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济南市立五院专家预约济南四院网上预约电话山东第一医院导诊 The independent panel tasked with deciding a potential new flag for New Zealand has published its long list of 40 possible designs.新西兰的新国旗方案独立专家小组日前公布了40幅入围设计稿,这个小组将负责在其中选出新国旗的设计方案。Nearly 10,300 were submitted by members of the public to a government website for consideration by the government-appointed panel of 16 people.政府网站收到了新西兰民众提交的近10300幅作品,这些作品将交由政府任命的16人国旗方案专家小组进行评审。The process attracted international attention for its more off-the-wall entries, including memorably a kiwi with lasers for eyes, a crude line drawing of a man on a bicycle, a QR code, and the 10-year-old Pepe the Frog meme.由于较为稀奇古怪的参选作品,该活动吸引了国际关注。其中令人印象深刻的作品有:一只眼睛发射激光的几维鸟、一幅骑着自行车的男人的拙劣简笔画、一个二维码、甚至还有一只诞生于1995年的青蛙佩佩。Unsurprisingly, but nonetheless somewhat disappointingly, the panel went for a more refined approach in the longlist of 40 designs it published on Monday, with variations on the silver fern, the Southern Cross constellation and the koru (unfurling fern frond) featuring prominently.专家小组10日公布了40幅设计初选入围设计稿,走的是高雅路线,虽然不出意料,但还是或多或少有些让人失望。新西兰银蕨、南十字星座以及展开的银蕨叶这些入围作品里出现最多的元素。The silver fern on black designed by Kyle Lockwood which was the preference of the prime minister, John Key, before it was likened to the Islamic State’s flag by an Australian commentator is on the list.新西兰总理约翰·基(John Key)原本看好由凯尔·洛克伍德设计的黑底银蕨旗,但后来有一名澳大利亚人士指出黑底银蕨旗太像恐怖组织伊斯兰国(Islamic State)的旗帜。In an open letter jointly signed by all 12 members, the panel said its decision was guided by the input of “thousands of Kiwis across a range of communities told us when they shared what is special to them about New Zealand在一封由12名专家小组成员全体签名的公开信中,专家小组表示,数千名来自不同群体的新西兰人分享了新西兰对自已而言最特别的地方,他们是在这些民众传达出的信息的指引下做出的决定。“A potential new flag should unmistakably be from New Zealand and celebrate us as a progressive, inclusive nation that is connected to its environment, and has a sense of its past and a vision for its future.”“新国旗的候选设计毫无疑问必须具有鲜明的新西兰特色,体现出我们是一个进取、包容的国家,我们同自然和谐相处,我们铭记历史同样也面向未来。”Cultural, vexillology and art and design experts were asked to review the longlisted designs, and due diligence of all 40 will be carried out, “including robust intellectual property checks文化、旗帜学和艺术与设计方面的专家应邀审查这些入选作品,他们将认真负责地审阅全部40幅作品,“包括对这些作品进行严格的知识产权的审查”。Two designs by Pax Zwanikken, a New Zealander based in Sydney, made the longlist of the 0 or sohe submitted.住在悉尼的新西兰人帕克斯·茨瓦尼肯提交了0个左右”作品,有两幅作品入选。“My personal favourites were more simple than the ones they selected, but I’m not surprised that these two were their choice,he said. “They are potentially less divisive than some of my other concepts.”帕克斯表示:“我自己最喜欢的作品要比小组选出来的更简约,但他们选了这两幅作品我并不意外,因为同我的一些其他创意相比这两个要和谐多了。”Zwanikken said he felt that there had been a backlash against the push to change the flag instigated by Key in part because of the cost and duration of the process, which will include a two-step postal vote and is estimated to cost just under $NZ26m.更换国旗的事情由新西兰总理约翰·基发起。帕克斯说他认为更换国旗这件事遭到抵制的部分原因是开销过大耗时过长,它需要进行两轮邮寄投票,预计耗资600万新西兰元。