保健妇保医院做人流的费用平房区儿童医院人流收费标准Sir David Attenborough, US President Barack Obama and Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio top people#39;s wishlists for their dream dinner guests, a poll suggests.根据一项民意调查显示,大卫·爱登堡爵士,美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马以及好莱坞著名影星莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥是公众普遍期待的共进晚餐的最佳人选。A survey ahead of WWF#39;s Earth Hour, when people and landmarks across the world turn the lights off for an hour to show they care about the future of the planet, found eminent conservationist Sir David was the most popular choice for a dinner party.由世界自然基金会发起的“地球一小时”活动不久前在全球范围内举行,世界各地的人们和建筑场所都纷纷响应号召,开启一个小时的“熄灯模式”,以此提高人们节能意识。在此活动举行之前,一项调查显示,著名环保主义者大卫·爱登堡爵士被评为群众最受欢迎的晚餐对象。The US President was the second most popular diner in the poll, which asked people to select 10 dream dinner guests from a list of 100 possible figures - both living and dead - ranging from Mother Teresa to Kim Kardashian.这次民意调查的主要内容是让民众从100位名人(已故的或在世的都可)中挑选最喜欢的十位当做和自己共进晚餐的对象。从特蕾莎修女到金·卡戴珊,群众选择范围甚广。其中,美国总统奥巴马在此次民意调查中排名第二,仅次于大卫·爱登堡爵士。Other popular dream dinner guests included David Bowie, Nelson Mandela, Adele, Prince Harry, Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Elvis Presley and John Lennon.除上述提到的三位之外,其他几位最受群众欢迎的名人还有大卫· 鲍伊,纳尔逊·曼德拉,阿黛尔,哈里王子,阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦,威廉·莎士比亚,埃维斯·普里斯利以及约翰·列侬。For those aged 16 to 25, Oscar-winning actor and committed environmentalist DiCaprio was the top choice, followed by Harry Potter star and equality campaigner Emma Watson.对于那些年龄在16到25岁的人群,奥斯卡最佳男演员得主、同时也是不折不扣的环保主义者的莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥成为最佳人选。哈利波特系列电影的演员、同时也是倡导女权运动的艾玛·沃特森紧随其后。Young people were also keen to sit down to dinner with Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Adele, Rihanna, Mr Obama, Daniel Radcliffe, Taylor Swift and Shakespeare.此外,许多年轻人也特别希望能够跟碧昂斯,詹妮弗·劳伦斯,阿黛尔,蕾哈娜,丹尼尔·雷德克里夫,总统奥巴马,泰勒·斯威夫特以及莎士比亚等名人共进晚餐。Along with many restaurants across the UK which are hosting candlelit dinners, 350 landmarks in 178 countries and territories will switch off their lights for the hour, including London#39;s Palace of Westminster and Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, New York#39;s Empire State Building and the Sydney Opera House.英国很多家餐厅都为顾客安排了烛光晚餐。同时,来自178个国家和地区的350处标志性建筑都举行了“熄灯一小时”活动,包括英国伦敦的威斯敏斯特宫和大本钟,法国巴黎的埃菲尔铁塔,美国纽约的帝国大厦以及澳大利亚的悉尼歌剧院等。 /201603/433491哈尔滨宫颈糜烂3度治疗大约多少钱 The Japanese government is launching a new certification program in an effort to crack down on poor-quality sushi made overseas, local media reports.据当地媒体报道,日本政府正在推出一项新的认计划,旨在打击海外劣质寿司。A growing number of sushi purists are up in arms at they see at the substandard food preparation and service in a growing number of restaurants outside Japan, the Kyodo news agency reports.根据日本共同社的报道,越来越多追求正宗寿司的人士认为,在海外日料店中,寿司食材准备过程和务不合规范,并对此提出抗议。Japan#39;s Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry is expected to set up a private agency to manage the certification system, with restaurants and cooking colleges set up to train and provide lessons to chefs.日本农林水产省将安排私人机构管理寿司认系统,并安排餐馆、烹饪院校为寿司师傅培训授课。As part of their training, potential sushi student chefs will travel to Japan to be trained and rated on their understanding of the Japanese food culture, how they handle raw seafood, their level of customer service and dish presentation.培训计划的一部分是令有可能成为寿司学厨的人到日本受训,根据其对日本料理文化的理解、处理生冷海鲜食材的手法以及客户务和摆盘水平进行评级。It#39;s an attempt to protect washoku, or Japanese cuisine, which was deemed an ;intangible cultural heritage; by UNESCO (the ed Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) back in 2013. There are some 88,700 Japanese restaurants registered globally as of July 2015 - up from the 55,100 registered in 2013.本次举措是一种保护日本和食或者日本料理的尝试。在2013年,这些就已经被联合国教科文组织认定为“非物质文化遗产”。 截止2015年7月份,全球共有88700家日本餐馆登记注册。相比2013年的55100家相比有了大幅的提升。 /201602/425088哈尔滨市九洲报价

