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第一句:Sir, can I be of any assistance?先生,我能为您务吗?A: Sir, can I be of any assistance?先生,我能为您务吗?B: OK. Thank you.好的。谢谢。A: What would you like?您想要买什么?B: Washing powder.洗衣粉。第二句:Well, let me tell you why.嗯,让我来给您介绍一下吧。A: Do you like this one?你喜欢这一款吗?B: Is it good?这款好吗?A: Well, let me tell you why.嗯,让我来给您介绍一下吧。B: Alright.好的。其他表达法:初次见面就开门见山,滔滔不绝的做法已经落伍。当你要说顾客时,最好用:Well, let me tell you why. 作为解释商品用途,优点的开场白。Please take a look at this. 请看一下这个。As you can see... 正如您所见…… /201301/220745“商务场景→英语句子”让你闭目养神时听一听,就能记住很多有“现场感”的英语句子,让你面对“紧急”的商务场景,也能应对自如。 /201309/254523

今天音频上传遇到问题,以后补上.A: the company that Ghad works for really takes care of him.B: what do you mean?A: well, not only does he have two weeks vacation every year, but he also has sick leave which includes 5 optional days off a year for mental health days.B: mental health days? Jeeze, I wish my company had some plan like that. Sometimes the corporate world cares more about money than anything else. I think it’s great to see some companies, like the one Chad works for, that are caring about the quality of life of their employees.A: no kidding. Chad’s company also has a gym in their office building to encourage all employees to keep fit. They provide medical and dental insurance for all full-time workers, and they also organize company social gatherings.B:like what kind of social gatherings?A: once a year they’ll have a company picnic, they also sponsor a company Christmas party and New Year’s party. They focus on continuing educatiuon by having 8 company-wide training events every year, and encouraging staff to apply for conferences and training meetings outside the company.B: wow, the welfare of the employees seems top priority to management…A: needless to say, company morale is very high… /12/92871

to be on the market 上市销售英文释义 To be available for purchase by customers例句 The new car is being manufactured currently and will be on the market within a few weeks.新车目前正在生产,几周内就将上市销售。 /201209/197581

Gina带美国老板Jason去购物,Jason让Gina教他砍价。Jason: What about walking away? Some friends back home told me if I dont like the price, just walk away and the vendor will run out and give me their best price. 转身就走怎么样?有些朋友回国后告诉我,如果我对价格不满意,我可以转身就走,那些卖家就会没有办法了,然后给我合理的价格。G: (Chuckle) Oh...the vendors know that tactic as well! The shopkeeper will only chase you if they are 99.9 percent sure youll buy something. They have a knack of knowing who is serious and who isnt. 哦,那些卖家也知道这个策略!卖主只有在觉得你会99.9%会在他那买东西的情况下才会追出来。而且他们一眼就能看出来谁是真的想买。J: So, whats our first purchase of the day going to be? 那么今天你第一件要买的东西是什么呢?Jason问,如果觉得卖主是在宰自己,转身就走这招管不管用。Gina说, 这种策略卖主早就知道,tactic is spelled t-a-c-t-i-c, tactic, 是策略的意思,卖主只有在觉得你99.9%会在他那买东西的情况下才会追出来,而且他们一眼就能看出谁是真心要买,knack is spelled k-n-a-c-k, knack, have a knack of doing something, 是十分擅长做某事的意思。他们今天先要去买什么呢?G: I think we should start with some silk items. First, Ill make sure its the genuine article and not a fake. Then well start bargaining. 我觉得我们应该先从丝绸制品看起。首先,我要确认是不是真货。然后我们再还价。J: Can I pay with a credit card? 我能用信用卡买吗?G: In an established store, sure. But when we go into the area with lots of little stalls, they generally only take cash. Also when they see cash in your hand...prices do come down a bit more. 在正规的商店,可以。但是如果你到一些小的商铺,你只能用现金。并且当他们知道你手上有很多钱,价格会稍稍高一些。Gina建议去买丝绸制品,她要先确认产品是真货,不是fake,假货,然后开始砍价。Gina还说,在established store正规的大商店里,Jason,可以用信用卡付费,pay with a credit card, 但在小店里,就要用现金了,而且卖方看到你手里拿着现金,the prices do come down a bit more,价格能降得更低些。J: We have an expression in English: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. 英语有个和这个相关的表达。G: Oh...I think I get it. That means its better to have something tangible, even if its not as exciting as other possibilities. 哦,我想我明白了。意思是现在已经有的,要比追求更多而失去一切强。J: Thats right. You know something, Gina? I think I like Chinas way of doing business. Its a little wild,but its a challenge and much more interesting than shopping back home. 对的。吉娜,你知道吗,我觉得中国人讨价还价的购物方式比明码标价更有意思,也更有挑战性。G: Ah...theres the store. Now lets get down to business. 啊,那有个商店。让我们开始砍价吧。英语里有种说法叫a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,一鸟在手胜过两鸟在林,意思是现在已经有的,要比追求更多而失去一切强。Jason说,他觉得中国人讨价还价的购物方式比明码标价更有意思,更具挑战性。正说着,商店到了,Gina说,lets get down to business. 开始了,意思是咱们开始杀价吧。 /201111/162303

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