The panel is now faced with the task of whittling down the longlist of 40 to four designs that will be put to a public vote in a binding referendum in November or December.小组现在面临着将这40幅设计稿精简幅的任务,选出款设计将1月份2月份接受公投,公投结果具有约束力。A second referendum, to be held in March 2016, will be a run-off between the current flag and the preferred alternative design.第二轮公投将016月份举行,将决定保留现在使用的国旗还是选择之前选出的新国旗设计。New Zealand’s current flag, a pairing of the Union Jack with the Southern Cross constellation that closely resembles Australia’s, was formally adopted in 1902.新西兰现在的国旗902年正式投入使用,由英联邦的米字旗和南十字星座组合而成,与澳大利亚的国旗颇为相似。来 /201508/392275天桥区人民医院官网预约免费

济南交通医院妇科专家大夫滨州妇女医院四维彩超预约 If wearable tech is to live up to its potential, it needs to start looking better. That’s why a growing number of savvy tech companies are collaborating with forward-looking fashion houses, and startups are focusing on design first.如果可穿戴技术要充分发挥它的潜力,它就得开始在外表上下工夫。这就是为何越来越多精明的科技公司开始与远见十足的时尚品牌合作,而初创科技公司也开始将设计放在首位。“Wearables are arguably the most personal technology we’ve seen,says AyseIldeniz, vice president and general manager of Intel’s New Devices Group, which partnered with hip retailer Opening Ceremony on smart bracelets, and with accessories giant Fossil for an upcoming project. “As such, we believe the fashion and design industry should be in the driver’s seat.”英特尔新设备集团的副总裁兼总经理爱莎o艾德尼兹表示:“可穿戴技术可能是我们见过的最个性化的技术。”该集团已经与时尚零售商Opening Ceremony共同开发了智能手镯,还将在新项目上与配饰产品巨头Fossil展开合作。“正因如此,我们认为时尚和设计行业也应当在这个领域占据主导地位。”“Silicon Valley has this misconception that if the technical feature is well-built enough, consumers will lap it up, no matter what it looks like. This is not the case,adds Kate Unsworth, founder and CEO of Kovert Designs, a London-based startup that’s launching sleek, smart jewelry in time for the holidays. “Ever seen a smartwatch on the Champs-Elysées?”位于伦敦的初创公司Kovert Designs赶在这个圣诞节来临前,推出了时髦的智能首饰。公司创始人兼首席执行官凯特o昂斯沃斯表示:“硅谷的公司有个误解,认为只要产品的技术性能足够好,无论它外观什么样,消费者都会买账的。但你在香榭丽舍大街见过智能手表吗?”Unsworth is alluding to the aesthetic shortcomings of early wearable gadgets: Bulky, squared off, masculine and plastic-y, they were not likely to find valuable wrist real estate (or face real estate, in the case of Google Glass) among image-conscious consumers.昂斯沃斯暗指早期的可穿戴设备缺乏美感:笨重、方正、粗犷、塑料质感。那些注重形象的消费者,不太可能让它们在自己的手腕上占据一席之地。Indeed, when it comes to techcessories, beauty is as important as brains. “We did some studies on wearables, and 51 percent of consumers who are interested in buying a smartwatch said they won’t even consider it unless it fits in with their personal style,notes Ben Arnold, executive director and industry analyst for consumer technology at The NPD Group. The market research firm reports that sales of fitness trackers and smartwatches hit 0 million in the year to August and projects the market to more than double next year, due in part to the entry of Apple Watch.确实,对科技配饰来说,外表和内在一样重要。NPD 集团执行董事,消费技术行业分析师本o阿诺德指出:“我们对可穿戴设备做了一些研究,在那些有兴趣购买智能手表的顾客中,有51%表示,如果产品与他们的个人风格不搭,他们绝不会考虑购买。”这家市场研究公司的报告显示,截至今月,健康追踪器和智能手表的销售额已经达到5.7亿美元,考虑到苹果手表的加入,该公司预计这个市场明年的销售额还将提高一倍以上。