哈尔滨微波治疗宫颈糜烂多钱Xiongnu, a powerful nomadic people living on the Mongolian plateau, often harassed the south at the end of the Warring States Period.奴人分布在蒙古高原上,战国末年以来,常向南方侵犯。In 215 B. C. , the First Emperor had Meng Tian lead 300 000 soldiers to fend off these nomads, and finally recovered the south area of Hetao plain.公元前215 年,秦始皇派蒙恬率军30万抗击匈奴,收复河套以南地区。Then, Meng Tian crossed the Yellow River northward, repaired and augmented the old walls left by Qin, Zhao and Yan according to the terrain, and eventually linked these defense works together to form the Great Wall extending from Lintao ( modern Minxian County, Gansu Province) in the west to the Liaodong Peninsula in the east to protect the Northern agricultural areas.蒙恬又北渡黄河,利用地势,修缮、增补旧秦、赵、燕长城,并将其连接起来,筑成西起临洮(今甘肃岷县)、东迄辽东的万里长城,用来保护北方农业区域。Tens of thousands of families were migrated to Hetao subsequently, which played a positive role in land reclamation and frontier defence.接着,秦又徙民几万家于河套。这对于边地的开垦和边防的加强起到了积极作用。Besides the building of public projects, the emperor ordered a string of palaces built. For the construction of the Epang Palace alone, 700 000 peasants were conscripted ,while the building of his mausoleum took over 30 years to complete.秦始皇下令建造了许多宫殿,仅阿旁宫一处就征用了70万人,而始皇陵的建造更是花了30年的时间才完成。In order to continue his reign after his death, he also ordered the construction of the Terra-Cotta Army in the east of his mausoleum.为了能在死后继续统治,秦始皇还下令在其陵墓以东修建兵马俑。All of these activities required enormous levies of manpower and resources, not to mention repressive measures.秦始皇的这一列系举措不但征用了大量的人力、物力,还以各种强制手段作为保障。Endless labor, heavy taxation and harsh laws in the later years of the First Emperor’s reign started to provoke widesp social discontent.频繁的徭役,沉重的赋税,加之残酷的刑罚令民众大为不满。 /201511/410879哈市医科大医院属于私人医院吗? 微创哈尔滨摘环

哈尔滨医大三院怎么样好吗One of the responsibilities of the Food and Drug Administrationis to assure that foods are labeled properly. It providesregulations on what, where, and how prominently informationshould be placed on packaging. The idea is that consumersshould not be misled by what they on the groceries theybuy. However, the labels should also be written in plain,understandable language. This means that sometimes regularEnglish words—words that have commonsense but slightly fuzzy meanings—must be definedmore precisely for food labeling. Here are 11 words that mean something more specific on thesupermarket shelves.  美国食品药物(FDA)的责任之一就是确保食品被正常标注。该局提供对包装上应标示的食品成分,产地及生产过程这些重要信息的管理规定,目的是确保产品上的说明不会误导消费者。然而,标签应使用简单且易懂的语言。这就意味着有时正常的英语单词在食品标示中应该更加简洁明了,这些词都是常见的,但是意思稍微有些模糊。下面这11个词在超市的货架上就有着特殊的意义。  1. IMITATION   A food that looks like another food but isn’t made of the same stuff is an imitation, right? Notquite. It only has to be labeled as “imitation” if it has a lower amount of protein or some otheressential nutrient than the food it’s trying to look like.  一种食品看上去像另一种食品,但是原料却不相同,那么这就是一个仿造品,是吗?这是不准确的。如果该食品比被模仿的食品的蛋白质或其他一些营养成分低,那么它只能被贴上“仿造品”的标签。  