To glamorize geek wear, designers are using upscale materials and refining the size, shape and feel of their gadgets. Take Opening Ceremony and Intel’s MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory), an elegant bracelet that displays communications and alerts on its 1.6-inch curved sapphire-glass touchscreen. Opening Ceremony founders Carol Lim and Humberto Leon (also creative directors at French luxury house Kenzo) unveiled two versions of the bangle adorned with semiprecious gems and water snakeskin at their September fashion presentation (which took the form of a one-act play). MICA will reportedly be priced at less than ,000 for its holiday launch at Opening Ceremony stores and Barneys New York.为了美化这类极客装备,设计师们使用了高级材料,并从大小、外型和质感上对配件进行了改良。就以Opening Ceremony和英特尔合作打造的MICA手镯为例。这款精致的手镯.6英寸的蓝宝石曲面触摸屏上提供了通讯和提醒功胀?在今年9月的纽约时装周上,Opening Ceremony的创始人卡罗尔o利姆和汉贝托o利昂以独幕剧的形式,公布了该款饰有半宝石和水蛇皮的手镯的两种样式。据报道,Opening Ceremony门店和巴尼斯纽约精品店的MICA在假日季的售价会低于1,000美元。In another collaboration, downtown designer Rebecca Minkoff teamed with Case-Mate to create smart jewelry, charging units and phone cases, available this holiday season at Nordstrom and through her own website and stores. Her 0 gold chain-link bracelet with pyramid studs alerts wearers to calls and texts and would be at home in the pages of Vogue.在另一项合作中,位于纽约市中心的时尚设计公司瑞贝卡o明可弗与Case-Mate携手开发了智能首饰、充电装置和手机套。在这个节日季,这些产品在诺德斯特龙百货店和该公司官网和门店有售。其中一款售20美元的金链环手镯带有金字塔状的装饰,如有电话和短信进入,手镯就会通知佩戴者。而且它设计精美,即使放在《时尚》杂志的版面上也不会让人感到奇怪。Tory Burch has introduced bracelets for the Fitbit Flex activity and sleep tracker in her signature perky prints (), along with a decorative brass Fitbit-holder bracelet and necklace with open fretwork (5 to 5).时尚品牌托里o伯奇也为Fitbit Flex的运动和睡眠追踪器设计了手镯,上面印有伯奇的趣味签名。该公司还为Fitbit用户设计了一套带有回纹黄铜装饰的手镯和项链。Both Kovert and New York-based startup Ringly offer bold jewelry with notification systems. When she’s out, Unsworth sets her ring to vibrate. “This allows me to ignore my phone throughout dinner, so I can be present and engage in real face-to-face conversation with the person I’m with,she explains.Kovert和位于纽约的初创公司Ringly都推出了配置通知系统的夸张首饰。Kovert创始人昂斯沃斯出门时,会把戒指设置为震动。她解释说:“这让我可以在用餐时忽略手机,专心与同伴进行真正面对面的交谈。”Kovert’s rings, bracelets and necklaces, plated in silver, gold and rose gold, hold inch-long waterproof smart stones that swap in and out of the pieces. The collection, priced at 290 to 360 pounds (roughly 0 to 5) is available on KovertDesigns.com and Net-A-Porter.Kovert的戒指、手镯和项链有镀银、镀金和玫瑰金的不同版本,首饰中含有1英寸大小的防水智能陶瓷用于通讯。这个部分还能够自由更换。该系列产品定价9060英镑之间,可以在KovertDesigns.com和奢侈品购物网站Net-A-Porter买到。Ringly was started by eBay veteran Christina Mercando after her inability to find her cell phone became a standing joke. The 18-karat-gold-plated cocktail rings (5 to 0) feature precious or semiprecious stones that hide the tech pack. “We sold the first 1,000 rings in under 24 hours [in June], making us the most successful crowdfunded women’s wearable device to date,says Mercando, CEO.Ringly的创始人是eBay资深员工克里斯蒂娜o梅尔肯多。在她找不到手机的事情被传为笑柄后,她创立了这家公司。Ringly8克拉镀金鸡尾酒戒指镶有贵重宝石和半宝石,内含通信技术包。担任Ringly首席执行官的梅尔肯多表示:“我们第一,000枚戒指在24小时内就已售罄,让我们成为迄今为止通过众筹建立的最成功的女性可穿戴设备公司。”As for designer smart apparel, it’s very much in its infancy. Ralph Lauren has gotten a head start with its Polo Tech bio-sensing shirt, which had a trial run at this year’s U.S. Open tennis championships and hits stores this spring. The compression top, which records data such as heart rate and calories burned and sends it to an iPhone app via Bluetooth, was developed with proprietary technology from Canada-based OMsignal.至于由知名设计师设计的智能装,目前在很大程度上仍处于起步阶段。拉夫o劳伦以生物传感衬衫Polo Tech率先迈入该领域,该衬衫于今年春天在美国网球公开赛上进行了试验。衬衫中装有压缩的陀螺仪,能够记录心率和燃烧的卡路里,并通过蓝牙传输到手机应用上,该技术是由加拿大厂商OMsignal利用专利技术开发的。There’s no word yet on line extensions, but it’s safe to assume they’ll be attractive. After all, Ralph knows that looks matter.这类产品将发展到什么程度,目前还不好断言,但可以肯定的是,它们将极富吸引力。毕竟,拉夫o劳伦懂得,美就是生产力。(财富中文网) /201412/350637济南市妇儿妇科医院有哪些医生

济南真爱女子医院缩阴 China ;strongly condemns; the ruthless murder of a Chinese citizen by the Islamic State extremist group , President Xi Jinping said.习近平表示,中国强烈谴责“伊斯兰国”极端组织残忍杀害中国公民这一暴行;Terrorism is the common enemy of mankind. China firmly opposes terrorism in any form and firmly fights against any violent, terrorist criminal activities that challenge the bottom line of human civilization,; Xi said.习近平称,恐怖主义是人类的公敌,中国坚决反对一切形式的恐怖主义,坚决打击任何挑战人类文明底线的暴恐犯罪活动。Earlier in September, the IS said it had captured a Chinese and a Norwegian hostage, who were identified by ISs English-language magazine Dabiq as Fan Jinghui, a freelance consultant from China, and Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad from Norway.9月初,IS声称扣押了一名中国籍人质和一名挪威籍人质。IS的英文杂志《达比格》(Dabiq)显示,中国人质姓名;FANJINGHUI;,职业是自由咨询师;挪威男子名为Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad。Fan Jinghui, a Chinese citizen, was kidnapped and cruelly killed by the Islamic State extremist group. We express our condolences to the victim and sympathy to his family.中国公民樊京辉被“伊斯兰国”极端组织绑架并残忍杀害。我们谨向遇害者表示哀悼,向遇害者家属表示深切慰问。The Chinese government and people have been very concerned about Fan Jinghuis safety since he was kidnapped. Relevant departments of the Chinese government activated emergency response mechanism upon learning the kidnapping and made all-out efforts to rescue him. However, with no regard for human conscience and moral baseline, the terrorist organization still carried out this cold-blooded and violent action. The Chinese government strongly condemns this inhuman action and will definitely hold the perpetrators accountable.樊京辉被绑架后,中国政府和人民十分牵挂他的安危。中国政府有关部门第一时间启动应急机制,想方设法开展营救工作。但恐怖组织无视人类良知和道德底线,仍然采取惨无人道的暴力行径。中国政府对这一泯灭人性的暴行予以强烈谴责,一定要将犯罪分子绳之以法。Terrorism is the common enemy faced by all humanity. The Chinese government opposes all forms of terrorism and firmly cracks down on any violent and terrorist crime that challenges the baseline of human civilization. The Chinese side will continue to enhance counter-terrorism cooperation with the international community and safeguard world peace and tranquility.恐怖主义是人类的公敌,中国政府坚决反对一切形式的恐怖主义,坚决打击任何挑战人类文明底线的暴恐犯罪活动。中方将继续同国际社会加强反恐合作,维护世界和平与安宁。来 /201511/410712济南市铁路医院看妇科好不好山东省第八医院几级




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