2. FREE   If it’s free of fat, or sugar, or salt, it doesn’t mean that not one trace of those things is to be foundin it. The FDA evaluates certain terms with reference to a typical portion size known as an RACC(reference amounts customarily consumed per eating occasion). An RACC of eggnog, for example,is #189; cup. For croutons, it’s 7 grams, and for scrambled eggs, 100 grams. To be labeled “free” ofcalories, the food must have less than 5 per RACC. For fat and sugar, less than .5 grams. Forsodium, less than 5 milligrams. Also, the food must somehow be processed to be “free” of thosethings in order to get the simple “free” label. You can’t have “fat free lettuce,” only “lettuce, a fatfree food.”  食物上脱脂、无糖或者无盐的字样,并不意味着食物中完全没有这些成分。美国食品药物(FDA)参照RACC(单次食用参考值)这个有代表性的分配比例来评估某些条款。例如,蛋酒的RACC数值是半杯。油炸面包丁是7克,炒鸡蛋是100克。只有对应的RACC数值小于5,才能被标注为“free”,即:脂肪和糖分少于5克,钠含量少于5毫克。此外,食品必须经过处理成;free;的商品,以获得单一的标签。你买不到“无脂肪生菜”,只能是“生菜,无脂肪的食物”。  3. LOW   Low is also defined with respect to set portion sizes and varies with whether it refers to calories,fat, or sodium. For fat it’s less than 3 grams. For calories, it’s less than 40, unless it’s a preparedmeal, in which case it’s 120 per 100 grams. Saturated fat and cholesterol have specific “low”values as well.  低含量也是用来定义食品中是卡路里、脂肪和盐分的含量。脂肪要少于3克,卡路里要小于40,才能称为;low;,如果是一顿总量100克的饭,总卡路里不得超过120。另外,饱和脂肪和胆固醇有特别低的价值含量。  4. REDUCED/LESS   Sometimes manufacturers want to make a relational claim about a food—not just that it’s “low” insome substance, but lower than it usually is (which may mean it doesn’t meet the standard for“low” at all). Relational claims are evaluated with respect to a reference food. A reference foodshould be the same type of food (chocolate ice cream compared to other chocolate ice cream)though the numbers against which the “reduced” claims are compared can be an average of thetop three brands. The “reduced” substance must be less than 25 percent of what it is in thereference food.  有时制造商想要做一个食品的相关声明,不仅仅是标明某些成分中的低含量,而且比通常同类食品的含量还低(这就意味着它完全没有达到低含量的标准)。一种参照食物应该是相同类型的食品根据数量和降低含量的比值评选出的平均前三名(例如巧克力冰激凌和其他巧克力冰激凌相比)。食物中降低的成分一定要比参照物的中该成分含量还要小25%。  5. LIGHT   Light (or lite) is also evaluated with respect to a reference food, and a rather complicated set ofconditions is taken into account for different substances. For example, if a “light” product hasmore than half of its calories from fat, the fat must be reduced by half per reference servingamount. If less than half its calories come from fat, it can be “light” if the calories per serving arereduced by 1/3. Sometimes foods that meet “low” requirements can also be labeled as “light.” “Lightly salted” should have 50 percent less sodium than a reference food.  Light通常也是被用来评定参考食物的,这是一种非常复杂的组合用来说明不同的成分。例如,如果一种“Light”食物的脂肪中一半以上的卡路里来自脂肪,其单份参考规格中的脂肪就必须减半。如果不到一半的卡路里来自脂肪,那么单份参考规格中的卡路里就要减少1/3。有些食品达到;low;的标准也能贴上;light;的标签。盐分偏少的食物中,其盐分含量必须偏低至少50%。  6. HIGH   Our food labels don’t only brag about low levels of the bad stuff, but also about high levels of thegood stuff. “High” (or “rich in”) means that the food has 20 percent or more of the recommendeddaily value for that nutrient per reference serving.  我们的食品标签不仅标榜食品中成分的“低含量”,也要宣传高含量的好东西。高含量(丰富)就意味着食物中含有日常建议一餐所需营养价值的20%或者更多。  7. GOOD SOURCE   “Good source of” is a little lower than “high.” A food with this label should have 10 to 19 percentof the recommended daily value.  “Good source of“比”high“含量低一点。带有这一标签的食物应该拥有日常建议所需营养价值的10%到19%。  8. MORE   Below “good source” is “more,” “fortified,” “enriched,” “added,” “extra,” or “plus.” A food with 10percent of the recommended daily value can use one of these, but it only applies for vitamins,minerals, protein, fiber, and potassium.  在“大量的(good source)”标准之下的是“更多的(more),” “增强的(fortified),” “丰富的(enriched),” “有添加的(added),” “剩余的 (extra),”和“少量的(plus).”食物中拥有10%的日常所需营养就可以使用以上的这些词中的一个,但是他只能应用在维他命,矿物质,蛋白质,纤维和钾这些方面。  9. LEAN   “Lean” applies to seafoods or meats that have less than combined specified levels of fat, saturatedfat, and cholesterol (10g, 4.5g, and 95mg, respectively).  ;lean;被用于海产品和肉类上,这些食物拥有比脂肪,含饱和脂肪酸的脂肪和胆固醇组合而成的特殊等级还要低(他们的含量分别是10克,4.5克,95毫克)。  10. HEALTHY   To qualify as “healthy,” a product must meet the “low” standard for fat and saturated fat, anotherstandard for sodium and cholesterol, and it must have at least 10 percent of the recommendeddaily value for a range of nutrients.  达到”健康“标准,该产品必须满足低脂和含低饱和脂肪酸的脂肪的双重标准,还有另一个钠和胆固醇的标准。它必须拥有至少日常建议所需所有营养价值的10%。  11. NATURAL   After years soliciting suggestions and considering comments on the question of what “natural”should mean, no useful consensus could be reached, and the FDA decided to forgo establishing anofficial definition. Though it hasn’t issued rules for the use of “natural,” it endorses the generalunderstanding that it implies nothing artificial orsynthetic has been added that would not normallybe expected to be added.  对“天然”的界定经过数年的征求意见和后,一直也没有达成一致的共识,美国食品药物决定放弃长久以来官方给出的定义。虽然没有发布对“天然”用途的规定,但是赞成普遍的理解,“天然”就是没有经过人工的或是合成的,不会是人们通常被期望的那样添加。 /201603/433304 Nearly one third of Japanese working women have experienced sexual harassment at their place of employment, although nearly two-thirds of them suffer in silence, according to a study commissioned by Japan#39;s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.由日本厚生劳动省委托进行的一项研究显示,近1/3日本职场女性曾在工作场所遭性骚扰,而其中近2/3忍气吞声。More than half of those women said they had been subjected to casual comments – mostly by male colleagues – about their appearance, age and physical features. In the most serious cases victims said they had been repeatedly asked out, pressed to have sex or been touched inappropriately.半数以上遭遇性骚扰的职场女性大都曾被异性同事肆意品评外貌,年龄和身材。有些受害人甚至被迫和异性外出,遭猥亵甚至发生性关系。In the first survey of its kind in Japan, the health, labour and welfare ministry said 30% of respondents in full- and part-time employment reported being sexually harassed at work. Among full-time workers, the figure rose to 35%.在日本首次进行的该类调查中,卫生部,劳动部和福利部表示,有30%的从事全职和兼职的女性遭到过职场性骚扰。从事全职工作的女性这一比例为35%。The survey of more than 9,600 women aged 25-44 who are currently working or were previously employed found that 40% had been touched in an unpleasant way while 17% had been ;asked or pressed to have a sexual relationship;. The most frequent perpetrators – in 24.1% of cases – were the women#39;s bosses.共有超过9600名25岁至44岁的在职女性或有过职场经历的女性接受了本次调查。调查结果显示,40%的受访女性曾遭遇不必要的身体触碰,17%的受访女性曾被异性要求或强迫发生性关系。24.1%的施暴人是女性职员的上司。The survey also revealed a general reluctance among women to lodge official complaints about their treatment: 63% said they had suffered in silence, while about one in 10 who did complain said they had been given an unsympathetic hearing or been demoted.这项调查还揭示,受到性骚扰的女性大多不愿提起法律诉讼:63%的女性表示自己面对骚扰选择隐忍。而每10位奋起抗争的女性中有1位称自己很难得到合理申诉的机会,或者干脆遭到降职处理。Japan is struggling to raise the profile of women in the workplace, particularly in senior positions. While they are well represented in the part-time, low-paid economy, only a tiny number of executives at Japan#39;s 3,600 listed companies are female.日本一直努力提高女性在职场、尤其是管理层的地位。女性地位低下的情况不仅在薪水很少的兼职职位中很常见,即便在日本3600家上市公司中,担任高级管理职位的女性亦是寥寥可数。Many working women in Japan also report being harassed when they become pregnant.据相关报道称,许多职场女性甚至在怀期间也遭到过性骚扰。 /201603/430058延寿县中医院引产需要多少钱哈尔滨医大四院位置



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